Sunday, July 5, 2015

“Signs Feminism Is A Cult”

Here is a superb article. “Signs Feminism Is A Cult,” on MissMisanthropist blog, Mar. 1, 2015.

It is intelligent, well-argued and gets to the roots of the irrationality of the zealots and fanatics who choose to ignore facts, truth, and basic verifiable biological science, and is instead favors the propagation of narrow, conformist, ideology-driven, authoritarian, censorious, infested with “denial” psychology, narcissistic, self-serving, beliefs.

Opening paragraph:

“Despite what members of the feminist movement want to claim, it's easy to see the cult mentality of the political party. Here I will explain why exactly feminism is a cult and should be treated as such:”

It is a wonderful article.




  1. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my article. There is a video to go along with it as well but it's pretty much the same as the article lol

  2. Courage to tell the truth when the status quo demands submission to the lies of an authoritarian orthodoxy -- one that is increasingly enforced by a rapidly spreading, increasingly tyrannical, and violently intolerant state apparatus is admirable in the extreme. --- All honest and thoughtful people owe bountiful thanks to YOU.