Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Voice for Men: The True University Restored


Paul Elam has brought together specialist MRAs in:

crime studies
media & technology
the arts

– as well as generalist MRAs, action-takers, writers, and journalists. A Voice for Men is the new university: which is successfully supplanting the moribund, corrupt, decadent, authoritarian, Orwellian, indoctrination camp network that is the dinosaur university system.

AVfM is a “new” university only in the sense that it has no specific physical campus, otherwise it is identical to the “old” university, which was a gathering of scholars and students dedicated to learning. The dead university, the social control indoctrination version we are seeing collapse is a 19th century concoction, which went truly over the edge after World War 2 (in the US due particularly to funding from military budget, not just science but also the social sciences, whose purpose was to discover means to control the masses, a fact not well known).AVfM is the real university, the traditional university, the true university. Nothing novel or trendy about it: just old-fashioned search for truth (that evil patriarchal concept).Miles Groth, the important leader in the field of Male Studies, knows this and has stated this fact as well.


A representation of the boated system that is on the way out:


  1. Dude! You need a trigger warning at the top here - I just ate! Yuck!!

  2. Yea. Didn't think of that. But here is the cure for Man Boobz-induced nausea -- and also the preventive measure to be taken to prevent Boobzian nightmares: Go to Youtube and watch one of the many available clips of Dirty Harry saying "Go ahead, make may day!" (Note: For indoctrinated politically correct police state-loving zombies: a) This is just a movie, b) the fictional character didn't have to shoot the moral relativist targeted in the scene, c) this comment is metaphorical, analogical, and parodic and consequently is not to be taken as a literal expression of desire for bullet-involved violent action or any other sort of violence. This is an infowar and words are the weapons(plus an occasional picture).