Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Queen of Misandry

The Queen of Misandry ◄

Romania-born serial killer Vera Renzi (sometimes spelled Renici) was a very busy empowered woman who knew what she wanted and made sure she got it – until the oppressive police force interfered.

By the time the promiscuous Vera – she was known to locals as “The Mysterious Huntress” – was arrested in 1925, at the age of 30, she had murdered at least 35 members of the patriarchal sex: her 10-year-old son, two husbands and 32 sex partners. She kept all the bodies in her wine cellar, stored in hermetically zinc containers, each labeled with the victim’s name and the dates indicating the period of time they had been lovers.

Renzi is not among the most prolific serial killers – Elizabeth Bathory, Madame Popova, Marie Jager, Mrs. Gustav Holmen, Georgia Tann, each murdered a hundred or more –, but Renczi holds the special distinction of having bedded 33 of her victims before having finished them off.

Asked why she killed so many innocent persons, she replied:

“Out of jealousy, for I know that tomorrow they would run after another woman. So I said to myself they had better sleep quietly in my cellar without having to excite themselves.”

She said she killed her son because he knew about the contents of the cellar and she was in constant danger of discovery.

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