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Lottie Rybichka, The Acid Princess Who Wanted “To Have It All” – Austria 1915

FULL TEXT: London, Nov. 1. – Details of the love tragedy of Prince Leopold Coburg, nephew of King Ferdinand of Bulgaria and the beautiful Lottie a, in Vienna, have been received hero from Budapest. Report of the girl's death is confirmed. The prince is still living. [He died from his injuries on April 27, 1916]

The prince, who is thirty-seven, and the girl, who was eighteen, met two years ago at a high social function. Their meeting was a case of love at first sight. The prince convinced the girl that he would be able to overcome the Inexorable rules preventing the marriage of members of royalty with commoners.

Despite the opposition of the girl's father, who is a high official of the Austrian state police, Miss Rybichka gave up her home and traveled with the prince throughout the country. Finally the couple took apartments in Vienna, where the tragedy occurred.

The reconstructed story is that the girl urged marriage before the departure from Vienna. The prince futilly endeavored to obtain his father's consent.

His efforts in this direction falling, the prince offered the girl half a million kronen as recompense. This offer the girl refused. The prince I then pointed out marriage was impossible and tried to break off relation? with the girl, in obedience to his father's orders.

Seeing the hopelessness of her plight, the girl, threw vitriol in the prince's face, destroying one eye and injuring the other, and followed the acid with four shots from a revolver which she had kept concealed, four bullets finding lodgment in the prince's body.

Then she turned the weapon upon herself with fatal effect.

[“Prince Figures In Love Tragedy - Blinded and Shot By Young Girl Who Ends Her Own Life.” syndicated, The Democratic Banner (Mt. Vernon, Oh.), Nov. 2, 1915, p. 1]


Wikipedia: Leopold Clement Philipp August Maria (19 July 1878, Szent-Antal, Hungary - 27 April 1916, Vienna); he died when a prostitute flung acid in his face.


SEE: “Acid Queens: Women Who Throw Acid” for a collection of synopses of similar cases.


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