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Lisa Karl, French Serial Killer - 1929

FULL TEXT: Rheims, France, Nov. 14 – Lisa Karl, described by the public prosecutor as “the most cowardly, cruel and abject woman” he had ever seen, heard or read of, was sentenced to death today for murder. She is the fifth woman sentenced to die under the guillotine within a year, the other four sentences were commuted to life imprisonment by President Doumergue.

Lisa Karl, who is 42 years old, was convicted of one murder and suspected of two others. Her paramour, Albert Clarisse, was sentenced to death at the same time.

The evidence showed that the murder was committed under extremely brutal circumstances with robbery as the motive and the jury refused to sign a recommendation for mercy.

The woman and Clarisse tortured and killed an aged woman who kept a cafe and robbed her cash box of a few francs in nickel and paper money.

[“Woman Is Sent To Guillotine – Judge Calls Her ‘Most Cowardly’ for Slaying of Aged Shop Keeper.” Syndicated (AP), The Montana Standard (Butte, Mt.), Nov. 15, 1929, p. 24]



FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 3): Rhiems, France, Nov. 14. – Death under the sharp blade of the guillotine was the sentence imposed today on Lisa Karl and her alleged accomplice, Albert Klarisse [sic; Clarisse], for the murder of an aged inn  keeper.

Mlle. Karl, characterised as “the most loathsome woman in France," was the leader of a band of fierce brigands. She beat the inn keeper to death with a wine bottle, and Klarisse [sic] later aided her in burning the body with gasoline.

[“Woman Sentenced to Die on Guillotine,” The Daily Times (Beaver, Pa.), Nov. 14, 1929, p. 1]


Albert Clarisse was hanged on May 6, 1930 at 4 :45 p.m. Here is a French newspaper report:

FULL TEXT (Article 3 of 3) : Reims, 6 mai. – Condamné à mari par la Cour d'assises, le 18 novembre 1929, Albert Clarisse, complice de Lise Karl dans l'assassinat de Mme Veuve Foucault à Glannes, a été étécuté ce matin.

Après avoir entendu la messe, rivant de monter sur l'échafaud, il a dit: «  Je paie pour les autres car je suis faible d’esprit. Je ne suis pas coupable des crimes de Droyes et de Puelle-Montier, auxquels j’ai participé, mais je n'ai pas tué. »

Clarisse a embrassé l'ammônier et à 4 h. 45 justice était faite.

[« Exécution capitale, » Le Midi Socialiste (Partis, France), May 7, 1930, p. 1]




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  1. Lisa Karl est mon arrière-grande tante. Elle n'a pas été guillotinée mais internée en psychiatrie où elle a sombré dans la folie et est morte en 1930.