Thursday, September 22, 2011

Valentina Dolbilina, Russian Female Cannibal - 2002

FULL TEXT: Mantorovo – Situated on a tributary of the Volga, Manturovo [in Kostroma Oblast], is a quiet town of 22,000, where two women [error: one woman only, apparently] – Valentina Dolbilina, a 36-year-old mother of a four-year-old boy, and Vitaly Bezrodnov [this name is masculine], 28, a factory worker – were accused of killing their drinking partner and then cooking his flesh.

After a night of heavy drinking, Bezrodnov announced he was hungry and “would like some meat”. After checking out one of their drinking buddies who was dead drunk in the corridor, they decided he was too skinny and packed him off home. Their gluttonous eyes then fell on a fourth member of the party, who was a bit fatter. Propelling him into the tiny kitchen, Bezrodnov asked Dolbilina for something heavy. With Dostoevskian inspiration she fetched an axe, and the victim was hit on the head, beheaded, undressed and then cut up into pieces. As Dolbilina held a tray, some 15 pounds of meat was cut from the thigh and rump, and put in the frying pan.

Awakened by the unusual smell of cooking meat, her flatmate, Boris Komarov, came into her room and asked to join the feast. Despite the haze of drink, even he noticed something strange. “It was a bit tough,” he said. He was reassured by Bezrodnov, who said they had killed a stray dog for the pot.

Satisfied by this explanation, Komarov skept eating the leg of man straight from the pan. Little did he realise the full ghastliness of the situation: the dead man was his own brother, Leonid. Even the little boy, Roma, was served a slice of Leonid. The kid later blurted out: “Mummy killed a man and served him up to her friends.” 

[date and newspaper unknown; article appears on Internet Crime Archives blog under “Cannibalism and Vodka” heading;; The case is cited in: Daniel Diehl, Mark P. Donnelly, Eat Thy Neighbour: A History of Cannibalism, The history press, Stroud, Glocestershire, 2009, p. 268; Diehl gives the sate of 2002 for this case]


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