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"Women Formed Club To Murder Husbands" - 1903

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): Budapest, November 25. — A sensation has been caused by the arrest of five women on the charge of poisoning their husbands. It is charged by the authorities that the women were members of a club which was formed among the married women of Veresmacht [or, Beresmait], near Arad, Hungary [currently in Romania]. None but women who were dissatisfied with their husbands could become members of this organization. Whenever a woman was heard to say that she wished she was never married, or that she would like to have her husband out of the way, she was immediately visited by one of the agents the club. Once in the toils of the club the women had no alternative but to go on with the plot of murder. The members of the club were supplied with poison, which, it is charged, was obtained from the coroner of the district, who then put it on the record that the men had died of heart disease.

The coroner, whose name is Hansuch, is under arrest, accused of being accessory to the murders that are charged against the women.

[“Women Formed Club To Murder Husbands – A Strange Conspiracy Is Unearthed at Arad, in Hungary.” The Pittsburgh Press (Pa.), Nov. 29, 1903, p. 1]

FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 2): Vienna, Jan. 2. — A sensational poisoning case has occurred at Beresmait, in Hungary.

Owing to suspicion having fallen upon a widow named Plazczak. The body of her husband was disinterred, and he was found to have died from the effects of poison. According to Coroner Hanusch’s certificate, the man died from heart disease.

When arrested, the widow confessed that the Coroner, who was her lover, sold her the poison and advised her to put it in her husband's wine. She stated that many other widows had done the same.

Five other women were arrested and confessed that they had bought poison, to remove their husbands, from the Coroner, who had then blackmailed them. The Coroner has confessed his guilt.

[“Coroner Advises Poisoning Of Men - Woman Administers Potion Because the Official Was Her Lover.” The San Francisco Call (Ca.), Jan. 3, 1904, p. 17]


The village called Veresmacht or  Beresmait, does not appear on any map consulted this far. Arad is currently in present Romania, near the western border with Hungary.



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