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Rose Abels, Pittsburg Acid Attacker - 1911

FULL TEXT: Pittsburg, Pa.— Declaring she was sorry for her actions last night, when she threw the contents of a bottle of carbolic acid into the face of the woman whom she claims ruined her life and stole her husband’s love. Mrs. Rose Abels, aged 30, of 2438 Wylie ave., appeared before Magistrate Kirby at Central police station today and related her matrimonial troubles to the magistrate.

“Judge, when that woman laughed in my face, when she entered the depot last night, I could not control myself, and I threw the acid at her, but I am sorry I did her harm,” Mrs. Abels stated.

Mrs. Abels said she went to the Pittsburg & Lake Erie depot to meet several friends who were arriving from Youngstown, O. As she was looking through the gates the woman she alleges stole her husband’s love appeared. Without a moment’s hesitation Mrs. Pearl Deuchofsky, aged 29, of 129 Fifth ave., according to the testimony of Frank Albert, who witnessed the scene. Albert appeared at the hearing.


Mrs. Abels told the magistrate that she bought the acid for cleaning purposes from a druggist in Center av. She said she had no intention of harming Mrs. Deuchofsky until she sneered at her.

Mrs. Deuchofsky, who is a stout woman, weighing about 180 pounds, appeared at the hearing with the left side of her face badly scarred her left hand and a broadcloth suit she was wearing had also been badly burned by the acid.

She denied the allegations of Mrs. Ables. She admitted knowing the woman’s husband for some time, but denied being too friendly with him. She told the magistrate she makes her living selling drygoods between this city and Youngstown.

Mrs. Abels says her husband has been keeping company with Mrs. Deuchofsky for three years. Three months ago her husband left her, she alleges.


Harry Abels, a restaurant keeper, of 422 Second ave., husband of the alleged acid-thrower, was arrested, and today he was fined $20, as a suspicious person. His wife was held for court and Mrs. Deuchofsky was held as a witness.

Jealousy, according to the police, was the cause of the alleged act. Mrs. Deuchofsky is said to be divorced

Recently Mrs. Abels entered suit against Mrs. Deuchofsky to recover $10,000 damages for the alleged alienation of her husband’s affections and the case is now pending. She says she warned Mrs. Deuchofsky recently sent for her and requested that she get a divorce from Abels, in order that Mrs. Deuchofsky said that Abels loved her only.

[“Alleged Acid Thrower Held For Court Trial – Tells Magistrate She Had No Thought of Harming ‘Other Woman’ Until Latter Sneering at Her – Husband Fined; Friend Is Held As Witness,” The Pittsburg Press (Pa.), Oct. 17, 1911, p. 1]


SEE: “Acid Queens: Women Who Throw Acid” for a collection of synopses of similar cases.


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