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Kate and Kit Kelly, Female Members of the Kelly Serial Killer Family – Kansas 1887

FULL TEXT: A special from Fort Elliott, Tex, Jan 2, says: The last act in one of the bloodiest of tragedies has closed, and the Kelly family have quickly met the vengeance they deserved. Two or three weeks ago the whole country was startled by a report of wholesale butchery and robbery near Oak City, in “No Mans Land Land,” said to have been committed by the Kelly family who lived in a dwelling frequented by travellers. The visitors at Kelly halfway house were cattlemen, drummers and other men who had money and it was this fact that led to the murders.

About the middle of December Kelly’s house was shut up, and no one could tell what had become of the inmates. Soon came inquiry from a Chicago firm for a missing drummer and he was traced to the Kelly house but no farther. A search of the premises led to the discovery of his body in the cellar. There were also five other bodies there, and four bodies were found buried beneath the stable, one of which was that of a woman about 50 years of age.

In the woodshed was found a blunt ax upon which were plainly visible particles of flesh and human hair.

When information of the ghastly find was brought to Beaver City. It was recollected that the Kelly family consisting of the old man William, aged 55 years; Bill, a son of 20; Kate, the old man’s wife, and “Kit,” the 18-year-old daughter, had a few days before passed through town en route as they said to New Mexico. They were driving a span of horses and leading four others and seemed to have plenty of money.

A posse of twenty citizens at once started in pursuit. The trail led along the north bank of Palo Duro Creek. It was found that the family had changed their course south toward Wheeler, Texas. About noon on Thursday they were seen far ahead. They at once left the wagon and mounted the horses which they had been leading. For two hours there was a hot chase and then the horse ridden by Mrs. Kelly stumbled and fell. No stop was made on account of this incident and about a half hour later the vigilante were near enough to the son and daughter to shoot. A cry of halt brought them to a stop but the old man who rode a better animal kept on his way.

Upon coming up with Bill and Kit, the girl began at once begging for mercy saying she “never killed anybody.” Bill said: “ Oh! Shut up; it isn’t any use Kit, you’ve got to go with me. You know you had just as much to do about it as I.” Ropes were speedily procured, and  the two were bound. One of the party climbed a tree and slipped two ropes over one of the outstretched branches at the ends of which two running nooses had been made. The murderers were then placed beneath them and the ropes adjusted about their necks. True hangman style they were told they could pray or make any statement they desired. There was no such thing as repentance in either of them.

“Let her go,” said Bill Kelly, “I’ve had my share of fun.”

“Shall I tell?” half whispered the girl to her brother.

“No, --- --- them, let them find out for themselves,” was the reply.

In a moment the two bodies were hanging in mid air. The ropes were tied to an adjoining sapling and the bodies were left hanging while the posse rode on after old man, Kelly who by this time had disappeared from sight. His trail was easily followed as the horse he rode had been shod only in front. After three hours of terrific riding the party came near enough to the old men to order him to halt. This refused to do when a shot was fired the ball spinning past his head. Still he kept on when another shot was fired and the old man stopped his horse in an instant the band surrounded him and dismounted.

The leader of the vigilante told him that he had but a short time to live, and anything be had to say would be heard. The old man commenced talking in almost inaudible voice and made a brief statement about as follows:

“I moved to Kansas from the mountains Pennsylvania in 1869, and lived at different points along the southern border until I decided to move to No Man’s Land settled 25 miles from Beaver City, and went into the cattle business. Soon after I opened a sort of tavern. Several persons disappeared while passing along this trail but as to their death I have nothing to say. A good deal of talk of foul play was made and I determined to move on to south Texas. This is all I have to say.”

A few words were spoken by members of the band aside when preparations were at once made to hang him. In a few minutes his body was swinging in the air. He was then let down and asked to confess his crime. This he did.

He and all the members of his family were equally guilty. He said they had killed and robbed nine men and two women. He told where the money was hidden that had been taken and gave up what he had on his person. He professed not to know where the murdered persons came from. He was again swung up and left to hang. On his person was found a gold watch bearing the initials “T. A. T.” Taylor was the name of one of the missing men.

[“Foul Wretches. – An Extraordinary Family of Murderers and Thieves Wiped Out. – A Fearful Fate – A Party of Indignant Citizens of No Man’s Land Hands Them Over to the Devil. – Are They The Benders?” The National Police Gazette (New York, N. Y.), Jan. 21, 1888, p. 7]



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Chivalry Justice Quotes from Judges, Prosecutors, Legislators & Lawyers: 1912 - 1922


Isaac Lipson – New York City lawyer – 1912

“The life of my client [Minor Cortalyou] is in danger,” attorney Isaac Lipson declared. “His wife’s mind has become inflamed as a result of the wholesale freeing of wives charged with murdering their husbands.”


John E. W. Wayman – Prosecuting attorney of Cook county (Chicago). – 1912

“The ordinary man such as a juror finds it difficult to differentiate between an exceptional and abnormal woman, as most murderesses are, and the everyday woman he has known since he was a boy. When a woman appears for trial before him, straightway in his own mind he manufactures some extenuating circumstances, some excuse to account for her of the murder.”
He feels sure that this woman who looks so much like the women of his own family must have been abused and hounded and driven insane by the cruelty of the man she killed. So in almost all cases the juror, unsophisticated in the subtle psychology of the woman criminal, has made up his mind long before he retires to the jury room that the woman on trial committed her crime during some violent brain storm that rendered her irresponsible.”

“A woman’s crime as a rule exhibits a far greater degree of moral turpitude than a man’s. Few murders by women are the result of impulse. They are marked by premeditation, cunning, cruelty and cold blooded diablerie. For the most part the crimes of women have these characteristics in common.”
Women usually take their victim unawares. Many of their victims are killed while asleep. The saving clause for the woman in most cases is that the murder is committed without eye witnesses. Usually the woman and her victim are alone when the murder occurs. This invariably is the result of the woman’s cunning plan. It enables her in court to tell whatever story she chooses and there is no one to contradict her. The charge of murder stands on purely circumstantial grounds.”

John E. W. Wayman – Prosecuting attorney of Cook county (Chicago). – 1912

“It appears absolutely impossible to find 12 men in this country who will convict a woman of murder. This mistaken idea of chivalry has resulted in numerous miscarriages of justice and a reckless abandon, on the part of women who are criminally inclined. All that is necessary for a woman  is to retreat behind the protecting wall of her sex, and an avalanche of tears, and make no other defense.”

Maclay Hoyne – Illinois State’s Attorney of Cook County – 1914

“The manner in which women who have committed murder in this county have escaped punishment has become a scandal. The blame in the first instance must fall upon the jurors who seem willing to bring in a verdict of acquittal whenever a woman charged with murder is fairly good looking and is able to turn on the flood gates of her tears, or exhibit a capacity for fainting.”

Source: “Decries Freeing Woman Slayers – State’s Attorney Hoyne Raps Juries Which Are Moved by Tears of Pretty Defendants. – Action of Police Flayed – Prosecutor of Cook County Dismisses Charges of Murder Against Mrs. Augusta Dietz, Who is Accused of Slaying Her Husband.” Warsaw Daily Union (In.), Mar. 17, 1914, p. 16

Agnes McHugh – Chicago attorney – 1916

“A man jury will not convict a woman murderer in this county, if the prosecutor is a man. I think this leniency may be traced to the chivalry latent in every man. The jurors see two or three big strong men sitting at the prosecutors’ table, and subconsciously feel that these fierce prosecutors are attacking the frail, pretty woman in the prisoner’s chair. Their instinct is to defend her. Perhaps their pity would not be stirred so profoundly if a woman was in the prosecutor’s chair. I believe the leniency of juries with feminine slayers is responsible for the wave of ‘affinity crimes’ sweeping Chicago. The woman criminal will receive justice only when there’s a woman in court to prosecute her. We demand justice for women — not maudlin sympathy or leniency.”

Source: “Women Say Only Woman Can Stop Women Killing Off Their Husbands - With 20 Chicago Women Acquitted of Slaying Husbands or Lovers, Feminine Lawyers Ask for “Justice Instead of Sympathy” of Men.” Sep. 26, 1916, p. 5

Judge Frank E. Johnston Jr. – Chicago – 1920

“When women judge members of their own sex, it is a sure thing that no more sentimentality will effect the prisoner’s release. Women jurors will vote to convict a guilty woman every time, and we intend to make Chicago safe for husbands.”

Source: “Make Chicago Safe For Husbands, Task For Women Jurors – Sterner Verdicts Expected By Officials When The Lady Voters Get Busy.” Syndicated, The San Antonio Express (Tx.), Aug. 23, 1920, p. 2

Sheriff David H. Knott – New York – 1921

“It is necessary to have women jurors to convict women accused of some crimes, he asserts, and continues: I could cite many examples where women accused of crime are allowed to go free because the attorney for the defendant will play on the sympathy of the men jurors. A year and a half ago in the criminal branch a woman was accused of certain crime before Judge Weeks. We were all absolutely positive that she should have been found guilt and sent up for five years. She was tried twice before a men’s jury, the first time ending in a disagreement and the second time pronounced not guilty. A women’s jury would probably have found her guilty. Woman to-day can commit murder and it almost impossible for the District Attorney to convict her because her sex.”


Judge Rhea M Whitehead – Presiding member of the Superior Court of Seattle – 1921

“A husband is going to get a square deal in my court. Too many men are convicted on sobby tales of wives!”

Source: “The Woman Judge Who Gives Husbands A Square Deal – She Is Introducing a Novel Procedure In Seattle Where Tears and Sentiment Carry No Weight and Women Are Not Regarded Today as ‘Helpless and Dependent Children,’” syndicated, Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette (In.), Jun. 26, 1921, sec. 4, p. 1


Lloyd Heth – Assistant State’s Attorney, Illinois

“I will demand a woman jury in this case,” Mr. Heth said. “It is impossible to get conviction of affinity slayers by men juries. In the last ten years fourteen women who killed men have been freed. The only two convicted were a woman seventy-two years old and a negress. It would be interesting to see what a woman jury would do.”


Alice Robertson – U.S. House of Representatives (Oklahoma) - 1921

“Women who murder get off too easy. They’re not judged according to the same standards as men who murder, but you don’t hear the suffragists demanding equal rights for the men, do you? No the suffragists want equal rights for women with special privileges.”


Judge Florence E. Allen – First Criminal Court Judge, in 1922 Elected to Ohio Supreme Court – 1922

“Men have always sat on juries and men instinctively shrink from holding women strictly accountable for their misdeeds. Now that women sit on juries I expect the percentage of convictions in cases of women to be greater. Women are more clever than men in arousing sympathy. I had one woman, a hardened criminal, stage a terrific fainting spell in my courtroom after the jury found her guilty. It took four men to carry her to jail. She continued having these spells, so long that I had to defer pronouncing sentence. Finally I sent her word that the longer she acted so, the longer she would be in jail. Within a few moments she sent up word that, she would be good and received her sentence meekly, with no trace of feeling”

Thomas Lee Woolwine – Los Angeles District Attorney - 1922

“The reason it is well night impossible to punish women for crimes of violence in particular is simple: It is because they are women, and because sex plays a vital part in every such trial. Men are innately loath to punish women. Women naturally arouse a feeling of false chivalry in men which allays and tempers their judgment upon the evidence. It is more difficult for a prosecutor to overcome this powerful factor than it is to convince a jury upon the state of facts presented.”

Chivalry Justice Checklist & Links

Lies, damned lies … and CHIVALRY JUSTICE.


There is nothing new about men preferring to believe lies told by women who have committed crimes and who have made false allegations against others. What is new, however, is the the phenomenon of women tending to prefer to believe lies told by female criminals.


This post is an evidence resource for the serious myth-buster.



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Anna Bergmann, Champion Black Widow – Berlin, 1905

Suspected of five husband-murders.


FULL TEXT: Berlin, Nov. 18. – While the United States has produced a number of gentlemen with many wives we have gone one step further in this city and have given to the world a female Bluebeard in the person of Frau Anna Bergmann of Berlin, whose latest deceased husband was Johann Bergmann.

A woman of extreme beauty, she married when she was eighteen years of age, but her husband died after three years of unhappy married life. Her second husband died suddenly and her third shot himself. Suspicious circumstances point to the fact that a revolver had been placed in his hand after death.

In Paris she had three or four more matrimonial experiences, all ending disastrously to her husbands, and now the body of the last husband has been and poison has been found and the trial is to begin.

[“Is A Female Bluebeard – Woman of Extreme Beauty Suspected of Great Crimes,” The Wichita Beacon (Ks.), Nov. 18, 1905, p. 7]



For links to other cases of woman who murdered 2 or more husbands (or paramours), see Black Widow Serial Killers.


Brittany Pilkington, Ohio Serial Killer Mom with a “Gender” Concern - 2015

Bellefontaine, Ohio – The day of her arrest, Brittany Pilkington, 23-year-old mother of four children (three deceased) confessed to murdering – over a period of several years – her three sons by placing blankets over their heads to suffocate them.

Her explanation of motive was unusual. She claimed her husband Joseph Pilkington (43), a worker in the Marysville Honda factory, paid more attention to the boys than he did to their daughter.

According to Logan County prosecutor William Goslee, “in her mind, she was protecting her daughter from being not as loved as the boys were by their father,” as the Columbus Dispatch reported.

On August 11, 2015, the mother had called 911 to report that 3-month-old Noah had stopped breathing about 3 a.m. He was rushed at the hospital Mary Rutan Hospital in Bellefontaine where he was pronounced “dead on arrival.” Baby Noah and his four-year old sister Hailey had been in protective custody only a week before the murder – pending investigation of the  deaths of the child’s two brothers. After a Logan County coroner recently determined that neither Gavin nor his brother, Niall, had died of suspicious causes and the causes of their deaths couldn’t be determined, a judge ordered the children returned home.

In the earlier instances The father’s grief was normal while the mother demonsteated an emotionless response. At 4-year-old Gavin’s funeral in April 2015, the mother was smiled while posing for a family photo, as Joseph Pilkington's brother, Jim, told a Columbus Dispatch reporter. He thought “It was kind of odd.”

A neighbor James Breaston, 78, said he was home when the 4-year-old died on April 6. The father, observed Breaston, “was crying, the tears were rolling, and she was just cold.” The mother “just stared like nothing happened.”

After consulting with a lawyer Mrs. Pilkington retracted her confession and returned to her previous “accidental death” narrative.

On Aug. 20, Judge Ann E. Beck, at the  Bellefontaine Municipal Court, set bond at $1 million and set a preliminary hearing for 5 p.m. Aug. 25.

Their daughter, Hailey, will celebrate her fourth birthday later this month. She has once again taken into custody by Logan County Children Services.

[Robert St. Estephe; based on facts reported in: Rachelle Blidner, “Ohio mom confesses to killing 3 sons over 13 months so daughter would get more attention from dad,”  New York Daily News, Aug. 19, 2015; Dean Narciso & Jim Woods, “Bellefontaine mom says she killed 3 sons because husband ignored their daughter,” The Columbus Dispatch (Oh.), Aug. 19, 2015]


3 Murders (all suffocated):

July 22, 2014 – Niall Pilkington, 3-month-old.
April  6, 2015 – Gavin Pilkington, 4-year-old.
Aug. 11, 2015 – Noah Pilkington, 3-month-old.



Here is another case of interest: Mom Hates Little Boys, She Says, So She Murders Her Son: Georgette Brucks - 1949


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Carmen Matamoros de Tejeda, Sadistic Mexican Occult Murderess - 1944

NOTE: If the two babies were confirmed to have been murdered by the suspect (with others suspected), it would seem reasonable, based on the likely intent to murder the Soledad Garcia at some point as well, to classify Carmen Matamoros de Tejeda as a serial killer. Two different spellings – “Matamoros” and “Matamoras” – appear in English language news reports.

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): Apizaco, Mexico, May 20. – Excavation of the flower-covered yard of a home near here proceeded today under the direction of state authorities investigating the reported disappearance of 16 children.

Half-hidden among roses, daisies and bougailvillea vines in the yard is the opened grave where police earlier this week found the bodies of two children.

In jail at Tiaxcala, the state capital, a few miles away, the occupants of the home, middle-aged Carmen Matamoros de Tejeda and her husband, Angel Tejeda, factory worker, continued under guard to prevent any lynching attempts during investigation of the case.

The two were arrested after a 16-year-old girl, Soledad Perez Garcia, told police she had been imprisoned nude in the house and mistreated. She directed police to the grave. Police later disclosed they had reports of 16 missing children.

[“Police Excavate for 16 Missing Children” Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (Tx.), May 21, 1944, p. 11]



FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 2): New York, Saturday. — When police of Mexico City swooped on an eerie house and garden in the quiet town of Panzacola to free a nude, half-crazed, 18-years-old girl, whose chained body bore savage imprints of teeth, strange welts, and hideous scars, they uncovered a cesspool seething with the paraphernalia of witchcraft and black magic. But more petrifying was the subsequent discovery of the bones and bodies of two tiny babies, and from the surrounding countryside swelled the enraged roar of “Burn the witch” as Senora Carmen Matamoras de Tejeda, owner of the house of weird cults, was held fast in the local gaol to await her trial.

FLASHY Senora Matamoras, arrogant, and with lingering traces of a once handsome appearance, has been held on a charge of detaining in slavery the nude victim, Soledad Perez Garcia, and of frequently whipping and torturing her.

Tempestuously she has defied the police, denied having committed any crime, and remained impassive while a search goes on for more tiny bodies, because on her a clamoring populace has now fixed the blame for the disappearance of 16 babies in recent years.

She has been labelled “Madame Werewolf” [presumably "Mujer Lobo" in Spanish]. Her 18-years-old victim has told of having been bitten by the woman until blood flowed and she fainted from pain. The villagers speak with horror of the long, pointed teeth and vulpine mouth of the Witch of Panzacela.

In the walled patio of the House of Horrors was found an altar, on which was enshrined the skeleton of a jackal or dog. The skeleton was flower-bedecked and candles burned at its feet. Beneath the altar was found the body of the first infant.

Nearby the bones of the second child were unearthed and experts were called in to investigate a case which had moved from plain, sadistic cruelty to the realms of necromancy and diablerie.

Slender Soledad Garcia looked younger than her 16 years when she disappeared from her home in the large neighboring town of Apizacb two years ago. Recently her father was told anonymously that the girl was held captive in a house at Panzacola and had been seen emaciated and terrified at Mass one morning under the relentless guard of Senora Matamoras.

When she had been rescued from her diabolic imprisonment, doctors and nurses said they believed that some of her scars had been caused by repeated attacks by a dog, but close examination revealed the marks to be those of human teeth. Then the girl told, of her nightmare with Madame Werewolf.

Sometimes, she said, she was taken to the altar in the patio. There her jailer, with blood chilling ritual, would light the candles before the skeleton of the jackal, then sink her great teeth into the girl until she collapsed from the pain.

The girl told her father: “I was forced to go naked around the house and the patio. Only when it was so cold that I might die did she give me something to cover myself. She would smile and say that she didn’t want me to die of the cold, that she was planning the pleasure of killing me soon in a different way.”

A few days before her rescue, the girl was forced to dig her own grave by the altar, while Madame Werewolf cracked a whip. Followed the visit to church, be cause, Senora Matamoras explained, Soledad was to die next day.

From time to time, the girl was rented or sold to men. Once she was raffled, 300 participants each paying 12s for a ticket. With the winner, she was locked in a room, her arms bound. Next day, relentless Madame Matamoras appeared to reclaim her slave.

Soledad was also subjected to the revolting caprices of two of her captive’s nephews, and was once sold to a lawyer. He returned her next day, and the Senora whipped and starved her because she had not pleased the elderly satyr.

The martyrdom of Soledad Garcia became a secondary issue when she divulged strange rites, meaning of which she had no conception, that occurred in the moonlight, before the altar bearing the animal’s skeleton. In the course of one ghastly ceremony, she said, a tiny child had been slain.

Advice from experts on the criminology of witchcraft has been sought by the police. They find analogies in the case of Senora Matamoras and other similar horrors, perpetrated before altars enshrining the bones of dogs, hyenas and wolves.

Authors of these crimes, they say, immersed in sorcery, believed themselves to be transformed at times into the form of gross beasts.

“The circumstances of the Matamoras case,” says one authority, “contain so many parallels with past and present practice of the foulest forms of witchcraft that it has all the earmarks of that hideous category known as necromancy.”

Necromancy, this authority adds, is applied to that sorcery which employs corpses, bones and parts of the bodies of animals and humans and ritually murdered babies.

Case of notorious diabolist Gilles de Retz [sic: “Rais”], who once served as field-marshal for Joan of Arc, has been quoted by the experts. After sacrificing infants before an altar, he went about on all fours, foaming and gnashing his teeth, under the hallucination that Satan had transformed him into a wolf.

Children found in his dungeons bore teeth marks similar to those which scarred Soledad Garcia.

Resurrected have been descriptions of the orgies of Madame de Montespan, famous royal courtesan in the time of Louis XIV., who immolated kidnapped babies before a dog-devil altar during a Black Mass. The analogy is that she always attended the Cathedral of Notre Dame be fore engaging in the satanic ceremony.

Hungarian court records contain the case of Countess Elizabeth Bathori, convicted for witchcraft. It was proved [not accurate; it was an apparently apocryphal legend] that she habitually bathed in the blood of young girls and infants, believing that by so doing she could transform herself into an enormous cat with power to pass through walls and locked doors to attack her enemies. [Bathory, The Blood Countess's actual crimes were not, apparently so much occult as sadistic sexual serial torture/murder, with a bit of non-religious cannibalism.]

Like Senora Matamoras, the Countess always kept one girl alive and chained. Her victim was continually whipped, beaten and tortured. This girl was the witness against the Countess just as Soledad will point chief accusatory finger at Madame Werewolf, unless new and more potent witnesses are found.

In Paris, in 1933, the police arrested an alleged sorceress, Yvette Rostaud, against whom the original charge was simply cruelty to animals.

In a panther skin, and to the accompaniment of tom toms, she tore live rabbits and puppies with teeth and fingernails. She had many degenerate audiences. But the body of a human child was later unearthed in the cellar of a country villa she once occupied. She was sent to an asylum for the criminally insane for life.

In a separate cell to his wife is Angel Matamoras, a textile worker. He sullenly repeats that he knows nothing of the charges against her, and never saw her abuse Soledad. About his wife’s witchcraft and the apparently murdered babies he maintains a grim silence.

[“’Burn The Witch’ - Werewolf Woman Kept Nude Girl Slave Chained Whipped, Tortured Blood-Chilling Ritual,” The Truth (Sydney, Australia), Nov. 5, 1944, p. 11]





For more cases, see: Women Who Like to Torture


For more cases of this type, see: Occult Female Serial Killers


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Free Speech & John Jay Chapman

John Jay Chapman, Commencement Address to the Graduating Class of Hobart College, Geneva, New York, June 20, 1900.


FULL TEXT: When I was asked to make this address I wondered what I had to say to you boys who are graduating. And I think I have one thing to say. If you wish to be useful, never take a course that will silence you.

Refuse to learn anything that implies collusion, whether it be a clerkship or a curacy, a legal fee or a post in a university. Retain the power of speech no matter what other power you may lose. If you can take this course, and in so far as you take it, you will bless this country.

In so far as you depart from this course, you become dampers, mutes, and hooded executioners. As a practical matter, a mere failure to speak out upon occasions where no statement is asked or expect from you, and when the utterance of an uncalled for suspicion is odious, will often hold you to a concurrence in palpable iniquity.

Try to raise a voice that will be heard from here to Albany and watch what comes forward to shut off the sound.

It is not a German sergeant, nor a Russian officer of the precinct.

It is a note from a friend of your father’s, offering you a place at his office. This is your warning from the secret police.

Why, if you any of young gentleman have a mind to make himself heard a mile off, you must make a bonfire of your reputations, and a close enemy of most men who would wish you well.

I have seen ten years of young men who rush out into the world with their messages, and when they find how deaf the world is, they think they must save their strength and wait.

They believe that after a while they will be able to get up on some little eminence from which they can make themselves heard.

“In a few years,” reasons one of them, “I shall have gained a standing, and then I shall use my powers for good.”

Next year comes and with it a strange discovery. The man has lost his horizon of thought, his ambition has evaporated; he has nothing to say.

I give you this one rule of conduct. Do what you will, but speak out always.

Be shunned, be hated, be ridiculed, be scared, be in doubt, but don’t be gagged.

The time of trial is always. Now is the appointed time.

["The Unity of Human Nature," address delivered before the Hobart Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, Hobart College, Geneva, New York, on commencement day (June 20, 1900); republished in Chapman, Learning and Other Essays (1910, reprinted 1968), p. 185.]


The above text dating from 1900 is one of the most eloquent of all defenses of free speech ever published.


The concept called “social justice” is an idea based on the philosophy of “class struggle”  that promotes group rights and regards individual rights as unimportant at best, and more properly as a concept that counter-revolutionary, or non-”progressive.” It requires a scapegoat – in the past: Kulaks (highly skilled farmers; Bolshevik Socialist Russia), people with “gifted” IQ (Communist Khmer Rouge Cambodia), Jews (National Socialist Germany).

In today’s globalist “social justice” movement it is the “white male heterosexual” who is the scapegoat.

The target is chosen in accordance Antonio Gramsci’s recommendation of identifying a class of people as a “hegemony” that must be attacked. Thus, inventors, innovators, original thinkers and artists of the highest achievement can, if properly undermined, allow the proliferation of a culture of non-innovation, a culture of mediocrity and enforced sameness (called, deceptively, “equality”) which would, it goes without saying, be controlled at the top by an elite politically adept class.

The natural family (and all freely chosen association not heavily supervised by the “community” (the corporate / state system) is however, the real target. Eliminate the father, then resistance to top-down “change” (totalitarian control of the masses) becomes possible (see noted on Ferdinand Mount’s important 1982 book, “The Subversive Family”).

Social justice requires “politically correct” speech that must be enforced by the believers in the orthodox dogmas of  “social justice” collectivist ideology.

Individual freedom, rule by the people (republicanism), free speech, due process, private property are counter to the collectivist ideal.

Most people born after about 1970 in the US and much of the West have been brought up with constant “operative conditioning” a technique of indoctrinating that from an early age limits the development of independent thought. It is common for people who are afraid of peer pressure and rejection to misunderstand their affect (their fear of not conforming with accepted group opinion), assuming that their emotional defense of their "opinion" is the same as conviction for an earned opinion independently held, when, in reality, the person who is feeling such strong emotion never actually has taken the opportunity to examine facts objectively – a prerequisite to developing an informed and personally earned and held, opinion. 

The cure for this condition is open-mined, intellectually curious, broad self-education.

Free speech is despised by tyrants, dictators, slave-drivers, corrupt officials, socialist party commissars (Bolshevik, Nazi, etc.), established religions. Powerful global corporations frequently embrace the authoritarian ideas of their putative “anti-capitalist” opponents for good reason – the tactics of censorship and “politically correct” speech and restrictions on freedom of individuals benefits the high-level managers of all top-down systems, regardless of their publicly claimed philosophy.

Justice and “social justice” are two very different concepts.