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Julia Sijj, Serial Killer of 7 Male Relatives - 1929

FULL TEXT: Buda Pest, December 11. The intense land hunger of simple peasants, who will do anything to obtain a small plot on which to work from dawn to dusk, is stated to be the chief motive of a remarkable series of husband poisonings, for which the trial of sixty women in the villages of Tiszakurt and Nagyrev will begin this week. In most of the cases, after the husband mysteriously died, the widow, having inherited the land, married younger men better able to help in the tilling.

~ Blind Husband “No Use” ~

Julia Sijj, It is alleged, murdered her father, husband, two sons, two brothers, and an uncle in order to get the land. Another, Maria Szule, calmly confessed that she poisoned her war-blinded husband “because he was no use to me. I married a younger man who can help me in the fields.”

~ Poison in Coffins ~

In some instances the exhumation of the husbands’ coffins revealed jars containing arsenic concealed beneath the bodies. The accused women admitted that they bought the poison from a midwife, Marie Fazekas. The police, intending to arrest her. found that Fazekas had forestalled I them and hanged herself.

[“Husbands Poisoned - Land Hunger The Cause - Sixty Women Accused,” The Advertiser (Australia), Dec. 12, 1929, p. 19]


For an overview of the 1929 Tiszakurt and Nagyrev case see:


For more than two dozen similar cases, dating from 1658 to 2011, see the summary list with links see: The Husband-Killing Syndicates


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Survivors of Female Serial Killers

This collection includes cases of female serial killers in which one or more victims survived a murder attempt. Some victims sustained severe permanent injuries.

(This post is in progress. Details need to be edited and expanded. In the meantime, the abbreviated notations will remain posted, to be revised gradually. A number of cases have yet to be collated and added.)


1809Anna Maria Zwanziger – Oberland, Bavaria (Germany); arsenic in salt; She would poison her employers with arsenic, and then nurse them back to health to gain their favour; Executed by a sword in Nuremberg on September 17, 1811; Survivors: August 25, 1809: Justice Gebhard (employer), Mr. Beck (houseguest), Mr Alberti (houseguest) Johnny Krause (porter), Barbara Waldmann (kitchen maid); Sep. 1, 1809: 5 house guests; Sep. 3, 1809: Barbara Waldmann (2nd attempt; kitchen maid), another maid, Gebhard baby.

1835 – Fanny (Francis) Billing (with Catherine Frary) – Burnham Market, Norfolk, England – 4 & 1 surv & other planned; both executed

1846 – Joseph & Mary Pimlett – Runcorn, England, May 16, 1846; 2 own chn, att 3rd

1848 – Rose Theyre – France Saint-Victoir-La-Coste – 7 murders or attempts

1858 Phebe Westlake – Chester, NY –  poison self; 4 & 4 surv                     

1871 – Agnes Norman – London, England – age 15 at time of apprehension.

Two or three children, a dog, two cats, six or eight birds, and some gold fish, had all fallen victims to Agnes Norman unnatural propensity for killing before she was discovered and arrested,” at the age of 15. One little boy, aged eleven years, testified that one night he awoke by feeling something hurting him, and upon looking up found this delectable young woman, who lived as a servant in the same house, stooping over him with one hand on his mouth, and the other tightly grasping his throat. [edited from linked source]

1873 – Sarah Earhardt – Germantown, Ohio – 4 vics + 3 atts.

1878 – Sallie Hardman (Gibbs) – Enon, Oh. – 2 husb, plus 1 att., survived

1883 Maria Swanenburg – Leiden, Netherlands – susp of 90; 27 deaths+ 55 surv

1886 – Mrs. StevensWangaratta, Australia; 2 murders & 1 attempt

1893 Lizzie Halliday – Burlingham, NY –  4 in 1893; att 1895; 1906 murders+ 1 surv           

1903 Caroline Pryzgodda (Preschgodav – Presegodav) – Allenstein, East Prussia, Germany –  4 husbands died, 1 survived

1904 Jeanne Bonnaud – Chatain, Haute Vienne Dept, France – 5 children died; 2 children were rescued

1908 Jeanne Gilbert – St.-Amand-Montrond, France – convicted Jan. 29, 1909; 4 deaths; attempted murder of 4 others

1908 – Jeanne WeberParis, France – estimated murder by strangling from 8-20 children; acquitted twice; multiple trials; suicide in prison; 2 survivors

1912 – Enriqueta Marti – Barcelona, Spain – She was a kidnapper, child trafficker to sex perverts and a blood-cannibal. There were 2 survivors: Teresita Guitard Congost and another girl called Angelita; murder was not attempted, yet eventual murder was of the girls probable.

1912 – Maria Reyes Mexico City; Mex. multiple attempts; no. of successes=?

1913 – Cynthia Buffom (Buffum) – Little Valley, N. Y. – husband, 2 children + 1 child survived (crippled by the poison).

1913 Ida Leckwold – Minneapolis, Mn. – “not guilty, insane”; 6 chn (1 aged 9; 5 aged under 1 year)

1917 – Leopoldine Kasparek – Vienna, Austria – murdered 4 women; 12 additional women survived murder attempts; Marie Wurisch who survived, was "half-strangled."

1920 – Frau Buchmann – Geneva/Zurich, Switzerland – 2 husbands & 2 “lovers;” attempted to murder 3rd husband

1922 Tillie Klimek (Gbrurek) (& Nellie Sturmer Koulik) – Chicago, Ill. – 5 + 3c, (4 hbs, 9 others, 6 surv)

1922 – Nellie Sturmer Koulik – Chicago, Illinois – son, John Stermer, 22, Nellie’s son, who became ill in 1918 when his father died, but recovered. He declared he thought his mother had poisoned him.

1923 – Elize Potegian – Fresno, Ca. – 3; m was probably SK also; (2 husbands & ???? 1 possible survivor husband) ???

1924 Annie Hauptrief – San Marcos, Texas – 4 step-chn, 2 husbands (1 surv)

1924 – Annora Yeoman – Mt. Gilead, Oh. – 2 husb died; 1 husb survived (married 6 times)

1925 – Martha WiseValley City, Oh. – 3 deaths; + poisoned water, 13 survivors.            

1925 – Antoinette Sierri Nimes, France – nurse; suspected of up to 30 murders.

“One young woman, Mme. Mirman, whom Antoinette had attended, survived her treatment. The accused gave poison to her for an entire year without killing her. She suffered cruelly and will probably continue to do so for the rest of her life. With death-like, face and trembling hands, the unfortunate woman described the details of her treatment by the nurse.

1929 – Maria Kardos (Kordas) – Nagyrev, Hungary – 3 vics: son, husb., attempt on 3rd vic.

1930 – Katherine Riefer – Saarbrucken, Rhenish Prussia – age 12 at time of apprehension; 1 murder, several attempts.

A 12-year-old girl, who has confessed to the killing of a four-year-old infant, and to inflicting savage injuries on four others.”

1932 Anna Allas, Mary Chalfa, & Gizella Young – Muhhall, Pa. – 3 chn; insur; others planned; 1 survivor, Stella Chalfa, 22, survived an attack. The motive for the murders was to gain life insurance payment.

1935 Milka Pavlovich – Belovar, Yugoslavia (present-day Croatia) – 16 v (10 surv); sentenced to death.

1936 – Marie Alexander Becker – Liege, Belgium 10 wealthy wids (2 husbs, 9 others & 5 survivors)

1938 – Moulay Hassen – Fez, Morocco kidnap, torture, enslave; 100+ victims; multiple survivors were near starvation

1939 – Anna Louise Sullivan – Milwaukee, Wi. – 2 + 2 attempts; “Soup Killer”; escape           

1943 – Helen Moeller – Berlin, Germany – 5 vics (incl 3 hs) & 5 atts; BW

1946 – Lillie Winter (Winters) (Mary) – Fairfield, Il.4 vics; (gd, gs, b ‘21, s, ‘22) susp of 6, acquitted twice?; 1 surv

1956 Virginia Jaspers – New Haven, Ct. baby sitter, nurse; 3 babies dead; others injured

1957 Rhonda Belle Martin – Montgomery, Alabama – 3+3 children; executed 1957; crippled surv

1957 – H. B. Zarin – Riga, Latvia – 2 deaths, 1 failed att.

1963 Ekaterini Dimetrea – Naupilon (Nafplio), Greece 4 + 1 attempt

1968 Mary Flora Bell (age 11) – Scotswood, Scotland 2 murders; 2 survivors

1978 – Shirley Goude Allen – St. Louis, Missouri – Joe Sinclair, husband, survived rat poison in July 1968;

1979 – Bernardina Maria de las Mercedes Bolla Aponte (Yiya Murano) – Murano, Argentina; 3 vics, cyanide; 1 att accused (‘08)

1980 Helen Patricia Moore – (AKA H. Anderson) – Claymore, Australia – age 18 at time of apprehension. babysitter, 3 chn + chn surv

Australian Baby-sitter, Helen Patricia Moore, murdered five children aged from one to seven years, and crippled another, aged 2, between Mar. 1, 1979 and Mar. 24, 1980. Moore was only 17 when she began her serial killing career. She was convicted and after serving only 13 years of a “life sentence” was released from prison.

1980 – Laverne O’Bryan – Louisville, Ky. – l-husb, attempt s-in-l

1982 Genene Ann Jones – Kerrville, Tx. – 11-46 children, arrested 1984; survivors

1983 Judias Buenoano – Orlando, Florida 3, conv 1984 (2), 1985 (1), Exec Mar 30, 1998; fiance surv; 4 husbands (1 survived) & 1 other)

1984 – Betty Jo Green – Athens, Ga. – conv. of h, s-in-l, attempt bf     ; self paralyzed waist down

1984 – Lise Jane Turner Christchurch, N. Z. 2 own chn, 1 other child, 3 attempts

1985 – Terri Rachals – Athens, Ga. – Nurse; 6 deaths, 9 survivors

1991 – Beverly Allitt – Grantham, England 13 vic total (4 dead), (3 att m) (7 injured)

1992 – Celeste Carrington – East Palo Alto, Cal. – 2 dead + 1 survived; robberies; death sentence

1992 – Laura Taylor & Matthews, Heather + 2 men Dayton, Oh. 5 vics     

1993 – Marrianne Nölle – Cologne, Germany – nurse serially poisoned 35, 17 of whom survived

1994 Dana Sue Gray – Wildomar, Calif. – 3 w + 1 w surv, Calif, BW; Dorinda Hawkins survived

1996 – Ann Green – New York, N. Y. – 3 own chn (1 surv); arson; att husb; found insane

2004 “Hemel Nurse” – Hemel Hempstead, England – 4 victims susp (3 survived), nurse

2005 Jeanine Marie Miata (J. M. Hanna) – Edinburg, Texas – 3 victims (1 survived) , nurse  

2009 – Aino Nykopp-Koski Helsinki, Finland conv of 5 + 5 atts; nurse/patients

2007 Stacy Castor – Clay, N.Y. – (2 husbands, 1 other (survived) [husb, br, ch?; 2 deaths, 1 survivor, Ashley Wallace]

2008 Helen Golay (& Olga Rutterschmidt) – Santa Monica, Ca. – 3 victims, 2 deaths

2008 – Kimberly Clark Saenz (Kimberly Clark Fowler) – Lufkin, Tx. – nurse, conv ’12, 5 deaths & 5 injured, dialysis 

2010 – Irina Gaidamachuk - Yekaterinburg, Russia 17 elderly women 61-86; 1 surv.

2012 Melissa Friederich (Weeks) – Nova Scotia, Canada (& USA) –1 h conv, 1 susp, 2 atts; con of theft from viv BW

2013 – Joanna Dennehy – Bifield, England – stabbed 5 men on three different days, 2 survived


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China’s Dowager Empress Cixi (Tse Si) & Her Love ‘Em and Kill ‘Em Imperial Prerogative - 1908

The current transliteration of “Tse Si” is “Cixi.”


FULL TEXT: The London “Daily Telegraph,” in a remarkable memoir of the late Dowager Empress of China [ruled 1861-1908], reported to have been written by Sir Robert Hart, says :—

“Tse Si, in the zenith of her power and the flower of her age, is described by those Mandarins who saw her, as one of the most charming ladies one could meet in a journey through, the Middle Kingdom. She had grown into the perfection of womanhood, as Chinamen understand and appreciate it. She had become fully harmonised with her Imperial surroundings, for, despite her lowly origin, she possessed the instincts of a queen and the charms of a sorceress.

There was nothing feverish about her activity, nothing impulsive in her manner. She was sometimes in haste, but never in a hurry. Her type of face was that, of a Greek or Italian, rather than a Mongolian woman. Her eyes were bright and piercing, but her presence, inspired confidence. In her dealings with her attendants. She could draw with unerring precision the line between ceremonial stiffness and undue familiarity, arid she compelled them to keep well within it; but she was served .by all with a degree of devotedness bordering upon affection. Her voice, which was too strident and harsh to please a European, seemed to the native, accustomed to loudness in superiors, to have been expressly created for a female ruler. Her powers of adroitly feigning and seasonably forgetting were unsurpassed, and her self-control was uncommon even in China, where it seems inborn.

Her authority was usually hidden by grace, her fury often masked in meekness, and her set purpose disguised when necessary by stimulated wrath. Her finely chiselled features were but a screen for a soul that would have suited a tigress. Such was the Chinese Becky Sharp, who presided over the destinies of the. most ancient kingdom of the globe. If ambition were the mainspring of this lady’s public acts and power, the only god she worshipped, she was not by any means insensible to other emotions, and her cult had room for lesser idols. So long as her late protector was living she was as faithful to him as a model wife.

But her fidelity was common prudence and love of life. Once she had the reins of government in her own hands she felt that her baser appetites were no longer restrained by motives of prudence, and her code of morals knew none other. In judging a woman like Tse Si it would be unfair to employ European standards of conduct. Still, even in heathen ethics there are degrees and limits, and the Chinese parvenu outran them all. She was wont to select her favourites from among the crowds of students who flocked to Pekin from all corners of the vast Empire to pass the four examinations which should throw open to them the portals of fortune and favour, but which for these chosen ones opened only the gates of death.

She treated all these temporary husbands as Bluebeard dealt with his wives. As soon as she was tired of one, he passed from the presence of his Imperial mistress into the hands of the executioner, and was at once succeeded by another. Love with her was but “a  sighing of hearts and filling up of graves.”

She played with human happiness and human life as a naughty child with her pretty toys.  Her love was as fierce and as cruel as her hate, and brought certain death to all its objects. The paramours and the enemies of this Chinese Faustime died in untold numbers, “unrespited, unreprieved.”

Still there were some few exceptions, else China would have early lost her most wily diplomatist. Strange, to say, Tse Si manifested traits which usually bespeak a tender and emotional side in human character. She was fond of such music as she was able to appreciate, and she was at the pains to learn to play an instrument.

She also possessed a taste for the art of her own country, and she acquired some skill in painting, if the pictures attributed to her brush were indeed her own handiwork. In truth, she was curious of all branches of culture, and read many Chinese books, including numerous translations from European tongues. Singularly devoid of prejudices, she eschewed nothing because it was new, and was quite ready to adopt any innovation which to her own thinking had anything to recommend it. From physical fear she was absolutely free.

[“A Female Bluebeard.” The Wanganni Chronicle (N.Z.), Jan. 22, 1909, p. 2]


Wikipedia: Empress Dowager Cixi (Empress Dowager Tzu-hsi) 29 November 1835 – 15 November 1908), of the Manchu Yehenara clan, was a powerful and charismatic woman who unofficially but effectively controlled the Manchu Qing dynasty in China for 47 years, from 1861 to her death in 1908.

Selected as an imperial concubine for the Xianfeng Emperor in her adolescence, she gave birth to a son, in 1856. With Xianfeng’s death in 1861 the young boy became the Tongzh Emperor and she became Empress Dowager. Cixi ousted a group of regents appointed by the late emperor and assumed regency, which she shared with the Empress Dowage Ci’an. Cixi then consolidated control over the dynasty when, at the death of the Tongzhi Emperor, contrary to the dynastic rules of succession, she installed her nephew as the Guangxu Emperor in 1875.

Although she refused to adopt Western models of government, she supported technological and military reforms and the Self-Strengthening Movement. Cixi rejected the Hundred Days’ Reforms of 1898 as impractical and detrimental to dynastic power and placed the Guangxu Emperor under house arrest for supporting reformers. After the Boxer Rebellion and the invasion of Allied armies, external and internal pressures led Cixi to effect institutional changes of just the sort she had resisted and to appoint reform-minded officials. The dynasty collapsed in late 1911, three years after her death, and the Republican Era was inaugurated 1 January 1912.

Historians both in China and abroad have generally portrayed her as a despot and villain responsible for the fall of the dynasty, while others have suggested that her opponents among the reformers succeeded in making her a scapegoat for problems beyond her control, that she stepped in to prevent disorder, that she was no more ruthless than other rulers, and that she was even an effective if reluctant reformer in the last years of her life.




For links to other cases of woman who murdered 2 or more husbands (or paramours), see Black Widow Serial Killers.


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Margarete Jäger, German Serial Killer of Eight – 1835

Note: Sources in three languages employ a great variety of spellings of the two women’s names. “Margarete Jäger” and “Sibille Catherine Renter” have been chosen as the most likely proper German forms.


FULL TEXT: The Swabian Mercury of 29th March, contains the following article, dated Mentz, 24th March:— A frightful crime is now brought before the Court of Assizes. Margaret Jaeyer, a widow, and servant to S. K. Rentner, also a widow, both about thirty-eight years of age, are accused; the first of having killed by poison eight persons, all of whom, except one, were her near relations: the latter, of having poisoned her husband at the instigation of her servant. According to the indictment, Margaret Jaeyer poisoned, in May, 1825, her uncle; in June, 1826, her mother, sixty-eight years of age; in December, 1830, her father, seventy years old; in August, 1831, her husband; in December, the same year, her three daughters, two, five, and ten years and, lastly, in August, 1833, the husband of her mistress, with her assistance. She is said to have done all this with so much caution, that no suspicion whatever was excited by the deaths of all the seven persons, and an investigation into the causes of the death of the eighth victim, would, perhaps, have led to no result had not the criminal (so it is stated in the indictment) been led by her heated fancy to make a confession, induced, as she avers, by a spectre which appeared to her, and so terrified her, that she confessed all the dreadful crimes that she had committed on the eight parsons. We have received the following account, dated 27th, March, one o’clock, A. M.— The jury has left the hall. It has found M. Jaeyer guilty on six of the eight counts in the indictments. Both M. Jaeyer and Katharine Rentner are sentenced to death. M. Jaeyer, as a parricide, must also stand on the scaffold in her shift, barefooted, and covered with a black veil, while her sentence is read to the people: her right hand will then be cut off, and she will be executed on the spot—Dutch Papers, 1st April.

[“Poisoning On A Frightful Scale.” The True Sun (London, England), Apr. 4, 1835, p. 2]


FULL TEXT: We quote this case in fall, though some of the details are rather too minute for many of our readers; but if we omitted them, the narrative would be imperfect. The cases are thus recorded in a French Journal:

A case of extraordinary depravity came on before the Court of Assizes of the Hesse-Rhenane (Mayence), on the 22d March last, and occupied the court for the four following days consecutively. It was the trial of two women, each charged with having poisoned her husband, and one of them with having, in addition, poisoned her father, her mother, three of her children, and her paternal uncle. The judicial annals afford few instances of so shocking a series of crimes as that developed in the Court of Mayence in these five days.

Gregoire Toll, and his wife Regina Hof, working people at Abenheim, in the province of the Hesse-Rhenane, the ci-devant department of Mont-Tonnere, were entitled to some considerable property upon the death of Mathias Toll, the brother of Gregoire. They had both the reputation of honest and industrious people. They had two children; a son, as a conscript, entered the French service in the year 1811, and disappeared in the Russian campaign; and a daughter named Marguerite, one of the two prisoners, who, in the absence of her brother, conceived the idea of getting possession of the inheritance, to which she would be eventually entitled, by the most infamous means. Having naturally a taste for pleasure, and the advantages of a handsome face and beautiful person, Marguerite devoted herself to fetes-champetre and other light amusements; in the enjoyment of which she was encouraged by her parents, of whom she was the idol; and when, with all their economy, they could not supply the means, she contrived to procure them by clandestinely selling the fruit or other produce of the farm, the necessary concealment of which led to falsehoods, and from thence hypocrisy became the prevailing feature in her character.

At one of these fetes-champetre she became acquainted with Leonard Jaeger, a farm servant at Abenheim, whom she married in August, 1811, against the will of her parents. Of this marriage there were seven children. Her dissipation and aversion to industry brought trouble into her family, and frequently caused a quarrel between her and her husband. Jaeger, despairing of her amendment, gave himself up to debaucheries, to enable him to indulge in which he contracted usurious engagements with some Jews, and thus the patrimony of Marguerite was dissipated in the lifetime of her father and mother, whose reproaches only inflamed the rage of their son-in-law, and caused him frequently to treat his wife with great brutality. Once, when cracking his whip in a passion, he cut out one of his eyes, and shortly after, in a fit of intoxication, he broke a leg. The least contradiction made him mad, particularly if it related to domestic affairs.

Things went on in this state until the death of Mathias Toll, the brother of Gregoire, and uncle of Marguerite Regina Hof, the wife of Gregoire, after languishing for some time inconsequence of the misconduct of her son-in-law, died in 1826, and Gregoire, the father, died 1830. The deaths of these persons, who were in years, appeared natural events, but the catastrophes which succeeded excited suspicion. Leonard Jaeger died in August, 1831, aged 37, and in the December following the grave opened for three of his daughters, aged three, five, and ten years, respectively. It was generally reported that symptoms of poisoning were discovered in the last of these deaths. The widow Jaeger conducted herself with unpardonable levity on the death of her husband, and several expressions used by her were related, which showed the little affection she felt for her children. The magistrate of Abenbeim enjoined the Justice of Pence to investigate the case. The body of Catherine Jaeger was disinterred. It was inspected by professional men. The contents of the stomach and bowels were analysed by chemists, but no trace of poison was found, and the inquiry led to no further result.

These proceedings might have been a salutary warning to Marguerite Jaeger if her depravity had not led her to another crime. The annihilation of the little patrimony which she derived from her father and mother reduced her to the necessity of putting her two surviving children out to service, the two others having died in 1829.

Towards the end of July, 1833, she herself entered as servant into the family of Jean Philippe Renter, an innkeeper at Worms. He was a man of substance, with a wife and four children, but this family was also a prey to conjugal strife. Renter by degrees neglected his business, and gave himself up to intoxication. Quarrels with his wife frequently succeeded, which she bore with resignation, but there was no reason to presume that she meditated to relieve herself from her situation by an attempt on the life of her husband, whose health was visibly on the decline from the immoderate use of spirituous liquors. This horrible idea, as appeared in the sequel, was suggested to her by the widow Jaeger.

Renter fell suddenly sick on the 27th of August, 1833, and was carried off in two days. A few weeks afterwards the widow Jaeger herself was conveyed to the Hospital of Worms. Her malady was considered very dangerous, and despairing of her recovery, she made a discovery to the physician of the hospital, which left no doubt that Renter had perished by poison. The Commissary of Police soon visited the widow Jaeger, and interrogated her, and received from her a fresh confession. Contrary to expectation she recovered, and repeated the same story. The investigation, commenced in the year 1831, after the suspected deaths of the three children, was resumed. This unnatural mother, wife, and daughter, explained in full detail the means employed for the destruction of her victims. Her method did not consist, like that of common poisoners, in throwing arsenic in powder into their food. She boiled a certain quantity of arsenic in a pint of water, strained the liquid when cold through a piece of linen, and mixed this water in a glass of wine, a cup of milk, or some broth, and the result was, the arsenic thus extremely divided could not be discovered in the intestines of the person to whom it was administered. Professional men to whom she explained her diabolical process made an experiment with it upon a calf and a pig. These animals died with astonishing rapidity, and their bowels on examination presented no trace of poison.

Being interrogated as to the manner in which 6he was initiated in such secrets, she pretended at first that a diplomatist, sent from a foreign power, and decorated with several orders, having lodged for some time at the inn of Renter, had communicated to her this convenient mode of getting rid of an enemy, and at the same time securing impunity for herself. More lately she said it was her own father who had imparted to her the secret; that burning with a desire to appropriate to himself the succession to the property enjoyed by his brother Mathias, he had taught her how to get rid of her uncle. That with this view he had studied the use of poisons, and discovered things which the ablest chemist considered impossible.

This woman, in her defence, displayed extraordinary presence of mind, and answered every objection; but she could not deny that she had taken the lives of her father, mother, and husband, although she employed the most singular artifice to palliate those horrible crimes. As to her children, she pretended they had been poisoned through mistake. She kept in reserve a decoction of this arsenic, prepared after a method which a person unknown, or her father himself, had shown her; and that her daughters, finding this bottle, had the curiosity to taste it, so that she had nothing to reproach herself with on account of their deaths. The life of the innkeeper of Worms she said she attempted only from compassion for the woman Renter, and after long entreaty.

The woman Renter was far from agreeing on this point with her accomplice. If •he was to be believed, she was ignorant that the fatal beverage contained arsenic. She thought it was only a drug to cure him of his passion for brandy.

The Jury found both prisoners Guilty— the former of having poisoned her father, mother, her paternal uncle, her husband, and her three daughters, and both as accomplices in the poisoning of Renter, and the Court passed upon them sentence of death.

[These cases are by no means clearly stated, nor satisfactory to medical jurists. They are within the range of possibility, though exceedingly improbable. The frequent administration of small quantities of arsenic mixed with food might induce gastroenteritis, but that very small quantities could cause a death in two days, as in the case of Renter, is contrary to the observation of the most experienced physicians and toxicologists. We have stated in our translation of the Practical Formulary of Hospitals, that Fowler's solution administered freely in agues often destroys life; but not so suddenly as in one of the cases above related. These cases remind us of the slow poisoning in former ages, if we except the case of Renter.—Ed.]

[“Extraordinary Case of Poisoning With Arsenic, in: Michael Ryan, ed., The London Medical and Surgical Journal; Vol. VII., 1835, p. 403]


The illustrated English broadside contains an edited version the same text as the True Sun newspaper article, adding the following poem:

A Copy of Solemn Verses.

In this dark and lonesome cell,
To-morrow doom’d to die,
‘We offer up our prayers to God.
For mercy now we cry.

Though our offence is very great,
For which we cease to live,

His goodness reach to all who ask,
And seek Him to forgive.

Our crimes are of the deepest die;
Such foul unheard-of crimes,
Surpassing all was ever known
Before at any time.

Father and Mother, Children three,
Husband and Uncle too,
A deady poison was prepar’d,
‘Twas certain death, tho’ slow.

The dreadful tortures they endur’d,
No mortal tongue can tell,
But when our victims ceas’d to breathe
Conscience became a hell.

Comfort and Peace affrighted fled
From our accursed place,
The Spectres of the Murdered dead,
Grinn’d daily in our face.

At length we could no longer rest,
Beneath our guilty load,
Straightway our guilty deeds confess’d
Out monstrous deeds of blood.

Oh! Foe such foul inhuman deeds
Will our two lives atone?
Nothing on each can make amends
The injury we have done.

The torments keen and agony
That now we feel within,
Are sure we feel within,
Are sure to haunt the guilty mind,
Who lives in shame and sin.

A vast eternity now soon
Will fill our wond’ring sight,
Our earnest prayers are may it be,
All in the realms of light.

[“Eight persons murdered!: A father, a mother, two husbands, three children and an uncle, all poisoned by Margaret Joyer, and Katharine Rentner, for which horrid and monstrous crimes, they have been executed.” Published 1835, London, J. Catnach, Printer, 2 & 3 , Monmouth-Court, 7 Dials. Broadside, 1 sheet]


3. Archives du droit criminal (Archiv. Des Criminal rechts); 1835, cah. 4

Assizes de Mayence; procès de Marguerite Jager et de complice Sybille-Catherine Renter, accuseées d’impoisonnement.

[Revue étrangere et francaise de legislation et d’économie politique, par une réunion de jurisconsulates et de publicists francçais et etrangeres publie par M. Boelix, Tome Troisieme – IIIe anée. Paris, Chez Joubert, Librarie-Éditeur. 1837; p. 728]



Verhandlungen des Assisenhofs in Mainz über die der Giftmörderin Margar. Jäger und ihrer Mitschuldigen Sibille Cath. Renter zur Last gelegt. Verbrechen. geh. Gr. 8. Mainz. (Kinze.) 1835. n. 10 sgr.

[O. A. Walther, Hand-Lexicon Der juristischen literature des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts. Weimar, 1854. Verlag von Ferd, Jansen & Comp., p. 119]


Another English language source for the same article using the spelling “Jaeger”:

[“Horrible Crimes.” From The Swabian Mercury (Mar. 29, 1885), Bell’s Life in London and Sporting Chronicle (London, England), Apr. 5, 1835, p. 2]


Poison deaths:

May 1825, her uncle.
June 1826, her mother, 68.
December 1830, her father, 70.
August, 1831, her husband, Jäger ("Jaeyer")
December 1831, daughter, 2
December 1831, daughter, 5
December 1831, daughter, 10
August, 1833, Renter ("Rentner"), the husband of her mistress, with her assistance.


For more cases of this type, see Serial Baby-Killer Moms.


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Martha Ann Johnson, Georgia Serial Killer Mom who Wanted to Get Back at Hubby – 1989

Deaths (Martha Ann Johnson’s children from 3 marriages):

Sep. 25, 1977 – James William Taylor, 23-months-sold
Nov. 30, 1980 – Tabitha Jenelle Bowen, 3-months-old
Feb. 15, 1981 – Earl Wayne Bowen, jr., 31-months-old
Feb. 21, 1982 – Jenny Ann Wright, 11-years-old


EXCERPT: “On the tape [Martha Ann Johnson] confessed to suffocating Jennyann and James as a way of getting back at her husband after they’d argued. Her actual words to the police were ‘…I was just in a rage. I was mad. It hurt.’ Of the suffocation, she explained ‘I took Jennyann to bed with me and laid on her so she could not breathe. When she stopped moving I knew it was over with.’ At another juncture she said ‘I hated him (Earl Bowen) so much for what he put me through.’ But she denied killing the two children actually fathered by him.”

[Carol Anne Davis, Women Who Kill: Profiles of Female Serial Killers, 2001, Allen & Busby Ltd, London, p. 58; spellings “Jennyann,” “Tibitha,” in original text retailed]


Wikipedia: Martha Ann Johnson (also known as Martha Ann Bowen) (born 1955) is an American serial killer from Georgia convicted of smothering to death three of her children between 1977 and 1982. Johnson was in her third marriage by the age of 22. Her first marriage produced a girl, born in 1971. Her second marriage produced a son in 1975 and her third marriage, to Earl Bowen, produced a son and daughter, born 1979 and 1980, respectively.

On September 23, 1977, Johnson claimed 23-month-old James William Taylor was unresponsive when she attempted to wake him up from his nap. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The cause of death was determined to be sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS; Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

On November 30, 1980, Johnson claimed her three-month-old daughter Tabitha Jenelle Bowen was blue when she went to wake her up from a nap. Paramedics were unable to revive Tabitha, and her death was also attributed to SIDS.

In January 1981, 31-month-old Earl Wayne Bowen was found with a package of rat poison. He was treated and release from the hospital, after which his parents claimed he began to have seizures. On February 12, 1981, Earl went into cardiac arrest while being taken to the hospital during a seizure. He was revived and placed on life support; however, doctors pronounced him brain dead, and he was removed from life support three days later.

Johnson claimed her 11-year-old daughter Jenny Ann Wright was complaining of chest pains, for which a doctor prescribed Tylenol and a rib belt. On February 21, 1982, paramedics found Jenny Ann face down on Johnson's bed with foam coming out of her mouth, but were unable to resuscitate her. An autopsy indicated that Jenny Ann had died of asphyxia.

Johnson and Bowen separated permanently, and Johnson remarried.

In December 1989, an article in The Atlanta Constitution questioned the deaths, and the cases were reopened. Investigators determined that each child's death was preceded seven to 10 days by marital problems between Johnson and Bowen.

On July 3, 1989, Johnson was arrested, and she confessed to killing two of her children. After confrontations with Bowen, Johnson would suffocate the children by rolling her 250-pound body on them as they slept. She claimed the motive was to punish her husband. Johnson claimed she was not responsible for the deaths of her two youngest children.

By the beginning of her trial in April 1990, Johnson had retracted her confession. On May 5, 1990, she was convicted of first-degree murder for the smothering deaths of three of her four children and sentenced to death. The sentence was later commuted to life on appeal. She is currently housed at Pulaski State Prison.


For more examples of Maternal Filicide as Spousal Revenge, see:

Maternal Filicide: Spousal Revenge Motive: Facts vs. Feminism (24 cases)

Maternal Filicide: Spousal Revenge Motive


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Megan Huntsman, Utah Serial Baby-Killing Mom - 2014

The corpses of seven dead babies, six of them stored in shoe boxes, were found by the ex-husband of Megan Huntsman, 39,  in the garage of the Pleasant Grove, Utah house where she lived up until 2011. Mrs. Huntsman, now residing in West Valley City, was arrested early Sunday morning April 12, 2014, the day her ex-husband discovered one corpse and police later found five others, on suspicion of serially murdering the infants. She confessed to killing six of the children between 1996 and 2006 using either of two different murder methods: suffocation or strangling. One of the babies was, according to her claim, stillborn.

The Huntsman case is the 25th to be included in a list of 21st century “Serial Baby-Killing Mom” cases. Following is the list:

2002    Gloria Jean Greenfield – Warren, Ohio – 3 own babies
2002    “Toda Serial Killer Mother” – Toda, Japan – 6 newborns         
2003    Kathleen Folbigg – Mayfield, Australia – 6 victims: 4 own babies
2003    Diane O’Dell – Rome, Pa. & NY – 4 own babies
2006    Chizuko Okamoto – Hiratsuka, Japan – 4 children, 3 infants & daughter (19)
2005    Sabine Hilschenz – Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany – 9 babies, flower pots
2006    Gertraud Arzberger – Graz, Austria – 4 own babies
2006    Jolanta K. – Lublin, Poland – 5 newborns
2007    “Susann F.” – Plauen, Germany – 3 own children
2007    Céline Lesage – Valognes, France – 6 newborns
2007    Shirley Winters – Syracuse, NY – 2 babies + 5 other babies suspected
2007    Monika Halbe – Wenden, Germany – 3 babies, freezer
2009    Veronique Courjault – Tours, France – 3 own babies
2009    “Ota Ward Tokyo Serial Killer Mother” – Ota Ward, Tokyo, Japan –  4 babies
2010    Meredith Katharine Borowiec – Calgary, Canada; 3 newborns, 1 survived
2010    Dominique Cottrez – Villers-au-Tertre, France – 8 own babies
2010    “Geleen Serial Killer Mother” – Geleen, Netherlands – 3 newborns
2010    Michele Kalina – Reading, Pa. – 5 newborns
2010    Sietske Hoekstra– Nij Beets, Friesland, Netherlands – 4 newborns
2010    Bernadette Quirk – St. Helens, Merseyside, Eng. – 4 babies, claimed “stillborn”
2012    Annika H. – Husum (greater Flensburg), Germany – 5 babies
2012    Beata Z. – Hipolitowo, Poland – 5 own babies
2013    Audrey C. – Ain, Lyon, Ambérieu, France – 3 newborns
2013    Lucyna D. – Lubawa, Poland – 3 newborns



SEE: Female Serial Killers of the 21st Century: A Photo Gallery


For more cases of this type, see Serial Baby-Killer Moms.


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Chivalry Justice Checklist & Links

Lies, damned lies … and CHIVALRY JUSTICE.


There is nothing new about men preferring to believe lies told by women who have committed crimes and who have made false allegations against others. What is new, however, is the the phenomenon of women tending to prefer to believe lies told by female criminals.


This post is an evidence resource for the serious myth-buster.