Sunday, July 12, 2015

An Ear for Men – (Revolt against the Tin Ear Dictatorship of Control-Freakism)

Here are our comments on the important new blog, “An Ear for Men,” launched on July 4, 2015 by veteran battler of totalitarian mind manipulators, Paul Elam.

Ear is a male space – something that the Lords and Ladies of Correct Thought keep telling you is an impermissible thing. Control-freaks will absolutely despise Ear. And that, by itself, is enough to cause us to respect it.

Please read Ear and share it and promote change toward truth and integrity (the good kind of “change” – as opposed to the “change” of decadence, entropy, dysfunction and authoritarianism that is promoted by officious rulers).

And remember the immortal words of the Great Yogi:
“It’s not over ‘till it’s over!”


1 ►July 4, 2015 – Paul Elam, "Male space is an inside job" (Paul with some thoughts on male space and personal choice)

• • •

An Ear for Men – Refreshing and wise: Empathy without mollycoddling, without fostering and fueling the pathological “victim mentality.”

The orthodox position of technocratic social engineers (whether they be corporatist in nature or not-for-profit control-freak in nature) assert in their propaganda organs that “male occupied space is inherently dangerous to women.”

It is not.

Male space is however, dangerous – dangerous to technocrats and free-lance control freaks, whose greatest weapon of mass control is the same as the modern military’s greatest weapon (which the Pentagon labels: “mastery of the human domain.”).

We each own our personal honor. This is a place to learn to hone it.


2 ►July 7, 2015 Paul Elam, "Why men can’t say no. A historical perspective" (Most men struggle to tell women no. Paul has some ideas on why that happens.)

• • •

“Men are only as mentally and emotionally healthy as their ability to say no to a woman.” -- Some writers go their whole lives without making a single genuinely important quotable statement.

Yet here we have what amounts to an axiom -- a major, crucially important truth summed up in a single crystal-clear sentence. The crafting and publication of just is one sentence -- this universal and necessary-to-know, and -grasp, fact -- is justification for a lifetime of effort. Paul Elam has crafted a pure and sparkling gem for the ages, one that needs to be posted on the wall of every Male Space in every city, town, village and "wide spot in the road" in the free world ("free world" meaning the non-gynocentric, not yet fully Statist, world).


3 ►July 11, 2015 Paul Elam, “Male autonomy: Part 1” (Paul starts a three part series on beating gynocentrism in the confines of your own mind.)

• • •

The Matt Taylor diptych presented here is the icon for the age. Unforgettable, compelling, a call to mind and muscle. It is worth 7 billion words.

The propaganda of coerced “progress” puts out a menu full of photos, carefully composed, with vibrant colors, and seductive shapes, depicting a glittering, enticing “nouvelle cuisine.” Yet once you sign on the dotted line of the “progress” contract you are a serf and the dishes shoved your way are diverse in only the species – source of the feces that constitute the means you are presented with. Understanding the fundamentals of nature will prepare one to resist the confidence game run by the flim flam men and women of the “progress” racket. Know your true root nature (biological/psychological) and know that this reality is not a social construction. Latin, French and Germanic (and many other) nouns indeed have “gender.” Yet nouns are just abstractions. Organisms, on the other hand, have existential concrete reality: complex mortal lives, lived in real space and real time – with agency. Submit to coercion, or resist it: it is a choice.

An Ear for Men is a male space, and as such, is an affront to the Brave New World panopticon top-down technocrats and all their minions (petty tyrants of the soulless bureaucracies and commissariats). An Ear for Men is a “crime” against the Hoax Utopia.

It is a male space!


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