Monday, September 10, 2012

“Gender” Ideology & Its Assault on Liberty Explained

Video: “GWW at 2013 NY Libertarian Convention

The video by Karen Staughan (“GirlWritesWhat”) of a talk given on April 27, 2013, is, in my view, perhaps the finest of all general introductory presentations on the ethos and influence of “gender” ideology. It deserves to be regarded as a canonical educational aid.

In other words it is a “must see.” (“Socialism in panties” is hereby exposed!)

The talk was given at the annual NY Libertarian Party Convention, Rhinecliff Hotel, Rhinecliff, NY.

ALSO SEE: YouTube channel for GirlWritesWhat.


“Feminism is socialism with panties.” – Stefan Molyneux (quoted by Karen Staughan)


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