Saturday, February 21, 2015

Feminism is a hobby

Feminism is a hobby (as Ali G correctly observed in his "Human Rights" video).

This hobby combines several traditional pleasures into one glorious, dramatic and exciting Grand Hobby. These traditional pleasures are:

1) gossip,
2) nagging (sometimes called “bossiness”),
3) busy-bodying (pathological interventionism),
4) relational aggression,
5) psychological manipulation (including proxy violence),

---- Feminism is a hobby!

It is chronic idleness which leads to this hobby’s excesses and to mental illness.

Solution: “You can teach feminists how to do REAL work.”


[Note: Correct Ali G ideolect employs the word "femininism." Yes indeed, it does.]



  1. I really hate this blog turn into a collection of insults as above. You've got some excellent resources regarding female tyrants, murderers, and serial killers. That could be developed more.

  2. It is humor. When elitist authoritarians call for the violation of due process and put out incessant slurs (based on hate-filled "critical theory" philosophy) than it is a good idea to make fun of it. You will find that irresponsible power-grabbing by wildly irresponsible ideologues contributes both to dumbing-down of discourses in the public arena and also greases the skids for increasing tyranny. This collection was created specifically as a response to mainstream academic fraud (committed by dishonest authors of tendentious historical narrative for the specific purpose of reinforcing support for the ushering in of authoritarian, pseudo-scientific Nanny State.). Fundamentalist social constructionism (a fallacious ideological superstition) is epidemic in the field of "social history" and has fostered wide-spread ignorance of the nuanced realities of human experience in both the past and in the present.

  3. Response to the suggestion: "That could be developed more."

    There are more than 1650 posts on this website.