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The Unknown History of MISANDRY - GREATEST HITS

If you read nothing but the few selected posts linked below you will have achieved a better understanding of the cultural situation we are in today than is possessed by 99.99% of the population. Misandry is not only a problem of the relation of the sexes that has been further compounded by chivalry (male enablers), and the topped-off with a layer of professional predators. Nowadays, unlike in the past the entire culture has been redesigned to reflect a misandric mindset. Cultural Misandry has increased the powerlessness of a general population. Men and women both are increasingly threatened by an ever more powerful elite, which, with its mercenary army of social engineering drones seeks to lord over every aspect of our lives and to control the bodies and minds of our children.

We have all been lied to about history. At this point we absolutely must become informed about the background of the injustices of misandry and understand past efforts to overcome them in order for us to properly address the present -- and for us to intelligently plan a better future. Without knowing our own history we are wandering in the dark: isolated, confused, continually reinventing the wheel. The following reading selection could be easily seen as the text-book for a “crash course on the history of Anti-Misandry.”

►►► The Basic “Must-Read” List ◄◄◄

1)  The First Men’s Rights Organization – 1926-1930 Self-recommending; should be read by every MRA, without exception.

2)  A Woman’s Voice  collection of quotations dating from 1904 to 1953 by prominent women who spoke out publicly against misandry.

3)  “A Monopoly on their Children” – Misandric Parenting in 1939 A female writer exposes how women with personality disorders deliberately undermine the father-child relationship.

4) The Alimony Racket: Quotations A quick way to learn about half a century of anti-misandry struggle.

5) Chivalry Justice Quotations How women gained their “license to kill.” Don’t blame the female sex; the chivalric male is just as big a problem as the predatory female.

6) Chicago Murderesses Express Their Preference for All-Male Juries: Much Easier to Manipulate – 1912 This is the “mother of all Chivalry Justice articles.”

7) Chivalry Justice in 1921: Anti-Misandry Female Judges How honest women sought to bring predatory females to justice.

8) The Long-Flourishing Heart-Balm Racket: A Men’s Rights Activist Tells Its History – 1935 An incentive to make false accusations – an earlier incarnation of present-day scams.

9) Society’s Acceptance of Domestic Violence? The great lie that preceding the rise of the domestic violence industry the crime of (genuine) domestic violence was ignored and/or found acceptable by the “patriarchy” is finally exposed as a hoax.

10) Victimizing Veterans: The Alimony Racket in 1920 Doesn’t get more cynical than this.

11) Women Who Prey Upon Servicemen – 1950 30 years later: more of the same.

12) Maternal Filicide: Spousal Revenge Motive The worst kind of domestic violence (which the experts pretend is not committed with malice by predatory women).

13) How Wives Gained Power By Mass-Murder of Husbands A misandric utopia?

14) The Cross-Dressing Husband-Killing Syndicate Maven: Viktoria Rieger A misandric vigilante at work.

15) Fathers’ Rights Pickets and Protests: 1930-1991 A photo-essay on Fathers’ Rights activism.

16) Early Men’s Rights Activism 1910s-1930s, international.

17) Samuel Reid: The First Fathers’ Rights Activist – 1925 Bold actions, bold statements.

18) Early Men’s Rights Writings by C. M. Castellazzo – 1927 Strategic thoughts on MR activism and its challenges.

19) The Creepiest Female Serial Killer Quotations Because women are characterized, we are told, by “inherent non-violence.”

20) What is Misandric Fixation? Genocidal & separatist feminism of the Valerie Solanas variety, and other varieties of obsessive misandry have been around a long time.

21) Domestic Violence: Non-Lethal Female-on-Male ►Just the facts (you are not supposed to know).

►►► The Advanced “Must-Read” List ◄◄◄

1) The Origins of Divorce Court Corruption A dirty secret exposed: law professors refuse to tell their students about this article.

2) “A Word for Men’s Rights” - 1856 Self-recommending.

3) Three Early Parental Kidnapping Cases, 1792-1815: Peirson, Bonnell, Tuthell History not taught in the universities.

4) “Why Men Don’t Marry” – MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)in 1919 The case is iconic for its encapsulation of so many of the issues of the men’s rights movement: chivalry, female sentencing discount, female privilege, a woman’s “right to kill,” the misuse of psychology in legal defense, predatory use of alimony law, the abuse of the courts for revenge purposes, attention whoring, and infantilizing of women (neglecting to hold them accountable because of their sex).

Much of the material in GREATEST HITS is discussed, and put into context, in the following article, written by the editor of UHoM , and published at A Voice for Men: “Setting the Record Straight”

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The Great Equality Hoax - Exposed by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

What on earth does the simplistic mantra of “equality” as it is used by the adherents of “social justice,” really mean?

“Social justice” is a collectivist concept, which is, in many ways the opposite of plain “justice,” which promotes the ethos of group guilt – just as so many collectivists of the past are recorded have done: in the spirit of social justice for “the public good,” of course, as exemplified by Joseph Goebbels (and his mustachioed pal), Pol Pot in his Khmer Rouge regime and the the slave labor camps and the genocide of the Russian Socialists.

“Social justice” true believers are known for their promoption of the vague and undefined idea of “equality.”

Kurt Vonnegut knew the answer. He brilliantly explicated what the cryptic “equality” notion means in the minds of the collectivists who repeat the mantra, in alternately starry-eyed and scowling ejaculations. It was in 1961 that Vonnegut published his short story “Harrison Bergeron,” which provides us an accurate and crystal-clear picture of the paradise envisioned by the cult-followers of  the “equality” utopian philosophy.


Here is the first paragraph of the 2,185-word story:

“THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren't only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.”

And here is a link to the full text, free online.


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Wife in the Way: Female Serial Killers Who Eliminate a Wife to Marry a Husband

597 – Fredegund, Queen of Franks – Merovignian Kingdom, Soissons, France

Fredegund is said to have strangled the Queen Galswintha in order to marry the king and to have murdered her three stepsons. Because her first two sons died in infancy, she accused a number of women of witch craft and had them tortured. She is also reputed to have ordered the assassination of Sigebert I of Austrasia in 575 and also to have made attempts on the lives of Sigebert's son Childebert II, her brother-in-law Guntram, king of Burgundy, and Brunhilda (sister of Galswintha).

1871 – Catherine Melchoir-Shoemaker-Sharp-Batchelor – Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Catherine Shoemaker was a very pretty girl in the employ of Mr. Sharp, a very wealthy citizen of Spencer County, Ky. Her mistress died – with a bad taste in her mouth, This Catherine married the widower, and he only arrived long enough to bequeath all his property to his young wife; when he died – with a bad taste in his mouth. – One more husband was to died before the black widow’s poisoning career was terminated.

1878 – Alice Danbrough – Lebanon, Illinois – intended

It is … stated that Mrs. Danbrough had contemplated murdering a Mrs. McCloud, a neighbor, so that she might marry her husband, but these latter statements are not fully corroborated.

1875 – Brigitte Burckel – Alsace

“Brigitte seems to have been very fond of married life, but unfortunate does not appear to have met with a husband entirely suited to her tastes.” She murdered her first husband before the honeymoon was completed. Number two was put out of the way a few months following nuptials. The murderess ran into problems when, after murdering the wife of her latest desired mate, a physician spotted the evidence of the poison homicide.”

1886 – Sarah Jane Robinson – Boston, Massachusetts, USA

She murdered sister so she could, she hoped, marry her brother-in-law. He declined, however, and thus was killed off too. [Jay Robert Nash, 1981]

1911 – Louise Vermilya – Chicago, Illinois, USA

The woman Nemesis who gave the police important information regarding the deaths of nine persons that center mysteriously about Mrs. Louise Vermilya, and that promise to form the greatest poisoning mystery in the history of Chicago, was revealed today as Mrs. Minnie Mystock. She is employed in a bakery at No. 2902 Cottage Grove avenue. Mrs. Mystock is said also to have been interested in Bisonette, when Mrs. Vermilya said was her fiance.

1926 – Elsie Bible Malinsky – Flora, Illinois, USA

Murdered the wives of two men, Blible and Malinsky, afterwards married them. Later on she murdered Mr. Bible. Mr. Malisnsky fell under suspicion but was absolved by Elsie.

1935 – Marie Becker – Liege, Belgium

Marie Becker murdered Marie Castadot in the hopes of marrying the widower. Her passion was, however, unrequited.

1952 – Roberta Elder – Atlanta, Georgia, USA

African-American, 13 insurance murders, combining “Black Widow,” “killer mom,” killer step-mom.” She killed the wife of a minister to free him for marriage, then proceeded to murder him and the motherless children. She murdered 3 husbands altogether.

1980 – Laverne O’Bryan – Louisville, Kentucky

A variation on the theme. Laverne was suspected of having lured away husbands from their wives, marrying them, and then later murdering her matrimonial “catches.”



SEE MORE: Female Serial Killer Collections


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Jennifer Garcia, Alleged Vicious Child-Torturer – Wisconsin, 2014

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): A belligerent Jennifer Garcia, charged with the outlandish and near-fatal torture of a 3-year-old boy, cursed the victim’s grieving family during a hearing Monday.

Her obscenity-laced outburst came at the end of a preliminary hearing during which family members of the victim wiped away tears as they listened to West Allis police describe the violence investigators say the child endured last month while in Garcia’s care.

Veteran prosecutor Matthew Torbenson told Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet that the abuse and emotional torment Garcia inflicted on her boyfriend’s son reached “a level of depravity I have never seen.”

At one point during the hearing, Garcia laughed at the testimony.

After the hearing, about a dozen members of the victim’s family, visibly shaken and shocked, gathered in the hallway outside Dallet’s fifth-floor courtroom. They embraced each other and wept.

Family members were still attempting to comfort each other in the Milwaukee County Courthouse hallway when a side door to Dallet’s courtroom opened and guards led Garcia to a nearby elevator.

Just before the elevator doors closed, Garcia again launched a string of obscenities at the child’s family.

Dallet ordered Garcia, who is charged with 13 counts of child abuse and witness intimidation, to be held on $250,000 bail and set a hearing for July 18.

[Crocker Stephenson “Woman charged with abuse, torture of boy lashes out at family in court,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wi.), Jul. 7, 2014]


FULL TEXT (After 2 of 2): On June 17, according to a criminal complaint, Jennifer Garcia asked a neighbor to help her wash some dishes at her West Allis home.

The neighbor later told Milwaukee police that while she was there, Garcia called a 3-year-old boy — her boyfriend’s child — into the kitchen.

“Watch this,” Garcia told the neighbor.

Garcia, the neighbor told police, told the boy to stand in the corner and remove his shirt. The boy immediately began to cry.

The boy then removed his shirt, revealing a back marked with what the neighbor believed were cigarette burns. Garcia, the neighbor said, called out to the boy’s 10-year-old sister, ordering her to bring Garcia her cigarettes and lighter.

When the boy began to cry louder, the neighbor told police, Garcia slapped him across the face.

The criminal complaint, which charges Garcia with nine counts of felony child abuse and four counts of witness intimidation, does not indicate if the neighbor called child protective services.

Four days passed before a visitor, horrified by the boy’s condition, called rescue workers to Garcia’s home.

The boy lay on the floor, exhibiting a symptom of extreme brain injury called “decorticate posturing:” He was stiff, his arms were bent, his fists were clenched to his chest and his legs were held out straight.

Rescue workers rushed the boy to surgery at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Hemorrhaging pushed his brain to one side of his skull. His body was covered with scrapes and bruises the complaint said were too numerous to count. His face appeared to have been burned. His liver was lacerated.

Garcia told police that boy had slipped in the kitchen and banged his head on a chair. According to the complaint, Garcia attempted to persuade several people to support her story.

The boy’s 10-year-old sister, however, told police that Garcia had been beating the boy for days. She said Garcia beat the boy with her sandal until it broke and whipped him with a belt when he cried.

On June 20, the girl told police, Garcia put the boy in the corner and then beat him with her fist. The child vomited.

As the girl went to get cleaning supplies, she heard Garcia tell the boy, “I’m going to beat you like you’ve never been beaten before.”

The girl said she then heard a loud boom and saw the boy slip from a chair and onto the floor.

The boy survived his surgery, the complaint says, but remains near death in the pediatric intensive care unit.

He is mechanically ventilated, paralyzed and sedated. It is unknown, the complaint says, if the boy will survive or, if he does, what his long-term prognosis might be.

If convicted on all counts, Garcia, 32, faces 175 years in prison. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for Monday.

[Crocker Stephenson “Woman burned, beat, whipped 3-year-old boy, complaint says,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wi.), Jul. 4, 2014]


For more cases, see: Women Who Like to Torture


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German Woman Eats Boyfriend’s Heart - 1913

FULL TEXT: Berlin, July 26. – The existence of  cannibalism in Germany came to light in the recent trial of a widow named Kockeritz, who was sentenced to death for murdering her lover, mutilating the body, baking the heart of her victim and eating of it.

The woman confessed to the crime, saying that her actions were in keeping with an old superstition, in which the eating of the heart of the victim is supposed to prevent his spirit from returning and haunting the murderer.

[“Murderess Eats Victim’s Heart – German Widow Confesses to a Terrible time.” The Toronto Sunday World (Canada), Jul. 27, 1913, p. 12]


For more cases see: Cannibal Murderesses


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Killer Kids: The Ones Your Teacher Won’t Tell You About

Most educators prefer to indoctrinate you and do not want you to know many, many facts. They hide truths deliberately.

Here are stories of more than 20 girls (aged 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18) who were serial killers (or were murderesses who wanted to become serial killers.) that will make your hair stand on end.

Tructh is stanger than fiction and truth is much more valuable than indoctrination.

It is time to educate your self!


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Martha Whetstone, 16-Year-Old Serial Killer – Missouri, 1872

FULL TEXT: A brief mention was made in the [St. Louis, Mo.] Times recently of the sudden death of George E. Watson, a little boy four years old, whose parents lived at 1,097 [?; partly illegible] Christy avenue. The Coroner made a full investigation and post mortem examination, but failed to discover any cause for the sad event. Certain facts, however, have become known which involve the whole affair in a mystery. The first tidings of the child's death came from a nurse girl who had been left alone with him some time previous. This is the fourth child who has died while left alone with this girl during the last four months. Her name is Martha Whetstone, and there is nothing about her particularly noticeable save, perhaps, a seeming lack of intellect. She is about sixteen  years old, has dull, expressionless features, and is of English parentage. Her parents live near Cheltenham. Thus far nothing has been discovered to criminate the girl, but a chain of circumstances point to terrible coincidences, if nothing more.

Last April Martha was employed as a nurse girl in the family of a butcher named Kohler, living on the Manchchester road. – She had charge of the children, a little boy of three or four years and a baby. One day the mother came home after a temporary absence and found the youngest child dead. It had been left alone with the girl, and, although troubled with some childhood ailment, was not thought to be really sick. – A physician was called in who heard the statements of the girl and pronounced the cause inflammation of some vital part.

One afternoon, several days after the death of the baby, the mother came into the house where she had left the girl alone with the little boy, and missing the latter, made inquiry for him. He was a bright, adventurous youngster, and the unwonted silence made the mother anxious. In reply to the question, the girl said that while she was left alone with the boy, he climbed upon the cupboard and then fell off. She picked him up and  that he had hurt himself. She carried him up-stairs, and placed him upon the bed. The mother at once went to the room indicated and found her little boy a corpse. An inquest was held and a verdict of death from concussion of the brain was returned. Nothing was found to implicate the girl directly or indirectly, but inasmuch as there was nothing left for her to do, she was discharged and went home.

Several weeks later a sister of the girl, about four years old, died very suddenly and under very peculiar circumstances. The mother went away from home leaving the little girl in Martha’s care, and when she returned was met with the announcement that the child was dead. The cause of the last death was declared to be heart disease.

A few weeks ago Martha came to the city and obtained a situation as nurse-girl in the family of Mr. Watson, on Christy avenue. The boy, of whom she had the special care, was a bright, healthy little child, and at the time of his death was perfectly will with the exception of a cough. When the mother went out Thursday afternoon she left directions with Martha to give the boy certain things which he wanted in order to have a tea-party with playmate. When the lady returned, Martha met her at the door with the exclamation. “Mrs. Watson your baby is dead.” The mother turned into the house and found the dead body of the little boy lying on the floor in the dining room.

The circumstances are given by the girl as follows: The little boy played about the house for some time, and when he got ready for his tea-party was grieving because his playmate did not come. She offered to play the part of company and set down at the table with him. They ate supper together, and had a good time. Afterward, while she was clearing away and washing the dishes, the little fellow complained of being tired, and said he would lie down and take a nap. He curled himself up in one corner of the dining room, and soon dropped to sleep. She passed through the dining-room once and saw him sleeping quietly. Going in the second time she thought something was wrong, and accordingly went to him. She put her hand on his heart and found that it had ceased beating.

A physician was summoned, and it is reported gave it as his opinion, after examination, that the child had met with a violent death. Those who first saw it say that there was a purple tinge about the lips and face, but otherwise nothing noticeable.

The event has caused intense excitement in the neighborhood where it occurred. – The authorities have made careful inquiries and investigated matters fully, but, as already stated, ran find nothing of a criminal character. The bereaved family have gone to Ohio with the body, and the girl has returned to her friends in Cheltenham.

[“Mysterious Fatality. – The Singular Deaths of Four Children – An Unlucky Nurse Girl.” (from: St. Louis Times), Wilmington Journal (North Carolina), Aug. 2, 1872, p. 2]


4 Victims:

Kohler baby
Kohler boy, age?
George E. Watson, 4
Whetstone girl, 4


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For more cases of this category, see: Female Serial Killers of 19th Century America (as of January 20, 2014, the collection contains 61 cases)