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March 8 is International Women’s Day

Events which have occurred in past years on March 8, the socialist holiday celebrated as “International Women’s Day”

(In progress: we’ve only just begun to compile.)


1887    Roxalana Druse executed on March 8, 1887 in Herkimer, N.Y., for murder, along with the daughter of husband, hatchet, decapitation

1904    Mrs. Chris Heinhold, Detroit, axe murder husband confesses on March 8, 1904.

1920    Maria Tucci, a pretty twenty-year-old Sicilian girl, charged with killing, her sister, Mrs. Angelina Conti, March 8, 1920.

1923    Paulette Saludes convicted on March 8, 1923 in New York City of murdering insurance broker, Oscar Martelliere; newspapers noted the new trend of juries beginning to ignore what the press called “the I am a woman defense”

1935    Alice Wynekoop convicted on March 8, 1935 of murder of daughter-in-law, Rheta.

1951    Martha Beck, serial killer, executed on March 8, 1951. With her partner she murdered 2 women and a little girl.

1954    Constance Fisher murders three children on March 8, 1954; found insane and placed in an asylum; released from asylum after 5 years; rejoins husband, kills 3 children conceived after release from asylum in 1966.

1986    Joan Hensley Davis; husband James H. Hensley, dies on March 8, 1986 of arsenic poisoning on March 8, 1966

1991    Beverly Allitt attempted to murder  Kayley Desmond (then one year old) on March 8, 1991 but the child was resuscitated and transferred to another hospital, where she recovered. Allitt, English serial killer, was convicted of murdering four children, attempting to murder three other children, and causing grievous bodily harm to a further six children

2012    Stephanie Lazarus, ex-LAPD detective, was convicted on March 8, 2012 of first-degree murder for the 1986 killing of her ex-boyfriend's wife. Patrick Healy reports.


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Blacklisted From History: A History of the Men’s Rights Movement

“Blacklisted From History: A History of the Men’s Rights Movement; Men’s Rights activism has had many names since its inception in the 1920s,” Robert St. Estephe, The Good Men Project, Jun. 30, 2012

Link to article HERE


Some readers of The Unknown History of MISANDRY may suspect that since this article was published on a feminist website that it is going to have a misandric social engineering slant. This is not the case. The Good Men Project editors were kind enough to publish it, so we were happy to offer this information to the male and female feminist readers who read the The Good Men Project website.


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Paulette Saludes and “The ‘I am a Woman’ Defense” - 1923

FULL TEXT: New York, March 8. – For the third time within a few weeks, the defense “I am a woman” has failed in a murder trial in New York and vicinity, and today Mrs. Paulette Saludes, pretty French woman of thirty, is lying in the Tombs awaiting a sentence of from 20 years to life imprisonment for the killing of Oscar M. Marttelliere, insurance broker.

Mrs. Saludes made a spectacular attempt to kill herself by taking arsenic and cutting her wrists as she was led across the Bridge of Sighs after hearing the verdict, but did not hurt herself much, the prison physician decided, later, when she attempted to smash her head against her cell wall, she was bound to her cot. Her condition was not serious. It was reported last night. She was hysterical, however, crying out in French to be permitted to die.

New York had almost become accustomed to seeing women have killed men turned loose. There were Nan Patterson, who was accused of killing Caesar Young; Mrs. Jack DeSaulles, the pretty Chilean, who slew her husband; Mme. Jacques LeBaudy, who killed her mate, “the emperor of the Sahara,” and many other cases.

~ Same Old Defense. ~

Mrs. Saludes’ lawyer, who had pleaded “emotional insanity,” the old plea that freed many women in this jurisdiction, stated plainly in his defense that his client’s chief defense was really “I am a woman” inferring that a woman whose love has been scorned and trampled by a man, as Mrs. Saludes claimed had been done to her by Martelliere, should not be held responsible for killing him.

While the pretty little French woman stood up unflinchingly, at first, to hear the verdict against her, another woman, the widow, holding tightly to her flaxen haired six year old daughter, who had been made an orphan by Mrs. Saludes’ pistol, slumped down and cried, but looked pityingly at the convicted woman as she was led away to the Tombs. Mrs. Marteilliere would not talk about the verdict.

New york has shown unusual interest in the Saludes trial, both because of its spectacular and dramatic incidents and also by reason of the recent conviction of murder of two other women who killed men. They were Mrs. Lillian Reizen, who killed Dr. Abraham Glickstein, in Brooklyn, and Mrs. Ivy Gilberson, who killed her husband at Tom’s River, N. J. the city now looks forward to the trial of Mrs. Mary Wells, pretty housekeeper at the Massapaqua Inn on Long Island, who is charged with killing Captain James Pettit, proprietor of the inn.

[“Woman Slayer Takes Poison – Mrs. Salaudes’ Attempt At Suicide Fails. – Found Guilty of Broker’s Murder – Also Cuts Wrists And Beats Head On Cell Wall.” Syndicated (Universal Services) The Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, Io.), Mar. 8, 1923, p. 1]


For more on this topic, see Chivalry Justice Checklist & Links


Bernice Zalimas, Arsenic & the Ostentatious White Knight Lawyer – 1924

Bernice Zalimas was tried and convicted for the murder of her husband. The conviction was regarded as an extraordinary event in Chicago, where it was almost impossible to get a jury to convict an attractive woman of murder.

On appeal the conviction was overturned and prosecutors chose to try her a second time. This time she was acquitted due to the extraordinary actions of her attorney. See:

On appeal the conviction was overturned and prosecutors chose to try her a second time. This time she was acquitted due to the extraordinary actions of her attorney.

For another case of extraordinary chivalry that save a woman accused of murder, see the legendary Beulah Annan case:


PHOTO CAPTION (Article 1 of 4): The doctor's certificate held the death of Dominick Zalimas, 38, of Chicago, was due to natural causes. But friends insisted upon an autopsy, and the funeral was halted and the post-mortem examination made. It revealed a heavy dose of poison, evidently placed in his food, had killed him. His wife, Mrs. Bernice Zalimas, 23, was arrested for his murder. She protests her innocence.

[“Held for Husband’s Death,” syndicated, The Manitowac Herald-News (Dec. 5, 1924, p. 6]


FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 4): Chicago, May 11. – The notion that Cook county can produce no beauty-proof juries has been exploded with the sentencing to 14 years in the penitentiary of Mrs. Bernice Zalimas, “the lady with the classic profile and the rose-bud mouth.”

When Mrs. Zalimas appeared in court for trial last week, charged with poisoning her husband, it was apparent that her defense would be the same as that which has proven so successful for “lady killers” in the past. She was in the mode. She had engaged a dressmaker as well as an attorney.

On one side was Mrs. Zalimas and her beauty set off with a complete change of costume daily. On the other side was the prosecutor with a logical sequence of facts. He showed that Bernice had quarreled with her husband; that he had threatened to divorce her for intimacy with another man; that she had threatened to poison him; that she had purchased poison; that her husband had died and that poison was the cause of his death. Motive, opportunity and the fact that crime had been committed were the pillars of the state’s case.

The jury found Mrs. Zalimas guilty in 45 minutes and she was sent back to her boudoir in the county jail, the first murderess in years whose beauty had meant nothing to 11 good men and true.

[“Beauty Fails To Save Woman On Trial For Killing,” syndicated (United News) The Evening Independent (St. Petersburg, Fl.), May 11, 1925, p. 12]


FULL TEXT (Article 3 of 4): Chicago, May 23. – You seriously wonder whether there can really be a soul stirring in the depths of Mrs. Zalimas here.

That is the impression you get after talking to her in the jail, where she is being held preparatory to going to the penitentiary for 14 years for slaying her husband by poison.

Plump, blond and suave, she is the last of the season’s “arsenic widows” who for one reason or another sought to rid themselves of husbands without due process of law.

Bernice, in her gingham jail garb, is rather mad at the way the law has treated her.

She had rather expected to go free and join the female band of 32 who have killed and escaped during the past five years. Instead she finds herself as No. 14 in the coterie which has been convicted.

They found a pound of arsenic in the loft of the Zalimas home shortly after Dominick, the husband, died.

Bernice was at his bedside when the end came and wept many tears.

There was another man for possible motive and some insurance and money in a strongbox, the State claimed in evidence at the trial.

Bernice affected bewilderment over the charges and shook her strawberry locks to perplex the jurors.

They were scarcely influenced. Instead of the pleaded rope they gave her half a normal lifetime behind bar and key.

If a man had done what Bernice has been found guilty of doing the case would be of but little interest.

But Bernice is interesting because she typifies the order of the day.

When they found her guilty she pretended a few hysterics and then settled back into the shell from which she has since failed to emerge.

In jail she laughs and is voluble in sing-song denials of guilt.

The husband whose life was taken by the arsenic paste intended for rats, never seems to cross her memory.

She thinks, rather of the crowds and smart dresses she wore last year and the society which accepted her, much after fashion of receiving a gladiator or court fool into its midst, because Bernice provided pleasure.

She cannot distinguish that her ambition to become a part of the city’s circles of culture, wealth and refinement was doomed to failure.

She does not know that she was smiled on not as an equal, but as a superb animal.

She only knows that she should say “It is horrible. I did not do it.”

Kipling once wrote about the rag and the bone and the hank of hair – the woman who did not and could not care.

He should have been Bernice, the well-groomed animal, trying to catch a glimpse of her reflected self in the window of a jail – thinking of such things in the midst of dramatic trouble.

[“Beauty in Toils Forgets of Murder,” The Providence News (R.I.), May 28, 1925, p. 3]


Why the Lawyer Ate Poison to Save His Lovely Client

The Desperate and Dramatic Gesture that Startled the Court Room and Won His Case When Every Other Expedient Had Failed


FULL TEXT: (Article 4 of 4): Freedom, happiness, beautiful gowns, gaiety, luxury and possible romance—

Or fifteen years of hard labor in the penitentiary, coarse clothing, coarse food, sodden drudgery scrubbing floors by days, and hideous, .endless nights locked up alone in an. iron cell.

Mrs. Bernice Zalimas, beautiful blonde cloak model, sat trembling a few weeks ago in a Chicago courtroom, wondering which of these two alternatives would be her fate.

She had already been once convicted of poisoning her husband, but had protested her complete innocence to the last, and had persuaded her attorney, Eugene McGarry that she really was being made the martyr to another woman’s jealousy.

His faith in her had caused him to move heaven and earth for a new trial—and at last he had obtained it.

But now the second trial seemed on the verge of going against her, as the first had.

The State had ruled up circumstantial evidence that seemed overwhelming, and the prosecuting attorney had depicted her as a beautiful fiend, a cruel, calculating, deliberate murderess, who deserved neither pity nor mercy.

The faces of the jurymen were hard and cold. After the death of her husband, an autopsy had revealed traces of arsenic in his stomach. The State contended that she had killed him by putting a poisonous cleaning powder, containing arsenic, in his food.

The defense insisted that Dominic Zalimas had died from natural causes, and that tin arsenic found in his stomach was nothing more than the traces of a medicine he had been taking of his own volition, pills containing small quantities of arsenic, frequently prescribed as a tonic.

But the case seemed to be going against her. Vainly Attorney McGarry argued that the amount of arsenic discovered in Zalimas’ body could not have killed anybody.

To convince the jury, he took up a little bottle containing the pills which the defense contended had been found in the vest pocket of the dead man, and said that he proposed to swallow some of them then and there, as proof of his sincerity in saying they were not dangerous.

Harold Levy, Assistant State’s Attorney, leaped to his feet and stopped him. “That’s no good,” he cried, appealing to both judge and jury. “We do not contend that those pills killed him, or could hurt anybody. We contend that he was poisoned by this box of powder. We have it here, and we know it is a deadly poison. Let Mr. McGarry eat some of that, if he dares!”

The prosecuting lawyer had no idea that Attorney McGarry would “take” the dare. It was just his way of clinching an argument. But McGarry’s “Irish” was up, as the saying goes. In addition, lie had absolute faith in the innocence of his beautiful client.

And in addition to that, he had been making a careful scientific study of the affects of arsenic.

He had learned that it was a deadly poison, but that it did not kill except when taken in a larger quantity than even the prosecution alleged Mrs. Zalimas had put in her husband’s food.

“Why don’t you eat some of the powder that killed him?” taunted the lawyer for the State. McGarry glanced at his fair client, who was sobbing.

He looked at the jury, and saw from their faces that they felt the prosecution had scored a point.

His offer to take the pills from the bottle had been a boomerang that the prosecution had cleverly turned against him.

Suddenly, before the judge or bailiffs could stop him, he seized the paper box of powder from the table, poured out a large spoonful into the palm of his hand, and gulped it down!

The judge had risen in his seat with astonishment. The prosecution was thunderstruck. Some of the jurors laughed hysterically – and others turned pale.

Mrs. Zalimas, whose bend had been bent forward in her hands, screamed and seemed to be about to faint, when she realized what had happened. McGarry, after swallowing the poison, stood with beads of perspiration breaking out on his forehead, and said, quietly:

“I am sorry I had to do that. This powder was intended for cleaning purposes. I think it is possible that it may make me very sick, but I insisted to you, gentlemen of the jury, that it would not produce death. I sincerely believe that. And there was no other way to prove to you that I had the courage of my convictions.”

The attorneys for the prosecution, pale and startled, but busily whispering, were soon on their feet, claiming that Mr. McGarry’s gesture was “improper pleading,” but the judge let matters proceed.

And McGarry, after drinking half a glass of water, took his stand before the jury, and began his final argument to save his client. It was a long, impassioned plea. He became so eloquent that judge, jury and spectators almost forgot that they were listening to a man who had just voluntarily taken poison, and who stood before them even with the poison working in his veins.

At the end of about twenty minutes, in the midst of a long, emotional sentence, the lawyer’s knees suddenly sagged and his face turned deadly pale. He clutched at the railing of the jury box, to prevent himself from falling to the floor.

The courtroom was in a hubbub of excitement. Physicians rushed forward. “He’s going to die,” exclaimed a juror. “It’s horrible.”

The doctors were all for stopping the proceedings and carrying the attorney into an anteroom and using a stomach pump on him immediately to save his life. But he was still able to speak, and forbade it.

“My client’s future is at stake,” he said. “I still insist that I was right, and I insist on going on. I do not feel any pain. I think I collapsed merely from nervousness and exhaustion.”

The whole thing was so unusual, and so much hung in the balance, that the judge still allowed matters to proceed. A man who had taken such a dramatic risk to prove himself right, should have the privilege of going through with it if he could.

McGarry recovered his self-possession presently, and began the continuation of his final plea. When it was over, he refused to leave the courtroom, for fear it would give the prosecution a chance to suggest that he had rid himself of the poison with an emetic. He sat through it to the bitter end.

“I am certainly not comfortable,” he said, “but I am sure that it won’t kill me.”

The judge’s charge was brief, and the jury’s deliberation was even briefer. In a very, short time they were back in the courtroom with a unanimous verdict of “not guilty!”

Mrs. Zalimas broke down completely from joy.

“I owe my life and freedom to you,” she cried, and covered the lawyer’s hand with kisses. It was one of the most dramatic moments that had ever occurred in a modern courtroom.

McGarry didn’t wait for many congratulations.

Accompanied by two physicians, he hurried from the courthouse – and what they did afterward was nobody’s business.

The sensational acquittal was the culmination of one of the most dramatic criminal cases the Middle West has known in years.

The beautiful defendant had known the shame and misery of actual imprisonment, for following her conviction in the first trial, she was locked up for weeks in the Cook County jail. She had escaped being sent immediately to the penitentiary and hard labor, because of the appeal which was pending.

“I knew God would take care of me,” she exclaimed in her cell, on the night when news was brought to her that a new trial had been granted, and that she would be temporarily released on heavy bail.

“I knew that this would happen, for I am innocent, and I felt the Lord would hear my “prayers. I shall be so happy to be out of prison,” she continued at that time, “but I shall be sorry just the same to leave the babies.”

“What babies?” the reporters demanded, “We didn’t know you had any babies.”

The jail matron explained that Mrs. Zalimas had assumed the role of foster-mother to two little babies whose mothers were in the same jail, and ill. One of the babies was three months old, and the other only five weeks.

That the action of Attorney McGarry was unparalleled in dramatic courage, is conceded by his fellow members of the bar. He himself is inclined to make light of it, declaring that he had made a careful study of the effects of arsenic, and was convinced that no matter how ill the poison made him, he was in no actual danger of succumbing. Had he become violently ill, as in apparent danger, the court would have insisted on an emetic or stomach pump, and the demonstration would have injured rather helped his fair client, but he took that chance.

[“Why the Lawyer Ate Poison to Save His Lovely Client – The Desperate and Dramatic Gesture that Startled the Court Room and Won His Case When Every Other Expedient Had Failed.” The Salt Lake Tribune (Ut.), Jun. 13, 1926, p. 2]


For more on this topic, see Chivalry Justice Checklist & Links


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We are the Wrongarians!

We are the Wrongarians – and we are wrong!

Loy Finly, the biggest mangina in the universe, calls The Wrongarians and thanks them for their support against the Patriarchy.


We willfully push against your misogyny.
We recognise your inchoate intellects.
We object to your existence.
We neuter your lies with truth.
We gather as one.
We abhor your motivation.
We rally for all women.
We internalise and oppress the inner-male.
We absolve no men.
We never sit when a woman enters the room.
We sit to wee.



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“In My Own Delusions” (An Australian Cover-Up)

Feminists continue to treat violence by women as a non-existent phenomenon. Feminists use “theories” based on Marxist notions to argue that violent women are victims of an all-powerful  “patriarchy,” and unlike other grown-ups (men), these persons cannot he held responsible for their character and deeds: even when it involves the battery, bludgeoning, hacking, stabbing, poisoning, shooting, maiming, dismembering, torturing of one or many women, girls, boys or men.


In the area of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia posters promoting the treatment of men as human beings with civil rights have garnered hostility by professional feminists, based at Monash University. An organization calling itself the National Union of Students, which has a “Women’s Department” but, apparently, has no Men’s Department, produced a video in response to the posters’ promotion of integrity in examining domestic violence. It is called “In My Own Voice,” and features men holding up signs bearing slogans focusing on violence against adult females, but ignoring violence against girls, boys and adult males. 

The Katherine Mary Knight case – “Extreme domestic violence: Woman has sex, then stabs, skins and beheads husband and cooks his body parts,” by Anna Marshall, Australian News Commentary, 3 July 2006


Excerpt from: NUS Women's Department: The blog of the National Union of Students Women's Department

"The men’s rights movement has come to our Australian universities. Here they call themselves ‘A voice for men’ and use incorrect* statistics to claim, among other things, that domestic violence is half the fault of women.

"If the ‘A voice for men’ group don’t speak for you then speak for yourself! Around Australia male university students are standing up and rejecting false claims about domestic violence and violence against women."

(* Here is a document used a source for these “incorrect” statistics: “References Examining Assaults By Women On Their Spouses Or Male Partners: An Annotated Bibliography,” Martin S. Fiebert, Department of Psychology, California State University, Long Beach Last updated: June 2012)

Here is an article which discusses this controversy: Greg Canning, “Feminist Lies and the suppression of data,” A Voice for Men, Aug. 28, 2012


More pertinent FACTS, by the boatload:
Summary of issues, A Voice for Men


►►►Australia-Related Posts on The Unknown History of MISANDRY (in progress)

Australian Child Care Providers (“Baby Farmers”) who murdered children

1889 Ellen Batts  – Waverly, Australia – 3 babies
1892 – Jane Makin – Sydney, Australia –13 babies died; executed
1894 – Frances Knorr – Brunswick, Australia – from 3 to 13 babies died; executed
1898Margaret Ann Smith – West Perth, Australia – 3 babies
1905 – Mary Bellears & Thomas Barton – Euora, Australia – midwife “wholesale infanticide"
1907 – Alice Mitchell – Perth, Australia – 37 babies died
1908 – Madge Clayton  – Preston, Australia – 6 infants
1913 – Isabella NewmanMelbourne, Australia – 3 babies died

Australian Female Serial Killers

1886 – Harriet Ann StevensWangaratta, Australia; 2 murders & 1 attempt
1888 – Louisa Collins – Botany, Australia – 2 husbands plus 1 child suspected
1894 – Martha NeedleRichmond, Australia – 5 victims (1 survived)
1909 – Ruth Rendell – Perth, Australia – Murdered four step-children; executed
1946 – Marjorie Coleman – Camperdown, Australia – 3 murders suspected
1952 – Yvonne Fletcher – Newton, Australia – (2 husbands)
1952 – Dorothy Hahn – Adelaide, Australia – 3 babies
1953 – Caroline Grills – Gladesville, Australia – murdered 3 women & 1 man
1969 – Barbara Wilkinson – Wahroonga, Australia –  6 babies
1980 – Helen Patricia Moore – Fullwood Place, Claymore, Australia – 3 children died
1986 – Catherine Birnie – Willagee, Australia – with her husband, she murdered 4 women; their fifth escaped, leading to the criminals’ apprehension.
2003 – Kathleen Folbigg  – Mayfield, Australia – 4 own chn (& 2 others?)

► Other Items of Interest

1951 – Jean Lee – “Badger Game” murderess



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Military Mom Kidnaps Son, Denies Father Access to Child, Boyfiend Kills Child, Military Doesn’t Even Inform Military Dad - 2008

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): Uruma, Okinawa — It’s been a year since 8-year-old Jordan Peterson died from injuries allegedly inflicted in a beating by his stepfather at his off-base home in Uruma.

But it was just last week that Jordan’s real dad found out his son was gone.

“You can’t believe my shock,” Damion Peterson said Monday in a telephone interview from his San Antonio home. “All in one day a friend said he had information that the military on Okinawa had investigated the possibility that Jordan was abused. And then I called my ex-mother-in-law to find out about the abuse and she tells me he’s been dead for a year.”

That was April 7. A Google search of his son’s name then brought home the horrible truth.

Peterson’s sister found a series of stories in Stars and Stripes that detailed Jordan’s death and the arrest — and later release — of the boy’s stepfather, Roberto Deleon, by Japanese police who alleged the child was beaten to death.

“My brother was devastated,” Marlo Saenz said. “The divorce was horrible, but he had always hoped to see Jordan again. He was the sweetest little boy.”

Peterson, 32-year-old former airman now living in Texas, said he had been estranged from his ex-wife for four years and she refused to let him have contact with his son during most of that time. He said she left him while they were living in Germany and he lost the ability to have Jordan for the summer visitations spelled out in their divorce decree.

“I was single, living in the dorms,” Peterson said. “I couldn’t keep him with me.”

He said he continued to have child support taken out of his paycheck, but had infrequent phone contact.

“She’d tell me Jordan did not want to talk to me,” he said.

When Peterson transferred back to the States and was discharged, he remarried. He now has a son and a daughter, ages 2 and 1, and was hoping to work out visitation with Jordan when his ex-wife, Staff Sgt. Sabrina Deleon, returned from a three-year tour on Okinawa that began in 2004.

Peterson said the last time he saw his son was just before the boy’s mother left for Okinawa.

In the week that followed the discovery of his son’s death, Peterson and other family members have been busy seeking information about what had happened. He said he called his ex-wife in Maryland — she is now assigned to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware — but the calls turned into arguments and her phone has since been switched to an unlisted number.

Stripes was unable to contact Sabrina Deleon.

Peterson also said he spoke to Roberto Deleon before the number was changed, but he wasn’t sure who he was at first. Peterson had not known that his ex-wife, who had remarried a man named Brown after their divorce, had gotten another divorce and had remarried on Okinawa.

“He yelled and cussed me out,” Peterson said of Roberto Deleon, 26.

~ ‘Through the cracks’ ~

Peterson said a friend who worked on child welfare cases at a base in Texas told him April 7 that he had seen files from the Air Force on Okinawa that showed “multiple abuse and neglect cases filed against [his ex-wife and Roberto Deleon] by the Family Advocacy Clinic on Okinawa.”

“But somehow the military allowed my son to fall through the cracks because they lived off base,” Peterson said.

Citing privacy rules, the Air Force and Department of Defense Dependents Schools officials have repeatedly declined to comment on whether any reports of abuse were made to them prior to Jordan’s death.

One abuse complaint was filed with Japanese authorities in November 2006, when an Okinawan woman found Jordan wandering barefoot and shirtless, dressed only in shorts, a few blocks from his Uruma home. She said the boy was bruised and told her he was running away from home. She took him to a store and bought him some clothes, but he refused to wear them, telling her that his stepfather would not allow him to wear anything new.

The woman, Hisa Uechi, now 23, called the Okinawa prefectural police, who questioned the boy. But he refused to speak and Jordan was handed over to his mother.

 “It seemed neither the Okinawa or military authorities would do anything for him,” Uechi said at the time.

A year later, Jordan’s death still affects her. On April 11, she left flowers outside the house where the boy once lived. Observing the first anniversary of a death is an important Buddhist-influenced Japanese tradition.

“I just wanted to let him know that he is still remembered,” she said.

~ A new family occupies the house. ~

“There was no trace at all that Jordan once lived there,” Uechi said. “It was like his existence was completely and quietly wiped away.”

She said she shed tears of joy when she learned that Jordan’s biological father and his family are seeking justice for the young boy.

After Jordan’s death, the director of the Okinawa Prefectural Department of Health and Welfare admitted her office failed to properly investigate the November 2006 abuse report.

“We should have gone to his home and checked up on him,” the director told Japanese reporters last July. “It might have saved his life.”

Damion Peterson is working to ensure the case does not fall through the cracks again. He has contacted his congressman to look into the matter and has confirmed with the U.S. District Attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Maryland that Jordan’s death is being investigated.

~ Roberto Deleon remains the prime suspect. ~

Deleon was alone with the boy April 11, 2007, when he called his wife and said Jordan had stopped breathing. His wife rushed home with a military ambulance in tow and the child was taken to the U.S. Naval Hospital on Camp Lester, where he was pronounced dead about two hours later.

An autopsy showed he had a massive loss of blood from internal injuries, according to Okinawa police, who arrested Deleon on May 16 on suspicion of causing the injuries that resulted in the boy’s death.

But on June 6, Deleon was released with no charges filed. Hirokazu Urata, the deputy chief prosecutor for Okinawa, said there was not enough evidence to prove Deleon was responsible.

“The autopsy showed he died from the shock of excessive bleeding caused by recent damage to the liver,” Urata said when Deleon was released. “A criminal act was highly probable, but there is insufficient evidence the suspect inflicted the fatal injury.”
The military had no jurisdiction over Deleon, a civilian, and Air Force investigators forwarded their case files to the U.S. Justice Department.

The Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act, passed in 2000, treats as a federal crime any acts committed outside the United States that would have been considered felonies if committed on federal lands in the U.S. The cases can be tried by any federal court.

In a message to Texas Rep. Nick Lampson, Peterson said the autopsy performed at USNH showed Jordan had a lacerated liver “and ruled the case a homicide with the stepfather as the only suspect.”

“I was not even notified of the murder,” Peterson wrote to Lampson. “His mother hid it from me for a whole year...

“She changed her address several times over the years; she has retained at least three different last names in the past three years and refused to keep me updated about my son’s whereabouts, as she was ordered to do per our divorce decree.”

“I paid child support for Jordan until he disappeared into Japan,” Peterson said Monday.

“We tried several times to get a current address. We even sought the help of the Veterans Administration, but we couldn’t locate her and she never called us — not even about the funeral. Finally, I just felt I’d have to wait until Jordan was older and could see me on his own and I could apologize for the lost years and tell him how much I loved him.”

Jordan’s obituary in the local newspaper made no mention of his father, who visited his son’s grave on the one-year anniversary of his death.

Peterson went there with several other family members, including his 2-year-old son, Israel.

“I stayed there for two hours,” he said. “Israel looks so much like the engraving of Jordan on the headstone that I broke down. I didn’t want to leave.”

[David Allen, “Former Airman Shocked To Learn His Son Has Been Dead For A Year,” Pacific Stars & Stripes (Okinawa, Japan), Apr. 16, 2008]


FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 2): Baltimore, Md. – U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett sentenced Roberto E. DeLeon, age 28, of Glen Burnie, Maryland today to 30 years in prison, followed by five years of supervised release, for the murder and assault of his stepson while the family was stationed in Japan. DeLeon was convicted by a federal jury on October 22, 2009.

The sentence was announced by United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein; Brigadier General Dana Simmons, Commander Air Force Office of Special Investigations; and Special Agent in Charge Richard McFeely of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

"Robert DeLeon has been held accountable for the senseless murder of his 8-year-old stepson Jordan Peterson in Japan, where Jordan's mother was serving in the U.S. Air Force," said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein." Although the murder did not occur on a U.S. military base, federal law allows us to prosecute persons who accompany our Armed Forces for crimes committed in foreign countries."

According to the evidence presented at the three week trial, Jordan died on April 11, 2007, as a result of internal bleeding due to a laceration of his liver caused by blunt force trauma to the abdomen. The injury is consistent with a hard punch to the stomach—a type of punishment and discipline DeLeon would inflict upon Jordan, according to trial evidence. Jordan was 8 years old, 3 feet 11 inches, and weighed 52 pounds at the time of his death.

At the time of Jordan's murder, DeLeon was the husband of a member of the U.S. Air Force assigned to Kadena Air Base in Japan. DeLeon had joined her and her two children on a tour of duty. The evidence at trial showed that, very soon after DeLeon moved into the family home, he began to assert disciplinary authority over the children. Jordan, in particular, received the brunt of DeLeon's strict and stern measures.

Evidence of the abuse of Jordan, going back to September 2006, came from testimony provided during the trial by physicians, family advocacy personnel, teachers, and neighbors, who had contact with and observed the injuries to Jordan. At the time of Jordan's death, DeLeon was in counselling with the Family Advocacy Program on base because of the severe punishment he inflicted upon Jordan.

According to evidence presented at trial, after the defendant returned to Japan from a brief visit to the United States in March 2007, DeLeon began a new form of abuse: making the young boy stand with his arms outstretched while DeLeon punched him in the stomach as hard as he could.

Evidence established that the fatal blow to Jordan's abdomen was likely inflicted upon Jordan sometime between the night before and the morning of his death. Later that morning, Jordan complained to his stepfather that his stomach, abdomen, and groin hurt; of blurry vision; dizziness; and an inability to eat. At one point, Jordan was slumped over the sink. Emergency medical personnel arrived at about 12:56 p.m. to find Jordan with no vital signs. Despite the efforts of medical personnel to revive the young boy, doctors pronounced him dead at about 2:00 p.m.

The medical examiner performed the autopsy and testified at trial. The autopsy revealed that in addition to the lacerated liver, there were numerous other injuries to Jordan's body including: deep bruises on the buttocks in caused by a belt or strap, bruising on his thigh, multiple bruises to the chest consistent with forceful finger poking, and bruising on the wrist and forearm, consistent with being grabbed. The bruises on the buttocks inflicted a few days prior were the basis of the assault charge in the indictment.

United States Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein commended Assistant United States Attorneys P. Michael Cunningham and Paul E. Budlow, who prosecuted the case.

[“Husband of U.S. Airman Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for the Murder of His Stepson in Japan, Law Enacted in 2000 Authorizes Prosecution for Overseas Crimes,” United States Attorney's Office, District of Maryland, Press Release, Jan. 6, 2010]


Monday, September 10, 2012

“Gender” Ideology & Its Assault on Liberty Explained

Video: “GWW at 2013 NY Libertarian Convention

The video by Karen Staughan (“GirlWritesWhat”) of a talk given on April 27, 2013, is, in my view, perhaps the finest of all general introductory presentations on the ethos and influence of “gender” ideology. It deserves to be regarded as a canonical educational aid.

In other words it is a “must see.” (“Socialism in panties” is hereby exposed!)

The talk was given at the annual NY Libertarian Party Convention, Rhinecliff Hotel, Rhinecliff, NY.

ALSO SEE: YouTube channel for GirlWritesWhat.


“Feminism is socialism with panties.” – Stefan Molyneux (quoted by Karen Staughan)


Exciting Careers in Serial Widowhood

Here is an article that offers an extended overview of Black Widow Serial Killers, those killer wives you don't hear about as much as you ought to:

Exciting careers in serial widowhood,” by Robert St. Estephe, A Voice for Men, Sep. 10, 2012

Cases collected so far date from the second millennium BC to the present and it includes serial husband-killers from 23 countries: Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia, Czechoslovakia, England, Ethiopia (Abyssinia), France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Maldives, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United States. A sub-category called Champion Black Widow Serial Killers (four or more husband-murders) stands, at the moment, with a count of 22.

SEE: Black Widow List on the sidebar for links to individual cases.


EDITORS NOTE from A Voice for Men: Once again Robert St. Estephe has stepped to the forefront and delivered that most potent of antidotes to the toxic legacy of cultural self deception: The truth, organized and meticulously documented.


Mangina of the Year Nomination: Derek Bedry

Derek Bedry’s qualifications as a candidate for the 2012 Golden Panties Award to be conferred by the Mangina of the Year foundation are demonstrated in:

Mr. the Other, I quit.” by Girl Writes What & John the Other, A Voice for Men, Sep. 16, 2012

AVfM Site News and Derek Bedry busted,” by Paul Elam, A Voice for Men, Sep. 10, 2012

Derek Bedry, of Vancouver British, Columbia, Canada demonstrates his superior abilities in playing the “culturally constructed role” of mangina in these ways:

false accusation by association,
obsessive-compulsive poster scraping,
opposition to human rights,
political correctness
poor beard-grooming


Other contenders nominated so far by AfVM commenters are:

Manboobz (David Futrelle)

Hugo Schwytzer


This post will updated as the nomination season heats up.



Bedwetter Bedry don’ know nuthin’! Whatta wuss.

Dang it fellers, I plum forgot to give a holler ‘bout this little gal who had a real special way with stringin’ of a man for the real good reason that he was a man, an’ doin’ it agin an agin an agin – by the name of Viktoria Rieger.

Now, when you take a look at this story, how are you goin to tell me (an’ the Happy Misgynist, too)  that there is one single MRA out in there in patriarchyland who doesn’t need to know-by-heart the name of Viktoria Rieger?

Git the word out about Rieger – an’ git it out pronto!. Activism means gittin’ active!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

This Is What An “Inherent Victim” Looks Like (Female Violence Exposed)

According to feminist propaganda, men are inherently victimizers and women are inherently victims. This is, in a nutshell, the philosophy of the now dominant and increasingly domineering cult of feminism.

And that is the philosophy that stands behind laws and policies that allow women to. More often that you might think, get away with murder – and assault – and grand larceny – and false witness – and perjury – and child abuse – and extortion – and kidnapping.

Feminists refuse to acknowledge sadism – the pure delight in cruelty – that stands behind much of the violence perpetuated by women. Feminism claims a goal of “equality” but instead promotes an agenda of absolute license for women, excusing those women who are sociopaths with rationalizations of the sort that belong to the deluded egos of those suffering from personality disorders.

“The fraud of feminism,” a phrase that describes the biased philosophy that claims unlimited privilege for the female sex, was coined in 1913, introduced in the shape of a book title by British writer Ernest Belfort Bax, who was, ironically, a Marxist. The now fully institutionalized and extremely well-funded  fraud of feminism continues – and grows in scope and power. In recent decades we have seen the rise of a new form of authoritarianism and inequality that has been dubbed “feminist governance.”

Deluded social engineers who are hopelessly addicted to utopian “social constructionist” theories, who are ignorant of factual history, and who are blind to reality are the “useful idiots,” the verbal storm troopers, who advocate the violent State power that in reality serves the interests of the ruling elite who fund their cynical blindered little careers in “social change” propaganda dissemination.


Violence by women is actively and aggressively covered up, and in some respects even encouraged, by dogmatic ideologues who have, from an early age, been indoctrinated with the Marx-Engels theory of patriarchy (which was based on soon-to-be discredited anthropological research).

They believe that only by destroying the institution of the co-parented natural family that their Utopian dream can be realized. They accept the doctrine that the end justifies the means,” so the lie and lie and lie …. all “for the “good of the collective.”


Here are some select historical quotations from members of the “inherent victim” sex that the gatekeepers do not want you to be aware of:

►Murder of a boy by Mrs. Gades, a mother in a child custody dispute in 1905

“I hated to kill the boy, but I wanted to make his father wretched.”

Belle Gunness of Indiana, pictured above, was the most prolific of the Black Widow Serial Killers who specialized in using “lonely hearts” personals to lure the male victims she would systematically defraud of property, rob, poison and batter with her axe. (1908)

Here is the text of the ad that empowered Belle Gunness used to lure her “heteronormative,” “white privilege,” “”male privilege” victims to their deaths:

“Personal – Comely Widow, who owns a large farm in one of the finest districts in La Porte County, Ind., desires to make the acquaintanceship of gentleman with a view to joining fortunes. No replies by letter will be considered unless the sender is willing to follow an answer with a personal visit.”

Clementine Barnabet, Lafayette, Louisiana serial killer, convicted of 17 murders. The victims were “horribly mutilated.”(1912)

“I killed them all, men, women and babies, and I hugged the babies to my breast. But I am not guilty of murder.”

Cynthia Buffom – Little Valley, N.Y. – killed husband, 2 children, crippled another (1913)

“I loved Ernest Frahm so much more than I did my husband that I would have done anything, everything for him. He told me to kill my husband and poison my children. I did what he told me to do — but it was he, he, he who made me do it.”

Acid attack on a man by Margaret Daig in 1916

“I became furious,” she said. “I remember buying carbolic acid in a drug store and then I hurried around to the Markenfield and  asked for Knudsen. When he came up the hall to see me I dashed the acid in his face.” Mrs. Margaret Daig, twenty-five years old, of  No. 101 West Ninety-seventh Street, not only said she did it, but said she was glad she did it.

Vera Renczi – Bekerekul, Yugoslavia – murdered a husband, a son, and 33 paramours and kept their corpses in storage (1925)

“Why did you kill all these human beings?” asked the judge. “They were men,” she answered. “I could not endure the thought that they would ever put their arms around another woman after they had embraced me.” “But,” the judge stammered, “you also murdered your own son.” “He had threatened to betray me,” said Madame Renczi. “He was a man, too. Soon he would have held another woman in his arms.”

Della Sorenson – Omaha, Nebraska – murdered 8 relatives, including 3 of her own children (1925)

“They bothered me, so I decided to kill them.”

►Murder of a little boy by mother Belle Millman in 1926

A young mother, Belle Millman, in the Bronx, estranged from her husband, lifted her 3-year-old son to the telephone yesterday and had him speak to his father.

“Hello daddy,” the father heard the child say.

“Don’t say ‘Hello, daddy,’” came the mother’s voice. “Say ‘Good-bye, daddy.’”

The child said it and a moment later the husband heard his wife’s voice, distinct and vindictive: “It seems that the only way I can get ahead of you is to kill the child.” The receiver was hung up with a bang.

►Murder of a baby boy by mother Georgette Brucks in 1949

Mrs. Brucks killed her seven-month-old son because she “hated boy babies,” “I didn’t mean to do it,” she cried. “I have an uncontrollable temper and I beat him with my fists. I knew I should have stopped but I couldn’t.”

Sharon Kinne, Missouri serial killer (of 2 men and one woman) and prison escapee: (1964)

“I’ve shot men before and managed to get out of it.”

►Susan Atkins (Charles Manson “Family”) – Los Angeles, California – hippie serial killer who savagely murdered at least 9 persons (and perhaps more than in 20 total), including a pregnant woman (1969)

“Wow. What a trip! I thought, ‘To taste death, and yet give life.’ Have you ever tasted blood? It’s warm and sticky and nice.”

Bradford feminist murder case – Melbourne, Florida (1980)

It was a feminist murder – committed in the heyday of post-1960s women’s lib and involving four adult women and one 13-year-old girl, in a plot led by the wife of targeted optometrist John Bradford. The motive, as expressed by one of the killers, 18-year-old optometry assistant Joyce Cummings: “All we wanted was an all-female lab.” The pre-planned defense was to be a concocted self-defense by a battered wife. The climax of the crime was when Priscilla Bradford ordered her daughter (from a previous marriage) to beat her bloodied, but still-alive step-father with the iron skillet, the iconic feminist weapon, on the head.