Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cairo Female Cannibal Serial Killer - 1903

FULL TEXT: One of the most horrible criminals that ever lived was recently arrested near Cairo. For some weeks children had been mysteriously disappearing from the streets of that city, and finally the rumour spread that they had been kidnapped and subsequently cooked and devoured by a woman living at Kafr-Sakr, in the Charkieh district.

The police at first paid no attention to the rumour, thinking it absurd but, as children continued to disappear, they finally took action, and a detective was sent to Kafr-Sakr with instructions to make a thorough investigation. On his arrival he went to the woman’s house and caught her in the act of eating an infant, which she had just cooked. Two hours later she was lodged in gaol. Numerous children are missing, and it is believed that they have all been killed by this woman.

[“A Female Cannibal.” The Auckland Star (New Zealand), Oct. 31, 1903, p. 5]



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