Thursday, September 6, 2012

This Is What An “Inherent Victim” Looks Like (Female Violence Exposed)

According to feminist propaganda, men are inherently victimizers and women are inherently victims. This is, in a nutshell, the philosophy of the now dominant and increasingly domineering cult of feminism.

And that is the philosophy that stands behind laws and policies that allow women to. More often that you might think, get away with murder – and assault – and grand larceny – and false witness – and perjury – and child abuse – and extortion – and kidnapping.

Feminists refuse to acknowledge sadism – the pure delight in cruelty – that stands behind much of the violence perpetuated by women. Feminism claims a goal of “equality” but instead promotes an agenda of absolute license for women, excusing those women who are sociopaths with rationalizations of the sort that belong to the deluded egos of those suffering from personality disorders.

“The fraud of feminism,” a phrase that describes the biased philosophy that claims unlimited privilege for the female sex, was coined in 1913, introduced in the shape of a book title by British writer Ernest Belfort Bax, who was, ironically, a Marxist. The now fully institutionalized and extremely well-funded  fraud of feminism continues – and grows in scope and power. In recent decades we have seen the rise of a new form of authoritarianism and inequality that has been dubbed “feminist governance.”

Deluded social engineers who are hopelessly addicted to utopian “social constructionist” theories, who are ignorant of factual history, and who are blind to reality are the “useful idiots,” the verbal storm troopers, who advocate the violent State power that in reality serves the interests of the ruling elite who fund their cynical blindered little careers in “social change” propaganda dissemination.


Violence by women is actively and aggressively covered up, and in some respects even encouraged, by dogmatic ideologues who have, from an early age, been indoctrinated with the Marx-Engels theory of patriarchy (which was based on soon-to-be discredited anthropological research).

They believe that only by destroying the institution of the co-parented natural family that their Utopian dream can be realized. They accept the doctrine that the end justifies the means,” so the lie and lie and lie …. all “for the “good of the collective.”


Here are some select historical quotations from members of the “inherent victim” sex that the gatekeepers do not want you to be aware of:

►Murder of a boy by Mrs. Gades, a mother in a child custody dispute in 1905

“I hated to kill the boy, but I wanted to make his father wretched.”

Belle Gunness of Indiana, pictured above, was the most prolific of the Black Widow Serial Killers who specialized in using “lonely hearts” personals to lure the male victims she would systematically defraud of property, rob, poison and batter with her axe. (1908)

Here is the text of the ad that empowered Belle Gunness used to lure her “heteronormative,” “white privilege,” “”male privilege” victims to their deaths:

“Personal – Comely Widow, who owns a large farm in one of the finest districts in La Porte County, Ind., desires to make the acquaintanceship of gentleman with a view to joining fortunes. No replies by letter will be considered unless the sender is willing to follow an answer with a personal visit.”

Clementine Barnabet, Lafayette, Louisiana serial killer, convicted of 17 murders. The victims were “horribly mutilated.”(1912)

“I killed them all, men, women and babies, and I hugged the babies to my breast. But I am not guilty of murder.”

Cynthia Buffom – Little Valley, N.Y. – killed husband, 2 children, crippled another (1913)

“I loved Ernest Frahm so much more than I did my husband that I would have done anything, everything for him. He told me to kill my husband and poison my children. I did what he told me to do — but it was he, he, he who made me do it.”

Acid attack on a man by Margaret Daig in 1916

“I became furious,” she said. “I remember buying carbolic acid in a drug store and then I hurried around to the Markenfield and  asked for Knudsen. When he came up the hall to see me I dashed the acid in his face.” Mrs. Margaret Daig, twenty-five years old, of  No. 101 West Ninety-seventh Street, not only said she did it, but said she was glad she did it.

Vera Renczi – Bekerekul, Yugoslavia – murdered a husband, a son, and 33 paramours and kept their corpses in storage (1925)

“Why did you kill all these human beings?” asked the judge. “They were men,” she answered. “I could not endure the thought that they would ever put their arms around another woman after they had embraced me.” “But,” the judge stammered, “you also murdered your own son.” “He had threatened to betray me,” said Madame Renczi. “He was a man, too. Soon he would have held another woman in his arms.”

Della Sorenson – Omaha, Nebraska – murdered 8 relatives, including 3 of her own children (1925)

“They bothered me, so I decided to kill them.”

►Murder of a little boy by mother Belle Millman in 1926

A young mother, Belle Millman, in the Bronx, estranged from her husband, lifted her 3-year-old son to the telephone yesterday and had him speak to his father.

“Hello daddy,” the father heard the child say.

“Don’t say ‘Hello, daddy,’” came the mother’s voice. “Say ‘Good-bye, daddy.’”

The child said it and a moment later the husband heard his wife’s voice, distinct and vindictive: “It seems that the only way I can get ahead of you is to kill the child.” The receiver was hung up with a bang.

►Murder of a baby boy by mother Georgette Brucks in 1949

Mrs. Brucks killed her seven-month-old son because she “hated boy babies,” “I didn’t mean to do it,” she cried. “I have an uncontrollable temper and I beat him with my fists. I knew I should have stopped but I couldn’t.”

Sharon Kinne, Missouri serial killer (of 2 men and one woman) and prison escapee: (1964)

“I’ve shot men before and managed to get out of it.”

►Susan Atkins (Charles Manson “Family”) – Los Angeles, California – hippie serial killer who savagely murdered at least 9 persons (and perhaps more than in 20 total), including a pregnant woman (1969)

“Wow. What a trip! I thought, ‘To taste death, and yet give life.’ Have you ever tasted blood? It’s warm and sticky and nice.”

Bradford feminist murder case – Melbourne, Florida (1980)

It was a feminist murder – committed in the heyday of post-1960s women’s lib and involving four adult women and one 13-year-old girl, in a plot led by the wife of targeted optometrist John Bradford. The motive, as expressed by one of the killers, 18-year-old optometry assistant Joyce Cummings: “All we wanted was an all-female lab.” The pre-planned defense was to be a concocted self-defense by a battered wife. The climax of the crime was when Priscilla Bradford ordered her daughter (from a previous marriage) to beat her bloodied, but still-alive step-father with the iron skillet, the iconic feminist weapon, on the head.



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