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Sante Kimes & Son: Serial Killer Team – USA 1998

3 Murder Victims:

1996 - Syed Bilal Ahmed, murdered by the mother & son together
Mar. 1998 - David Kazdin, murdered by son on orders of his mother
2000 - Irene Silverman, 82, murdered by the mother & son together


Wikipedia: Sante Kimes (born July 24, 1934) is an American felon who has been convicted of two murders, along with robbery, violation of anti-slavery laws, forgery and numerous other crimes. Many of these crimes were committed with assistance of her son Kenneth. The two of them were tried and convicted together for the murder of Irene Silverman, along with 117 other charges. The pair were also suspected but never charged in a third murder in the Bahamas, to which Kenneth has confessed.

According to court records, Kimes was born Sandra Louise Walker in Oklahoma City to a mother of partial Dutch descent and an East Indian father. Her estranged son, Kent Walker, in his book Son of a Grifter has reported from an old acquaintance of his mother that Sante Kimes was the daughter of a respectable family who was unable to cope with the young girl’s aberrant, wild antics; Kimes herself has claimed that her father was a laborer and that her mother was a prostitute who migrated from Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl to Los Angeles, where the young Kimes ran wild in the streets. But Sante Kimes has given numerous, conflicting stories about her origins and numerous other accounts are difficult to confirm, and thus Kent Walker says that his ancestry could be anything from Latino to East Indian to Indigenous American to simply white. She spent the better part of her life fleecing people of money, expensive merchandise, and real estate, either through elaborate con games, arson, forgery, or outright theft.

According to the book Son of a Grifter, she committed insurance fraud on numerous occasions, frequently by committing arson and then collecting for property damage. She delighted in introducing her husband as an ambassador - a ploy that even gained the couple access to a White House reception during the Ford administration. And she sometimes even impersonated Elizabeth Taylor, whom she resembled slightly. He also alleges that she committed many acts of fraud that were not even financially necessary, such as enslaving maids when she could easily afford to pay them and burning down houses she could have easily sold.

She frequently offered young, homeless illegal immigrants housing and employment, then kept them virtual prisoners by threatening to report them to the authorities if they didn’t follow her orders. As a result, she and her second husband, alcoholic motel tycoon Kenneth Kimes, spent years squandering his fortune on lawyers’ fees, defending themselves against charges of slavery. Kimes was eventually arrested in August 1985 and was sentenced by the U.S. District Court to five years in prison for violating federal anti-slavery laws. Her husband took a plea bargain and agreed to complete an alcohol treatment program; Ken, Sr. and their son, Kenny, lived a somewhat normal life until Sante was released from prison in 1989. Ken, Sr. died in 1994.


~ David Kazdin ~

David Kazdin had allowed Kimes to use his name on the deed of a home in Las Vegas that was actually occupied by Kenneth Sr. and Sante Kimes in the 1970s. Several years later, Sante Kimes convinced a notary to forge Kazdin’s signature on an application for a loan of $280,000, with the house as collateral. When Kazdin discovered the forgery and threatened to expose Kimes she ordered him killed. Kenneth Jr. murdered Kazdin by shooting him in the back of the head. According to another accomplice’s later testimony, all three participated in disposing of the evidence. Kazdin’s body was found in a dumpster near Los Angeles airport in March 1998. The murder weapon was never recovered, having been disassembled and dropped into a storm sewer.

~ Irene Silverman ~

In June 1998, with her son Kenny, Kimes perpetrated a scheme whereby she would assume the identity of their landlady, 82-year-old socialite Irene Silverman, and then appropriate ownership of her $7.7 million Manhattan mansion. Despite the fact Silverman’s body was never found, both mother and son were convicted of murder in 2000, in no small part because of the discovery of Kimes’ notebooks detailing the crime and notes written by Silverman, who was extremely suspicious of the pair. During the trial for the Kadzin murder Kenneth Kimes confessed that after his mother had used a stun gun on Silverman, he strangled her, stuffed her corpse into a bag and deposited it in a dumpster in Hoboken, New Jersey.

~ Sayed Bilal Ahmed ~

Kenneth also confessed to murdering a third man, banker Sayed Bilal Ahmed, at his mother’s behest in The Bahamas in 1996, which had been suspected by Bahamian authorities at the time. Kenneth testified that the two acted together to drug Ahmed, drown him in a bathtub, and dump his body offshore, but no charges were ever filed in that case. Sante Kimes denies any involvement or knowledge of the murders, and claims that Kenneth’s confession was solely to avoid the death penalty.

~ Trials ~

Although the Kazdin murder happened first, The Kimes’ were apprehended in New York City and tried first for the Silverman murder. Evidence recovered from their car helped establish the case for trying them on Kazdin’s murder as well.

The Silverman trial was unusual in many aspects, namely the rare combination of a mother/son team and the fact that no body was recovered. Nonetheless, the jury was unanimous in voting to convict them of not only murder but 117 other charges including robbery, burglary, conspiracy, grand larceny, illegal weapons possession, forgery and eavesdropping on their first poll on the subject. The judge also took the unusual step of ordering Kimes not to speak to the media even after the jury had been sequestered as a result of her passing a note to New York Times reporter David Rhode in court. The judge threatened to have Kimes handcuffed during further court appearances if she persisted and restricted her telephone access to calls to her lawyers. The judge contended that Kimes was attempting to influence the jury as they may have seen or heard any such interviews, and that there would be no cross-examination as there would be in court. Kimes had earlier chosen to not take the stand in her own defense after the judge ruled that prosecutors could question her about the previous conviction on slavery charges.

During the sentencing portion of the Silverman trial, Sante Kimes made a prolonged statement to the court blaming the authorities, including their own lawyers, for framing them. She went on to compare their trial to the Salem Witch Trials and claim the prosecutors were guilty of “murdering the Constitution” before the judge told her to be quiet. When the statement was concluded the presiding judge responded that Mrs Kimes was a sociopath and a degenerate and her son was a dupe and “remorseless predator” before imposing the maximum sentence on both of them.

In October 2000, while doing an interview, Kenneth held Court TV reporter Maria Zone hostage by pressing a ballpoint pen into her throat. Zone had interviewed Kimes once before without incident. Kenneth Kimes’ demand was that his mother not be extradited to California, where the two faced the death penalty for the murder of David Kazdin. After four hours of negotiation Kimes removed the pen from Zone’s throat. Negotiators created a distraction which allowed them to quickly remove Zone and wrestle Kimes to the ground.

In March 2001, Kenneth Kimes was extradited to Los Angeles to stand trial for the murder of David Kazdin. Sante Kimes was extradited to Los Angeles in June 2001. During that trial in June 2004, while he was facing the death penalty, Kenneth changed his plea from “not guilty” to “guilty” and implicated his mother in the murder in exchange for a plea deal that his mother not receive the death penalty if convicted. Sante Kimes again made a prolonged statement denying the murders and accusing police and prosecutors of various kinds of misconduct, and was again eventually ordered by the presiding judge to be silent. The sentencing judge in the Kazdin case called Mrs. Kimes “one of the most evil individuals” she had met in her time as a judge.

~ Imprisonment ~

Sante Kimes is currently serving a sentence of 120 years at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in New York. On her prisoner papers, Sante’s projected release date is on March 3, 2119. Additionally, Kimes and her son were each sentenced to life for the death of David Kazdin in California. Kenneth Kimes is currently incarcerated at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in California.

~ In media ~

A 2001 made-for-TV movie, Like Mother, Like Son: The Strange Story of Sante and Kenny Kimes, starred Mary Tyler Moore as Sante Kimes, Gabriel Olds as Kenny, and Jean Stapleton as Silverman. In 2006, another television movie based on a book about the case, A Little Thing Called Murder, starring Judy Davis and Jonathan Jackson, aired on Lifetime. She was also featured in a 2008 episode of the television show Dateline.






For similar cases, see Murder-Coaching Moms


Nancy Staffleback, Serial Killer Family Matriarch – Kansas 1897

FULL TEXT: There may have been more wicked families in Sodom and Gomorrah of old than the Shaffleback family of Galena, Kan., three of whose members have recently been found guilty of murder; but it may be doubted if a more loathsome set of people ever before existed on this continent, either in a state of civilization or savagery, than the moral monsters, the Stafflebacks, who have trafficked in every crime and vice from thievery to butchery, and two of whom, at least, will spend the remainder of their lives in prison. George and Ed Staffleback have been found guilty of murder in the first degree and sentenced to the penitentiary for life, while the mother, hoary in crime as in years – she is now 65 – has been found guilty of murder in the second degree and will no doubt end her years in prison, having received a twenty-five-year sentence.

Nancy Staffleback has led a most remarkable career of crime and has trained her progeny to follow in her footsteps. Of her thirteen children not one has led an upright life, and not one has a trait of character to redeem, even in part, the general coarseness and criminality of their natures. She was born in Allegan County, New York. Her maiden name was Chase and her early years were spent in Wisconsin. Through her mother she inherited a strain of Wyandotte Indian blood, and perhaps this may have had something to do with the natural of her character. When a young girl she met a Swiss, Michael Shaffleback, in Dubuque, Iowa. After some changes they moved to Lawrence County, Missouri, where they settled on a farm. Here they quarreled. The husband was charged by his wife and some of his children with unmentionable crimes, and the husband accused the wife of crimes equally revolting to both moral and natural laws. The result was that the husband left the neighborhood and has not since been heard from. The airing of their family differences in court had the effect of making Lawrence County too hot for Nancy and her brood, and they moved to a place known as Swindle Hill, in the town of Joplin, Jasper County. It was a fit abode for such characters.

Here congregated the degraded of both sexes, women who had forgotten the meaning of decency and men who were practiced in every crime. A man’s life was not safe in the place after dark and policemen never ventured into it singly. Here the Stafflebacks lived several years, the sons practicing thievery and other crimes, for which some of them received sentences In jail, and the girls consorting with the degraded of both sexes.

They committed one murder, at least, here, but the story of this will come later. Ultimately the vile den of the Stafflebacks was raided and two of the sons were sent to the penitentiary.

~ In a Hotbed of Crime. ~

Three years ago the family moved to “Picker’s Point,” an unsavory place on the outskirts of Galena. They took up their abode in a long desert shanty, within a few rods of which were a number of deserted shafts, where some time or other men had prospected for lead or zinc. The place is a hotbed of crime. Scattered around are miserable hovels, the homes of depraved women and men. Here vice reaches a depth that decency dare not attempt to describe. Rough miners, many of them foreigners, frequent the hovels and gamble and drink and swear. Ribald revelry is often interrupted by a fight that ends in murder. Then the shafts, the silent, yawning pits of the ground, are charged with another victim, which they receive into their dark depths never to yield again. If these shafts were to-day made to give up their ghastly tenants fully fifty undiscovered murders would be revealed.

Amid such congenial surroundings the Staffleback family resumed their career of crime. At this time the family consisted of Mother Nance, Ed. George, Mike, Cora, Louisa and Emma. All these were children of the old woman except Cora, who was married to George.

The latter and Ed had a short time before been released from the penitentiary and had joined the family at Picker’s Point.”

And now another man, Charles Wilson, who passed as a husband of Nancy, drifted into the gang. Two girls, Rosa Bayne and Anna McComb, also took up their abode with the Staffleback family. In their different ways these people led their criminal lives, with Mother Nance acting as the evil genius of the gang. Time and again the den in which they lived was raided and one or more was arrested for some petty offense. But the gang took this as a matter of course.

Last June, however, occurred an event that brought the Stafflebacks to grief. This was the murder of a miner, Frank Galbraith. He had gone to the Staffleback house on invitation from Emma, but the old woman had refused him admittance. He returned and then a row began. This is the story of it as given by Anna McComb, who witnessed the affair:

“I heard the row begin and stepped outside and around the corner of the log hut. The old woman grabbed her corn knife and ran Galbraith out of the house. Then Wilson and Ed got their guns and began shooting at Galbraith, who started to run down the road. Wilson fired first, but missed. Then Ed fired, and I could tell that he hit him, for Frank put his hand to his hip and fell. But he got right up again and ran on. He couldn’t run very fast, and Ed ran alongside of him, put his gun to his head and fired. Frank threw his hand up to his head and fell by the side of the road. Ed took the knife the old woman and started to finish Frank by cutting his throat. All this time me and Cora had been running along after them. I grabbed Ed by the arm and begged him not to do it. “Let me alone, or I’ll slit your throat,” he said. Then he turned and cut Galbraith’s throat. The blood spurted out.  The old woman took the knife and wiped it on her apron.

“I felt sick and me and Cora lay down in the weeds so that we could see them and they couldn’t see us. They thought we had gone to the house. I was afraid to look until Cora whispered “They’re pulling his clothes off.” Then I looked. I saw Ed take him by the shoulders, and George took one leg and Wilson the other. They carried him to the old shaft and threw him in.

A month later the body of Galbraith was seen floating at the bottom of the shaft, and an investigation into the crime was Ed, George and Staffleback were arrested, tried and convicted of the murder, and an effort was made to apprehend Wilson, who was also implicated in the killing. Wilson, however, had fled and the authorities are now searching for him.

The arrest of the Stafflebacks led to other horrible disclosures. Released from the fear in which they had of the Stafflebacks, Cora Staffleback (George’s wife) and Rosa Bayne tell stories of murders committed by this family. Two years ago two girls took up their abode in the Staffleback house. One night in a fit of passion Mike Staffleback beat one of them into insensibility and finally death, and lest the other girl should tell of the affair she was beaten to death by Ed Staffleback. The brothers then wrapped the bodies in sheets and threw them down an abandoned shaft.

A short time afterward the brothers, Mike, Ed and George, attacked and killed a peddler who was stopping over night at the house divided his money.

Another murder of which member of the Staffleback family are guilty was that of an old soldier named Rodabaugh. Ed, Mike and a man named Billy Martin, a brother of Mike’s wife made away with him while the Stafflebacks were living in Joplin. He was killed for $35 in pension money which he was known to have on his person.

Still murder the Stafflebacks are believed to have committed while In Joplin is that of a man named Moorhouse. Moorhouse mysteriously disappeared while there, and from conversations held between the Stafflebacks. Cora Staffleback is of the opinion that the man was murdered.

Mike Staffleback is now serving a term in the penitentiary. When he is free he will be arrested for some of the murders in which he took part.

[“Crime Their Trade. - From Petty Thievery To Horrible Murders. - The Infamous Staffleback Family Ran the Gamut - Two of Them Are Under a Life Sentence, While the Mother Is Given Twenty Years. - Moral Monsters.” The Argus (Holbrook, Az.), Nov. 13, 1897, p. 2]



Unnamed Italian Peddlar
Edward’s girlfriend, about 18-years-old, living with the family
Unnamed girl, about 18-years-old, living with the family
Mr. Moorehouse
Mr. Rodabaugh, retired soldier
Frank Galbraith, miner



3 Serial Killer Clans in 19th Century Kansas:
1873 – Kate Bender (“Bloody Benders”) – Cherry Vale, Kansas, USA
1887 – Kate & Kit Kelly (Kelly Family) – No Man’s Land, Kansas, USA
1897 – Nancy Staffleback & 2 sons, Ed, George – Galena, Kansas, USA


To be added:

[“Mrs. Staffleback Died In Prison – The Mistress of the Famous Murder Farm At Galena Succumbs To Pneumonia – In Agony At Her Disgrace – Her Husband And Son, Both In Convict Garb, At Bedside When Death Came – She Was Convicted of a Series of Murders Reminiscent of the Benders and Mrs. Gunness – Abandoned Well Was Full of Corpses.” The Leavenworth Times (Ks.), Mar 11, 1909, p. 1]


For similar cases, see Murder-Coaching Moms


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Lainz Angels of Death: Maria Gruber, Irene Leidolf, Stephanija Mayer, and Waltraud Wagner – Austria 1989

WikipediaLainz Angels of Death: Maria Gruber, Irene Leidolf, Stephanija Mayer, and Waltraud Wagner made up one of the most unusual crime teams in 20th Century Europe. The four Austrian women were nurse's aides at Lainz General Hospital in Vienna who murdered scores of patients between 1983 and 1989. The group killed their victims with overdoses of morphine or by forcing water into the lungs. By 2008, all four of the aides had been released from prison.

Wagner, 23, was the first to kill a patient with an overdose of morphine in 1983. She discovered in the process that she enjoyed playing God and holding the power of life and death in her hands. She recruited Gruber, 19, and Leidolf, 21, and eventually the "house mother" of the group, 43-year-old Stephanija Meyer. Soon they had invented their own murder method: while one held the victim's head and pinched their nose, another would pour water into the victim's mouth until they drowned in their bed. Since elderly patients frequently had fluid in their lungs, it was an unprovable crime. The group killed patients who were feeble, but many were not terminally ill.

Investigators criticized the hospital for meeting them with "a wall of silence" as they attempted to look into a suspicious 1988 death. The aides were caught after a doctor overheard them bragging about their latest murder at a local tavern. In total, they confessed to 49 murders over six years, but may have been responsible for as many as 200. In 1991, Wagner was convicted of 15 murders, 17 attempts, and two counts of assault. She was sentenced to life in prison. Leidolf received a life sentence as well, on conviction of five murders, while Mayer and Gruber received 20 years and 15 years respectively for manslaughter and attempted murder charges.

In 2008, the Justice Ministry in Austria announced that it would release Wagner and Leidolf from prison due to good behavior. Mayer and Gruber had been released several years earlier and had assumed new identities.


In custody, the “death angels” confessed to forty-nine specific murders. Wagner allegedly claiming thirty-nine on her own. “The ones who got on my nerves,” she explained, “were dispatched directly to a free bed with the good Lord.” It was not always simple, she allowed: “Of course the patients resisted, but we were stronger. We could decide whether these old fogies lived or died. Their ticket to God was long overdue in any case.” [Michael Newton, Bad Girls Do It!: An Encyclopedia of Female Murderers, Loompanics Unlimited, 1993,  pp. 8-9]






For more cases, see Sicko Nurses


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Valentina de Andrade, Brazilian Cult Leader & Her Serial Killer Followers - 2003

Valentina de Andrade was never convicted, yet a number of her followers were convicted of serial murder and mutilation of children, crimes committed in accordance with the teachings of the leader of their cult.


FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 3): Valentina de Andrade received her gift of prophecy in 1981. Her neighbors found her talents of clairvoyance and fortune telling remarkable, and she became a trusted seer in the backwater Amazonian town of Altamira. She was also the leader of “Lineamiento Universal Superior” (L.U.S. — Superior Universal Alignment), a group that believed that the end of the world would come in 1986, with extraterrestrial space ships saving only the sect’s followers.

Valentina’s preaching started in 1981 after having received extraterrestrial messages through divine cosmic beings. Valentina embarked upon her mission to spread the information she had received. Her teachings were to be found in her book God, The Big Farce, claiming that God does not exist, that Jesus is an extraterrestrial, and she assumes the mantle of a lofty cosmic entity of “light, love and truth”, which had become incarnate on Earth to perform a mission.

A central pillar to the beliefs of Superior Universal Alignment is that children born after 1981 are a reincarnation of evil and must be expunged. To become a member, one must abandon one’s children and only the true adherents were to avoid the pending destruction of the earth by escaping in a spacecraft.

As with many “apocalypse cults” of the past, the coming and going of the date for the end of the earth left many followers unsettled. Certain core members believed that maybe they had not lived the word to its fullest, that they had proven themselves unworthy. In 1989 the children in and around Altamira started going missing.

19 children disappeared and 5 corpses were found between 1989 and 1993. The children were boys between the ages of 8 and 13, tortured, raped and stabbed to death. The bodies had been mutilated with genitals and vital organs removed. The region was in a panic and the police initiated seven separate investigations. Though several of the children were indigent, making a living as “shoe shine boys” in the town center, the police couldn’t seem to make a connection and the probes went nowhere.

The break came with the escape of 9 year old Wandiclei Pinheiro. Indentifying his captors as influential members of society (the son of a very wealthy local land baron, two physicians, a policeman as well as Valentina herself) the truth sent shockwaves through southern Brazil. The story that unfolded painted a picture of ritualistic human sacrifice and cannibalization with the doctors removing the organs to sell on the black market.

Four of the men were arrested immediately. Valentina escaped custody by fleeing the country. She remained highly mobile for the next decade, spending time in Argentina, Uruguay and at one point even Las Vegas.

The five were eventually collected and put on trial in 2003. Though the other four were convicted and given life sentences, de Andrade once again escaped due to an alibi which placed her out of the area when the murders were committed.

Valentina de Andrade, now 82 [in 2009], continues to live and preach among her flock in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

[By TheAllSeeingISuperior Universal Alignment,” The Cargo Culte,


FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 3): Brasilia, Brazil (Reuters) – A Brazilian sect leader and five others accused of kidnapping boys in a remote Amazon town, cutting off their genitals and sacrificially killing them has gone on trial.

The trial, which comes 11 years after the police investigation began, will be a test of Brazil’s ability to bring justice to isolated areas where the legal system may be under the sway of powerful locals.

It could also help unearth similar killings elsewhere.

“This is a very important case, even if it comes 11 years afterward,” the government’s Human Rights Secretary Nilmario Miranda told Reuters on Wednesday from the court house in the northeastern town of Belem. “We have to celebrate the fact that there is a trial.”

Valentina de Andrade, the suspected leader of a sect known as Superior Universal Alignment, two doctors, two security guards and the son of a businessman in the town of Altamira are charged with murder, attempted murder and torture.

They are accused of attacking five boys, three of whom died and two of whom were mutilated but escaped. The two surviving boys are expected to testify at the trial.

According to the families of the victims, Andrade is said to have been contacted by a medium who told her that boys born after 1981 were possessed by the devil.

A group representing the families says there were many more victims — 19 poor young boys in total aged between 8 and 13 who were horribly tortured or killed between 1989 and 1993. Some had eyes gouged out, wrists slit and sexual organs cut out.

Of the 19 victims, six died, five were never found and the rest escaped, some after being drugged, bound and mutilated.

Legal experts helping the victims’ families have worked for years to bring the suspects to trial. Police dropped many of the cases because of lack of evidence or incompetence, according to Flavio Pachalski, a spokesman for the families.

Saying justice could not be done in remote Altamira, the defence pushed to move the trial to Para state capital Belem, which was granted earlier this year. The trial could go on for weeks.

[“Sect leader on trial in Brazil mutilation murders,” Reuters (reposted by SwissPolitics.org; Murderpedia), Aug. 27, 2003]


FULL TEXT (Article 3 of 3): Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, (Reuters) – A Brazilian court on Friday acquitted the alleged leader of a Satanic sect of the ritual mutilation and killing of boys in a remote Amazon town, officials said.

The decision, by a 6 to 1 jury vote at the end of a 17-days trial in Belem, Para state, caused tumult in the packed courtroom with tears and protests from the victims’ families.

“Valentina de Andrade is acquitted of the charges,” said judge Ronaldo Valle. Andrade, 72, fainted after the judgment and received medical treatment in court.

Andrade’s defense lawyers made no comment but the prosecution said it would appeal against the court’s decision.

Andrade was accused of the murder of three boys and castration of two others in Altamira, 200 kms (125 miles) from Beleme, between 1989 and 1993. She was said to have led the crimes of a sect known as Superior Universal Alignment.

Defense lawyer Arnaldo Busato Filho presented the court documents, including one from Parana state police in southern Brazil, showing that Andrade wasn’t in Altamira when the crimes were committed.

Prosecution evidence in the case included a video of Andrade’s husband receiving a gun as a gift. “It has bullets of gold to kill little vampires,” Andrade was heard saying.

A group representing the victims says Andrade believes she was contacted by a medium who told her boys born after 1981 were possessed by the devil.

Four other defendants have already been sentenced in the case, which started in August, for prison terms of 35 to 77 years. They included two doctors who were involved in the removal of the genitals of several of the boys.

The four are all appealing against their sentences.

The victims’ families say there were 19 victims in all — boys aged between 8 and 13 who were kidnapped, tortured or killed in Altamira. Not all the boys cases were brought to trial this time because of insufficient evidence.

[“Sect leader acquitted in Brazil mutilation case,” Reuters (reposted by Alertnet.org, Dec. 6, 2003]


For more cases of this type, see: Occult Female Serial Killers


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Julia Sijj, Serial Killer of 7 Male Relatives - 1929

FULL TEXT: Buda Pest, December 11. The intense land hunger of simple peasants, who will do anything to obtain a small plot on which to work from dawn to dusk, is stated to be the chief motive of a remarkable series of husband poisonings, for which the trial of sixty women in the villages of Tiszakurt and Nagyrev will begin this week. In most of the cases, after the husband mysteriously died, the widow, having inherited the land, married younger men better able to help in the tilling.

~ Blind Husband “No Use” ~

Julia Sijj, it is alleged, murdered her father, husband, two sons, two brothers, and an uncle in order to get the land. Another, Maria Szule, calmly confessed that she poisoned her war-blinded husband “because he was no use to me. I married a younger man who can help me in the fields.”

~ Poison in Coffins ~

In some instances the exhumation of the husbands’ coffins revealed jars containing arsenic concealed beneath the bodies. The accused women admitted that they bought the poison from a midwife, Marie Fazekas. The police, intending to arrest her, found that Fazekas had forestalled I them and hanged herself.

[“Husbands Poisoned - Land Hunger The Cause - Sixty Women Accused,” The Advertiser (Australia), Dec. 12, 1929, p. 19]


For an overview of the 1929 Tiszakurt and Nagyrev case see:


For more than two dozen similar cases, dating from 1658 to 2011, see the summary list with links see: The Husband-Killing Syndicates


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Survivors of Female Serial Killers

These are the ones who got away – they are ignored survivors whose experience does not fit into the orthodox political narrative of the professional gender ideologues. According to “gender theory” women do not murder. That is a male activity. Women, on the other hand, are not responsible agents – they are “driven to kill.”

Yet the objective study of female aggression does not confirm “gender theory.” It tells an altogether story of women who kill because they like to kill.

This collection includes cases of female serial killers in which one or more victims survived a murder attempt. Some victims sustained severe permanent injuries.

(This post is in progress. Details need to be edited and expanded. In the meantime, the abbreviated notations will remain posted, to be revised gradually. A number of cases have yet to be collated and added.)



1809 – Anna Maria Zwanziger – Oberland, Bavaria (Germany).

She would poison her employers with arsenic, and then nurse them back to health to gain their favour. Zwanziger was executed by a sword in Nuremberg on September 17, 1811.

Survivors: August 25, 1809: Justice Gebhard (employer), Mr. Beck (houseguest), Mr Alberti (houseguest) Johnny Krause (porter), Barbara Waldmann (kitchen maid); Sep. 1, 1809: 5 houseguests; Sep. 3, 1809: Barbara Waldmann (2nd attempt; kitchen maid), another maid, Gebhard baby.

1831 – Gesche Gottfried – Bremen, Germany.

“Gesche Gottfried, lost her life in 1831. She was the last person to be publicly executed in Bremen. Germany's "most successful poisoner" was found guilty of 15 murders and a further 15 attempted murders.” [INA8, Bremen, website]

1834 – Honorine PelloisBas-Val, Orne, France.

The 11-year old murdered two girls, both a little over 2 years old, but failed in her attempts on the life of a 12-year-old boy.

1835 – Fanny (Francis) Billing (with Catherine Frary) – Burnham Market, Norfolk, England.

“She [Billing] had made an attempt to poison her husband about the same time, but he did not take a sufficient quantity, and recovered.” The pair committed four murders, failed in another attempt and were panning another homicide when attested. Both were convicted and executed.

1846 – Joseph & Mary Pimlett - Runcorn, England.

The couple murdered two children and attempted to kill a third.

1848 – Rose Theyre – France Saint-Victoir-La-Coste – 7 murders or attempts.

“Boutaud and the servant Maria were always ill after taking anything prepared by the prisoner, whilst similar things prepared by other persons did them good, a medical man analysed what Mme. Boutaud and Maria had thrown up after taking one of the prisoner’s concoctions, and a considerable quantity of arsenic was then discovered.”

1849 – Mary Anne Geering – Lewes, England.

Richard Geering, husband, died; James Geering, son, died; George Geering, son, died; Benjamin Geering, son, survived.

1851 – Nancy Farrer – Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Nancy Farrer murdered many adults and children using poison. Elisha and Billy Forest recovered from murder attempts.

1858 – Phebe Westlake – Chester, New York, USA –  poison self; 4 & 4 survived.

“After the death of Mrs. Fuller, Phebe remained temporarily at Mr. Charles S. Tuthill’s, where both the brothers perforce brought into the family. Some ten or twelve days ago both the Tuthills and the wife of Mr. Charles S., also a Mrs. Derrick – an Irish woman –   with whose husband Phebe had some difficulty about porterage, were taken sick, with symptoms nearly akin to those of  Mrs. Pulser, little Martha and Mrs. Fuller. They have all been treated on the hypothesis of poison. The brothers Tuthill are out about their business. Mr. Charles S. Tuthill is doing well, and Mrs. Derrick is still dangerously ill.”

1865 – Marie-Françoise Bougaran – Brest & Lesneven, France – “servant girl,” age 15 at time of apprehension. (3 deaths & 2 attempts)

Marie-Françoise Bougaran, a 15-year-old serial killer, invented one of the most ingenious, and perverse, methods, on record. As a house servant she murdered four children under her care and two victims were saved having been removed from her supervision before it was too late. She would force-feed her victims with feces and then, inserting a knife into their throats and cut open a vein, insuring septic infection. Three victims died. Two were saved by removing them from the murderess.

1871 – Agnes Norman – London, England – age 15 at time of apprehension.

Two or three children, a dog, two cats, six or eight birds, and some gold fish, had all fallen victims to Agnes Norman unnatural propensity for killing before she was discovered and arrested,” at the age of 15. One little boy, aged eleven years, testified that one night he awoke by feeling something hurting him, and upon looking up found this delectable young woman, who lived as a servant in the same house, stooping over him with one hand on his mouth, and the other tightly grasping his throat. [edited from linked source]

1871 – Elizabeth Wharton – Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

“My dear husband and child died. I did not know what was the reason of their death; but after mr child’s funeral only a week, I believe, I was taken suddenly ill, and at one time was thought to be dying. I told the doctor I was poisoned the day I was taken sick, and then I suspected she had poisoned my husband and child. I told my brother and all of my husband’s family also, when it occurred, nearly four years ago, but they thought my mind was affected, and told me not to say so; that she might prosecute me, and I could not prove it; but I have never spoken to her since. I was brought from her house and have never had but one opinion, that she poisoned them and killed them, and I barely escaped with my life.”

1873 – Sarah Earhardt – Germantown, Ohio, USA – 4 vics + 3 atts.

“Recently, at Germantown, Ohio, public attention was attracted to the simultaneous poisoning by arsenic of three members of a family named Hanna, while visiting the house of a kinswoman, one Sarah Earhardt. Fortunately the amount administered to each of the intended victims proved insufficient to cause death.”

1874 – Henrietta Weibel (15) – Fresh Farms, The Bronx, N. Y., USA – 1 murder, 1 other attempt, arson.

“The baby was lying asleep when the girl set fire to the bed clothes. Another servant extinguished the flames, but the little child was nearly suffocated.”

1878 – Sallie Hardman (Gibbs) – Enon, Ohio, USA – 2 husbands, plus 1 attempt on a husband.

Sallie’s third husband realized he was being slowly poisoned. He fled home not even bothering to take his tools. “He first came to Springfield, and there remarked to an undertaker that he was in the business of trying to cheat him [the undertaker] out of a job – he was fleeing from his wife, and never intended to return.”

1883 – Emma Stillwell – Waterford, Ohio, USA.

“She next confessed to having been concerned in the three separate attempts to kill her present husband, to secure his life insurance and about $500 he possessed, in which she was to have been aided by her mother and brother Chester.”

1883 – Maria Swanenburg – Leiden, Netherlands – suspected of 90; 27 deaths + 55 survived.

“It was established with certainty that Maria Swanenburg poisoned at least 102 people with arsenic of which 27 died (16 of those were her relatives) between 1880 and 1883. The investigation included more than ninety suspicious deaths. Forty-five of the survivors sustained chronic health problems after ingesting the poison. Swanenburg's motive was the money she would receive either through the victims' insurance or their inheritance. She had secured most of the insurance policies herself. Her first victim was her own mother in 1880; shortly after this, she killed her father too. She was caught when trying to poison the Frankhuizen family by contaminating their gortepag (grits) in December 1883. Her trial began on April 23, 1885. Maria Swanenburg was found guilty of murder of her last three victims and sentenced to live in a correctional facility. She died there in 1915.” [Wikipedia]

1886 – Harriet Ann Stevens – Wangaratta, Australia; 2 murders & 1 attempt (husband who separated due to attempts to poison him).

“Her second husband, from whom she is separated, swore some time back in court, when she summoned him for maintenance, that he had to turn her adrift as she was trying to poison him.”

1888 – Sarah Whiteling – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Sarah Whiteling murdered family members (husband; son, 2; daughter; possibly 5 other of her own children) and poisoned three of her neighbor’s children to create a distraction.

“She's a villain,” said Mrs. Martin, the next door neighbor of Mrs. Whiteling. “Thank the Lord for saving our children from her, though one of my little boys is sick in the country now since he ate candy which was given to him by Mrs. Whiteling. My boy was taken sick at the same time as her Birdie and when her child died Mrs. Whiteling told a neighbor she was surprised that my child was still living. My husband one night caught her giving candy to two of her little ones, who were in a coach on the sidewalk. He was suspicious then and he threw the candy into the street I thought it very strange that she kept feeding our children on candy. When her husband and children died she never cried, and she rocked herself in a chair while the bodies were washed and dressed by kind hearted neighbors. When her first child died so mysteriously I wanted her to have a post-mortem made, but she refused.”

1890 – Julia Higbee – Meade County, Kentucky, USA – 4 children killed by arsenic; 1 survived.

“The first murder was committed on the evening of October 14, and the others followed at intervals of two weeks. During the illness of each child the mother showed a stolid indifference which her friends and physician construed as grief. Each murder was carefully planned and summarily executed. Though every child was attacked with the same symptoms and died with the same cramps which accompany arsenic poisoning, the suspicion of no one was aroused until after the death of the fourth child, when the mother attempted her own life.The woman is twenty-three years of age, and was the mother of five children, the oldest of which was eight years of age. It was only for the sake of the fifth child, and in order to save its life from the inhuman mother, that the husband told his suspicions and suggested a post mortem examination of the children.”

1893 – Lizzie Halliday – Burlingham, NY – 4 in 1893; att 1895; 1906 murders + 4 survived. 

4 survivors of attempted murder: (1) Year? – George Smith, husband #2, attempted murder, poison, survived. (2) Nov. 14, 1893 – Attempted murder by strangling of  Mrs. Beecher, sheriff’s wife. (3) Jun. 27, 1894 – Bites Sheriff Harrison Beecher’s hand, through glove, causing serious infection. (4) Aug. 30, 1895: attempt to strangle Catherine “Kate” Ward, attendant at Matteawan State Asylum.

1894 – Mrs. Julian Butler – Hamburg, Michigan, USA.

An inadvertent poisoning by a female serial killer: “The physician tasted the food prepared by Mrs. Butler and was taken violently ill, the symptoms being burning at the stomach and vomiting. Dr. Smith carried with him some of the food prepared, telling the woman she was suspected of having poisoned the man. The food was sent to Ann Arbor, where a chemical analysis showed the presence of strychnine and arsenic.”

1903 – Caroline Przygodda (Preschgodav – Presegodav) – Allenstein, East Prussia, Germany –  4 husbands died, 1 survived.

In the village of Bobbau, near the Russian frontier, a woman names Przygodda, keeping an inn there, has been arrested on a charge of murder. Sitting at dinner with her husband, she was observed to put a white powder with his food. This excited the husband’s suspicions, especially as it suddenly occurred to him that he was the woman’s fifth husband, and that his four predecessors had all died suddenly.

1904 – Jeanne Bonnaud – Chatain, Haute Vienne Dept, France – 5 children died; 2 children were rescued.

“Two young children named Habrias were found half dead at the bottom of a well in the village of Chatain, and they were only rescued in the nick of time. They said that they had been pushed in by a woman, and from the description they gave Jeanne Bonnaud [18-years-old] was subsequently arrested. She protested her innocence, and accused the children's step-mother of the deed, but later, after making an ineffectual at tempt to escape, she asked to be allowed to make a confession [to the murders of five children].”

1906 – Mary Maher – Dunkitt, County Kilkenny, Ireland – age 11 when discovered (3 murders, 1 attempted murder; suicide).

While her parents were away, Mary made a determined effort to kill her only surviving sister, Maggie, aged 8. Maggie has narrated her terrifying experience in the following statement:— Mary put John out, locked the front door, tied my hands together with bootlaces, and brought me into the bedroom. She then told me to say my prayers. Mary next put gloves on her hands, and told me to make no noise. She knocked me on my back, got on top of me, put one hand on my mouth and another on my neck, and tried to choke me. I could not roar. I next found myself in bed; one of my teeth knocked out, and others loosened the door open and Mary gone. The bootlaces were off my wrists; I was bleeding from my throat.”

1908 – Jeanne Gilbert – St.-Amand-Montrond, France – convicted Jan. 29, 1909; 4 deaths; attempted murder of 4 others.

“She was brought up at the Assize Court at Bourges on Monday, January 25, charged with having poisoned her father, her mother, her mother-in-law, and a cousin, and with attempting to poison five other relatives.”

1908 – Jeanne Weber – Paris, France – estimated murder by strangling from 8-20 children; acquitted twice; multiple trials; suicide in prison; 2 survivors.

“On April 5, 1905, Weber invited two of her sisters-in-law to dinner, remaining home with 10-year-old nephew Maurice while the other women went out shopping. They returned prematurely, to find Maurice gasping on the bed, his throat mottled with bruises, Jeanne standing over him with a crazed expression on her face.” [Michael Newton -Hunting Humans:  An Encyclopedia of Modern Serial Killers]

1909 – Martha Rendell – Perth, Australia – 3 step-children; 2 lived (one was poisoned?)

“[George Morris, 11-years-old] told us that he had run away from home because the woman Martha Rendall had attempted to poison him, and, further, that she had poisoned his two sisters. Olive and Annie, and his brother Arthur with spirits of salts some two years before.” [Note: age of 11 is given in: “Death Of The Morris Children. - The Enquiry. - Evidence By William And George Morris.” Geraldton Express (WA , Australia), Aug. 11, 1909, p. 3]

1911 – Linda Burfield Hazzard – Ollala, Washington, USA.

Dr. Hazzard, who ran a sanitarium, was known as the “Starvation Doctor,” for her radical fasting cure. Hazzard lured the wealthy to her resort and extracted great sums from them. Fifteen victims were starve to death under her “care.”

1911 – Louise Vermilya – Chicago, Illinois, USA

The statement [by Charles Boysen] has cleared up some of the puzzling points, said the Coroner.Boysen told me that he thought that when he went to attend to the burial of Richard T. Smith, at her home, Mrs. Vermilya tried to poison him. He ate ham and eggs and become violently ill. He said the he ate 12 meals at Mrs. Vermilya’s during his acquaintance and that on several of these occasions he was taken ill afterward. He declared he has suspicions that Smith had been poisoned, but he did not have enough evidence to warrant an intervention. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Mo.), Nov. 12, 1911, Part 4, Page 1]

1912 – Olivia Charlotta Larsson – Malmo, Sweden.

After seeking to make arrangements with a curate, Hagbard Isberg, to bury a child named Elisabet. Suspicious about the death the curate arranged to visit the couple. A faint whimper alerted him leading to his discovery of two baby boys behind a locked door of a dustbin. There, in the dark and cold, amongst urine soaked rags and with feces and other filth all around were found two trembling babies. They were near death and were suffering from severe rickets. Each appeared to be only 6 months old but were later discovered to be about 18 months of age.


1912 – Enriqueta Marti – Barcelona, Spain.

“Enriqueta Marti was a kidnapper, child trafficker to sex perverts and a blood-cannibal. There were two survivors: Teresita Guitard Congost and another girl called Angelita; murder was not attempted, yet eventual murder was of the girls probable.”

1912 – Maria Reyes – Mexico City; Mexico.

“Among her murders was one in which she stole a boy sitting on a park bench in the Santa Maria la Ribera marketplace. On another occasion, she child a choked all the while laughing out loud. She once tried to boil a child alive but was interrupted before she had accomplished her deed. Maria Reyes had entered the home of a neighbor family and finding the parents absent, was preparing to toss their child into a large cauldron of boiling water. Police were summoned and arrested her and took the child, but the parents entered the house and threw the boiling water onto the murderess. She was hauled off badly scalded, while a crowd of people threw rocks and spit at the woman.”

1913 – Cynthia Buffom (Buffum) – Little Valley, New York, USA.

“The husband, Willis Buffom, a farmer, and the baby boy, aged four, died first. After their deaths the wife and mother was arrested. Then the little girl died. Two older boys also suffered from arsenic poisoning, and one will be a cripple for life as a result of it.”

1913 – Ida Leckwold – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Mrs. Ida Leckwold confessed to her husband that she had poisoned four of her six children. Mrs. Leckwold, 32 years old, already had confessed to poisoning her son and husband, who recovered.

1917 – Leopoldine Kasparek – Vienna, Austria – murdered 4 women; 12 additional women survived murder attempts; Marie Wurisch who survived, was “half-strangled.”

“All of [Leopoldine Kaparek’s] victims were wealthy elderly women whose confidence she won in some way. Her method was simple enough. After gaining admittance to the apartments of the old ladies she strangled them into insensibility and then ransacked the houses. Ten of her victims recovered, but three were found dead and one died in a hospital.”

1920 – Frau Buchmann – Geneva/Zurich, Switzerland – 2 husbands & 2 “lovers;” attempted to murder 3rd husband.

“A sensational poison trial at Geneva, after two days’ hearing, closed at Zurich, when a handsome Swiss woman named Buchmann, dressed in the latest fashion and wearing expensive jewels, was sentenced to imprisonment for life for poisoning two husbands with arsenic during the last three years, and also attempting to administer arsenic to a prospective third husband. The latter’s suspicions were aroused, and he informed the police, who exhumed the bodies of the two victims. A medical expert stated that he found enough arsenic in the bodies to kill a dozen men.”


1922 – Tillie Klimek (Gbrurek) (& Nellie Sturmer Koulik) – Chicago, Illinois, USA – 5 + 3c, (4 hbs, 9 others, 6 surv).

“Dragged back to life from the very edge of the grave, Joseph Klimek may prove the nemesis that will send his wife, Tillie to the gallows—and, with her, her cousin, Mrs. Nellie Sturmer Koulik.”

“Mrs. Rose Splitt and Miss Stella Grantkoski, told Assistant State’s Attorney William F. McLaughlin how they became deathly ill after eating candy given them by the women.”

1922 – Nellie Sturmer Koulik – Chicago, Illinois, USA.

John Stermer, 22, Nellie’s son, who became ill in 1918 when his father died, but recovered. He declared he thought his mother had poisoned him.

“The husband is suffering from arsenical poisoning and his wife and mother-in-law, Mrs. Mazorka, the latter a sister of Mrs. Nellier Stermer Koulik, have been arrested. Micke says his mother-in-law recently took out insurance on his life without his knowledge.” “Nick Micke, son-in-law of Mrs. Kuizlowski, sister of Mrs. Koulik, and cousin of Mrs. Klimek, whose; life was insured by Mrs. Kuizlowski. Found wandering about streets . stricken with partial paralysis which, physicians say, was caused by arsenic.”

1923 – Elize Potegian – Fresno, California, USA – 3 deaths; Elize’s mother was probably a serial killer of multiple husbands.

“A stepson, George [Gordon, Goorkan] Potegian, who also became ill after eating the stew, testified against Mrs. Potegian at the trial.”

1924 – Annie Hauptrief – San Marcos, Texas, USA – 6 deaths (4 step-children, 2 husbands); 1 husband survived.

“Sympathy for the seemingly grief-stricken widow governed Hauptrief’s actions. He gave her the solace of a home and the comforts of a cheerful fireside. Hauptrief heard of his wife’s confession to killing her first husband only a few days ago, as his condition had been too serious. ‘Annie’s grief at Court’s burial was natural and unassumed, as far as I could tell,’ Hauptrief said. ‘Clad in black, and with her young eyes red from long weeping, my heart was filled with sympathy for her as she became near-hysterical when they begun throwing dirt into the grave.’ At four other funerals the woman was a living picture of a mother overcome with life’s sorrows.”

1924 – Annora Yeoman – Mt. Gilead, Ohio, USA – 2 husb died; 1 husb survived (married 6 times).

Annora Yeoman was convicted of murdering her sixth husband. One of her previous husbands survived a poisoning. One of more of her earlier husbands may have been murdered by her.

1925 – Anna Cunningham – Crown Point, Indiana, USA

Anna Cunningham murdered her husband, three teenage children, and attempted to murder another, who survived but was partially crippled. In her own words: “Something told me to draw in my head and told me I had to get rid of them. I thought that I was going to die and wanted to take them with me. I only poisoned the ones I loved best and I poisoned the ones I like best in turn because I wanted them with me.” She was intending suicide, she claimed.

1925 – Della Sorenson – Dannebrog, Nebraska , USA – Poisoned 9 persons, 2 of whom survived.

Della Sorenson murdered neighbors she was annoyed with. Sometimes she murdered their children to "get even." There were two survivors: baby Lillian Knott, saved by a physician and Bessie Cooper (about 7-y-o).

1925 – Martha Wise – Valley City, Ohio, USA – 3 deaths; + poisoned water, 13 survivors.

Mrs. Martha Wise, whose “funeral complex” resulted in the poisoning of seventeen persons, three of whom died. She confessed to setting fire to ten houses and barns in the neighborhood of her home in a period of a few months before her arrest. Mrs. Wise also said that she had stolen numerous pieces of jewelry from neighbors and relatives. Survivors included Fred Geinke Jr. There were two mass poisonings: Nov. 27, 1924, Thanksgiving evening, several members of the family, poisoned, survived. Dec. 31, 1924, several children of Martha’ Wise’s uncle poisoned but recovered.

1925 – Antoinette Sierri – Nimes, France – nurse; suspected of up to 30 murders.

“One young woman, Mme. Mirman, whom Antoinette had attended, survived her treatment. The accused gave poison to her for an entire year without killing her. She suffered cruelly and will probably continue to do so for the rest of her life. With death-like, face and trembling hands, the unfortunate woman described the details of her treatment by the nurse. 

1926 – Elsie Bible Malinsky – Flora, Illinois, USA.

Elsie Bible Malinsky’s victims: Circa 1908 – Swalbur Cope, first husband (married Nov. 4, 1900, Clay Co., Il.), attempted murder; Before Dec, 1923 – Mrs. Bible, wife of second husband; Dec. 11, 1923 – Havill Bible (married in Clay Co., Il.), second husband, died; Sep. 26, 1926 – Laura May Malinsky, wife of third husband; Flora, Ill.

1928 – Nora Edwards – Poplar Bluff, Missouri, USA

John W. Edwards: “Then one day her daughter, Mildred, who is six was playing around the house and found a little box of white powder behind the piano. My 16-year-old daughter, Mary, looked at the box and saw it was labelled poison. Mildred grabbed the box and took it to her mother who placed it under her apron. Later Mary told me about it. My wife said she found the box on the street and meant to show it to me. Then she threw it into the stove. There was a terrible smell when it burned. Some time later Mary found a bottle containing white powder in my wife’s trunk. I took a little out of the bottle back so nobody would notice the difference. I took the sample to a doctor who informed me it was poison.”

1929 – Maria Kardos (Kordas) – Nagyrev, Hungary.

“The trial of forty alleged poisoners of the little Hungarian hamlets of Mahyrev [sic] and Tizakurt reached its highest point of dramatic interest to day when Maria Kardos was accused of the murder of her own son and husband and the attempted murder of the husband of her friend, Juliana Foldvari, and Juliana Foldvari was charged with poisoning her husband, lover and mother.”

1930 – Kathleen Riefer – Saarbrucken, Rhenish Prussia – age 12 at time of apprehension; 1 murder, several attempts.

“A 12-year-old girl, who has confessed to the killing of a four-year-old infant, and to inflicting savage injuries on four others.”

1931 – Esther Carlson – Los Angeles, California, USA.

“Since their arrest the women [Esther Carlson and Anna Erickson] have ceased to be friends. Mrs. Erickson attributes her present illness to coffee assertedly served to her by Mrs. Calson after they were first questioned by authorities.” They were suspected of collaboration in murders, including the slaying of Erickson’s husband.

1932 – Anna Allas, Mary Chalfa, & Gizella Young – Muhhall, Pa. – 3 chn; insur; others planned; 1 survivor, Stella Chalfa, 22, survived an attack. The motive for the murders was to gain life insurance payment.

“Chief of Police Jesse J. Crawford of Mifflin Township said Mrs. Young confessed that she and Mary Chalfa had planned to kill Stella, Stella’s husband, Joseph, and Mary’s husband, John, for their insurance money.

1934 – Sojka Gjurkic Kasidol, Pozarevac, Serbia 

“After his recovery [from poisoning], Dragoljub Zivotic returned to his wife’s house. After a short while he felt miserable again. One day, when a soup was put before him that tasted strangely bitter, he accused her openly.” The poison had been sold by Sojka Gjurkic.

1934 – Amelia Rivers Webb Wardrop – Coshocton, Ohio, USA

“Climaxing a sensational, year long, inquiry into the strange deaths of a son and a daughter, a grand jury indicted Mrs. Amelia Rivers Webb Wardrop. It listed three counts, two of first degree murder, and a third, charging the administration of poison with intent  to kill to a 21-year-old nephew, Charles Hughes. Crippled from the hips down and hobbling into Prosecutor Russell B. Lyons’ office on crutches, young Hughes a year ago told the story that led to a painstaking investigation, a secret night-time exhumation of the bodies of his cousins, and discovery by a chemist that each contained poison enough to have caused death.”

1935 – Madame Laou – Lugos, Romania – survivor (girl, 13), her father and 2 brothers murdered.

My name is Lydia Savu, she said, I'm thirteen and I wanted to die so as not to be killed by my mother. Because, having removed my father and my two brothers, I felt that my turn had come.”

1935 – Milka Pavlovich – Belovar, Yugoslavia (present-day Croatia) – 16 v (10 surv); sentenced to death.

“It was stated that she had poisoned 16 of her relatives with arsenic, and that six of them had died. The rest, including her husband, recovered after serious illnesses (states the London ‘People’). Her object in poisoning her husband was to be free to marry her lover, and she wanted to kill the others to inherit their possessions.”

1936 – Marie Alexander Becker – Liege, Belgium – 10 wealthy widows (2 husbands, 9 others & 5 survivors).

“After 19 months in prison she was tried and accused of nothing less than the wholesale murder of ten women, one man, and the attempted murder of five other persons.” Five survivors of Marie Becker: 1934 – Hugo Guichner, buyer of Marie's store; May 1935 – Marie Bouille; Jun. 1935 – Marie Flohr; 1936 – Mrs. Dalhem; 1936 – Mrs. Lejeune-Blumein.

1938 – Anna Marie Hahn – Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

“Anna’s husband came forward to inform police that his wife had stolen the prescriptions from Dr. Vos, forged his signature on them, and then ordered the poisons from local druggists, sending her twelve-year-old son to fetch the prescriptions. Phillip Hahn said that Anna had twice tried to insure his life for $25,000 but that he had refused. He himself had been taken ill after that, with the same symptoms as the old men Anna had cared for; somehow he survived. [Jay Robert Nash, Look for the Woman: A Narrative Encyclopedia…, 1981, p. 179]

1938 – Moulay Hassen – Fez, Morocco – kidnap, torture, enslave; 100+ victims; multiple survivors were near starvation.

“When the mass-murder trial of Moulay Hassen green-eyed ex-glamor girl and night club owner, opened in Fez last month, M. Julin, prosecuting, said: – ‘Of the fourteen girls known to have been inmates of this club in the past year, three have disappeared, four are dead, and seven have been tortured so badly that they will be invalids for life. Once a girl entered this haunt she was never seen again outside.’”

1938 – Martha Marek – Vienna, Austria.

Peter Marek, poisoned, saved by doctors.

1939 – Anna Louise Sullivan – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA – 2 + 2 attempts; “Soup Killer”; escape.

“A thin, big-eyed little girl celebrated her twelfth birthday Friday at county general hospital with birthday cake, gifts and a party with 12 other little girl patients. Theresa Sullivan, one of the persons poisoned by her stepmother, Mrs. Anna Louise Sullivan, smiled shyly at nurses and visitors. For five months she has lain in the hospital, recovering slowly. Visiting the party in a wheelchair was her father, Michael Sullivan, thin from his six months struggle against arsenic.”

1943 – Helen Moeller – Berlin, Germany – 5 vics (incl 3 hs) & 5 atts.

“Berlin police have arrested Helen Moeller, 37, and charged her with the poison murders of five persons and the poisoning of five others, the Scandinavian telegraph bureau reported today. The victims included three of her five husbands and two of her children. She reportedly told police that the husbands mistreated her and that she feared the children would inherit alcoholism from their fathers. She was accused of twice attempting to murder her sister, the latter’s son and her present husband.”

1944 – Carmen Matamoros de Tejeda – Panzacola, Tehuantepec Dist, Oaxaca, Mexico.

“Excavation of the flower-covered yard of a home near here proceeded today under the direction of state authorities investigating the reported disappearance of 16 children. Half-hidden among roses, daisies and bougailvillea vines in the yard is the opened grave where police earlier this week found the bodies of two children. In jail at Tiaxcala, the state capital, a few miles away, the occupants of the home, middle-aged Carmen Matamoros de Tejeda and her husband, Angel Tejeda, factory worker, continued under guard to prevent any lynching attempts during investigation of the case.The two were arrested after a 16-year-old girl, Soledad Perez Garcia, told police she had been imprisoned nude in the house and mistreated. She directed police to the grave. Police later disclosed they had reports of 16 missing children.”

1946 – Marjorie Coleman – Camperdown, Australia – lodger survived.

“Constable O’Dea said that after he went to live at Mrs. Coleman’s residence in St. Mary Street, Camperdown, she told him about a man named Bob. She said Bob had done her a dirty trick at one time. He died after an illness, and she suspected he took his life by poisoning. Some months later, continued O’Dea, he asked Mrs. Coleman what she thought Bob died from, and she said pneumonia. She said Bob had left a will in her favour, but she had destroyed it. Witness said that Mrs. Coleman, when she asked why he himself did not make a will, said she did not really want it, but Mrs. O’Dea had not treated him so well and was not deserving of it. He first noticed a change in his health on January 31 last, whilst he was residing at Mrs. Coleman’s house, he continued. In the morning, he said, he had a cup of tea with Mrs. Coleman and Miss Bewhey. After taking the tea he ran out and had violent vomiting attacks. He left for Balmain Police Station, but was too ill for duty and went back to bed. Next morning he had another cup of tea, and was sick again soon afterwards. He resumed work a few days later, but after a day became ill again. He was taken to Balmain Hospital, and remained there about five weeks.”

1946 – Lottie Lockman – Dupont, Indiana, USA. 

Lottie Lockman was suspected in a total of five deaths, was arrested three times, but never convicted. Jun. 1946 – Mamie (Mayme) McConnell, 55, was poisoned with mercury in June 1946. She survived, yet expired in April 14, 1947.

1946 – Lillie Winter (Winters) (Mary) – Fairfield, Illinois, USA – 4 vics; (gd, gs, b ‘21, s, ‘22) susp of 6, acquitted twice?; 1 surv.

Lillie Winter is suspected of three murders beginning with the death of her sister, Lorena Clark, which was subject of an inquest, but no charges were filed. In 1946 she was tried for the murder of her 3-year-old great-grandson, Donald Martin, but was acquitted. In April 1947 relatives Mary Burton & Marjorie Burton (14) were poisoned. Again Lillie Winter faced trial yet was acquitted.

1948 – Irmgard Swinka (aka: Kuschinsky) – Hamm (Berlin), Germany.

“On May 7, 1949, Irmgard Swinka was found guilty of multiple murders and attempted murders and was sentenced to die by hanging. The day before, however, capital punishment had been formally abolished.”

1949 – Clarice Spurlock – Evansville, Indiana; Memphis, Tenn., USA.

Clarice Spurlock was suspected of murdering her parents in two separate poisonings. She was formally charged with arson for setting fire to their garage. She was also suspected of slow-poisoning her husband.

1953 – Caroline Grills – Sydney, Australia.

Deaths: Nov. 1947 – Christina Mickelson (87), step-mother, died; Jan. 1948 – Angelina Thomas (83), a relation of her husband, died; 1948 –  John Lundberg, her husband’s brother-in-law died; 1949 – Mary Anne Mickelson (60), sister in law, died; Survivors: 1951 and 1952 – various family members became ill but survived. 1951 – Eveline Lundberg, survived, blinded Apr. 13, 1953 – Christine Downey (47), attempted murder Apr. 13, 1953 – John Downey, attempted murder.

1952 – Roberta Elder – Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Dorothy Elder also told the court that she had suffered two illnesses with symptoms similar to those incurred by the dead relatives. When asked if Mrs. Elder had been given her any Milk of Magnesia, she replied that she replied that she had “two or three times,” and that “it made me worse.”

1956 – Virginia Jaspers – New Haven, Connecticut, USA – baby sitter, nurse; 3 babies dead; others injured.

“Police said . . . that a 200 pound pediatric nurse had admitted shaking to death three infants because they got on her nerves or refused to take their formulas. “It was all uncontrollable,” Virginia B. Jaspers, 33, told Coroner James J. Corrigan. “I didn’t know why I did it. Children sometimes get on my nerves.” Her lawyer said she would have her examined by a psychiatrist. Miss Jaspers admitted breaking the leg of another infant and inflicting a head injury on a fifth, the coroner said.

1957 – Mary Perkins – Selma, Alabama, USA 

1957 – Rhonda Belle Martin – Montgomery, Alabama, USA – 3+3 children; executed 1957; husband crippled surv.

Claude Carroll Martin, 51 (her fourth husband) – survived poisoning (in coffee), left crippled.

1957 – H. B. Zarin – Riga, Latvia.

“Last April, this ‘Soviet Borgia’ decided that A. Klavin, the woman who looked after the committee’s accounts, knew too much, and she struck again. But this time her attempt to poison A. Klavin failed. She was arrested, tried and sentenced to death.”

1963 – Ekaterini Dimetrea – Naupilon (Nafplio), Greece – 4 + 1 attempt.

“In addition to the quadruple death sentence, she was given the 15-year sentence for attempting to poison a four-year-old girl.”

1964 – Carmen Gonzalez Valenzuela San Francisco del Rincón, Mexico

1968 – Mary Flora Bell (age 11) – Scotswood, England – 2 murders; 2 survivors.

May 11, 1968 – boy (a cousin), 3, “found behind some empty sheds near a pub, bleeding from the head. He was found by Norma Bell and Mary Bell. The boy was a cousin of Mary’s. He had ‘fallen’ off a ledge, landing several feet below. Mary would later admit to having pushed him over the edge.” [Shirly Lynn Scott, “Mary Bell: Portrait of a Killer as a Young Girl”]
May 12, 1968 – 3 girls attacked and choked by Mary and Norma, reported to police, who interviewed Mary but took no action. “Three girls who were playing by the Nursery were attacked by Mary, with Norma nearby. One of the girls said that Mary "put her hands around my neck and squeezed hard. . . . The girl [Mary] took her hands off my neck and she did the same to Susan." The police were soon called. Norma stated that "Mary went to the other girl and said, 'What happens if you choke someone, do they die?' Then Mary put both hands round the girl's throat and squeezed. The girl started to go purple. . . . I then ran off and left Mary. I'm not friends with her now.’” [Shirly Lynn Scott, “Mary Bell: Portrait of a Killer as a Young Girl”]

1975 – Mrs. Emily Stone Conyers – Pamplico, South Carolina, USA – (2 husbands; 3 others who survived).

Mrs. Conyers was arrested March 14 after a five-month investigation requiring the exhumation of three bodies from different Florence cemeteries. The probe began when hospital officials in Charleston notified local officials of an apparently unsuccessful poisoning attempt. Bazen told the court Tuesday he became ill about two months after he and his wife moved into Mrs. Conyer's home. However, he conceded he didn't know who poisoned him.

1978 – Shirley Goude Allen – St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Joe Sinclair, husband, survived rat poison in July 1968.

1979 – Audrey Marie Hilley – Anniston, Alabama, USA.

1979 – Bernardina Maria de las Mercedes Bolla Aponte (“Yiya Murano”) – Murano, Argentina; 3 vics, cyanide; 1 att accused (‘08)

1980 – Helen Patricia Moore – (AKA H. Anderson) – Claymore, Australia – age 18 at time of apprehension. – babysitter, 3 chn + chn surv.

Australian Baby-sitter, Helen Patricia Moore, murdered five children aged from one to seven years, and crippled another, Aaron, aged 2, between Mar. 1, 1979 and Mar. 24, 1980. Moore was only 17 when she began her serial killing career. She was convicted and after serving only 13 years of a “life sentence” was released from prison.

1980 – Laverne O’Bryan – Louisville, Kentucky, USA – l-husb, attempt s-in-l.

“She said Mrs. O’Bryan, who pleaded innocent to all charges, tried to kill her sister-in-law on July 4, 1979, when the woman threatened to tell authorities she suspected John O’Bryan, 37, had been poisoned.”

1982 – Genene Anne Jones – Kerrville, Texas, USA.

Pediatric nurse Genene Anne Jones is suspected of having murdered up to 46 children. “In 1985, Jones was sentenced to 99 years in prison for killing 15-month-old Chelsea McClellan with succinylcholine. Later that year, she was sentenced to a concurrent term of 60 years in prison for nearly killing Rolando Jones with heparin.” [Wikipedia]

1982 – Judith Neelley – Alabama, USA

Judith Ann Neelley took him out into the woods and taunted him before shooting him in the back. “I took a half step to the left and that saved my life,” John Hancock said. “She shot me and left me for dead.” [John Bailey, “Step to the left: Survivor’s tale of the murderous rampage of Judith Ann and Alvin Neelley,” April3, 2016] 

1982 – Pauline Rogers – Louisville, Kentucky, USA (2 husbands, 1 survived).

"Pauline Rogers, 46, of Jefferson County, is charged with the murder of Morris Lee Adams, who died Feb. 15, 1977, and the attempted murder of Luther Rogers on March 1."

1983 – Judias Buenoano – Orlando, Florida, USA.

“Authorities became suspicious years after Goodyear's death when Buenoano's fiance, a Pensacola car dealer named John Gentry, survived a car bomb explosion in 1982. In the months before the attack, Buenoano began feeding Gentry daily doses of what she said was vitamin C. After the pills made Gentry sick, he had them analyzed and they proved to be a poison called paraformaldehyde.” [Michael Griffin, “Chiles Gives 'Black Widow' A Date With The Executioner,” Orlando Sentinel (Fl.), Dec. 10, 1997]

Buenoano slowly poisoned her son, Michael Buenoano, who became crippled, having to wear braces. In 1980, when he was 19,  his mother pushed him off a boat into a lake where he drowned.

1984 – Betty Jo Green – Athens, Georgia, USA.

“A circuit court found the 55-year-old former waitress guilty of two counts of murder on Sept. 30. The charges stemmed from the arsenic poisoning deaths of her husband, Glenn Orman Green, who died in 1978, and her sister-in-law, Grace Blankenship, who died in 1978. She was also found guilty of attempted murder in the poisoning of her fiance, Arthur Self.” Mr. Self became paralyzed from the waist down. She was also suspected of attempting to murder her daughter in 1979.

1984 – Lise Jane Turner – Christchurch, New Zealand – 2 own chn, 1 other child, 3 attempts.

It was the death of an eight-month old boy Lise was babysitting that prompted the police investigation that led to the discovery of the woman’s homicidal career. Following the mysterious deaths of her own two babies, Lise, apparently grief-stricken was able to engage trust and compassion that would have helped her gain access to her later victims and may have allayed suspicions. She repeatedly looked for jobs in childcare, tried to smother two of the babies in her care for “revenge” and killed a 9-month-old child she was babysitting for a neighbor. One of the babies Turner tried to kill was the daughter of one of the wife-swap partners, a woman with whom her husband wanted to run away.

1985 – Betty Lou Beets – Henderson County, Texas, USA.

According to her feminist supporters, all of her marriages were also plagued with sexual abuse and domestic violence. Beets' feminism-inspired claims of domestic violence and sexual abuse occurred well after her conviction and sentence of death. Beets had a criminal history prior to her arrest for murder, including public lewdness, and shooting a former husband in the side of the stomach. Married five times, Beets shot her second husband, Billy York Lane, twice in the back of the head on January 18, 1970, and in 1978, tried to run over her third husband, Ronnie Threlkold, with her car. Both men survived and testified at her trial.

1985 – Terri Rachals – Athens, Georgia, USA.

On April 1, 2003 25-year-old Terri Rachals, a nurse at the intensive care surgical unit at Phoebe Putney Hospital, in Albany, Georgia, who was accused of injecting lethal doses of potassium chloride into six patients, was released after serving her 17-year sentence. Prosecutors charged Rachals with six counts of murder, but at her highly publicized 1986 trial she was found guilty but mentally ill of only one count of aggravated assault. “Her first apparent victim had been 68-year-old Milton Lucas, pronounced dead on October 19, 1985. Next up was Minnie Houck, age 58, lost on November 7. Three days later, 36-year-old Joe Irwin joined the list, and Roger Parker, also 36, died on November 15. Andrew Daniels, age 73, lost his struggle for life on November 24, and he was followed two days later by three-year-old Norris Morgan. Survivors included patients Sam Bentley, George Whiting, Frances Freeman, and Jack Stephens, all of whom had suffered one or more unexplained cardiac arrests in ICU.” [Michael Newton - Hunting Humans: An Encyclopedia of Modern Serial Killers]

1986 – Catherine Birnie – Willagee, WA, Australia

“Seventeen-year-old Kate Moir was abducted at knifepoint after accepting a ride from the Birnies. Moir later stated that she asked them if they intended to kill or rape her, and was informed "we'll only rape you if you're good". She was forced to dance for them, and slept in the couple's bed while handcuffed to David. Moir was their final abductee and the only victim to survive. After abducting her, David held a knife to her throat, and forced her to ring her mother. Moir assured her mother that she had too much to drink and was staying at a friend's house, hoping her mother would catch on the ruse and call the friend, knowing she was not a drinker. She escaped the day after her capture.” [Wikipedia]

1991 – Beverly Allitt – Grantham, England – 13 vic total (4 dead), (3 att m) (7 injured).

“Beverley Gail Allitt (born 4 October 1968) is an English serial killer who was convicted of murdering four children, attempting to murder three other children, and causing grievous bodily harm to a further six children. The crimes were committed over a period of 59 days between February and April 1991 in the children’s ward at Grantham and Kesteven Hospital, Lincolnshire, where Allitt was employed as a State Enrolled Nurse. She administered large doses of insulin to at least two victims and a large air bubble was found in the body of another, but police were unable to establish how all the attacks were carried out. In May 1993, at Nottingham Crown Court, she received 13 life sentences for the crimes. Mr. Justice Latham, sentencing, told Allitt that she was “a serious danger” to others and was unlikely ever to be considered safe enough to be released. She is detained at Rampton Secure Hospital in Nottinghamshire.” [Wikipedia]

1992 – Celeste Carrington – East Palo Alto, California, USA – 2 dead + 1 survived; robberies; death sentence.

“Sentenced to death on Nov 23, 1994 for the murders of a Hispanic man aged 34 on Jan 26, 1992 in San Carlos and a Hispanic woman aged 36 on Mar 11, 1992 in Palo Alto during burglaries. A third robbery victim, shot by Carrington three times, survived and testified against her. Carrington claimed that her lover forced her to commit the crimes so that she could give him money.” [Murderpedia.com]

1992 – Laura Taylor & Heather Matthews + 2 men – Dayton, Ohio, USA.

A group of four people (Marvellous Keene, 19; Heather Matthews, 20; Laura Taylor, 16; Demarcus Smith, 17) committed a series of violent crimes on the weekend in December 1992. Nine people were attacked, leaving five dead and four wounded.

1993 – Marrianne Nölle – Cologne, Germany – nurse serially poisoned 35, 17 of whom survived.

“Nölle was a nurse and between 1984 and 1992 killed patients in her care using Truxal. Police think she killed a total of 17 and attempted 18 other murders, but she was only convicted of seven. She has never confessed to her crimes.” [Wikipedia]

1996 – Kristen Gilbert – Northampton, Massachusetts, USA.

“Kristen Heather Gilbert (born Kristen Heather Strickland, November 13, 1967) is a former nurse and an American serial killer who was convicted for three first-degree murders, one second-degree murder and two attempted murders of patients admitted for care at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Northampton, Massachusetts. She induced cardiac arrest in patients by injecting their intravenous therapy bags with massive doses of epinephrine, an untraceable heart stimulant. She would then respond to the coded emergency, often resuscitating the patients herself.” [Wikipedia]

1994 – Dana Sue Gray – Wildomar, California, USA – 3 w + 1 w surv, Calif, BW; Dorinda Hawkins survived.

Dorinda Hawkins told reporters, "A medical doctor I went to said, 'God let you live to identify her.' I'm sure that's why I survived it." [trutv.com; quoted by Murderpedia.com]

1996 – Ann Green – New York, New York, USA.

“Pediatric nurse Ann Green, who said she killed two of her babies and tried to kill a third because she was depressed after childbirth, was found not guilty of murder and attempted murder September 30, 1988 because of insanity.” [“Nurse Acquitted.” Orlando Sentinel (Fl.), Oct. 1, 1988]

1996 – Della Sutorius – Symmes Township, Ohio, USA (2 husbands; 1 surv.; others threatened).

“According to her sister Donna Hall, Sutorius's approach to men had long been colored by monetary gain: ‘She said you find a wealthy man and, when they die, you’d get their money.’”

“Investigation into the background of Della Sutorius showed that the death of Sutorius, her fifth husband, was not the first time Della Sutorius had been associated with violence. Sutorius's third husband alleged that she had repeatedly threatened to kill him during their marriage; after the couple divorced, she was charged with threatening another man, this time a boyfriend, with a gun. One husband had found knives hidden around the house he shared with her and had been surprised when she told him she "could kill you", while her fourth husband told investigators that she was mentally abusive and he feared her to the point of hiding the bullets to his gun to prevent her from being able to use them.” [Wikipedia]

2001 – Dena Thompson – Cullompton, Devon, England – (1 boyfriend missing; 1 husband murdered; 1 husband survived murder attempt).

Richard Thompson: “The first indication I was dealing with a psychopath was when she hit me with a baseball bat. Up to that point I hadn't a clue. I had no idea what I was dealing with.”

2004 – Jeanine Marie Hannah (alias Miata) – Edinburg, Texas, USA – 3 victims (1 survived), nurse.

2004 – “Hemel Nurse” – Hemel Hempstead, England – 4 victims susp (3 survived), nurse.

2009 – Aino Nykopp-Koski – Helsinki, Finland – conv of 5 + 5 atts; nurse/patients.

“Aino Nykopp-Koski worked in Finland as a nurse and was found guilty of killing five patients and the attempted murder of five more. No motive was established for the murders.” [Wikipedia]

2007 – Stacy Castor – Clay, N.Y., USA – (2 husbands, 1 other (survived) [husb, br, ch?; 2 deaths, 1 survivor, Ashley Wallace]

“In 2009, Stacey Castor (born July 24, 1967) was found guilty of intentionally poisoning her then-husband David Castor with antifreeze in 2005 and attempting to murder her daughter, Ashley Wallace, with crushed pills mixed in with vodka, orange juice, and Sprite in 2007. In addition, she is suspected of having murdered her first husband, Michael Wallace, in 2000; his grave lies next to David Castor’s.” [Wikipedia]

2008 – Helen Golay (& Olga Rutterschmidt) – Santa Monica, California, USA – 3 victims, 2 deaths.

“A third homeless man, Jimmy Covington, 48, testified at trial that he had been approached by Rutterschmidt, who had taken him to Burger King and promised him shelter. He testified that he had moved out after growing suspicious when Golay and Rutterschmidt asked him to sign documents and give his personal details to them. By then, Golay and Rutterschmidt had already filled out one life insurance policy application for him.” [Wikipedia]

2008 – Kimberly Clark Saenz (Kimberly Clark Fowler) – Lufkin, Texas, USA – nurse, conv ’12, 5 deaths & 5 injured, dialysis.

On April 28, 2008, dialysis patients Marva Rhone and Carolyn Risinger each survived an attempt to murder them using bleach. Murder victims: Clara Strange, Thelma Metcalf, Garlin Kelley, Cora Bryant, Opal Few.

2010 – Irina Gaidamachuk – Yekaterinburg, Russia – 17 elderly women 61-86; 1 surv.

“Mother of two Irina Gaidamachuk dubbed 'Satan in a Skirt', posed as a social worker to gain entry to the flats of her victims. After securing their trust, the 41-year-old killed them by smashing their skulls with a hammer or an axe. Then she robbed her victims, who were between 61- and 89-years-old, for the small  amounts of cash in their purses. Only one pensioner managed to escape, giving police the vital clue that the granny killer was a woman. [Will Stewart, “Russia's worst woman serial killer dubbed 'Satan in a Skirt' after murdering 17 pensioners in eight year reign of terror,” DailyMail (London, England),  Jun. 5, 2012] Gaidamachuk was charged with 17 murders although estimates of the total number of murders range from 61 to 86.


2012 – Melissa Friederich (Weeks) – Nova Scotia, Canada (& USA) –1 h conv, 1 susp, 2 atts; con of theft from viv BW

Alex Strategos: “While I was in the hospital one time, I was very weak and she brought two of my neighbours over to get a power of attorney signed, which I did, and that’s how she got all of my money,” he said, adding the amount was $18,000. He said the bank reimbursed him later. [Jane Taber, “How a smitten man came face to face with the ‘Internet Black Widow,’” The Globe and Mail (Canada), Oct. 2, 2012]

Fred Weeks: “She just wanted to know if I was lonesome the same as she was,“ “Yeah, she was very nice to talk to,” said Weeks. “She had a little religion in there, she was talking like she was always religious. That was the first lie.”
“Just exactly what she did,” he said, “she was trying to kill me … there’s no doubt in my mind.” “I think she’s a wicked woman … she’s not safe with any man, and she will do it again. That’s my opinion.”


2013 – Joanna Dennehy – Bifield, England – stabbed 5 men on three different days, 2 survived.

Robin Bereza, 63, attacked at Hereford on April 2, 2013; survivor of female serial killer Joanna Dennehy Apr. 2 – Robin Berez, 63, Hereford, survived

EXCERPT: “I felt a blow to my right shoulder. I turned around and saw this lady, she just stared straight through me. I saw the lady with that thing in her hands, I didn’t know what it was. I got worried then, frightened. I said: ‘what are you doing?’ She said ‘I’m hurting you, I’m going to f****** kill you’. I kicked her and made contact. It had no impact on her, she just came straight towards me.  “I ran into the road. I put my hand to my jacket and saw all this blood.  She tried to come for me again, I kicked her again. She still didn’t react.” [James Edgar, “Dog-walker relives terrifying knife attack at hands of female serial killer Joanna Dennehy,” The Telegraph (London, England), 17 Jan 2014]

John Rogers recalls taking his dog for a walk on April 2 last year. He turned into a footpath at the town’s Golden Post area and had taken only a few steps when he felt a hard punch in his lower back. He said: “When I turned around she had got a knife in her left hand. “When I turned around she started stabbing me in my chest.” Peter Wright QC, prosecuting, said at this point Mr Rogers asked “what the fuck was that for, what’s all this about”. Mr Wright said: “Among the things she said was she made reference to the fact you were bleeding and she had better do some more.” [Natalie Evans, Vicky Smith, “Joanna Dennehy: Live updates as trial hears from one of men serial killer tried to murder,” Mirror (London, England), Jan 17, 2014]

2013 – Patricia DagornFréjus, France

Lonely Hearts serial killer who preyed upon elderly men - multiple victims of whom two died.


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