Monday, September 10, 2012

Mangina of the Year Nomination: Derek Bedry

Derek Bedry’s qualifications as a candidate for the 2012 Golden Panties Award to be conferred by the Mangina of the Year foundation are demonstrated in:

Mr. the Other, I quit.” by Girl Writes What & John the Other, A Voice for Men, Sep. 16, 2012

AVfM Site News and Derek Bedry busted,” by Paul Elam, A Voice for Men, Sep. 10, 2012

Derek Bedry, of Vancouver British, Columbia, Canada demonstrates his superior abilities in playing the “culturally constructed role” of mangina in these ways:

false accusation by association,
obsessive-compulsive poster scraping,
opposition to human rights,
political correctness
poor beard-grooming


Other contenders nominated so far by AfVM commenters are:

Manboobz (David Futrelle)

Hugo Schwytzer


This post will updated as the nomination season heats up.



Bedwetter Bedry don’ know nuthin’! Whatta wuss.

Dang it fellers, I plum forgot to give a holler ‘bout this little gal who had a real special way with stringin’ of a man for the real good reason that he was a man, an’ doin’ it agin an agin an agin – by the name of Viktoria Rieger.

Now, when you take a look at this story, how are you goin to tell me (an’ the Happy Misgynist, too)  that there is one single MRA out in there in patriarchyland who doesn’t need to know-by-heart the name of Viktoria Rieger?

Git the word out about Rieger – an’ git it out pronto!. Activism means gittin’ active!


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