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America’s First Female Serial Killer? – No! Not By a Long Shot

Ever since her arrest in 1986, Aileen Wuornos has been feminism’s favorite serial killer. Under the influence of feminist “helpers,” Aileen’s ever-changing story came to match the standardized feminist narrative. Wuornos, as she embellished her story eventually added a claim that all of the eight men she murdered had in fact been men who had attempted to rape her and that she needed to shoot them all the protect herself. Thus, ignoring the huge number of female serial killers in the United States who preceded her (at least 99 in the 19th century alone), she was dubbed “America’s “first female serial killer.” It was a lie, but few journalists cared. They repeated the falsehood cheerfully.

On June 26, 2012, about 10 years following her execution in Florida, a book was published memorializing Feminism’s most beloved serial killer – with her own words.

The book is Dear Dawn: Aileen Wuornos in Her Own Words, edited by Lisa Kester and Daphne Gottlieb.

The Huffington Post published an interview. The interviewer, Ariel Gore, regurgitated the fictional “America’s first female serial killer” claim. Here is an excerpt from that interview that offers a glimpse into the feminist version of reality:

Ariel Gore (interviewing author Daphne Gottlieb : “When I first heard news about Aileen Wuornos’ killing spree, I was a young feminist in California, hanging out with a bunch of other young feminists, and Aileen did strike a lot of us as a vigilante hero. … There was something terribly and morbidly refreshing in the news reports that: “two women are being sought as possible suspects in the shooting deaths of eight to twelve middle-aged men in Florida.”

[Source: Ariel Gore, "Autobiography of a Serial Killer:Aileen Wuornos in Her Own Words," Huffington Post, Dec. 17,  2012]


Not only was Alieen Wuornos not the first, but there were at least 49 known Female Serial Killers in 19th century America.The current count of American female serial killers stands at 332 (as of June 25, 2015) and  Aileen Wuornos the 275th FSK on the chronological list.

You can find hundreds more in the Index of Female Serial Killers


Female Serial Killers were not even regarded as “rare” in the early 20th century. In the year 1925 at least 8 cases were reported in American newspapers. Three of them (Anna Cunningham, Della Sorenson, Martha Wise) were caught and prosecuted and were pictured and discussed in a single newspaper article. Other 1925 cases include, in the United States, Helen Geisen-Volk, and in other countries, Mrs. Dvoracek (Czechoslovakia), Dinorah Galou (suspected, France), Vera Renczi, (Yugoslavia), Antoinette Scierri (France).


Some other False “Firsts”:

Each of the following is called, in some sources,  “America’s First Female Serial Killer”:

1820 – Lavinia Fisher – an early date, but research shows that she probably did not commit any murders. She was, however a criminal and was executed. (source for error)

1917 – Amy Archer-Gilligan (source for error)

1908 – Belle Gunness (source for error)

1921 – Lyda Southard (source for error)

1928 – Bertha Gifford (source for error)


Female serial killers are rare.” What? ? ? ? ? ?

You have been lied to. Who has been lying to you?

Aileen Wuornos, executed in 2002, was not only not America’s first serial killer, but she was not even the first American female serial kill killer to be executed. How about Elizabeth Reed, serial killer, executed in Illinois in 1845?

Start learning some honest history of violence against women and men and girls and boys the kind the overpriced education industry kept you from knowing – here:

In this list there are 12 female serial killers executed in the united states before the 2002 execution of Aileen Wuornos.

1845 Elizabeth Reed Lawrenceville, Illinois hanged
1847 – Mary Runkle – Whitesboro, Oneida County, New York, USA
1866 – Martha GrinderPittsburgh, Pa. – hanged
1889 Sarah Whiteling – Philadelphia, Pa.– hanged
1934 – Anna Marie Hahn – Columbus, Ohio – electric chair, Ohio Penitentiary
1936 – Mary Creighton – Ossining, New York – electric chair, Sing Sing Prison
1947 – Louise Peete – San Quentin, California – gas chamber, San Quentin State Prison
1951 – Martha Beck – Ossining, New York – electric chair, Sing Sing prison
1957 – Rhonda Belle Martin – Montgomery, Alabama – electric chair, Kilby Prison
1984 – Velma Barfield – Raleigh, North Carolina – lethal injection, Central Prison 
1998 – Judias Welty Buenoano – Starke, Florida – electrocuted
2000 – Betty Lou Beets – Huntsville, Texas – executed by lethal drugs, Huntsville Prison



Yet Unknown History of Misandry already has posted many hundreds of cases (from a list which so far numbers 770, and is growing constantly)


Aileen Wuornos: America's 275th Female Serial Killer






“Female serial killers … haven’t received anywhere near the same amount of attention from the media or from criminologists as males have. Even researchers on psychology have tended to focus on male populations. There’s a common erroneous assumption that because females are “nurturing,” they won’t be violent. But we’ve had female serial killers who have shot, stabbed, smothered (with her enormous weight), and even used chain saws and ice picks.” [D. P. Lyle, MD, “Forensic Psychologist Dr. Katherine Ramsland Talks About Serial Killers,” The Writer’s Forensics Blog, June 25, 2009]




    Funny that you made yourself believe that writing about female serial killers has anything to do with "gender" ideologues, feminism or proves misandry :) Yea, women also kill and can be monsters (who argues with that?), they just do it less often than man, kill mostly family members/children/elderly, in most cases are less violent (poison), in violent cases they usually have male partners in crime. This site proves nothing more than what is well known. I'm waiting for next revelations, like proving not all women are nice and pretty is destroying feminism :) --- GaGaV8August 1, 2014 at 11:59 PM


    Regarding the commonly repeated false claim that women are not frequently and exceedingly violent, see this post: The central myth of MISANDRY: “the inherent non-violence of women” --- (The book When She Was Bad, by Patricia Pearson, will hewlp you move beyonfd the myths and cliches you have been subjewcted to by bad sources.)

    This website was not intended to feature female serial killers. That was an afterthought. Most of your remarks are repetitions of false claims you have re4ad elsewhere. If you want to lear facts, you need to spend some time and want to learn. You did not study the siute before offering your errorneous summary of its contents. I recommend taking a look at Female Serial Killer Collections: MASTER LIST. This alone should dispell many of the falsehoods you have been fed by poorly researched articles you have come across.

    Take a look at google articles on Aileen Wournos. The claim that female serial killers usually have male partners is absolutely false, and proven false in the posts here. You will be delighted to see that there are a good number of female serial killers who have lead gangs of bandits and others who were aristrocrats who gewt men to follow their orders. Take a look at cannibals. Ogresses is an interesting collection. Did you see “Female Serial Killer Girls?” Howe about “Female Serial Killers & Sadism.” I think you might find many hours of pleasureabloe learning in these categories.

    Many female serial killers attack women who are strangers (You’ll find a collection of such cases too). Poison is far more vilent than most murder weapons. Arsenic causes very painfulk death, especially when, as many female serial killers chose to do, the poisoning is done over a long period of time.

    To understand the viciousness of the sadism of the typical female serial killer (of which my count has paqssed the 800 mark (3 victims or more)) I recommend you read the brief passage from Harold Schechter’s book, Fatal (on Jane Toppan, a psycho sadist) that is copied on Index: Female Serial Killers.

    This website is already jam-packed with new revelations. All over the place. Take a look “A Woman’s Voice” and “Chivalry Justice” (collection) for extra credit. Learning is fun! It is a lot more fun than memorizing formulas.

  2. “Consider such slogans, circulating in the early 1990s on [women’s] bathroom walls:

    “Dead men tell no lies.”
    “Dead men don’t rape!”
    “The way to a man’s heart is through his chest.”
    ”So many men, so little ammunition.”

    The individual man is not relevant; all men serve as symbolic targets. And this is true along a wide continuum, from permissively sexist jokes about men to the applause garnered by women who kill. The message being conveyed is that women, being blameless, are entitled to victimize without consequence. It was in that context that Aileen Wuornos killed, and in that climate of sanctimonious wrath that she gained her sympathizers.” [Patricia Pearson, When She Was Bad: violent women and the myth of innocence, 1997, Viking Books, p. 232]

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