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3 Notable Husband Killers 1909-1939

“Women are not violent.”

“Women only kill husbands in self-defense. ”

Ideologues of the fallacious social constructivist theory – really just an a priori dogma -- promote the utterly false notion that women do not commit physically brutal crimes, that the do not initiate violence, and that women’s violence when it does come about is the result of excusable “stressors” or some hard-to-prove “mental illness,” frequently of a “temporary” nature.

The fact is that very little serious study about female aggression has ever been undertaken. There are several reasons for this, including chivalry, female scholars’ fallacious gynocentric theories, and the broader “patriarchy theory” ideology that stands above modern feminism and which is not specifiically pro-female, but is rather an authoritarian philosophy that rejects due process and individual rights in favor of a utopian vision as delineated by Cultural Marxism.

The good news is that a new generation of female criminologists is coming out of the university system that includes women who – unlike their male counterparts – have the courage to reject the fallacious feminist and marxist theories of their elders and who are devoted to uncovering objective truth.

The following three cases serve as a brief anecdotal reminder that the propaganda endlessly repeated by the corrupt and profitable Domestic Violence industry has lulled us into a stupor with its wildly distorted claims, its fallacious cult-like ideological stance and its cooked statistics.


Case 1: Mary Miller - 1909

FULL TEXT: Believing her husband unfaithful. Mary Miller, of Milton, at an early hour Monday morning murdered her husband while he was asleep, by disembowling him with a razor. Miller had been out late and his wife being insane with jealousy, entered his room soon after he retired and committed the deed.

Mrs. Miller was arrested and was sent to Huntington jail. The remains of the murdered man were also sent there for burial.

[“Slays Husband – Woman Disembowels Him With Razor as He Was Sleeping.” The Raleigh Herald (W. Va.), Feb. 11, 1909, p. 1]


Case 2: Vera Witte - 1931

FULL TEXT: Freeport, Ill., June 10 – Mrs. Vera Witte, was held to the grand jury today on a charge of murder for the killing of her husband, William, yesterday shortly after she lost a suit for separate maintenance.

She at first showed no sign of regret but today is on the verge of breakdown. It is expected that a defense of insanity will be made, as the woman was previously treated at Waterdown asylum.

Freeport, Ill., June 10 – Mrs. Vera Witte, age 30, shot her husband, William, age 55, near the county building here yesterday afternoon following the announcement of the failure of her suit for separate maintenance with a .32 caliber revolver that her husband had given her for Christmas to protect herself with when he was away at night on his railroad run.

Following the third shot, fired while the victim was on the sidewalk, Mrs. Witte handed the smoking revolver to Robert Stewart, former Stephenson county sheriff, who ran towards her, and surrendered with a calm remark of “I’ve shot my husband.” She walked with him across the street without protest where Chief of Police Adam Wilkey, took her into custody and formally charged her with the murder of her husband which may send her to the electric chair.

Shortly after their marriage in May 1930 the bride objected to visits of his two full-grown children of a previous marriage. it is said that they had considerable strife and which is regarded as one of the most cold-blooded crimes in the history of the county.

She was detained briefly in the city jail and later placed in the county jail where she shows no remorse or emotion. Only once did she sob and ask “Is he really dead?” shortly after the shooting. She was formerly married to Ralph Amoth and she is said to have shot at him in Minneapolis during a quarrel. Some months ago, on the claim she was deranged, she was sent away for mental treatment and had but recently returned.

[“May Ask Chair For Freeport Woman Slayer – Mrs. Vera Witte Kills Husband With Revolver Near Courthouse In Stephenson County Seat After Petition For Separate Maintenance Refused.” Belvidere Daily Republican (Il.), Jun. 10, 1931, p. 8]


FULL TEXT: Freeport, Ill, Dec. 4 – A jury after three hours deliberation today convicted Mrs. Vera Witte, of murdering her husband and fixed her punishment at life imprisonment.

The state charged that Mrs. Witte shot her husband, William, 53, to death in a fit of rage June 9 shortly after Judge William J. Emerson had denied her separate mainteance.

Judge Harry L. Heer said he would hear motions for a new trial next week and would pass formal sentence then, if the motion is denied.

The verdict was read before a crowded courtroom. Mrs Witte swooned and had to assisted to the county jail by deputy sheriffs, whose wives put her to bed. They reported she appeared stunned and said nothing, staring vacantly at the ceiling.

Witnesses told police that Mrs. Witte had followed her husband from the courthouse, took a pistol from a pocket in her auto and shot him once in the heart and twice in the head.

[“Husband Killer Convicted Will Get Life Term Mrs. Vera Witte Has To Be Assisted To Jail,” Jacksonville Daily Journal (Il.), Dec. 5, 1931, p. 1]


Case 3: Patricia Holbrook - 1938

FULL TEXT: Benton Harbor, Mich, Oct. 17. –  Mrs. Patricia Holbrook, 34, shot and killed her husband, William, 42, former assistant prosecuting attorney, in front of the Benton Harbor police station early today, two minutes after she had been released from custody. Holbrook had asked police a few minutes before to “hold her awhile so she can’t bother me.”

Special Policeman Pugh witnessed the shooting. He and another officer seized Mrs. Holbrook and took her back into the station.

She refused to answer questions. “My mind was a blank,” she said.

Desk Sergeant Eugene Murphy, alone in the station at the time of the shooting, said Holbrook and his wife had quarreled at their home until early today over a visit Holbrook had made to his former wife and their two sons.

“Holbrook left intending to go to a hotel,” Murphy said. His wife followed him and he came here. He was telling me about the quarrel when she came in.”

About two minutes after Holbrook had gone, Murphy told Mrs. Holbrook she could leave.

She hurried out of the station, caught up with her husband, drew a small, four-shot Derringer from her handbag and fired two shots, hitting him in the shoulder. Then she fired two more shots, both of which struck him in the head.

Pugh was nearby. He ran up to her and grabbed the gun. She was held on an open charge pending the decision of the city prosecutor as to the charge to be filed against her.

Holbrook had been practicing law here at Kalamazoo, Mich., since 1933. Before then he was assistant prosecutor of Berrien County under his brother, Harvey.

[“Slaying Husband After Leaving Police Station – Lawyer Shot Dead By Jealous Wife On Street of Benton Harbor, Michigan,” Mount Carmel Item (Pa.), Oct. 17, 1938, p. 1]

Female Serial Killers & Dismemberment of Victims


1200 – Ta-Ki – China

When a female rival appeared on the scene she had her killed and sent the body, cut into pieces, to the murdered woman's father, whom she also caused to be assassinated.

316 BC – Queen Olympias – Macedonia

Proxy violence (murders by command) committed with excessive cruelty against female rival and her child as well as hundreds of others.

1868 – Ann Gaillard Delpech – Montauban, France

“Her baby farming consisted in drowning the little darlings in a basin of water, then cutting them up into morsels in her lap, and burying the remains in her kitchen under the stairs, or in the water-closet.”

Trial testimony:

Judge: “How did you kill these wretched infants?”
Delpech: “I was not a free agent.”
Judge: “These children were found after they had been dead two or three days?”
Delpech: “Yes, sir; I kept one for two or three days at the foot of my bed!”
Judge: “You killed them by putting their heads in a pail of water. Is it not so?”
Delpech: “Yes sir.”

She chopped up one child.

The judge then asks, “You suffocated another?”
Delpech: “Comme l’autre; mon Dieu, oui.” (“Yes; exactly the same as the others.”)
Judge: “And you buried it under the staircase?”
Delpech: “Yes; dug a hole with a shovel.” Here she roared with laughter.
Judge: “And the third, child ?”
Delpech: “Oh; always the same operation.”

1871 – “Dahr-al-Ahmur Serial Killer” – Dahr-al-Ahmur, Lebanon

kidnapped, poisoned and cut up 8 children to get even with a “rival in love”

1879 – Marie Bleirs – Vienna, Austria

Passage which describes the most shocking of Marie Bleirs’ crimes: “And the crippled boy – who was he? Her own child by Louis Lemberg. In a moment of horrible passion she severed the limbs of the infant at the joints, and then gave him to a miserable hag to extort charity. Afterward the idea seized her that she would like him to repose with the rest, and so she took him to her dwelling and would have ended his fate but for the timely intervention of the domestic.”

1879 – Annie Tooke – Exeter, England

Annie Tooke, a middle-aged widow, was executed on 11th August, within Exeter Gaol, for the murder of an illegitimate child which had been put with her to nurse, the first smothered the child, and then chopped the body in pieces, and threw the remains into a mill stream.

1895 – Anna Bell ("Annabell") – Fairfield County, South Carolina, USA

At the age of 11 she murdered a baby. At the age of 14 she murdered and dismembered another then tortured a 6-year-old boy in an effort to force him to confess to the crime she had committed.

1905 – “Dubovo Vivisection Ogresses” – Dubovo,Ukraine (Russian Empire)

Two women kidnapped and murdered seven children for the purpose of dissecting them for scientific research.

1908 – Belle Gunness – LaPorte, Indiana, USA

“The large farm which served as a bait to thrifty Scandinavian wooers was death chamber and cemetery to all of them. In her house Mrs. Gunness had a soundproof, double-walled room, bars on the windows, heavy locks on the door. Here, the victims were chloroformed and given strychnine. If they rang too stubbornly to life they were dismembered with a hatchet. The farmyard was one huge cemetery. Underneath the cemented floor of the cellar was a tomb full of assorted bones.”

1908 – “Shui Hing Black Widow Serial Killer” – Shui Hing prefecture, China.

“After the floods had partially subsided, a posse of soldiers went to a farm occupied by a supposed widow. Whilst trying to save this woman’s household effects they unearthed, below a broken-down matshed, eight coffins which contained headless, and in some cases, mutilated bodies of supposed males.”

1908 – Jeanne Weber – Paris, France

Jeanne Weber cut out the tongue of one of the many children she murdered, a 7-year-old boy.

1911 – Clementine Barnabet (Barnebet) – Lafayette, Louisiana, USA.

Human sacrifice cult – “Usually the head of the family would be marked for slaughter and every person found in the house when the members of the cult descended upon it would be killed. All the victims were horribly mutilated. Heads and limbs would be separated from the torsos and strewn all over the house. From the Barnabet woman’s story it is evident that whenever every spark of life in the cottage had been extinguished and the degenerates had completed their work of dismemberment the slayers participated in a ‘sacrificial ceremony.’” [“Forty Murders Charged To Her - Negro Fiend Makes Startling Confession. - Admits Killing 17 Persons - Fanatic Says She Sought in This Way to Gain Immortality. – Heads ‘Church of Sacrifice,’” The Hartford Herald (Ky.), Apr. 10, 1912, p. 2]

Clementine, testifying in court, “told how the four pickininnies on the floor started to cry out and how with stealthy tread she approached their trundle beds and swing her ax killed two with one blow and then lay about her with quick swings hacking the bodies of the two remaining children until they were scattered in bits about the room.” [“Creole Tells Of Murdering Ten - Eighteen-Year-Old-Girl Admits Splitting Open Victims Heads With An Axe - Laughs While Relating Acts - Confessed Criminal Declares She Slew Because People Refused to Obey Message From God - Alleged Utterings of Voodoo Doctor.” The Mahoning Dispatch (Canfield, Oh.), Dec. 1, 1911, p. 2]

1925 – Anna Dvoracek – Trebic (Trebitsch), Moldavia (Czech)

1928 – Axenia Varlan (Maria Varlane) – Fundul Galbenei, Hîncesti District, Moldova

Axenia Varlan murdered at least nine persons. When police searched her premises human ears and other human remains were found. She confessed to have cut them off the corpses of her victims, to keep them as "memories." Over a period of  four years she murdered and then cut into pieces her four children, her mother, her father, her mother-in-law, her brother-in-law and a sister of the latter. At her trial psychiatrists declared her a classic sadist.

1938 – Moulay Hassen – Fez, Morocco.

Hassen, once a famous dancer became a madame for prostitutes, kidnapped, tortured and serially murdered many young women (as well as boys). She was discovered to be a serial killer following the discovery of dismembered body parts of one of her victims. She fed human flesh to her cats. She was convicted and sentenced to death, but due to her powerful political connections she was freed to continue her criminal career. Convicted of new crimes she was sentenced to only 15 years in prison.

1938 – Mary Eleanor Smith – Pocatello, Iowa, USA.

“By a ruse, Deputy Prosecutor John Schermer of King county said, investigators extracted from Mrs. Mary Eleanor Smith a gruesome tale of hew her son, Earl Decastro Mayer, hammered to death James Eugene Bassett of Annapolis, in Seattle ten years ago, dismembered his body and hid it in scattered, secluded spots.”

1941 – Felícitas Sánchez Aguillón (Sanchez Neyra) – Mexico City, Mexico.

Felícitas Sánchez Aguillón or Sánchez Neyra (1890 - June 16, 1941) was a Mexican nurse, midwife, baby farmer and serial killer, active during the 1930s in Mexico City, who killed babies in her care. It is estimated that Felícitas murdered children in numbers ranging from between 40 and nearly a hundred. Her victims were aged from newborn to three years old. Typically she would poison or strangle the children, according to some reports sometimes she would dismember a child while still living. Felícitas was given various sobriquets by the Mexican press, such as "The Ogress of Colonia Roma", "The Female Ripper of Colonia Roma" and "The Human Crusher of little angels." 

1948 – Josefa Idler – Berlin, Germany.

"In 1936, the woman was arrested when the body of her second husband was found cut to pieces and sewed up in a sack a few hundred yards from her home."

1980 – Carol M. Bundy – Los Angeles, California, USA

1989 – Sara María Aldrete – Matamoros, Mexico.

“Victims’ body parts were cooked in a large pot called a nganga.

1992 – Karla Homolka (with Paula Homolka) – St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

“Two days after Leslie’s [Mahaffy] death Paul and Karla dismembered the teenager’s body. She would deny taking part in this – but she had attended animal autopsies [as a veterinary assistant] and knew how to cut up a cadaver. Karla had written to a friend saying  how ‘neat’ it was to amputate puppies’ tails without anaesthetic and she later cut up their pet iguana after Paul had killed it and ate it with him and her friends. One or both of the couple cut up Leslie’s corpse with an electric saw, then put each section into a box which Paul filled with concrete. The hair was sticking out of the concrete block containing the head so he painted it black to make it less conspicuous. [Carol Ann Davis, Women Who Kill: Profiles of Female Serial Killers, London: 2001, p. 211]

1996 – Astini – Sutabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

“Astini’s first victim, Rahayu, was killed in 1992 and the second, Sri Astuti Wijaya, in 1993. Astini mutilated their bodies and dumped them in separate places.”

1998 – Alma Cleotilde Grand Perez – Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

2001 – Anjanabi Gavit – Pune, Maharashtra, India.

2002 – Karen Lee Huster – Canoga Park, California, USA.

She is suspected of 3 murders. She shot her 9-year-old daughter in the head and threw parts of it into the Pacific Ocean from a boat chartered for whale watching.

“Preliminary autopsy results on body parts found in Huster’s San Fernando Valley apartment failed to determine a cause of death or the identity of the victim.” [AP, “No murder charges against woman with remains in freezer,” The Berkekey Daily Planet (Ca.), Nov. 15, 2000]

2012 – Miyoko Sumida – Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Wikipedia states that in what has been called the Amagasaki Serial Murder Incident “several family households were tortured continuously for more than 25 years. These crimes were committed mainly in Amagasaki, and also in six prefectures, Hyogo, Kochi, Kagawa, Okayama, Shiga and Kyoto. Many people were abused and imprisoned; at least 8 people were killed.” Two of the recovered corpses, those of Jiro Hashimoto, 54-year-old man, and Kazuko Oe, a 66-year-old woman, were then dismembered and placed in large metal drums, which were filled with concrete.

2014 – Pornchanok Chaiyapa – Thailand – 2 victims only (second was dismembered).

2015 – Elena Lobacheva – Moscow, Russia.

2015 – Tamara Samsonova – St. Petersburg, Russia.

2016 – Kelly Marie Cochran – Hobart, Indiana; Michigan, USA

2016 – Juana “La Peque Sicaria” – Baja California, Mexico.

2018 – Flor Cazarín González – Chihuahua, Mexico.

2019 – "La Diabla of Medillin" – Medellin, Colombia



1610 – Elizabeth Bathory – Hungary – sadistically murdered a large number of girls, perhaps hundreds, torturing them and biting off parts of their bodies. The legend that she bathed in the blood to preserve her youth is false. The reality of the “Blood Countess’s” perversions was much worse than the legend. (Serial Killer).

1850 – Canadian Indian Cannibal Serial Killer – Her victims included two men, two women, three boys, and four girls, and she subsisted for some time upon their flesh. (Serial Killer).

1856 – Elizabeth Cahy – Hobarton, Australia – attacked a woman, chewing off a portion of her brow.
1892 – Miss Akkerman – Bessarabia (Moldova) – house guest who murdered two of her hosts’ children, and was caught eating the corpse of one of them.

1893 – Ann Bennett – Croydon, England – liked to attack women, biting pieces off of them.

1892 – “Chihuaha Cannibal Female Serial Killer” – Chihuaha, Mexico – kidnapped children and ate them. The locals’ punishment of her was a weird one. (Serial Killer).

1903 – “Cairo Cannibal Female Serial Killer” – Cairo, Egypt – kidnapped, murdered, cooked and ate numerous children. (Serial Killer)

1909 – Ivanova & Olda Tamarin – Kurdla, Estonia – mother and 17-year old daughter; leaders of a large gang; daughter lured victims to the Tamarin home where they were robbed and murdered and cannibalized. 27 corpses were found. (Serial Killer).

1910 – Esteis Liberis – Barahona, Haiti – voodoo practitioner who ritually sacrificed and ate children. (Serial Killer)

1912 – Enriqueta Marti – Barcelona, Spain – grabbed street children, hired them out to pedophiles and murdered them, cooking their corpses to make “love potions.” (Serial Killer).

1941 – Leonarda Cianciulli – Reggio Emilia, Italy – murdered and cooked 3 women, making cakes and soaps from their flesh. (Serial Killer).

Mrs. Cianciulli claimed the power to foretell the future, to hypnotise people, and police believe that her three known victims were so influenced by her as a clairvoyant that she was able to lure them to her neatly kept house, where she murdered them and cut each of their bodies into nine separate sections.

1963 – Magdalena Solis – Villagran, Mexico

“The high point of the assembly was drinking of their victims’ blood mixed with chicken blood in sacrificial goblets. One ritual, consisting of a beating, burning, and machete hacking, was witnessed by an outsider who happened upon the scene.”

1981 – Anna Zimmerman – Germany – murdered boyfriend, cut him into pieces, stored in freezer and cooked them to serve to her children.

1983 – Philippa Mdluli – Swaziland – cannibal chef.

1985 – Medina Sakirova – Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia (Soviet Union)

1991 – Omaima Aree Nelson – Costa Mesa, California – murdered, cooked and ate husband, boasting of her recipes.

1993 – Carolyn Gloria Blanton; legally changed name to Jane Lynn Woodry – Alamosa, Colorado – Blanton shot boyfriend Peter Michael Greene four times with a revolver, dismembered his body, wrapped his torso in a blanket, and stored it in a closet in his home, but took the legs home to her kitchen. She took Bite-sized chunks from his legs and cooked a stew with them.

1995 – Filita Mashilipa – Zambia – prosecuted as a witch who killed and ate six of her own children in order to gain magical powers (Serial Killer).
1996 – Lyudmila Spesivtsev – Novosibirsk, Siberia – with son, Sasha, killed an estimated 32 teenage girls, who were raped by the son and cut up and cooked by the mother.

1997 – Agnes Pandy – Brussels, Belgium – with serial killer father, Andras, murdered and ate women  – (Serial Killer).

2000 – Katherine Mary Knight – Aberdeen, NSW, Australia – a woman who had a long history of violence who murdered her husband, dismembered his corpse and cooked portions to be served in a diabolical ritual meal to his unwitting children.

2002 – Valentina Dolbilina  – Manturovo, Russia – with her husband murdered a woman, cooked and ate her.

2002 – “Zhytomyr Cannibal Female Serial Killer” – Zhytomyr, Ukraine – 3 men and a woman were accused of murdering and cannibalizing up to six people.

2005 – “Krasny Sulin Female Cannibal” – Krasny Sulin, Russia – woman (name not disclosed)  and her two young adult sons murdered a neighbor then cooked and ate his body.

2008 – Ms. Jabarkhel – Kabul, Afghanistan – kidnapped and partially ate an 8-year-old girl.

2009 – Klara Mauerova – Brno, Czech Republic – cult member mother tortured her two young sons mercilessly over a period of six months. She sliced off pieces of one of the boys’ skin and served the flash to other cult members and forced the victim to eat portions of his own mutilated body.

2009 – Olesya Mostovschikova – Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia – murdered a female friend with an axe and with another female friend cooked at ate portions of the corpse. Olesya made a chilling detailed confession of her actions.

2009 – “Sunday” – Southern Sudan – mother who planned to eat her own newborn but ran off when the child was rescued was caught eating the corpse of another child.

2009 – Otty Sanchez – San Antonio, Texas – murdered her baby and ate portions of the child.

2012 – Bruna Oliveira da Silviera & Isabel Cristina Pires da Silviera – Garanhuns, Pernambuco state, Brazil – two women suspected, along with Seňor da Silviera, of murdering, cooking and eating parts of 10 young women. Some were made into food sold to villagers. The three belong to a cult that promotes depopulation. (Serial Killers).

2012 – “Chiang Mai, Thailand Mother” – Chiang Mai, Thailand – butchered and ate her two young sons – aged 1 and 5 – has claimed she was hallucinating and thought they were pigs.

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The Heart Balm Racket in 1872 - (Holman-Earle ruling)

FULL TEXT: The Homan-Earle case, a noteworthy sensation of last year, is made fresh in public recollection by the argument on the appeal to the General Term of the City Court. This matter is amusing, contemptible, or important, according to the point from which it is vowed. It is a paradox of human nature that the passion of all others commands sympathy – what is technically termed the “tender passion” – is as often the occasion of mirth as of sadness. It would be curious to know whether more tears or laughter have been bestowed by disinterested persons on the woes of lovers. The line which here divides tragedy and comedy is very indistinct. Certainly there are no elements of the former in the Holman-Earle case. A mature maiden sues a maturer widower for damages for an alleged breach of promise of marriage. There is nothing tragically respectable in this. Shinplasters cannot mend a broken heart, even if a broken heart were among the possibilities in these circumstances. In the dramatic picture we cannot see a distressed creature, wan, woeful, forsaken, on the edge of suicide, perhaps, but certain to die somehow of a perpetual pang. We only see a thrifty person disappointed of a comfortable settlement, and resolved to repair the loss, if possible, by securing a good round sum of money. This is only amusing where it is not contemptible. The contempt provoked by the scandal is by no means confined to the plaintiff. Putting aside her allegations and the testimony by which she sought to sustain them, the admissions of the defendant, the facts conceded by the clever, but excessively low toned speech of his counsel, published yesterday, are enough to cover the defendant with ridicule and with scorn of the moat contemptuous kind. If, on the one hand, the plaintiff has incurred the sneers and derision of the public by seeking a moneyed compensation of the wounding of sensibility that ought to be nursed in delicate privacy, on the other hand the confessed behavior of the defendant is such not, indeed, as to “bring his gray hairs in sorrow to the grave:” that would be dignified and decent, but to make him a laughing stock wherever he goes and whenever he appears.

Beside these special amusing and contemptible aspects of the case it presents an important legal question. At the trial Judge Neilson held that even where there was no express promise to marry an engagement of marriage might be inferred from circumstances. This has been regarded as a new departure in marital jurisprudence. The able jurist who announced the rule expressed himself with customary clearness and emphasis. So far as any leaning was shown by the General Term yesterday it would seem that Judge Neilson’s associates are scarcely prepared to accept his doctrine. Leaving them to dispose of the question formally the public will still have its own opinions on the morality of the proposition. In favor of the rule it may be said that its tendency will be to make men and women more prudent and circumspect in their social intercourse. A forethoughtful young man will be extremely careful about approaching a young woman with amiable warmth or with the faintest show of kindly regard, if his genial overtures are to conclude him in a promise of marriage, despite a precautionary and positive disavowal of matrimonial intent. Such a rule of law, rigidly enforced, would make cordial companionship among other than people already married unsafe; and that universal and more or less charming activity described by the elastic term “flirtation” a pursuit ranging from the absolutely innocent to the extremely perilous would be limited to other men’s wives and other women’s husbands. This might be of doubtful advantage. But upon the whole it would work no harm were there something more of restraint imposed on the social intercourse of single people of opposite sexes. This is what might be gained morally by the proposed new rule. On the other hand it may be said that such a rule would impair the gravity and delicacy of the marriage contrast. To say that it is one of the most serious of contracts is to repeat one of the most hackneyed of truisms. So is it to say that it ought not to be lightly entered upon, that it should be thoughtfully made, and with the fullest consent and the clearest understanding of both parties to it. It is to be feared that if Judge Neilson’s ruling were relentlessly reduced to practice not only many “implied” engagements would be made lightly but life-long responsibilities would be assumed unintentionally and unconsciously. The thought might be amplified. Indeed it amplifies itself, and forces us to the conclusion that there would be no social safety save in the absolute non-intercourse of unmarried men and women. The decision to be pronounced by the General Term of the City Court is therefore very important and will be awaited with interest not free from anxiety.

[“The Breach of Promise Case.” The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (N. Y.), Oct. 30, 1872, p. 2]

Julia Higbee, Kentucky Serial Killer Mom - 1890

When one considers the bizarre outcome, this case is one of the most remarkable cases of a probable female serial killer.


FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 4):  Mrs. Jessie Higbee, a neatly dressed and prepossessing young country woman, was placed in jail last evening. Against her name on the slate was written the common-place charge of lunacy, but behind that is the accusation of a crime so horrible as to he almost incredible.

The unnatural mother is accused of poisoning four of her children was arsenic. One at a tune they died from the same fearful drug, but not until the last little life had been taken was suspicion aroused.

She next made a futile attempt on her own life with the same poison. Since then she has attempted to kill her husband. She is undoubtedly a mad woman, however, and this fact is the only thing that relieves the horror of her awful deeds.

Until the past three months there were no signs of mental failing on the part of the mother, and until an examination of the bodies, which took place here yesterday, she was thought to be perfectly sane, her strange actions in the past having been attributed to grief over the first child’s death.

The unfortunate woman is a native of this city, hut since her marriage had been living on a plantation in Meade county. Her husband is well known and is one of the most prominent farmers in that section. No definite cause has been assigned for the strange and unnatural crimes. Until the death of the first child she was remarkable for her devotion and care of her little ones.

The first murder was committed on the evening of October 14, and the others followed at intervals of two weeks. During the illness of each child the mother showed a stolid indifference which her friends and physician construed as grief. Each murder was carefully planned and summarily executed. Though every child was attacked with the same symptoms and died with the same cramps which accompany arsenic poisoning, the suspicion of no one was aroused until after the death of the fourth child, when the mother attempted her own life.

The woman is twenty-three years of age, and was the mother of five children, the oldest of which was eight years of age. It was only for the sake of the fifth child, and in order to save its life from the inhuman mother, that the husband told his suspicions and suggested a post mortem examination of the children. It was then for the first time learned that they were the victims of their mother’s work, and that while pretending to nurse them delicacies before sending them to bed, she was in reality arranging for their death.

On the night of October 14, Mr. Higbee was awakened by the shrieks of the youngest child, not quite a year old. A physician was procured, and every effort made to relieve its suffering. The attempt was useless, however, and after thirty hours’ illness the first victim died. Its death was attributed by the physician who saw it when dying, to cerebral trouble. On October 2, another child, two years old, died after thirty hours’ illness. In this case, as in the former, the symptoms were confined to the nervous system, without much nausea and with no intestinal irritation.

The cause of this death was pronounced as cerebro-spinal meningitis.

On November 13 the third child died. This victim was two years older than the second, and was arrested in very much the same way. Owing to the extreme thirst, the vomiting and purging which attended this death, the physicians were thrown off their guard, and it was also attributed to cerebro-spinal meningitis.

During the illness, sufferings and deaths of each of these victims, Mrs. Higbee moved about the sick rooms, fulfilling the physicians’ instructions and administering the medicines at the right time without showing any signs of grief, or betraying herself as the author of their deaths. Her manner more than anything else threw the husband and physicians off their guard, and quieted any suspicion which may have been aroused.

After the death of the third child her actions were strange, but this was attributed to her suppressed grief. She seldom spoke, and moved about the house with a rat-like stillness.

On December 8, the day before the oldest child and the last victim was taken ill, Mrs. Higbee expressed herself as very anxious about the child’s health, and asked her husband if he thought the patient looked well. He replied that he thought she was looking unusually well, and prayed she would not suffer the fate of the other children. At this the mother replied that no one could tell when they were going to die, and that she had a presentiment that they all would be dead inside of two weeks. The next morning before Hallie, the oldest child, started to school, Mrs. Higbee told her not to bother about her lunch for school, as she would arrange it herself. While the rest of the family were out of the room she buttered several biscuits, and when the child came in, had them wrapped up in a napkin. The mother kissed the child good-bye, and told her to come home a soon as school was over. During the morning, while the child was absent Mrs. Higbee called her husband, and again began asking about the absent child’s health. He attempted to reassure her, but she was not to be comforted, and several times was heard to say to him that she was certain the child would die as the others had.

The first intimation which Mr. Higbee had that his wife was murdering his children was the fact that is was scarcely an hour after she had ceased talking about the child at school when the little one returned, suffering from cramps, as the other victims had been attacked. In two hours she relapsed into unconsciousness, and remained so until death. The husband then told his fears to the attending physician, and requested him to make a post-mortem examination. This, however, was so bitterly opposed by the mother that the matter was dropped. She became indignant when she learned what was intended, and threatened to kill any one who would attempt it.

“I will be dead very soon myself,” she said to her husband, “and they cut me up if they choose, but no one shall cut my children.”

Her grief was, apparently, so real that husband’s suspicions were, for a time, allayed.

Two days after Mrs. Higbee was found in a spasmodic condition and suffering from pains similar to those which her children had had. Dr. Pusey, who was present at the time, diagnosed her case and discovered that she was suffering from the same poisonous effects which the children had done. He then felt assured that after attempting the life of her husband and killing four of her children, she was making an effort to take her own life.

Mr. Higbee, after a time remembered that three months previous he had bought a box of “rough on rats,” but had not seen it since he had brought it home. He remembered having asked his wife if she had seen it, and she said that she had taken it from the dining-room, where he had left it, and put it in his tool chest, it could not be found there, and the point was not pressed.

Dr. Pusey, of this city, who was well acquainted with the family was called for consultation. Mrs. Higbee and the remaining child were sent with Mrs. Higbee’s mother to this city, where they have been since. Dr. Pusey, Dr. Greenby, of West Point, Dr. J. C. Lewis, of Tiptop, and several other physicians then made a post mortem examination of the two last children who had died. Their stomachs were found to be congested, but presented no points of ulceration. The unusual engagement of the brain and the spinal chord would have left the physicians in doubt but for the analysis which was completed in this city yesterday by Prof. James Lewis Howe. This analysis showed that a very large quantity of arsenic was in the tissues, and in every part of the body which was analyzed.

When the husband was informed that his suspicions were corroboration his grief was pitiable. He then told that he and his wife had not live happily together for the past six months, and feared that her death was the outcome of her unhappiness. Dr. Pusey, who is regarded as an expert on the subject of insanity, had a careful review of the case and examined the condition of the mother. He pronounced it an unmistakable case of puerperal insanity, brought out by too rigid child breeding and continuous nursing. Her mental condition was aggravated by loneliness and remorse. From the first she showed an insane jealousy of her husband and upbraided him for faithlessness. Nothing he could say had the slightest effect upon her, and she stood firm in the belief that he wished to get a divorce.

Mr. Higbee left last evening for his home in Meade county in order not to be present at his wife’s arrest, which was decided upon as soon as it was conclusively proven that she was the cause of her children’s death.

When taken into custody, Mrs Higbee showed the same indifference which had characterized her actions from first to last. She walked into her cell composed, and quiet. When asked the names of her three youngest children, she said she has forgotten them and preferred not to speak of them.

The only remaining child is a girl six years of age, with light hair and blue eyes. She cried bitterly and clung to her mother when the latter was placed in the patrol wagon and driven to jail. Dr. Pusey says that in all his experience he had never come across a case so paradoxical and baffling. There is no doubt about her being insane, but if would be a difficult thing for any one who is not a specialist to imagine her so. I have never seen a similar case, or a more horrible or pathetic one.”

[“Poisoned. - Horrible and Almost Incredible Story of Insanity and Death. - Four Children of Mrs. Jesse Higbee Killed By Their Insane Mother - Destroying Her Little Ones She Attempts to Kill Herself and Husband. - The Crime Committed With Such Cunning At to Baffle Unsuspecting Physicians. - The Murderess In Jail.” The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Ky.), Dec. 19, 1890, p. 7]


FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 4): Louisville. Jan. 1. – The inquest in the case of the death of the four children of Jesse Higbee, at Muldraugh, near this city was concluded Tuesday [Dec. 30, 1890]. The verdict is that the mother, Mrs. Julia Higbee, poisoned the children and is insane. Alfred Higbee, a relative, testified that he believed the mother poisoned the children; he did not believe her insane, and he thought she intended to kill the rest of the family.

[“An Insane Murderess.” The Evening Bulletin (Maysville, Ky.), Jan. 1, 1891, p. 4]



FULL TEXT (Article 3 of 4): Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Higbee did not go to Meade county after Mrs. Higbee’s dismissal in the Circuit Court last Monday, but they say they will make their home in Louisville. They are living with Mr. Higbee’s mother, at Seventh and Oak streets, and Mr. Higbee will go into some kind of business here. He still maintains his wife's innocence of the charges against her, and declares that she is any thing but an insane woman.

[“The Higbees Still Here.” The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Ky.), Jan. 7, 1891, p. 6]


FULL TEXT (Article 4 of 4): Mrs. Higbee, the Meade county woman who poisoned her five children, has been declared insane and taken to the anchorage asylum.

[Untitled, Semi-Weekly Interior Journal (Stanford, Ky.), Jan. 27, 1891, p. 2]


[Source of portrait used in article header: “Of Minds Diseased,” The Salt Lake Herald (Salt Lake City, Ut.), Feb. 10, 1891, p. 7]



Dec. 7?, 1890 – Mr. Higbee notifies attending doctor of his suspicions
Dec. 18, 1890 – Julia Higbee arrested; charged with “lunacy.”
Dec. 28, 1891 – inquest at Muldraugh reported as “continuing”
Dec. 30, 1890 – inquest at Muldraugh in the case of the death of the four children concludes Dec. 30. The verdict is that the mother, Mrs. Julia Higbee, poisoned the children and is insane.
Feb. 16, 1891 – Meade Circuit Court hearing.
Jan. 5 – hearing in Louisville before Judge Jackson.
Jan. 6 – Judge Jackson orders Mrs. Higbee’s release; rejects lunacy charge; judge notes need to face possible charged in Meade county
Jan. 22, 1891 – Meade county jury concludes with a verdict of “insanity.”
Jan. 27, 1891 – Mrs. Higbee sent to Anchorage Asylum. (reported on Jan. 27)
Feb. 16, 1891 – Meade County grand jury hearing.

[Note: Louisville is in Jefferson county; the Higbee plantation was in Meade county.]


Oct. 14 – Jessie Higbee, son, 1-year-old.
Oct. 2 – Maud Higbee, daughter, 2-years-old.
Nov. 13 – Eillie Higbee, daughter, 4-years-old.
Dec. 7 – Hallie Higbee, daughter.





For more cases of this category, see: Female Serial Killers of 19th Century America (as of January 20, 2014, the collection contains 61 cases)


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Family Annihilation (Female Perpetrated)

“WOMEN ARE NOT VIOLENT.” - The biggest myth of all time. (And this myth was invented in the late-20th century).


The following quote by expert Jack Levin, director of the Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict at Northeastern University in Boston and author of the book “Extreme Killing.” Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder [Sage Publications, Inc; 1 edition, 2005] on the subject of family annihilation is frequently repeated in the popular press:

“The pattern [of family annihilation cases] is so strong. It’s almost always a husband-father who methodically executes the members of his family. He plans the attack far in advance. He’s suffered a prolonged period of frustration and depression. He experiences what he sees as the catastrophic loss of his children. He blames everybody but himself for his problems.”

It is not clear what “almost always” is meant to signify. But the effect of this phasing is to lull the hearer or reader into forgetting about VbW (Violence by Women).


 Don't miss the collection of remarkable (and forgotten -- until now) IMAGES at the bottom of this post.


The “pattern” Dr. Levin describes does not however comport with findings in newspaper reports where such familicides are far from “almost always” deeds done by men. In fact family annihilation by women appears so often in sources that are consulted for the purpose of researching a different type of crime – serial murder – that collecting them all has been an impossible task. An effort will be made here to begin to examine historical cases of female perpetrated family annihilation.


With regard to the family annihilator with a worry over child custody who “experiences what he sees as the catastrophic loss of [the perpetrator’s] children” we can offer up many, many compelling cases showing that the “gendered” criminological approach. When expressed with such language that deflects from female perpetrators as “almost always” in reference to the male sex as what is commonly thought of as “the violent sex,” the generalizations tend to cause the reader to imagine incorrectly that female aggression is uncommon and nonthreatening.


Here is a typical statement of criminological “fact” which is not a fact but rather a bold-faced lie that comes from ideological academics who subscribe to the fallacy of fundamentalist social constructionism:

“A woman usually kills her husband only in self defence but almost never takes the lives of her children as part of the attack, a leading criminologist said today. [Paul Carter, Police Reporter, “Murder-suicide defies usual criminal pattern,” AAP (Australian Associated Press), Mar. 21, 2005, p. 1]


CHECKLIST: Family Annihilation cases involving 2 or more family members murdered on the same day:

Cases involving a child custody dispute are not included. They are to be found at and at:

2) Maternal Filicide: Spousal Revenge

1616 – Margaret Vincent – London, England – husband, 2 children
1811 – Marie-Madeleine Albert – Le Bois Garrot, Biozat commune, France – 4 murders (murder, father, brother, sister) (Jan. 15)
1816 – Susannah Holroyd – Ashton-under-Lyne, England – husband, 2 children (Apr. 15)
1819 – Mrs. Lyman Perry – Malone, Franklin county, New York – 4 children poisoned (2 survived), suicide (Jun. 18)
1828 – Mlle. Treuque – Auch Assizes, France – 4 deaths (father, mother, 2 brothers); 2 survived – 8 months of poisoning; 4 buried same day (Dec. 27)
1840 – Samantha Locke – Union, New York – 3 children dead, attempted suicide (Dec. 26)
1841 – Mrs. Roper – Louisville, Mississippi – 3 children (decapitated) (Jul. 18)
1854 – Mary Ann Brough – Esher, England – killed six of her seven children (Jun. 10)
1856 – Mrs. Lott Ward – Sullivan, Illinois – 4 children, 1 escaped, attempt suicide (Mar. 23)
1858 – Christiana Schilling – Grove City, Ohio – 4 children, suicide (Sep. 22)
1865 – Sarah Haviland – Battle Creek, Michigan – 3 children (Dec.)
1869 – Madame Bonnefoy – Marseilles, France – shot: adult sister (survived), husband (died), son (5, died), 1 other child (died); attempted suicide (Jun. 27)
1870 – Catharine Marsh – Baltimore, Rhode Island – 4 children, mother (decapitation) (Apr. 22)
1872 – Mrs. Henry Southworth – Rockport Township, Ohio – 3 children, suicide (Jul. 7)
1874 – Mrs. Michel Devine (“Dwyer”) – Brooklyn, New York – 3 children, husband (Jun. 2)
1874 – Mrs. Newton (42) – Hoxton (suburb of Sydney), NSW, Australia – Murdered daughter Jane (4 1/2) almost severing the head from the body; threatened to murder son (11) and charged at him with a knife; wounded husband, attempt suicide (Apr. 14)
1877 – Mrs. Hiram Young – Newark, Vermont – 2 children (“horribly mangling them with an axe”) (Feb. 24)
1878 – Mary Dean – Hillsboro, Missouri – 2 children (“pathetic plea”) (Aug. 27)
1880 – Annie Casey – Toronto, Canada – 3 children (2 occasions; all burned to death) (Dec. 2)
1880 – Margaret (or, Mary) O’Connor – Jersey City, New Jersey – 3 children
1880 – Elizabeth Woodruff – Rochester, N. Y. – 2 children dead (daughter, 6; son, 2), suicide attempt (May 5)
1882 – Mrs. Dr. Edward Seguin – New York, New York – 3 children, suicide (Oct. 31)
1883 – Wife of Antonio Valdez – Lampasas, Mexico – 5 children, suicide (Sep. 26)
1883 –  Mrs. Zemperck – Milwaukee, Wi. –3 daughters (4, 20 mo., 4 mo.; dismembered & mutilated) (Jan. 23)
1884 – Amelia Barnett – Easton, Pennsylvania – 2 children (Apr. 26)
1885 – Mrs. Kruegle – Pacific, Missouri – 1 child dead, 2 survived (Mar. 19)
1885 – Mary Ellen Williams – Yorkville, N. C. – husband dead; 2 step-children dead; another child “not expected to live” (Aug. 17)
1886 – Fannie Smith – Granville, Middletown, Township, New Jersey – 3 children dead; 1 survived (with nearly severed wrist, lost 3 fingers); suicide (Apr. 24)
1887 – Antoinette Calbalek – Cleveland, Ohio – 3 children, 2 children wounded (Jan. 20)
1888 – “Baracoa Mother” – Baracoa, Cuba – 4 children (decapitate) (Mar.)
1888 – Minne Liebkuchner (Lebuchner) – New York, N. Y. – 2 sons dead (9, 7, 4), 1 survived but may have died later on (Mar. 21) 
1891 – Mrs. Frank Hancock – Blue Run, Pennsylvania – husband, 4 children (corpses “frightfully mutilated”; falsely accused her murdered husband of the crime) (Apr.; actual killer discovered in Jul.1891)
1891 – Ludwig Anderson – Brockton, Massachusetts – 3 children (jealous) (Jan. 23)
1892 – Martha Kuester (Kester) – Mankato, Minnesota – 2 children dead (Dec. 7)
1892 – Lena Brown Schmidt – Bordentown, N. J. (3 children; son, 5; plus 2 she was babysitting: 3, 1 ½ ) (Sep. 26)
1893 – “Obecse Stepmother” – Obecse, Hungary – 4 step-children
1895 – Mary Caruthers – Paris, Texas – 2 children (to elope with paramour) (Mar. 10)
1895 – Margaret McBournie – Boston, Massachusetts – 2 children (Jan. 24)
1895 – Mrs. H. H. B. Williams – Grove City, Ohio – 2 children (Apr. 2)
1896 – Mrs. Charles W. Green – Kansas City, Missouri – 3 children, suicide (Aug. 29)
1896 – Ethel Kelso – Chicago, Illinois – 2 children, suicide attempt (Feb. 21)
1896 – Mrs. Swearnier – Lewis County, Io. – 3 children dead (daughters: 5, 3, 9 mo.) (Nov. 27)
1897 – Mrs. Jacob Peyer – Park River, North Dakota – 4 children, suicide (Dec. 24)
1897 – Karoline Rivinus – New York, New York – 4 children, suicide (Sep. 30)
1897 – Mrs. James Walsh – Seymour, Australia – 4 children dead, 1 survived, attempted suicide (Aug. 5)
1898 – Mrs. Joseph Clotier – St. Severin, Canada – 4 children (mutilated corpses) (Oct.)
1898 – Mrs. Glover – Tubunna, New Zealand – “murdered six children, and then disappeared with the seventh” (Mar. 2)
1898 – Kate Mangan – Chicago, Illinois – 2 children, suicide (Aug. 24)
1898 – Lena Shorri – Poughkeepsie, New York – 2 children (decapitated) (May 21)
1899 – Mrs. S. J. McCullough – Toledo, Ohio – 3 children (poisoned, survived), survived (Jan. 21)
1899 – Mary Stevenson – Detroit Michigan – 2 children, suicide (Aug. 1)
1900 – Lillian Smith – New York, New York – 2 children dead, 1 wounded, suicide (Oct. 5)
1901 – Lizzie Naramore – Cold Brook, Massachusetts – 6 children, attempted suicide (Mar. 22)
1901 – Rosa Wurzer – Uniontown, Washington – 6 children, attempted suicide (Feb. 24)
1902 – Mrs. Shepeard R. Busey – Everett, Washington – husband, child, suicide (Apr. 9)
1902 – Mrs. John L. Kingsbury – Denver, Colarado – 2 children, suicide (May 9)
1902 – Mrs. Louis Westrope – Brandywine, Miss. – 6 children dead (followed by arson) (Jun. 16)
1903 – Mrs. Peter Burke; Fiskdale, Pa.; 4 children murdered with axe (6, 5, 18 mo., 5 mo.), suicide (Mar. 23)
1903 – Mrs. Louis Iverson – Pacific Grove, California – 3 children (Oct. 24)
1905 – Naomi Aldrich – Grayling, Mich. – 2 children, (plan to elope, insurance) (Aug. 12 (arrested))
1905 – Olga Anthony – Grove City, Ohio – 3 (1 in 1898;  + 2 in 1905) recidivist
1905 – Alice Brennan – Minneapolis, Minnesota – 3 step-children, suicide attempt (Nov. 4)
1905 – Mary Brockwell – Paducah, New York – 3 children (Mar. 24)
1905 – Julia (Mrs. Clarence E.) Markham – Alpha (Cambridge), Illinois – 7 children, suicide (arson; husband/father after hearing the news also committed suicide) (Oct. 2)
1906 – Annie L. Dixon – Boston, Massachusetts – 4 children, suicide (Feb. 6)
1906 – Mary Fahm – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 2 children, suicide (Apr. 24)
1906 – Mrs. Henry Knippen – Cloverdale, Ohio – 2 children decapitated (boy (3), girl (1 ½) (Sep. 6)
1906 – Mrs. Frank Palsgrove – Biggot, Arkansas – husband, 3 children (Aug. 21)
1906 – Mrs. John W. Waters – New York, New York – 3 children, suicide (Feb. 19)
1907 – Mrs. J. S. Mundelle – Connersville, Indiana – 2 children, suicide (Feb. 13)
1908 – Mrs. Rev. W. A. Brown – Portsmouth, Virginia – 2 children, suicide (Jul. 18)
1908 – Mrs. Daniel Cooper – Cadillac, Michigan – husband, 6 children, suicide (Jun. 11)
1908 – Mrs. John Rosen – Montpelier, Idaho – 4 children, suicide (Dec. 19)
1908 – Isabella Sahlen –  Buffalo, New York – 3 children, suicide (Jul. 18)
1909 – Mrs. J. M. Green – Richland, Texas – 3 children, suicide (Jun. 6)
1909 – Mrs. John Lensch – Cedar Rapids, Iowa – 2 children dead, 3 injured, suicide (arson) (Mar. 27)
1909 “Oxford Grocer’s Wife” – Oxford, England – killed 2 children, killed husband (cut throats) (Apr. 5)
1909 – Mrs. John A. Powell – Rockwell City, Iowa – 4 children, suicide (Jan. 5)
1909 – Mrs. Antone Straus – East Grand Forks, Minnesota – 2 children (decapitated) (Aug. 30)
1910 – Mrs. James R. Mann – Lancaster, Pennsylvania – 3 children (poisoned, survived) (Oct. 1)
1910 – Cecilia McClusky – Bendigo, Victoria, Australia – killed 3 children, decapitation; arson (Aug. 8)
1910 – “Zakharova Girl” – Zakharova, Tomsk, Siberia – brother (12, killed with axe), mother (broke spine, cut off arms), uncle (“grievously injured”), aunt (attacked) (ca. June)
1911 – Ellen C. Johnson – Braddock, North Dakota – 6 children, suicide (arson) (Oct. 24)
1912 – Mrs. John Kulp – Allentown, Pennsylvania – 4 poisoned, survived (H, M-in-l, f-in-l, sister) (ca. Jan. 2)
1912 – Sarah Syphers – New York, New York – 3 children (murders Aug. 28; suicide on Oct. 3, 1913)
1913 – Alice Brocan – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 4 children, suicide (Aug. 2)
1913 – Mrs. Jerome Harris – Toledo, Ohio – 1 dead (drowned); 3 rescued from arson fire (May 23)
1913 – Mary Kulasa – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 2 infant daughters dead (May 8)
1913 – Mrs. Manny Sleep – Elgin, Illinois – 2 children, suicide (Apr. 19)
1914 – Elizabeth Diamond – New York, New York – 2 children, suicide (Apr. 14)
1917 – Mrs. Everett Crozier – Greeley, Colorado – 5 children, suicide (Jan. 10)
1917 – Mrs. James Nelson – Chillicothe, Ohio – husband, child, suicide (Aug. 18)
1919 – Mrs. N. F. Soderberg – Madison, Minnesota – 3 children (under 5) (May 18)
1919 – Mrs. C. B. Slaughter – Richmond, Virginia – 3 children, suicide (Sep. 3)
1919 – Mary Stavisar – Kimberly, Ohio – 7 children, suicide (Jul. 29)
1920 – Laura Balada – Morris Park, Long Island, New York – 3 children, suicide (May 18)
1920 – Laura L. Brown – Madera, California – 2 children, suicide attempt (Aug. 24)
1920 – Mrs. W. H. Ward – Cuthbert, Georgia – 4 children, 1 dead, 3 survived, suicide attempt (May 23)
1920 – Maude Westbrook – Petersburg, Va. – shoots 2 children; daughter, 6, dead; son, 5, “probably fatally wounded” (Aug. 9)
1920 – Mollie Woolsert – Marietta, Oh. – 2 children dead (daughters 7 & 4), suicide (Nov. 13)
1923 – Josephine Antoinette Driggs – Jamaica, New York – 2 children, suicide (Jul. 16)
1924 – Mrs. Anton Antal – Perth Amboy, New Jersey – 2 children, suicide (Nov. 29)
1924 – Emma Hobaugh – Logansport, Indiana – 4 dead (f, m, br, child) (Dec. 30)
1924 – Bessie Katz – New York, New York – 2 children died (baby boys), attempted suicide (Dec. 2)
1924 – Mrs. Ott Morgan – Salina, Kansas – husband, child, suicide (Nov. 2)
1924 – Rosemary Sparkman – Salt Lake City, Utah – 2 sons, suicide (Dec. 9)
1925 – Mrs. George H. Curtis – Boston, Massachusetts – husband, 2 children (1 survived), suicide (Aug. 13)
1926 – Mrs. Scott Allen – Laurel, Mississippi – 4 children (Aug. 2)
1926 – Ada B. Chamberlain – Los Angeles, California – 3 children, suicide (Oct. 17 (?))
1928 – Masuya Hirano – Los Angeles, California – husband, 2 children, shot (Jan. 8)
1929 – Mrs. Jose Pazos – New York, New York – 6 children, suicide (Feb. 15)
1929 – Mamie Shey Shoaf – Lebanon, Kentucky – 3 children, suicide (May 25?)
1929 – Helen Smith – Blenheim, Ontario, Canada – 3 children.( Paris green, arson) (ca. Mar. 18)
1929 – Muriel Wilson – Sakatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – 4 children, suicide (May 11)
1930 – Mrs. Charles A. Anderson – Geneva, Illinois – husband, son, suicide (Jul. 21)
1930 – Mary Pfeiffer – Baltimore, Maryland – husband, 2 children, suicide attempt (May 12)
1930 – Mrs. Albino De Porre – Chicago, Illinois – 3 children, suicide (May 10)
1930 – Mrs. Kine Matsumoto – Los Angeles, California – 2 children, suicide (May 28)
1930 – Vlema Lorene Swafford – Hot Springs, Arkansas – 2 children, suicide attempt (Nov. 17)
1930 – Ida Twadell – Chester, Pennsylvania – 2 children (Dec. 6)
1930 – Ethel Geller Yeldem – Columbus, Ohio – 6 children, suicide attempt (May 7)
1931 – Ruth Bearce – Glens Falls, New York – 3 children (Jun. 21)
1931 – Mrs. Earle Williams – San Francisco, California – 2 children, suicide, suicide of here mother (in pact) (Aug. 10)
1932 – Mildred Briggs – Niagara Falls, New York – 2 children, suicide (Mar. 21)
1932 – Mrs. Raymond Fosdick – Montclair, New Jersey – 2 children, suicide (Apr. 4)
1932 – Agnes Murr – York, Pennsylvania – 2 children, suicide attempt (May 4)
1933 – Inez Carrell – Charleston, Illinois – 3 children (Oct. 22)
1933 – Mrs. Arthur Dickrell – Sheboygan, Mi. – father dead, 5 survived (employee, 4 children), attempt suicide (Jun. 28)
1933 – Mrs. Walter C. Gardner – Springfield, New Hampshire – 3 children, suicide (Jun. 1)
1933 – Virginia Fraser Pratt – Atlanta, Ga. – daughter (10) killed, son (12) survived; suicide (Jan. 17)
1934 – Clara Dempsey – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – 7 deaths (sister, husband, baby 3 other relatives, suicide) (Dec. 24)
1934 – Minnie Rose Jenkins – Little Rock, Arkansas – 3 children (ca. Nov. 24)
1934 – Kathryn D. Schoch – Dunkirk, New York – 6 dead: sister, brother, 4 nephews (11, 6, 9, age?) sister-in-law, suicide (Dec. 24)
1935 –  Ethel Howard – Leroy, Il. – shot sister (44, died), brother (55, died) nephew, (survived), father (78, died) (Feb. 18)
1936 – Eleanor Feeley – Pittsbugh, Pennsylvania – 2 children, suicide (Jun. 18)
1936 – Annie E. Jones – Madison, Maine – 3 children, suicide (Sep. 10)
1936 – Carabell Lawhorn Nahas – Boston, Massachusetts – 2 children, suicide (Nov. 28)
1936 – Mrs. Marcus Studdar – Carbon Hill, Alabama – husband, 2 children, suicide (Sep. 1)
1937 – Jenney Galley – Hawk Run, Clearfield county, Pa. – murdered 2 daughters with hammer (17, 5) (Mar. 5)
1937 – Jeanette Martin – Aurora, Illinois – 3 children, suicide (Easter Sunday, Mar. 28) 
1937 – Mrs. G. R. McAinich – Norfolk, Iowa – 5 children, suicide (Oct. 31)
1937 – Elsie Nollen – Denison, Iowa – 6 children, suicide (Aug. 29)
1938 – Margaret Thomsen – Riverhead, New York – 2 children (Mar. 7)
1940 – Lillian Edwards – Fresno, California – 3 children (Dec. 11)
1940 – Mrs. Cecil E. Friday – Selma, Al. – murdered 2 sons (14, 10), suicide attempt (Mar. 23)
1940 – Louise Nicosa – New York, New York – 6 children, attempt suicide (Jul. 10)
1943 – Christine Dickey – Dayton, Ohio – 3 children, suicide (Jul. 31)
1945 – Inez Campbell – Glasgow, Montana – 4 children dead, 1 survived, suicide (May 25)
1947 – Constance Walker – Beecroft, Australia – 2 children killed; 1 child battered with wrist slashed; attempted suicide (Mar. 24)
1948 – Georgette Brucks – Los Angeles, California – 2 children (Oct. 26)
1948 – Frances Irene McCurdy – Grants Pass, Oregon – 2 children (Sep. 3)
1948 – Margaret Louise Morgroft – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – 4 children, suicide (Apr. 13)
1949 – Estelle Lewandowski – attempt to murder 3 children (1 dead; “drowns son, self; second son saves baby”), suicide (Jan. 2)
1950 – Hattie May Turner – Cairo, Georgia – 5 dead (husband, 3 children, next door neighbor), suicide (Mar. 10 suicide)
1952 – Louise Coonan – Fort Knox, Kentucky – 4 children, attempt suicide (Jan. 16)
1952 – Mary Edna Glenn – Oakland, California – 2 children (May 31)
1952 – Ruth Nikki – Westminster, Massachusetts – 3 children, suicide (Dec. 27)
1952 – Virginia Blair Rudy – Gentryville, Indiana – 3 children, suicide attempt (Jan. 31)
1954 – Florence Dalton – Detroit, Michigan – 2 children, suicide attempt (weapons used: baseball bat, 2 butcher knives, razor) (Jan. 15)
1954 & 1966 – Constance Fisher – Waterville, Kennebeck County, Maine – 3 children (Mar. 8, 1954) & 3 children (Jun. 30, 1966)
1954 – Olive Losser – Oakland, California – killed husband, 2 sons, suicide (Oct. 4)
1955 – Ann Williams – Galveston, Texas – 2 children (bodies dismembered and buried) (Feb. 20)
1956 – Mrs. Everett Brewer – Palos Verdes Estates, California – 2 children, suicide (Jan. 23)
1956 – Opal Collins – Crown Point, Indiana – paralyzed husband, mother-in-law, 2 sisters-in-law (May 26)
1956 – Lorene Culbeck – Lake Wales, Florida – 3 children (shot) (May 25)
1956 – Vidella McNamara – Fowler, Ca. – 2 sons murdered with deer rifle (5, 3), suicide (Jan. 11)
1956 – Mrs. Middleton – Rockford, Illinois – 2 children, suicide attempt (Oc. 13)
1957 – Patricia Robertson – Wood River, Illinois – 3 children, suicide (Feb. 12)
1958 – Mildred Biddeman – Buffalo, New York – husband, 2 children, suicide (Oct. 21)
1958 – Mrs. Melvin Hudson – Brownfield, Alabama – husband, four children, suicide (Jan. 18 or 19)
1959 – Ruth Urdanivia – Allentown, Pennsylvania – 5 children, attempt suicide (Oct. 14)
1960 – Marianne Breidenbach – Canoga Park, California – husband, 2 children (1 shot 3 times, survived), suicide (Mar. 17)
1960 – Martha Hall – Hollywood, Florida – husband, 5 children (4 dead, 1 survived) (Jan. 18)
1960 – Alice Elaine Hardin – Jacksonville, Florida – 2 children, suicide (Feb. 2)
1960 – Ann Skovsky – New York, New York – 1 child dead, 2 wounded (Mar. 7)
1960 – Vicki Vanderlinden – Hayfork, California – husband, 2 children, suicide (Aug. 14)
1961 – Eva Lea Jackson – Alamogordo, New Mexico – 2 children, suicide (Mar. 1)
1961 – Lummie Jean Kicklighter Richardson – Atlanta, Georgia – husband, 3 children (Aug. 18)
1962 – Hilda Dillon – Santa Ana, California – 3 children, suicide (Jul. 7)
1962 – Ann Fitzgibbon – Topeka, Kansas – slashed throats, 4 children: Eilly, 5; Tommy, 4; Jeffrey, 2; Kelley, 1; suicide (Dec. 2)
1963 – Jean W. Adams – El Paso, Texas – 3 children, suicide (Apr. 5)
1963 – Elizabeth Gregor – Prospect, Pennsylvania – husband, 5 children, suicide (Jun. 17)
1964 – Judith E. Cox – Falls Church, Virginia – three children dead, 1 child survived; suicide (Feb. 14)
1964 – Nori Jenkins – Topeka, Ks. – 2 daughters murdered (3, 23 mo.; strangled with belt; told police: “I want my belt back.”) (Jan. 3)
1964 – Shirley O’Brien – Washington, Pennsylvania – husband, 2 children, suicide (Feb. 12)
1964 – Elizabeth Stevens McIntyre Takagi – Wheaton, Maryland – 3 children (including pregnant daughter), suicide (Jan. 31)
1965 – Mary Sartin – Bay View, Ohio – husband, 5 children, suicide (Aug. 13)
1966 – Jeanette Euart – Milpitas, California – husband, 3 children, suicide (Aug. 2)
1967 – Patricia Zichichi – Richmond, California – 4 children, suicide (Jun. 7)
1968 – Sally Wertenberger – Cleveland, Ohio – 3 children, suicide (Mar. 27)
1969 – Glenda E. Cooper – Schoharie, New York – 3 children (axe) (Feb. 23)
1971 – Elinore Basore – Fayetteville, Arkansas – 4 murdered, 3 wounded (middle-aged and elderly relatives) (Sep. 4)
1971 – Bettilee Beaudry (32) – Greenhills, Ohio – husband, Joseph B. (34), son, John Allen B. (8); Joseph Norman B.; attempted suicide (gunshot) (Feb. 18)
1971 – Raymonde Jouhanno – Pontivy, France – husband, 3 children, suicide (Aug. 28)
1971 – Peggy Selman Whalen – Corpus Christi, Texas – husband, 4 children, suicide (Dec. 31)
1974 – Shirley Marie Curry – Lowell, Massachusetts – Dead are Jimmy Lee Curry,  43, of 406 Michael St.. Springdale, Mrs. Curry's former husband; the couple's three children. Sabrina Marie Curry, 17, Richard Allen Curry, 14, and Jessie Lee Curry, 11; and Miss Jo Ann Brophy, 31, of 1710 South Young St. in Springdale, Jimmy Lee Curry's step-sister. (Jul. 20)
1976 – Patricia Bolin – Upper Arlington, Ohio – Husband, 2 children, suicide (Dec. 8)
1976 – Melinda Dixon – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 2 children, suicide (Oct. 4)
1976 – Geraldine Bisacky Hansen – Donora, Pennsylvania – 3 children, suicide (Jul. 25)
1978 – Glada Fern Hibbard – Colorado Springs, Co. – Thomas H. (58); d, Deborah H. (16); Duane H. (12); suicide (gunshots) (Sep. 24)
1979 – Barbara Yorkey – Winston-Salem, N. C. – Gerald H. (27); s, Michael Y (6); s, Will (3); suicide (gunshots) (Jan. 15)
1983 – Barbara Carroll – Mastic Beach, New York – 2 children, suicide (Aug. 11)
1983 – Ethel Mae Franken (32) – Aplington, Iowa – shot to death: husband, Darrell John Franken, 37, and their children, Troy Vance, 13, Valerie May, 11, and Dustin Jon, 7; suicide (Jan. 18)
1984 – Emmly McCave – Fresno, California – 3 children, suicide (Oct. 3)
1985 – Ledda Quintano – Hollywood, Florida – 2 children suicide attempt (Oct. 14)
1987 – Frances Newton – Harris County “outside Houston” Texas – shot to death: Adrian N. (23) husband; Alton N. (7); Farah Elaine N. (21 mo.) (insurance) (Apr. 7)
1988 – Jacqueline Fuson – Los Chavez, New Mexico – husband, 3 children, suicide (Apr. 5)
1988 – Lillian Moore Rotella (31) – Stony Point, N.Y. – Murdered Edward, husband; Edward III R. (7); Kyle R. (4) (Dec. 22)
1989 – Kathleen King – Carol City, California – 3 children (girls), attempt suicide by ordering 8-year-old son to stab her (Oct. 3)
1990 – Maria Isabella Amaya – Port Chester, N. Y. – 4 children: Halley William, 11; 8; Christopher, 6; Edward, 3; stabbed; att. suicide (lye) (May 30)
1992 – Tracy Loper Matthews – Long Beach, Ca. – shot to death: Kevin Strong Matthews Sr. (26); stabbed several times in the heart 3 children: Khareema (4), Nyomi (3), and Kevin Jr. (2) (May 11)
1992 – Robin Lee Row – Boise, Idaho – husband, 2 children (insurance) (Feb. 10)
1998 – Khoua Her – St. Paul, Minn. – 6 children strangled (Sep. 3)
1998 – Sylvia Martinez – La Puente, Ca. – Alejandro Gil, 28, and Sylvia Martinez, 25, and the children as Abigail, 6, and Alex, 3 (gunshots); suicide (ca. Jan. 26)
1998 – Ann Young – Bayonne, N. J. – 2 children dead (daughter, 7; son, 4), attempt suicide (Aug. 25)
1999 – Tonya Avery – Nashville, Tennessee – 3 children, suicide (May 15?)
1999 – Kelly Silk – East Hartford, Ct. – husband, Charles Silk, 39, and two of her children, Jennifer, 3, and Jonah, 17 months old (Jun. 10)
1999 – Caro Socorro – Santa Rosa Valley, California – 3 children, suicide attempt (Nov. 22)
2000 – JoAnn Gelsomino – Mahopac, N. Y. – husband, Ralph (59);  d Amanda (26); son, Anthony (22); suicide (Jan. 1)
2000 – Judy Kirby – Indianapolis, Indiana – 4 children, plus 4 strangers, suicide attempt (deliberate auto collision) (Mar. 25)
2001 – Lillie Morgan – Mannheim, Germany (US military) – 2 children (Sep. 18)
2001 – Robin Parker – Lauradale Acres, N. C. – 3 children dead (daughters: 10, 2; son, 11-mo.), suicide (Jun. 26)
2001 – Bridget Stovall – Cincinnati (?), Ohio – 2 children dead (daughter, 4; son, 20-mo.) (Apr. 7)
2001 – Mee Xiong – St. Paul, Mn – 2 children dead (daughters: 3, 15-mo.), attempt suicide (Jul. 17)
2002 – Dee Etta Perez – Hudson Oaks, Texas – husband, 3 children, suicide (Jul. 16)
2003 – Deanna Laney – New Chapel Hill, Texas – 3 children, 1 survived (stoned to death) (May 9)
2004 – Hollie Gable (39) – Zion Grove, Pa. – Shot to death: boyfriend Kenneth M. Cragle (39); Jared Brown, son (18); Kirsten Brown, daughter (16), Kelsey Brown, daughter (13); suicide; child custody dispute (May 2)
2004 – Andrea Labbe – Toronto, Canada – 2 children slashed (daughter, 3 died; daughter, 2, survived), husband killed; suicide (Dec. 1)
2005 – Magdalena Lopez – Dyer, Indiana – 2 children dead (son (9), son (2), beaten with dumbbell (Jul.)
2005 – Sally Winter – Maitland, NSW, Australia – husband, 2 children, suicide (Mar. 20)
2005 – Nathshay Yvonne Ward – Huntsville, Alabama – 3 children (circa Feb. 2)
2006 – Angelica Salazar Alvarez – Elkhart County, Indiana – 4 children, suicide attempt  (Nov. 14)
2006 – Eleazar Paula Mendez – De Queen, Arkansas – 3 children killed; claimed they asked to be killed (Jan. 27)
2007 – Manling Tsang Williams – Rowland Heights, California – husband; 2 children (sword) (Aug. 7)
2008 – Shabnam – accomplice, Saleem (male) – Bawankhedi, Hasanpur tehsil of Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, India – 6 drugged, murdered with axe: father (55), mother (50), brother (35), sister-in-law (25), brother (22), female cousin (14), baby (10-mo.) (Apr.14-15)
2011 – Susan Hendricks – Pickens, South Carolina – killed her sons Matthew, 23, and Marshall, 20, as well as her ex-husband and next-door-neighbor Mark Hendricks, 52, and her stepmother Linda Burns, 64.(Oct. 14)
2011 – Sara McMeen – Emington, Illinois – “boyfriend,” 3 children, suicide (Dec. 16)
2011 – Julie Schenecker – Tampa, Florida – 2 children (Jan. 27)
2013 – Dr. Parminder Kaur (46) –  Jagraon town of Ludhiana district, India – poisoned to death: husband, Gurpreet Singh (44) Ishmeet Kaur (13) and son Jashanpreet Singh (8).suicide by hanging (Oct. 17)
2012 – Rajwa Kol (26) – Malkham village, Sidhi district, Madhya Pradesh, India – husband and 2 children; wounded 7 non-family members (Mar. 3)2013 – Guadalupe Ronquillo-Ovalle – Rice, Texas – shot to death 4: husband (33), 3 sons (10, 8, 4) (Sep. 19)
2013 – Angelica Vazquez – Mesquite, Texas – husband, 2 children, suicide (Mar. 8)
2014 – Carol Coronado – Torrance, California – 3 children (May 20)
2014 – Sylvia Marie Majewska – Detroit, Mi. – son (29), granddaughter (7 mo.) (Nov. 22)
2014 – Sonya Katrina Spoon – Cheverly, Maryland – 2 children (Sep. 12)
2015 – Anarda De La Caridad Perez Friman (37) – Gibralter (visiting) home: Malaga, Spain) – stabbed to death: John Shannon (31), husband; Amanda (4); Eve (6 mo); suicide (Mar. 28-30?; bodies discovered Mar. 30)
2015 – Rizwan Gondal – Islamabad, Pakistan – shot to death husband, 2 children; wounded, son (11); suicide (Feb. 21 circa)2015 – Jessica Lacey McCarty – Palm Bay, Florida – 2 children dead (daughter , 7; son, 6), 1 injured (7-mo.) (Mar. 20)
2015 – Erin Lee Jordan (43) – Bellington, Lummi Nation, Washington – Michael D. Jordan (59); and their toddler son, Miles J.  (17 mo.); (Jul. 19, bodies found)
2016 – Taman Sri Sinar – Segambut, Kuala Lumpur – Mr Cheah Hing Soon, husband (34); Cheah Kai Sze, daughter (3); Kai Wen, son (7 mo.) (Sep. 24?; Sep. 26, bodies found)
2017 – Courtney Taylor (41) – Williamsburg, Ky. – shot to death: Larry T. (51) husband, Jessie T., daughter (18), Joice T., daughter (13); Courtney T. shot by police (Jan. 14)


Family Annihilation By Daughter:

1910 – Ebby Shepherd (13-year-old) – Newkirk, Oklahoma father, uncle (heads battered with axe) (Nov.)
2006 – J. Richardson (12-y-o girl) – Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada – 2 murdered (mother, 48; father, 42; brother, 8), 23-y-o boyfriend was accomplice (Apr. 23)


“Even in the present, the female criminal, especially the female mass murderer, continues to receive little theoretical attention in academia.” (Katie Fleming, 2012)

A recent (2012) master’s thesis takes on the problem of academic failure to study female criminality and the specific type of crime called “family annihilation,” in particular.

Katie Fleming, “The Female Family Annihilator, Restructuring Traditional Typologies: An Exploratory Study,” A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in The Faculty of Social Science and Humanities Criminology University of Ontario Institute of Technology June 2012.

Case histories from 1970-2010 are given for the following murderesses, each who “killed, or attempted to kill, four or more family members.”

Almarez, Stella Delores (Date of murders: June 18, 1980)
Bolin, Patricia (Date of murders: December 8, 1976)
Brar, Harjit Kaur (Date of murders: May 1, 1979)
Eubanks, Susan (Date of murders: October 26, 1997)
Her, Khoua (Date of murders: September 3, 1998)
Wright, Jeanne Anne (Date of murders: November 10, 1983)