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Women Who Like to Torture

This small collection assists in illustrating the fact that fashionable gender theories fail to explain violence. Accurate study of historical facts can shed light on sociopaths and their behavior much better than politically correct indoctrination programs.

We have not done much research on this subject so only a few cases are offered at this time. The numerous cases of female serial killers who routinely tortured their victims (Bathory, Galou, Grese, Hassen, Saltykova, Soulakiotis and many others) are not included in this collection.

Violence is not "gendered."


GENERAL article:


1660 – Catalina de los Ríos y Lisperguer – Colonial Chile – “she was noted for her extreme cruelty to her inquils (tenants), accused and tried for over 40 murders.”

1740 – Elizabeth & Mary Branch – Taunton, Somerset, England. – Elizabeth Branch and her daughter Mary were executed for the murder of a 13-year-old servant girl. They had tortured this and other victims in their employ mercilessly. One boy was tortured until he soiled himself and was then forced to eat his own excrement. It was suspected that Mrs. Branch has murdered her husband and her own mother and another servant girl.

1762 – Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova – Moscow, Russia

1862 – Josepha Perez – Galicia, Spain. – An 1862 news clipping reports: “A woman known as the ‘She Wolf’ has been the terror of Gallicia and the neighboring provinces for the last twenty years. Always on horseback, and followed by a small number of bandits, she was at the head of all the robberies and murders committed in that part of Spain.” Josepha was noted for her predilection for torturing her victims. She was arrested after her hide-out was discovered during the search for a different criminal.

1863 – Delia Broderick – New York, N.Y. – Two women kill a boy with red pepper by rubbing it in his mouth, nose and eyes.

1871 – Agnes Norman – England – Arrested at age 15. Two or three children, a dog, two cats, six or eight birds, and some gold fish, had all fallen victims to her unnatural propensity for destruction before her crime was discovered. One little boy, aged eleven years, testified that one night he awoke by feeling something hurting him, and upon looking up found this delectable young woman, who lived as a servant in the same house, stooping over him with one hand on his mouth, and the other tightly grasping his throat.

1875 – Marguerite Léris Grieumard – Saint-Vincent, France – “She had had brutalized her daughter, Marguerite, daily since childhood, once so wounding the child so badly that she was permanently scarred.  On one occasion she once pulled out hair and part of the skin of the child’s scalp. She hated her daughter so much that she once asked her husband to take the girl out to the woods and leave her to die.”

1887 – Ellen Jones – Little Rock, Arkansas – She beat the a 2-year-old boy until he would be convulsed with spasms and then strip his clothes off, tie his hands behind and leave it a prey to the flies for hours.

1888 – Mrs. Edward Smith – Bergen/Passaic, New Jersey – Tortured five children by pounding fingers with a hammer, scalded their hands in hot water until the skin peeled off, beat them with rope, a stick, kicked them.

1888 – Mrs. Swarthout – Reed City, Michigan, USA – sadistic orphanage matron.

1891 – Mila – Požarevac, Serbia – serial killer who mutilated her victims.

1892 – Guadalupe Martinez de Bejarano – Mexico City, Mexico – sexually tortured and murdered 3 orphan girls.

1892 – Pulolo “Kahuna of Lanai” – Hawaii (USA territory)

1893 – Mary Pushman – Butte, Montana – A mother gave her baby pins with its liquid food, stuck pins in its tongue and tortured it to death.

1893 – “Warasdin Baby Farmers” – Varasdin (Warasdin), Croatia “[It] was discovered that children were purposely crippled so that they might accompany beggars on their rounds. Children were found whose legs and arms had been deliberately broken while others had had their eyes gouged out so as to make them blind. One unfortunate child was found with its body bent double, and kept in that position by being placed between boards tightly screwed together.

1901 – Mrs. Dora Schwarting – San Francisco, Ca. – Midwife who repeatedly assaulted a 10-year old girl in her care whenever the child displeased her.

1902 – “Romanian Bandit Queen of Jassy” – Charged with 86 murders, “this woman brigand is exceptionally cruel, and is held responsible for a considerable number of particularly atrocious crimes and outrages. Not content with massacring her victims, she frequently has them tortured before being put to death. She seems to delight in refinements of cruelty.” [Note: The nationality of this bandit seems to have been, as was common in English language reports on Eastern Europe at the time. Further research must be conducted].

1903 – “Prenzlau Step-Mother” – Prenzlau, Germany – One of the most sadistic step-mothers on record: astonishing wanton cruelty.

1907 – Kate Gravius – New York, New York – woman regularly tortured two children, aged 6 and 7, with hot coals.

1908 – Clara Sterling – New Philadelphia, Ohio – An assistant matron at an orphanage, she pushed a tack through the tongue of a 6-year-old boy.

1909 – Martha Rendell – Perth, Australia – Rendell brutally abused her step-children, once beating Annie so brutally that she could not walk. Arresting officer Inspector Harry Mann said "she delighted in seeing her victims writhe in agony, and from it derived sexual satisfaction." (Wikipedia)

1912 – Mme. Couturier Le May-Sur-Èvre, France – “[She] fastened her two year-old daughter to a post, and then having laid a fire set the child’s clothes ablaze. The helpless infant was burnt to death after having suffered terrible agony.

1915 – Mrs. Steele – Muskegon, Michigan – Mrs. Albert Steele, of Muskegon, Wisconsin, murdered her 11-year-old step-daughter out of jealousy for her husband’s love for the child. The murder took place in 1915. Other women have done such things for the same reason, but Mrs. Steele went about her business in a fashion that was unusual. She tied the girl to a chair, blindfolded her and then poured acid down her throat. Then, in an effort to simulate a botched abortion in order to give an explanation for the death as well as providing support for a false allegation of incest to be used after the “abortion” was discovered, the step-mother, mutilated the corpse and threw the naked body in an alley, partially covering it with sand. Mrs. Steele was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

1916 – Jennie Lodwick – Youngstown, Ohio – Mrs. Lodwick, according to her husband’s divorce filings, employed carbolic acid along with a dizzying array of devices to make him miserable.

1918 – CHEKA Women (Bolshevik Secret Police) – Russia – Social justice warriors who believed torture, property confiscation from hard workers, summary executions, massacres, censorship and social engineering would bring about equality.

1920 – Anne Houde Gagnon – Fortierville, Quebec, Canada –“The girl, 16, after being beaten, was burned with a red hot poker and made to walk barefoot in the snow was forced to drink poison, the evidence disclosed. The post mortem examination of the body revealed 54 wounds.”

1922 – Kate Webber – Cincinnati, Ohio – mother burned boy’s thumb with a clothing iron to cure him of thumb sucking.

1938 – Dorothy Boelhauff – San Diego, California – Mother whipped her 6-year-old foster son with a ruler, because “he wouldn't button his coat and tie his shoes,” then locked him in a closet. He died.

1939 – Julia Brystiger, “Bloody Luna” – Poland – Communist party secret police official who “ would torture the captured persons using her own methods such as whipping male victims’ genitals.”

1941 – Felícitas Sánchez Aguillón – Mexico City, Mexico – A child care provider who “would poison or strangle the children, according to some reports sometimes she would dismember a child while still living.”

1944 – Carmen Matamoros de Tejeda – Panzacola, Tehuantepec Dist, Oaxaca, Mexico – “When police of Mexico City swooped on an eerie house and garden in the quiet town of Panzacola to free a nude, half-crazed, 18-years-old girl, whose chained body bore savage imprints of teeth, strange welts, and hideous scars, they uncovered a cesspool seething with the paraphernalia of witchcraft and black magic. But more petrifying was the subsequent discovery of the bones and bodies of two tiny babies …”

1946 – Lottie Woodside – Mineola, N. Y. – Woman attacks 3-year-old neighbor boy with hatchet and saw.

1946 – Evelyn Shay – Grand Rapids, Michigan – Mother and her boyfriend tortured 4-year-old girl, beating and burning her into a hideous mass of bruises and sores. The father was residing at a tuberculosis sanitorium at the time.

1947 – Marie Spellman – Louisville, Kentucky – Mother seared a 7-year-old boy’s hands on a hot stove to keep him from stealing.

1947 – Mrs. Valazquez – Chicago, Illinois – Mother held 6-year-old daughter against a hot stove, stabbed her with an ice pick, placed her in chains, tied her to a washing machine, held a lighted match to her lips and struck her on the head with a hammer.

1948 – Shirleen Kunin – Los Angeles, California – frequently whipped 2-year-old daughter, once turned a garden hose in the baby’s mouth, and several times left the child unattended.

1950 – Miriam Soulakiotis – Keratera, Greece

1953 – Jewell Louise Kelley – Texas City, Texas – According to the attending physician, the condition of the beaten child was worse than prisoners of war from Japanese camps.

1955 – Gerda Thimm – Hamburg, Germany – A wife's ingenious series of horrible tortures designed to deface her husband.

1966 – Mrs. Gertrude Baniszewski – Indianapolis, In. – one of the most infamous torture-murders in American history; long term torture of a teen-aged girl.

1971 – Madame Max Adolphe (Rosalie Bosquet) – Port-au-Prince, Haiti – Prison warden was known for her interrogations of political prisoners. Daily killings, torture, and beatings were typical at the prison during her tenure.

1978 – Catherine L. Sherriod – Norfolk, Virginia – A woman regularly beat her 10 and 13-year old stepdaughters with a stick. Finally the 10-year-old died from one of the beatings.

1993 – Theresa Jimmie Cross Knorr – Salt Lake City, Utah – Serial killer mom variously beat, stabbed and shot her children and ordered her sons to burn their injured sister alive and they did so.

2003 – Michelle Knotek – South Bend, Washington, USA

2008 – Rita Makekau – Waianae, Hawaii – “Imagine getting hit in the teeth with a hammer, or having a broom handle shoved down your throat. Five children say those are the kinds of attacks they suffered over a four-year period.”

2008 – Klara Mauerova – Brno, Czech Republic – cult member mother tortured her two young sons mercilessly over a period of six months. She sluiced off pieces of one of the boys’ skin and served the flash to other cult members and forced the victim to eat portions of his own mutilated body.

2010 – Lucy Viner-Mood & Lois Gibson – Langton Green, England – Two young women attacked the love rival of one of them, scalded her with boiling water and sugar during a “sadistic” 18-hour ordeal. They also cut the victim's hair, knocked her unconscious and woke her up by stubbing a cigarette out on her back, used a heavy metal neck chain was used to hit her around the head, kicked and struck her repeatedly with a high-heeled shoe.

2011 – Amy Marie Imler – Odessa, Texas – Woman accused of torturing her 8-year-old asthmatic daughter by pouring hot sauce in her eyes, smashing a kitten’s head in front of her, forcing her to eat cat feces, kicking her, “hog tying” her and withholding food.

2011 – Mary Mazalic – Mukilteo, Washington – Woman beat a 10-year-old girl with whips, burned her lit cigarettes and punished by being denied food so that when rescued her weight was only 51 pounds.

2011 – Sara Rae Walters – Osceola Township, Michigan – A woman abused her 3-year-old step-son, resulting in over 60 different injuries, including a subdural hematoma -- a collection of blood on the surface of the brain -- a core body temperature of 88 degrees and numerous other superficial lacerations and contusions.

2012 – Kerry Howle – Chesterton, Staffordshire, England – A woman forced a15-year-old boy to drink his own urine, to eat a mouldy sausage roll which she had spat on and coated in cigarette ash, made him lick up his own blood after striking him, and made horrifying threats.

2012 – Uchenna – Onitsha, Nigeria – Woman used a pestle to break her 10-year-old maid’s left hand and inflicted very deep cuts in her private parts with a razor blade and doused the wounds with pepper.

2013 – Inessa Tarverdiyeva – Stavropol, Russia – With Roman Podkopaev, 35, a qualified dentist, were involved in the spate of ruthless serial killings, Viktoria Tarverdiyeva, 25, and her 13-year-old daughter Anastasiya.

2014 – Jennifer Garcia – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – “A belligerent Jennifer Garcia, charged with the outlandish and near-fatal torture of a 3-year-old boy, cursed the victim’s grieving family during a hearing Monday.”

2015 – Elena Lobacheva – Moscow, Russia – serial killer who got sexual pleasure from repeatedly stabbing her (exclusively male) victims.

2016 – Svetlana Bakutova – Majorca, Spain





  1. I know other women who tortured others. For the sake of avoiding my own triggers, I'll leave aside those who combined it with violent sexual assault. A strong case for misandry can be made there, but ironically, it was men who denied women could do such things. I owe my life to the feminists who knew better.

    With all that said...

    The woman who did the most horrifying things (slugs, salt, sandpaper...and biting places that shouldn't bleed.) did them with her victims' consent, and was actually a pretty awesome human being. It was weird watching complete strangers run away from her in terror, knowing that her slaves auditioned to be with her, and that her hobbies included saving animals thought to be too violent from being killed. But she looked like a vampire going through chemotherapy, so that may have played a part...

    Also, the safe word she gave her partners was the Gettysburg Address.

    Still, she's proof that even the most violent urges can be tamed and directed in a sort of positive way.

    The one who taught me the ways in which my skin could be a weapon used against me, on the other hand, had a lovely smile, and an underdog story that made complete strangers want to help her. One day, she taught me her secret to being an underdog, when I tried to push her out of the way to escape her - she told me it was abuse. She also assured me that there was nobody who would believe me, if she decided I was the villain.

    So I let her do things. And no, I won't share what they were.


    Pain is pain. It ends. Besides, she left no marks. One day, I just found a way to never see her again.

    I'm just afraid for her daughter. I wish I had never helped her regain custody. If only I had known...

    So please understand, I'm well aware that women are all unique individuals, and sometimes that's the worst possible thing.

    But you're using women who torture to prove misandry. I'm not sure how one leads to the other. Aren't these women outliers?

    What would a list of men who torture look like? Aren't some of them even paid for it?

    1. "But you're using women who torture to prove misandry," you have asserted. This is false. These stories do not "prove misandry." I did not claim they prove misandry, or anything else. They are historical information that other may like to use to help recover from generalizations (memes) that are repeated to them and that cause cognitive dissonance. Ideological indoctrination and repeated false "facts," as well as repeated false historical narratives cause the public to passively accept the increasing tyranny of control-freak government, and to fail to be circumspect in their personal lives. Above all mass indoctrination and false propaganda (beginning in early childhood) undermines the development of critical thinking faculties.

      The propagation of false stereotypes (based on bogus, anti-scientific "gender" ideology) and the deliberate manipulation of historical narratives designed to further marxist-feminist political ends is indeed misandry. "Critical theory" is misandrist. It is the new Lysenkoism.

      The best way to challenge ("transgress") the status quo (which, today is a quasi-religion: fundamentalist social constructivism, with political correctness being its censorship means used to enforce dogma) is to, instead of depending on broad general abstract models and theories, to look closely at reality and think, develop nuanced understanding, and come to one's own conclusions -- but to never be self-satisfied with those conclusions, but instead continue to think, learn and challenge consensus "training" and peer pressure.

  2. Women have the propensity for extreme violence particularly to people who cannot defend themselves.