Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Queen Margaret of Burgundy, Serial Killer - 1315

Margaret of Burgundy (French: Marguerite de Bourgogne) (1290 – 14 August 1315) was the first queen consort of King Louis X of France (also King Louis I of Navarre).


Many women have been more merciless and heartless than any man could have been, who could have been more merciless and heartless than Queen Margaret of Burgundy, wife of King Louis X. of France? According to the chronicler Brantome, she used to lure the handsomest young officers in the army to her retreat, the Tour de Nesle, and then, “having obtained what she wished of them, caused them to be tied in a sack and thrown into the Seine.”

[Excerpt from: “A Real Female Bluebeard - Strange Tragedy of the  Jealous Beauty and Her Thirty-five Unlucky Sweethearts,” American Weekly (San Antonio Light Sunday magazine section), Aug. 22, 1925, p. 5; referencing: Pierre de Bourdeille, seigneur (and abbé) de Brantôme (c. 1540 – 15 July 1614) “L'Histoire de la Tour de Nesle.”]



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