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How to Determine a Therapist’s Competency, Scientific Knowledge and Ethics

Social workers, therapists, psychologists and counselors who are not tainted by misandric bigotry and who bear a scientifically sound understanding of the biological differences between the two sexes (or “genders”) are rare. Therefore it is rare for a heterosexual male to be able to locate a truly competent and ethical practitioner.

Here is a prototype for a qualifying questionnaire. It is, admittedly, a brusque and heavy-handed text, but is nevertheless a good starting point for discussion and for the development of a better and more practically usable text.

16 qualifying questions for the service provider to answer:

1)      Do you recognize the fact that that the concept “gender spectrum” is a fraud first perpetuated in the late 1940s by pedophile sado-masochist, child molesting zoologist named Alfred Kinsey (and later by the discredited Dr. John Money) and is based on corrupt data and that the supposed spectrum (meaning frequency distribution that is uniform between the Female pole and the Male pole) actually involves a modified bimodal distribution that clusters heavily around Male and Female

2)      Do you recognize the fact that “white privilege” is a bigoted racist slur promoted by anti-science post-modernists which expresses a prejudice against individual rights in favor of collectivist group guilt?

3)      Do you recognize the fact that “male privilege” is a bigoted sexist slur promoted by anti-science post-modernists which expresses a prejudice against individual rights in favor of collectivist group guilt?

4)      Do you recognize the fact that “heterosexual privilege” is a bigoted heterophobic slur promoted by anti-science post-modernists which expresses a prejudice against individual rights in favor of collectivist group guilt?

5)      Do you recognize the fact that a multivariable analysis of the supposed “gender pay gap” says that it doesn’t exist as a form of oppressive discrimination but is rather a matter of individual choice?

6)      Do you recognize the fact a person’s sex is biologically determined in utero and is not the product of what post-modernists call “social construction?”

7)      Do you have experience in coaching clients how to deal with female “relational aggression?”

8)      Do you recognize that misandry among counselors, social workers and psychologists is rampant and that a service provider’s misandry is harmful to clients – and therefore unethical?

9)      In couple’s counseling do you recognize that putting all the blame on the male, except in those specific individually analyzed cases in which it is just, is an example of misandry?

10)   Are you familiar with biology-based qualities of the male-specific mind, its reasoning and emotional structure?

11)   Are you aware that there is such a thing as objective fact and that truth is not arbitrary? Or are you a radical subjectivist, or a post-modernist?

12)   Are you aware of the crucial need for natural (“biological”) father-involvement for children, especially boys?

13)   Are you aware that misandry (including misandry in the courts) as well as neo-Marxist anti-white bigotry are extremely stressful for clients?

14)   Are you aware that intelligence and much of personality is heavily determined by genetics, yet that such qualities are genetic potentialities that are affected by environmental factors.

15)   Are you aware that the suicide rate for Males in the US is three-and-a-half times that of Female and that Male science-informed misandry-free support for depressed males is rarely made available? Are you familiar with these facts published by American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for the US: a) white males accounted for 7 of 10 suicides in 2016; b) The rate of suicide is highest in middle age — white men in particular?

16)   If you did not answer yes on the 15 questions above are you interested in gaining science-based training based on objective and empirical Male Studies findings?

A personal question for therapists and counselors: Are you afraid of being personally or professionally persecuted for expressing truths which violate the strictures of anti-science utopianist dogma (of political correctness, of post-modernism, of identity politics, of Neo-Marxism, of “social justice” equality-of-outcome ideology)?


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