Thursday, January 24, 2019

Toxic Femininity: A Social Cancer Hiding in Plain Sight

Post in progress, but here’s a very good start.

What big media, universities and big corporations do not want you to know:

Normal women are not toxic any more than normal men are toxic. Yet most mainstream media propagandists (“journalists” so-called) and leftist educators are themselves quite toxic indeed.



Academic Fraud (“Feminist” post-modernist, neo-Marxist Ideology, propaganda, indoctrination, cultism)

Acid Attacks by Women
"Marriage for Alimony Only" - 1928 (by a female author)


Babysitter Serial killers

Badger Game Extortion (sex rackets)


Child Sexual Abuse

Compulsive Lying

Child Sexual Abuse: Inducing “Gender Dysphoria” Pathology in Children

Cult Indoctrination
• The Shakers

Domestic Violence Against Men

Drugging of Boys by Female Teachers through forstering False Diagnosis (Medical Malpractice)

Empathy Gap (towards the Male Sex)
False Domestic Violence Accusation

False Rape Accusation

Falsification of Statistics

Family Annihilation (Female Perpetrator)

Female Sentencing Discount
            The Female Sentencing Discount



Gender Cleansing

Gender “Wage Gap” Hoax

Heart-balm racketeering

Homicidal Girls Under 18

Husband-murder for insurance proceeds

Mass Poisoning

Maternal Filicide: Spousal Revenge Motive

Misandric Child Homicide (Gender Cleansing)

Misandric Fixation

Misandric Ideology
Feminism as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Jan. 20, 2019,

Mobbing, Herd Mentality, In Group/Out Group, Shunning

Murder-Coaching Moms


Parental Alienation

Paternity Fraud

Poison-selling & Poison-making

Psychopathic Women

Prostitution (Sadistic Female Serial Killers)
• Female Serial Killers Who Were Prostitutes

Sadistic Torture of Children

Serial Husband-Murder
Exciting careers in serial widowhood – (Sep. 10, 2012)

Serial Baby-Killing Moms

Sexualized Serial Murder

Sexual Predation by Female School Teachers (Statutory Rape)

Taunting as Extreme Cruelty



Victim Posturing (Addiction to Attention)

Virtue Signalling (Social Climbing)

Women’s Violence Against Women

Women’s Violence Against Men

Women’s Violence Against Children