Thursday, January 24, 2019

Toxic Femininity: A Social Cancer Hiding in Plain Sight

Post in progress, but here’s a very good start.

What big media, universities and big corporations do not want you to know:

Normal women are not toxic any more than normal men are toxic. Yet most mainstream media propagandists (“journalists” so-called) and leftist educators are themselves quite toxic indeed.



Academic Fraud (“Feminist” post-modernist, neo-Marxist Ideology, propaganda, indoctrination, cultism)

Acid Attacks by Women
"Marriage for Alimony Only" - 1928 (by a female author)


Babysitter Serial killers

Badger Game Extortion (sex rackets)


Child Sexual Abuse

Compulsive Lying

Child Sexual Abuse: Inducing “Gender Dysphoria” Pathology in Children

Cult Indoctrination
• The Shakers

Domestic Violence Against Men

Drugging of Boys by Female Teachers through forstering False Diagnosis (Medical Malpractice)

Empathy Gap (towards the Male Sex)
False Domestic Violence Accusation

False Rape Accusation

Falsification of Statistics

Family Annihilation (Female Perpetrator)

Female Sentencing Discount
            The Female Sentencing Discount



Gender Cleansing

Gender “Wage Gap” Hoax

Heart-balm racketeering

Homicidal Girls Under 18

Husband-murder for insurance proceeds

Mass Poisoning

Maternal Filicide: Spousal Revenge Motive

Misandric Child Homicide (Gender Cleansing)

Misandric Fixation

Misandric Ideology
Feminism as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Jan. 20, 2019,

Mobbing, Herd Mentality, In Group/Out Group, Shunning

Murder-Coaching Moms


Parental Alienation

Paternity Fraud

Poison-selling & Poison-making

Psychopathic Women

Prostitution (Sadistic Female Serial Killers)
• Female Serial Killers Who Were Prostitutes

Sadistic Torture of Children

Serial Husband-Murder
Exciting careers in serial widowhood – (Sep. 10, 2012)

Serial Baby-Killing Moms

Sexualized Serial Murder

Sexual Predation by Female School Teachers (Statutory Rape)

Taunting as Extreme Cruelty



Victim Posturing (Addiction to Attention)

Virtue Signalling (Social Climbing)

Women’s Violence Against Women

Women’s Violence Against Men

Women’s Violence Against Children









Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Punkass Balls, The Gillette White Knight

The Gillette boycott, January 2019 -- We are aware of how dishonest those people are who get a “journalism” degree and go on to distort, like and propagandize the dumbed-down version of neo-Marxist ideology they were indoctrinated in by their cynical professors at the financially rapacious, morally corrupt universities. Therefore it comes as no surprise that these hacks would bend over backwards in various ways to misrepresent the January 2019 Procter & Gamble boycott sett off by their neo-Marxist misandric Gillette video sermon.

We see in many headlines the false claim that men are “threatening to boycott Procter & Gamle products including those under the now odious Gillette brand. No. men have already boycotted Gillette starting RIGHT NOW; nobody is “threatening” to do so. Some hack reporters refer to a “debate.” There is no debate. The non-cuck population has no interest in engaging in debate with neo-Marxist indoctrinators and White Knight Pussybeggars. They are interested in avoiding and bankrupting them.

Pankaj Bhalla, the culturally retarded brand manager for Gillette apparently thought by promoting the status quo authoritarian social control shaming technique that corporations use and which are designed by control-freak leftist ideologues, would not harm market share. After all the “social justice” brainwashing does indeed create efficiency by intimidating employees and by fostering cheaper and cheaper internationalist labor sources, so why would customers think they are anything but operant conditioning subjects, fully implanted with trigger words, ready to hypnotically obey the standardized “social justice” prompts.

Yet, it is becoming apparent rather rapidly, that No-balls Bhalla, far from being the sharpest blade in the razor aisle, got Punked, or Punkajed, as it were. Gillette is screwed, screwed big league.

-- Bye-bye, No-Balls. It was dull knowin' ya.





“It is time to boycott Gillette and all Procter and Gamble products,” A Voice for Men,
January 14, 2019



“The Gillette Ad - No Joke Janice,” Episode 13, StudioBrule, Jan 18, 2019




Thursday, January 10, 2019

American Psychological Association: Rosie the Rivet-Brain

Rosie Phillips Davis, PhD, High Grade Moron. President of American Psychological Association.


RESPONSES to APA’s politically correct post-modernist “gender” quackery:

• Michael L. Grable, “Momma, Don't Let Your Boys Grow Up to Be Men, American Thinker,” January 11, 2019

• YouTube: "APA issues first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys" – Rebutted – Stefan Molyneaux, Jan. 9, 2018

• Nick Givas, “Tammy Bruce Slams New APA Guidelines On Toxic Masculinity: Without Men ‘We Would Be Living In Caves’” Daily Caller, Jan. 10, 2019

• Dr. Dawn T. Smith, “APA’s War on Masculinity,” YouTube, Jan. 11, 2019

John Davis, “Quackery, snake oil and charlatans: The Psychologists Association’s war on men and boys,” A Voice for Men, Jan. 11, 2019

“New Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Girls and Women,” A Voice for Men, January 15, 2019


For more on Toxic Misandry in Psychology, see:
• Nehami Baum, “The Unheard Gender: The Neglect of Men as Social Work Clients” (2015)


“Twelve Scholars Respond to the APA’s Guidance for Treating Men and Boys,” written by Quillette Magazine, Feb. 4, 2019









Which individuals are responsible for the misandric, anti-science, “social construction” ideology tainted document? --- 

“Guidelines for Psychological Practice for Boys and Men was developed by several groups of individuals beginning in 2005 and continuing with updates and  revisions through 2018. The final draft was compiled and updated by Fredric Rabinowitz, Matt Englar-Carlson, Ryon McDermott, Christopher Liang, and  Matthew Kridel, with assistance from Christopher Kilmartin, Ronald Levant, Mark Kiselica, Nathan Booth, Nicholas Borgogna, and April Berry. Guidelines  recommendations and selected literature were determined with the assistance and expertise of several scholars: Michael Addis, Larry Beer, Matt Englar- Carlson, Sam Cochran, lore m. dickey, William B. Elder, Anderson J. Franklin, Glenn Good, Michele Harway, Denise Hines, Andy Horne, Anthony Isacco,  Chris Kilmartin, Mark Kiselica, Ron Levant, Christopher Liang, William Liu, David Lisak, James Mahalik, Ryon McDermott, Michael Mobley, Roberta Nutt, James O’Neil, Wizdom Powell, Fredric Rabinowitz, Aaron Rochlen, Jonathan Schwartz, Andrew Smiler, Warren Spielberg, Mark Stevens, Stephen Wester, and Joel Wong. The authors gratefully acknowledge the staff support for several years under the leadership of Ron Palomares.”

Its a long list. Avoid these quacks like the plague. They are political ideologues masquerading as scientists.


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Pauline Yatchuk, Serial Baby-Killing Mom – Canada, 1932

The final sentence of the final text here tells the salient part of this convoluted tale.


Article 1 of 3 – July 12, 1933 - Angusville farmer Fred Stawycznyj, 45, is hanged in Headingly for murdering his illegitimate child. The widower farmer and his neighbour Mrs. Pauline Yatchuk began an affair in 1927 after her husband left to work in the U.S.. The two produced four children together, the first three were born dead, (at least that's what Stawycznyj claimed Mrs. Yatchuk told him.) In the case of the fourth child, the one at the centre of the murder trial, Yatchuk said that Stawycznyj was present at the birth. The child was born alive but he strangled and buried the girl in the back yard to keep the affair a secret. Stawycznyj insisted that he was not present and that she told him that the child was born dead. It took the jury an hour and a half to reach a guilty verdict against Stawycznyj. Yatchuk received a two-year sentence. [Source: This Was Monitoba]


Article 2 of 3 – FULL TEXT: Minnertosa, Man., April 4. – Accused by his common-law wife, Mrs. Pauline Yatchuk, of slaying four of their five infant children by strangulation, Fred Stawycznyj, of Angusville, Man., will stand trial for his life, charged with murder, at the spring assizes for the northern judicial district of Manitoba, opening in the Minnedosa court house, Tuesday afternoon. One count of concealment of birth will also be laid against him, while Mrs Yatchuk will be tried on four counts of concealment of birth, to complete the assize docket, which is the smallest in years.

Discovery of the murders was made following investigation by the B.C.M. police of an anonymous letter received by the justice of the peace at Angusville, which Mrs Yatchuk later admitted having instructed a friend to write, and which subsequently led to the arrest of both Mrs. Yatchuk and Stawycznyj, when they were charged with murder. The bodies of the infants were found near the Yatchuk home, rude shack, about a half-mile west of Angusville, buried in coffins of apple boxes.

Mrs. Yatchuk aided the police in finding the tiny graves, which were no deeper than two feet below the surface. She claimed that she had borne five children between September 1, 1929, and June, 1932, four of which had been strangled by Stawycznyj shortly after birth, the fifth being stillborn. She also stated that no one but herself and Stawycznyj were present the births. The bodies of the infants were in a badly decomposed state and inspection by medical authorities failed to determine the cause of death.

Stawycznyj was committed was committed for trial at a preliminary hearing held In Russell last December, when Mrs. Yatchuk definitely accused him of putting the children to death by strangling them, while relating her illicit relations with the accused. The charge of murder against Mrs. Yatchuk was reduced to charges of concealment of births, when the court ruled that there was not sufficient evidence to commit her on the more serious count.

[“Angusville Man Faces Charge Of Murdering Four,” Winnipeg Free Press (Manitoba, Canada), Apr. 4, 1933, p. 5]


Article 3 of 3 – EXCERPT: As soon as the police discovered the remains of five infants, they took Stawycznyk and Yatchuk into custody and charged them with murder. Yatchuk had already confessed her part in the deaths of the babies, but Stawycznyk denied murdering anyone. He told investigators that he knew where the body of the fifth was buried only because he put it there, after he was told to do so by Yatchuk. Besides, he said, he was not the only man with whom she was carrying on.

Less than two weeks later preliminary hearings were held to determine if there was sufficient evidence to commit the pair to trial. Stawycznyk want first. The story Yatchuk told at his hearing was identical to the statement she gave police, and Stawycznyk was bound over for trial. At the end of Yatchuk’s own preliminary, the presiding magistrate decided there was evidence that the fifth child was stillborn and not murdered, and he directed that the murder charges laid against Yatchuk be replaced with charges of concealing a birth. There is some doubt whether that was an appropriate decision. Sixteen days after her preliminary hearing ended, Yatchuk was overheard confessing that she killed her babies by herself.

[Dale Brawn, Chap. 1 “Fred Stawycznyk and Pauline Yatchuk: Babies in Boxes,” Practically Perfect: Killers Who Got Way With Murder … For a While, Dundurn, Toronto, 2013]



For more cases of this type, see Serial Baby-Killer Moms.


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Sophie Lyons, Queen of the Old Fashioned #MeToo Racket, The Badger Game - 1878

EXCERPT from Captured and Exposed – Sophie Lyons, the “queen” of nineteenth century crime, was an adept practitioner of the badger game. She was so good at it that she sometimes pulled it off without a “badger.” In 1878 she finally got caught after she lured a well-respected, elderly lawyer to her Boston hotel room with the promise of sex, got him to undress, then locked his clothes in her trunk.

She forced him to write her a check for $1000 ($24,215 in 2018), and told him he’d get his clothes back after she returned from the bank with the money. She locked the door on her way out so he couldn’t call the police.

Officials at the bank were suspicious of such a large check and called the police, who escorted Sophie back to the hotel. There they found her naked victim. She claimed she was his long-standing mistress. He refused to prosecute due to the shame it would have brought him. “She was so bewitching and fascinating that I could not help it,” he sheepishly remarked.

[Shayne Davidson, “The Badger Game,” Captured and Exposed, June 20, 2018]