Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pètronillo Schimonska, Polish Serial Killer & Her Poisoned Brandy - 1872

FULL TEXT: An old woman has been arrested at Varsovie on a charge of committing a number of murders by means of poisoned brandy, her object being the robbery of her victims. For some time past dead had been found in the fields and woods in the neighbourhood of the town, and no clue could be obtained as to the cause of their death. Suspicion at last fell upon this woman, Pètronillo Schimonska, who travelled about the country selling brandy. Proof was obtained against her selling a poisoned liquid which secured almost instant death.

[“A Female Poisoner.” The Sun & Central Press (London, England), Jan. 16, 1872, p. 1]



For similar cases, see: Female Serial Killer Bandits


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