Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Csongrad Spouse-Killing Syndicate - 1905

FULL TEXT: Vienna.—A band of women poisoners has been discovered in the commune of Csongrad, in Hungary, and is at present occupying the attention of the judicial authorities of Szeged. A peasant woman is alleged to be the chief of the band. She it was who made the poison and gave it to those wives who are anxious to get rid of their husbands. She not only gave her services to women, but sold her deadly drugs to husbands who had grown tired of their wives. One man who desired to become a widower bought poison from the woman who made it. His wife, however, wanted to get rid of him and bought poison at the same time. Thus it fell that both husband and wife were poisoned simultaneously though not fatally. They will now have to answer the charge of attempting to poison each other.

[“Save Divorce Court Considerable Work,” The Baldur Gazette (Manitoba, Canada), May 25, 1905, p. 5]

[Alternate spelling: Czongrad]



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