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Mollie Cantor, the “Eye for an Eye” Acid Queen - 1922

FULL TEXT: Atlantic City, Sep. 25. – Six people were burned, one woman seriously, a near panic occurred, and a play in Hebrew, “An Eye for an Eye,” was brought to a stop at the Globe Theatre on the Boardwalk last night, when Mrs. Mollie Cantor,  thirty-six years old, 2316 Arctic avenue, scattered the contents of a bottle of carbolic acid broadcast in an effort to injure Mrs. Mary Kolmetsky, thirty-five, 340 North New Hampshire avenue, of whom she is said to be extremely jealous.

Mrs. Kolmetsky went to the theatre, accompanied by her husband and Henry Cantor. The party were occupying seats in the orchestra, when Mrs. Cantor rushed down the aisle from another section of the house during the second act. Drawing the cork from the bottle, she attempted to throw the contents on Mrs. Kolmetsky, but the acid flew in all directions, Mrs. Kolmetsky, however, was struck in the face. She is in the city hospital with several burns about the head, face, arms and chest. Both her husband and Cantor were struck by the flying acid and burned about the face and chin. Mrs. Cantor herself was severely burned, as were Mr. and Mrs. I. Saboth, of No. 9 South New Hampshire avenue, who were seated in the row behind the trio.

There was a general scurrying for safety in the semi-darkened house as the acid victims cried out in pain. Detectives who were in the house ordered the show stopped and all lights on until they took the injured people from the house.

The Cantors have been separated for some time. Mrs. Cantor was placed under arrest on a charge of assault and battery after her burns had been dressed at the hospital, and will be given a hearing later in the week.

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Sep. 5 – Unrequited love is alleged to have been the cause of an attack said to have been made upon Daran English, of Lazerne borough, by pretty Myrtle Russell. He exhibited serious burns on his face and hands and said they were by a bottle of acid which he alleges Mrs. Russell threw upon him when the two met in the morning on the street.

[“Woman Hurls Acid In Shore Theatre – Jealous Wife’s Revenge Stops Play, ‘An Eye for an Eye’ – Six Persons Are Burned,” Evening Public Ledger (Philadelphia, Pa.), Sep. 25, 1922, p. 5]


SEE: “Acid Queens: Women Who Throw Acid” for a collection of synopses of similar cases.


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