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Jessie Findley, Serial Killer Outlaw – Oklahoma, 1896

FULL TEXT: Jessie Findlay, the woman outlaw, has been released from the United States jail in $10,000 bail. She has killed four men and been the leader in a dozen hold-ups.

[“Such a Thing as Being Too Gallant,” The Sterling Evening Gazette (Il.), Aug. 29, 1896, p. 2]


FULL TEXT: Jessie Findlay, the noted woman outlaw was released from the United States jail last week on $10,000 bail. This was probably done on the theory that an Oklahoma outlaw gets justice quicker on the outside of a prison. Bill Doolin had been in jail for months with prospects of many months more delay in his trial and possibly his final escape from the law. He escaped from prison and within six weeks was shot dead. Jessie Findlay has killed four men and been the leader of a half dozen hold-ups. Her next effort may be her last.

[Untitled, The Lincoln Republican (Ne.), Sep. 24, 1896, p. 2]


FULL TEXT: Jessie Findlay, the female bandit imprisoned at Oklahoma City, has captured the hearts of her captors, if reports are true. Coming as this report does, from the land of the bloody fake and the guilt-stained exaggeration, one is licensed to doubt it but for one thing.

In Oklahoma City, where the charming bandit is temporarily residing at the earnest solicitation of the authorities, lives Mrs. Alberts. Mrs. Alberts edits the Oklahoma City Star and the editorial page thereof is bright with many a turn of fantastic wit, and ponderous with many sagacious editorials.

And it is Mrs. Alberts who gives out the news in regard to the winsome characteristics of the Siren Jessie, who was brought in by the deputy marshals in her bare feet charged with effecting the escape of her lover from the Oklahoma City jail.

Mrs. Alberts says that Jessie not only reads novels and smokes cigarettes, but she goes "to the Saddle Hock restaurant chaperoned by some of the handsome under sheriffs and deputy marshals, and thoroughly enjoys herself. She is supplied with the sweetest dresses, a duck of a hat and everything she wants."

And then Mrs. Alberts, supposedly placing her hand on an editorial charging the government with treason because of the tariff schedule on wool, looks off in the distance, and with a sigh that is born of a dream, adds to the above, "It's a sweet thing to be a girl bandit"

This report of the divine Jessie Is certainly unique. The sight of the fair prisoner doing up her Lair, touching a piece of lace into unspeakable grace about her fair young throat, buttoning her glove around a wrist bursting with plumpness and whiteness, snugging that dainty foot into a boot of infinite fineness, tossing her pretty head coquettishly, and, then tripping lightly off to the Saddle Rock with a half dozen deputy marshals, dazzled into that comatose condition best productive of intense infatuation, following her with loving fear, and gazing on her buxom form with parched throats this is a sight that every citizen of Oklahoma City should look upon now while all the fleeting opportunity is at hand. This for the citizen of Oklahoma.

As regards the sheriff, it is another matter. Caution, discretion and official foresight on ids part should suggest a change of jailors once a week, or even at briefer intervals, guaged to sweet little Jessie's capacity to throw the violet-light of her dancing eyes around the average deputy, ensnare, entangle and trip him completely.

[“Sweet Girl – But Dangerous.” The Wichita Daily Eagle (Ks.), Jul. 26, 1895, p. 4]



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Lizzie Harris, Serial Killer Bandit – West Virginia & Kentucky, 1895

NOTE: Although we prefer to define a serial killer as one who commits three murders in three distinct incidents, Lizzie Harris’s record of three murders in one day, another murder and a knife attack, does indeed suggest we have a serial killer at hand here.


FULL TEXT: Frankfort, Ky., Sept. 21 – A recent arrival in the penitentiary here is Lizzie Harris. She is from Knox county and was brought down by Sheriff Jarvis to do two years’ time for cutting a woman.

In a talk the Harris woman said she had spent three years in the Moundsville, W. Va., penitentiary. She admitted she had killed four men, three in one night. The fourth was her sweetheart, who kissed another girl. An attorney named Black cleared her. She was in Moundsville for arson.

Her husband deserted her and she cut the sister of the woman he went with for revenge. She says she likes it here and has met several very nice men.

[“Lizzie Harris A Tough Convict. – She Says She Has Killed Four Men, Including a Lover.” The Pittsburg Press (Pa.), Sep. 22, 1895, p. 1]


FULL TEXT: Sheriff Jarvis, of Knox county, passed through the city late yesterday afternoon having In charge five or six prisoners on the way to Frankfort. The prisoners were placed in the watch house until the six o'clock train left. "

Among the prisoners was a young woman from Knox county, apparently about 25 years old, and a typical Eastern Kentucky mountain girl. Her hair Vos cut short and hex dress was of calico, made in mountain style. She was going to Frankfort for housebreaking. She was placed in a cell by herself at the station house.

She was quite talkative, and when asked her age and home said: “I am jus’ 34 and live in Knox county. My name is Lizzie Harris. Used to live in Wes' Virginny, but got in trouble and left there. Ise going to Frankfort now for a couple of years, but I don't care."

"Did you ever kill a man?" was asked.

"Yes, Lord, killed four. I waylaid the highway 0110 night in Wes'  Virginny and propped three men. I stayed in the pen in that state three years. I shot my sweetheart, too, and killed him, but a lawyer named Black pleaded me out of it."

"Did you ever commit any other crime?"

"Guess I have. Broke into one or two houses, but have had luck and got out. I think I will have a nice time at Frankfort. Some nice men there, I hear. My husband left me some time ago, and I am grieving over it.”

[“A Kentucky Belle. – She Was a Nice Woman and Owned Up to Killing Four Objectionables.” Western Newspaper Union (Wichita, Ks.), Oct. 12, 1895, p. 2]


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Theresa of Sicily, Serial Killer Prostitute – Turkey, 1861

FULL TEXT: A letter from Constantinople of the 12th, in the Wanderer of Vienna, states that a woman named Theresa, a Sicilian by birth, and the keeper of a house of ill-fame, was some time ago arrested for murdering a young man. During the enquiry that followed her arrest, it was ascertained that she had murdered at least fourteen other persons. She was sentenced to be strangled in front of her own house.

[Untitled, The Birmingham Daily Post. (England), Aug. 31, 1861, p. 3]


FULL TEXT: Eine Sizilianerin, einem unter den Namen Theresa bekannte Kupplerin, wurde vor einigen Monaten in Konstantinopel wegen Verdachts, einen jungen Menchener mordet zu haben, gefänglich eingezogen, ihr Haus durchucht und durchwühlt. Die Reste von Menschen, welche man dabei gefunden, sollen ihr das Leugnen un möglich gemacht haben, so daß ie gefanden, sie habe nach und nach14 Personen mit ihren Helfershelfern umgebracht. Die Menge der Reste soll aber auf eine größere Zahl schließen lasen. Die Mörderin ist nun verurtheilt worden, vor ihrem Hause öffentlich gehängt zu werden, was in den nächsten Tagen geschehen soll.

[“Eine gemüthliche Frau.” Werschetzer Gebirgsbote. (Vršac, Serbia), 15. September 1861. P. 2]




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Catherine Birnie, Half of a Serial Killer Couple – Australia, 1986

From Wikipedia, with additions:

David John Birnie (16 February 1951 – 7 October 2005) and Catherine Margaret Birnie (born 23 May 1951) were an Australian husband and wife pair of serial killers from Perth, Australia. They murdered four women ranging in age from 15 to 31 in their home in the 1980s, and attempted to murder a fifth. These crimes were referred to in the press as the Moorhouse murders, after the Birnies' address at 3 Moorhouse Street in Willagee, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia.

~ David Birnie ~

David Birnie was the eldest of five children. In his formative years, he lived in the semi-rural suburb of Wattle Grove, east of Perth.

School friends and parishioners from the Wattle Grove Baptist Church of the period remember the family as particularly dysfunctional. Rumours abounded about the family's promiscuity, alcoholism and that they engaged in incest.

When Birnie's parents had asked the local priest to conduct their wedding ceremony, he expressed concerns about them as individuals and as a potential couple, broadly stating that he felt theirs was a union that could never lead to any good; an unusual and seemingly unsuited pairing, the father was a man of very small stature and unattractive appearance, while the mother was known for her coarse manner, language and behaviour, often exchanging sexual favours with taxi drivers as payment for fares.

David Birnie's school friends also commented on the family home, stating that it was unkempt and filthy, with the family never having regular meals together. Nor were meals prepared for the children by their parents.

One school friend stated that the door of the Birnie fridge was always left wide open, so the children and the family dog could eat at will whenever hungry.

In the early 1960s, Birnie's parents decided to move the family to another Perth suburb, where he had met Catherine through mutual friends. At 15, David left school to become an apprentice jockey for Eric Parnham at a nearby Ascot race course. During his time there he often physically harmed the horses and developed the tendencies of an exhibitionist. On one particular night, David broke into the room of an elderly lady where he was boarding, naked with stockings over his head and attempted to commit his first rape.

By the time he was an adolescent, he had been convicted of several crimes and had spent time in and out of jail for misdemeanors and felonies. As an adult, he was a known sex and pornography addict, and paraphiliac. He was married to his first wife during his early 20s and had a baby daughter.

In late 1986, David Birnie was employed at a local car wreckers. For more than a year David and Catherine had practiced how to make their sexual fantasies of rape and murder come true; he was weeks away from committing his first horrific crime.

~ Catherine Birnie ~

Catherine Birnie (nee Harrison) was also born in 1951. She was 2 years old when her mother, Doreen, died giving birth to her brother, who died two days later. Unable to cope with her, her father Harold had sent her away to live with her maternal grandparents. At the age of ten, there was a custody dispute which ended in Catherine's father gaining sole custody of Catherine.

At the age of 12, she met David Birnie, and by the age of 14 she was in a relationship with David. Harold had begged Catherine on several occasions to leave David due to the fact that she was often getting in trouble with the local police. But the disapproval of their relationship only strengthened their union.

Her time in prison throughout her adolescent years offered Catherine the chance to break away from David Birnie. Encouraged by a parole officer, Catherine began working for the McLaughlin family as a house keeper. She married Donald McLaughlin on her 21st birthday.

She and McLaughlin had seven children; their firstborn, a son, was struck and killed by a car in infancy.

Four weeks after the birth of her seventh child, she abandoned McLaughlin and began cohabiting with Birnie, who had tracked her down in hospital after she had had a hysterectomy. She had her surname legally changed by deed poll to match his, and reportedly was emotionally dependent on him.

~ Crimes ~

David and Catherine Birnie murdered the following women:
Oct. 6, 1986 – Mary Neilson (22), murdered.
Oct. 20 (circa), 1986 – Susannah Candy (15), murdered.
Nov. 1, 1986 – Noelene Patterson (31), murdered.
Nov. 5, 1986 – Denise Brown (21), murdered.
Nov. 10, 1986 – Kate Moir (17), survived.

(In Feb. 2017, 4 additional names, Cheryl Renwick and Barbara Western, were added as possible victims)

1) Mary Neilson

On 6 October 1986, 22-year-old student Mary Neilson turned up at the Birnie house to buy some car tires. On arrival, she was gagged, chained to the bed and raped by David while Catherine observed. Catherine asked David what turned him on the most knowing that soon enough, Mary would have to die. She was taken to Gleneagles National Park near Albany Highway in Bedfordale and as she begged for her life, she was raped again and strangled with a nylon cord, dropping dead at David's feet. He then stabbed her through the body, knowing that would speed up the decomposition, as he had "read that in a book somewhere". They buried her in a shallow grave. The year after, she would have received her degree for psychology from the University of Western Australia. This murder was apparently unplanned.

2) Susannah Candy

The second killing took place two weeks later when they abducted 15-year-old Susannah Candy as she hitchhiked along Stirling Highway in Claremont. An outstanding student at the Hollywood High School, Susannah lived at home in Nedlands with her parents, two brothers and a sister.

Her father is one of the top ophthalmic surgeons in Western Australia. After she went missing the Birnies forced her to send letters to her family to assure them that she was all right. But the family feared for her life.

The Birnies had been cruising for hours looking for a victim when they spotted Susannah. Within seconds of being in the car she had a knife at her throat and her hands were bound. She was taken back to the Willagee house where she was gagged, chained to the bed and raped.

After Birnie had finished raping the girl, Catherine Birnie got into the bed with them. She now knew that this turned her lover on. When they had satiated their lust, Birnie tried to strangle the girl with the nylon cord, but she became hysterical and went berserk. The Birnies forced sleeping pills down her throat to calm her down. Once Susannah was asleep, David put the cord around her neck and told Catherine to prove her undying love for him by murdering the girl.

Catherine obliged willingly. She tightened the cord slowly around the young girl's neck until she stopped breathing. David Birnie stood beside the bed watching. Asked later why she had done it, Catherine Birnie said: "Because I wanted to see how strong I was within my inner self. I didn't feel a thing. It was like I expected. I was prepared to follow him to the end of the earth and do anything to see that his desires were satisfied. She was a female. Females hurt and destroy males."

They buried Susannah Candy near the grave of Mary Neilson in the State Forest.

3) Noelene Patterson

On 1 November, they saw 31-year-old Noelene Patterson standing beside her car on the Canning Highway; she had run out of petrol while on her way home from her job as bar manager at the Nedlands Golf Club. Once inside the car, she had a knife held to her throat, was tied up and told not to move. She was taken back to Moorhouse Street where David Birnie repeatedly raped her after she was gagged and chained to the bed. They had originally decided to murder her that same night but David Birnie kept her prisoner in the house for three days and there were signs that he had developed emotional feelings for Patterson. Quick to notice, a jealous Catherine made an ultimatum: David would have to kill Patterson or she would kill her herself. He immediately forced an overdose of sleeping pills down her throat and strangled her while she slept. They took her body to the forest but buried it away with the others. Catherine Birnie reportedly got great pleasure in throwing sand in Patterson's face.

4) Denise Brown

On 5 November, they abducted 21-year-old Denise Brown as she was waiting for a bus on Stirling Highway. She accepted a lift from the Birnies; at knife point, Denise was taken to the house in Willagee, chained to the bed and raped. The following afternoon she was taken to the Wanneroo pine plantation. Safely in the seclusion of the forest, David Birnie raped Denise Brown in the car while the couple waited for darkness. As they dragged the woman from the car, David Birnie assaulted her again and plunged a knife into Denise's neck while he was raping her. Convinced that the girl was dead, they dug a shallow grave and lay her body in it, but Brown sat up in the grave; David Birnie then grabbed an axe and struck her twice at full force on the skull with it before burying her body in the grave.

5) Kate Moir

Their final victim, and the only victim to survive their attacks, was seventeen-year-old Kate Moir. She ran naked and weeping into a grocery store on 10 November 1986 and insisted on seeing the police. When the police arrived, she alleged that she had been abducted at knife point by a couple who had taken her back to their house and chained her to a bed, and that the man had repeatedly raped her while the woman observed. The next morning, while the man was at work, the woman unchained her and forced her to telephone her parents to say she had spent the night at a friend's house and was okay. The woman then led her back to the bedroom, but left to answer the door before securing her; the girl then escaped out the window. She told the police the phone number and address of the couple who had abducted her.

When the girl and the police arrived at the Birnies' residence, Catherine Birnie admitted that she recognized the girl but refused to answer any more questions without her husband. When the police brought David Birnie home in handcuffs, the couple claimed that the girl had not been abducted, but had willingly come to the house to share a bong with the Birnies, and that all sexual activity had been consensual.

~ Four Other Possible Victims ~

Reported in 2017 by Australia’s Channel Seven's Murder Uncovered:

“Cheryl Renwick, a Perth single mother of two vanished at the age of 33 in May 1986 after being stalked by an unknown couple. Daughter Michelle Renwick and a friend described seeing a woman who looked like Catherine Birnie come to the house on several occasions. She said that police recovered some of her mother's possessions when looking for evidence to prosecute the Birnies. However, the couple were never charged with her murder.

The second newly-named potential victim, Barbara Western, was last seen leaving a Perth tavern on June 27, 1986. Her remains were later found, with the killer having removed her jewelry and other items and placed them beside the body. This was one of the Birnies' trademarks.

A seventh possible murder victim of David Birnie, 12-year-old Lisa Mott, was last seen getting into a yellow panel van in the West Australian town of Collie on October 9, 1980. David Birnie had worked in the area and was said to have owned a similar vehicle at the time. However, the program interviewed his first wife, who gave him an alibi for the day that would have made his involvement in the murder impossible.

Another woman described being stalked by David Birnie and how she now believes she was to be the couple’s first victim. In October 1985, Birnie repeatedly harassed Audrey Schofield, the receptionist in a small real estate agency near where the Birnies lived. "He came back every day for at least a week. He was making suggestions like 'I only like brunettes with brown eyes'," Ms Schofield said. "As soon as I was alone he came in." She said she eventually got rid of him when her husband confronted him. [excerpt from: WA Today, Feb. 8, 2017]

~ Apprehension and sentencing ~

The Birnies were detained by police, who tried to trick them into confessing to the crimes by intense interrogation. Around dusk, Detective Sergeant Vince Katich said in a joking manner to David Birnie, "It's getting dark. Best we take the shovel and dig them up." Birnie replied, "Okay. There are four of them." The Birnies were reportedly very excited, even proud, to show the police the locations of the graves of their four victims.

When sent to trial, David Birnie pleaded guilty to four counts of murder and one count each of abduction and rape. When asked why he pleaded guilty, he gestured toward the victims' families and said, "It's the least I could do." He was sentenced to four consecutive sentences of life imprisonment. After being found sane enough to stand trial, Catherine Birnie was also sentenced to four consecutive sentences of life imprisonment by the Supreme Court of Western Australia; under law at the time, both were required to serve 20 years before being eligible for parole.

Initially David Birnie was held at the maximum security Fremantle Prison, but he was soon moved to solitary confinement to keep him from coming to harm from other prisoners. The original death row cells were converted for him and he stayed there until the prison was closed in 1990. The cell can now be viewed on the Great Escape Tour held daily at Fremantle Prison. While incarcerated, the Birnies exchanged more than 2,600 letters but were not allowed any other form of contact.

David Birnie was found dead in his cell at Casuarina Prison on 7 October 2005. He had committed suicide by hanging; he was due to appear in court for the rape of a fellow prisoner the next day.

Catherine Birnie is imprisoned in Bandyup Women's Prison, where she was formerly the head librarian. She was barred from attending David's funeral; an application for parole in 2007 was rejected, and the then Attorney-General of Western Australia, Jim McGinty, said that her release was unlikely while he remained in office.

Her case was to be reviewed again in January 2010; however, on 14 March 2009, new Western Australian Attorney-General Christian Porter revoked Catherine Birnie's non-parole period, making her the third Australian woman (after Katherine Knight and Patricia Byers) to have her papers marked "never to be released." Her appeal of this decision was turned down in March 2010 by Porter.


Feb. 16, 1951 – David Birnie born.
May 23, 1951 – Catherine Margaret Harrison, born. Perth, Australia. She changed her name by deedpoll to Birnie, though the couple were never to marry.
Jun. 11, 1969 – David and Catherine faced Perth Police Court, charged with 11 counts of break and enter and stealing of goods worth $3000.
Jun. 21, 1970 – David broke out of jail and teamed up again with Catherine. They were apprehended on July 10 after a crime spree which netted another 53 counts of break enter and steal, and motor vehicle offences.
May 31, 1972 – marries Donald McLaughlin on her birthday.
1972 – leaves husband and 6 children to cohabit with David Birnie.
Oct. 6, 1986 – Mary Neilson (22), murdered.
Oct. 20 (circa), 1986 – Susannah Candy (15), murdered. Willagee.
Nov. 1, 1986 – Noelene Patterson (31), murdered.
Nov. 5, 1986 – Denise Brown (21), murdered.
Nov. 10, 1986 – Kate Moir (17), survived.
Nov. 11, 1986 – David and Catherine arrested.
Nov. 12, 1986 – Birnies charged with 4 counts of murder and one count of abduction and rape.
Feb. 10, 1987 – Both pleaded guilty. Catherine convicted of four murders, sentenced to 4 concurrent life terms, eligible for parole in 2007. David convicted of four murders, sentenced to life without parole. Supreme Court of Western Australia.
Oct. 7, 2005 – David dies; committed suicide by hanging.
2007 – parole rejected.
Feb. 8, 2017 – Australia’s Channel Seven TV show,  Murder Uncovered.

[Marika Dobbin-Thomas, “Murder Uncovered reveals more possible victims of David and Catherine Birnie,” WA Today (Perth, WA, Australia), Feb. 8, 2017]
[Khaleda Rahman, “'I managed to become friends with her': How victim Kate Moir watched Rambo and listened to Dire Straits to gain the trust of serial killers David and Catherine Birnie and escaped,” Daily Mail (London), Feb. 8, 2017, updated Feb. 9]








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Maxine Robinson, Serial Killer Mom – England, 2005

Maxine Cope (later Robinson), living at White Hill Crescent, Pelton separated from her 9-month-old daughter Vicki's father Les Cope after the child’s June 1969 death. As was so common at the time, Vicki’s demise was attributed to the vague non-diagnosis SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, commonly known in England as “cot death.”

After Maxine and Les they divorced, she married Peter Robinson, the father of Anthony and Christine, who, like their half-sister, were not long for this world. Anthony survived a mere 5 months, Christine did much better, living well past her first birthday, perishing at the age of 19 months. “Cot death” explained the tragedies away, or so it seemed. Police arrested both parents for questioning, but with no evidence or confession there could be no charges levied. Neighbors were convinced the babies had been murdered and hounded the Robinsons from the neighborhood. Peter was sure his wife had done it, too, but could not prove it. The marriage ended.

Years later, Warren Cope, Peter’s brother, disclosed that "Les doted on his little girl. She was rushed to hospital and they said it was cot death. He came home afterwards and he was absolutely broken-hearted. He went on to have a nervous breakdown."

Currently accessible reports do not explain what led to the final arrest of Maxine Robinson. But she was, indeed, again arrested and formally charged. She claimed innocence, but her

The 1995 trial of the killer mom offered chilling details of Maxine’s ice-hearted methodical crimes.

Their father, Peter, had carried the sleeping children to bed in their different bedrooms on June 29, 1993, after they had spent a ''gloriously sunny day'' playing in a paddling pool in the garden. Robinson had gone into each bedroom in turn and placed a pillow over the faces of the children. She had then calmly gone downstairs and watched television and later gone into the garden with her husband. Later in the evening, she contrived a way of pretending to discover the children had died by claiming she had heard her little boy crying. [The Herald (Scotland), Apr. 11, 1995]

She announced her faux discovery to her husband, by telling him, without emotion that “I think the bairns are dead.”

Peter, a former security guard, and “neighbours made frantic efforts to revive the children, Robinson had sat motionless downstairs and made no attempt to help. . . . The efforts to resuscitate the youngsters were doomed to failure because they had died two and a half hours earlier.”

It was a three-week trial, ending with two guilty verdicts and a sentence of life in prison. The prosecutor “said there were no plans to look any further into the cot death of Robinson's first daughter,” since there was no evidence to suggest that was anything other than a tragic cot death.”

~ Maxine in Prison ~

Maxine was sent to high-security Durham Prison, presumably to protect her from other inmates, a population known to have lethal hostility to child abusers.

It was during a mandatory rehabilitation therapy session, in January 2003, that Maxine finally let down her guard and confessed to the two murders. When later interviewed by police, she shocked them by also admitting that she had murdered Vicky too, by choking her to death with a deflated balloon he had gotten at a “fun fair.”

Overnight, Maxine went from being a cold cucumber pretending innocence to being hotly repentant. She stated she wanted to be properly punished for her deeds.

During the three-week trial for the 1993 murder it was learned that Maxine had a troubled relationship to her own mom -- Ann Leggett, a former Nanny – and felt supplanted as a parent to her babies, stating: "I felt she was the mother and I was only allowed to be there, and even then it was begrudgingly."

The judge stated, when ordering a three-year extension to Mazine’s standing sentence by three years, that the case was a "timely" reminder that "not all mothers in prison for killing their children are the victims of miscarriages of justice,” referring the efforts by gender theory activists to treat female criminals as unaccountable subjects of social oppression.

[Robert St. Estephe, Nov. 9, 2019]

June 16, 1989 – Victoria (Vicki) Cope (9 mo) murdered, suffocation with deflated balloon bought at a “fun fair”; Pelton.
1989? – divorces Les Cope.
Jun. 29, 1993 – Anthony (5 mo), Christine (19 mo) murdered, suffocation in both cases; Ouston, County Durham. MR is 21.
1993? – divorces Peter Robinson.
Jan. 27, 1993 – MR arrested.
Mar. 1995 – 3-week trial, Sheffield Crown Court.
Apr. 11, 1995 – Maxine Robinson was convicted of murdering Anthony and Christine. Sheffield Crown Court. (Reported Apr. 11)
Apr. 10, 1995 – sentenced to two life terms in prison.
Jan. 2003 – MR (35), prison confession, during counselling, to all 3 murders; high-security Durham Prison.
Apr. 22, 2004 – pleads guilty to the murder of Vicki in 1989 and accepted her guilt over the deaths of her other children. Newcastle Crown Court.
Jun. 18, 2004 – sentenced to 3 years for Victoria’s murder. (reported Jan. 18).


[“Mother jailed for killing children Son and daughter were suffocated as they slept,” The Herald (Scotland), Apr. 11, 1995]
[“Mother charged with daughter's murder,” BBC News, Jan. 29, 2003]
[Hilary Clixby, “Murdered by Their Mother,” The Journal (Newcastle, England) Apr. 23, 2004]
[Paul Stokes, “Mother confesses to third child murder,” The Telegraph (London), Apr. 23, 2004]
[“Three extra years for baby killer,” BBC News, Jun. 18, 2004]
[“I killed my first child: A mum serving life for murdering two of her children has finally admitted killing her first child.” Evening Chronicle (London), Apr. 23, 2004; Updated Feb. 28, 2013]




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Antje Krueger (Krüger), Serial Baby-Killing Mom – Germany, 1999

~ Antje Krüger ~

On an anonymous tip, Antje Krüger, (28) was brought to the gynecological clinic of the Vogtland-Klinikum Plauen on June 3, 1999 by the police for investigation.

She had secretly given birth to three children at home and killed in 1993, 1996 and 1999, the small bodies that they each packed in plastic bags and hidden in the freezer. That they were the children there for years when it reserved, covered with pizza and spinach until the police after the last birth to an anonymous complaint came back into the house.

Anjtje, when questioned about her girth during her three pregnancies, always denied being pregnant, even to family members. She even accused people of libeling her. She never visited a doctor.

In March 2000, Antje confessed before the District Court of Chemnitz, but made the incredible claim her husband had been unaware of the three pregnancies. She was sentenced to 13 ½ years in prison. While in prison she became involved with an abusive lesbian prisoner.

~ Jens Krüger ~

Because there was no evidence that he was present at the killings, the case against husband Jens Krüger, did not lead to an indictment. Yet kept the question open. Four years following Antje’s conviction, her husband, then 35, was finally charged. He was accused of instructing his wife to kill each baby shortly after birth. August 1993, a boy was strangled with the umbilical cord; in 1996 a second baby was choked to death with a paper tissue, and in May 1999, a girl choked to death with a diaper. Then the dead bodies were put in the freezer.


Antje (“Sch.”) Krüger, Jens Krüger. Mühltroff, Vogtland, Germany

1993 – #1, newborn killed.
1996 – #2, newborn killed.
1999 – #3, newborn killed.
May 19, 1999 – approximately one week before the last birth.
Jun. 3, 1999 – On an anonymous tip, the 28-year-old was brought to the gynecological clinic of the Vogtland-Klinikum Plauen on 3 June 1999 by the police for investigation.
June 4, 1999 – Antje arrested.
Mar 2000 – confession before the District Court of Chemnitz.
Mar. 8, 2000 – the district court sentenced Chemnitz triple homicide to a total prison sentence of 13 1/2 years.
Sep. 2003 – the Prosecutor Zwickau, to whom the case had been submitted by Chemnitz, again charges of triple homicide - against Jens Kruger.
May 4, 2003 – trial begins.
Sep. 2003 – Jens Krüger charged with 3 murders.


[Friedrichsen, Gisela, “Musste er damit rechnen?” “Did She Know?”), Der Spiegel, Jun. 7, 2004]
[Helgard Kowitz, “Drei tote Babys in der Tiefkühltruhe,” Die Welt, Jun. 9, 1999]
Veröffentlicht am 09.06.1999 | Lesedauer: 3 Minuten
[“Background Chronology of drama, Mitteldeutsche Zeituing, Jun. 23, 2004]





For more cases of this type, see Serial Baby-Killer Moms.


Susan MacLeod, Serial Baby-Killing Mom – Scotland, 2001

Scottswoman Susan MacLeod gave birth to three babies between 1996 and 2001. The mother seems to have suffocated each of them soon after birth, according to post mortem examiners. “Soon after they had died, all three of the babies were put in black carrier bags and left to rot in the foot of the wardrobe.” [McKay]

On April 21, 2001 police were called to her Govan (near Glasgow) home when the landlord’s children investigated the source of a bad odor that the neighbors had complained about. Susan “rented a bedroom in a two bedroomed flat and over the years different flatmates complained about the smell coming from her room. Some of them made cursory investigations, but nothing was found at first."

Susan pled guilty on Mar. 21, 2003 to “a reduced plea of culpable homicide was accepted on two charges. A third charge was dropped.”

Susan’s attorney told the court that psychiatric reports suggested her behavior may have been linked to the fact that she was severely sexually abused when she was young.

She was given bail in May 2001 on condition that she stay with her parents in North Bragar on Lewis Island. But in August, when she was 18 weeks pregnant, she violated the bail terms and travelled to Inverness to have an abortion.

One islander said: "They are horrendous allegations and in a tiny place like this, the whole community feels soiled. Most people think it is ridiculous. It is just Susan making excuses. She has always been an attention-seeker and it is typical of her to say something like this without having to back it up."

While on bail on Lewis, and already pregnant again, MacLeod would go out shopping and for coffees in a local cafe.  She attended her brother Steven's wedding with her boyfriend Neil Harper.  Another islander said: "She was up dancing most of the night as if nothing had happened. The locals were nice to her for the sake of her parents. They are a loving, well-respected pair." [Daily Record, 5/3/03]

1994 – Susan left home (North Bragar), Lewis at 17 and worked in hotels and bars in Tobermory, Mull, and Glasgow.
1996 – dead baby #1, girl, Govan area, Glasgow. Died between Aug. 1, 1996 and Jan. 1, 1997. Robert Macleod, father.
1998 – dead baby #2, boy, Govan area, Glasgow. Died between Jun. 30, 1998 and Dec. 30, 1999. Robert Macleod, father.
Year undetermined – dead baby #3, Govan area, Glasgow.
Apr. 21, 2001 – Five years after the first birth police were called to her home in April 2001 when another tenant complained of the smell. Govan area of Glasgow
Mar. 21, 2003 – Susan (26) pleaded guilty to two charges of culpable homicide; High Court in Glasgow.
May 2001 – given bail on condition that she lived with her parents in North Bragar on Lewis Island.
Aug. 2001 – leaves Lewis when 18 weeks pregnant to have an abortion at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness.
Date? – One of the charges dropped after doctors said one of the children had been still-born.
May 2003 – Judge rules: "I have come to the conclusion that I am not going to send you to prison."
Feb. 27, 2004 – Susan MacLeod (27), wept with relief after Edinburgh judge Lord Bracadale refused to jail her and ordered her to undergo six months more treatment.
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