Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anti-Misandry 101 – “Setting the Record Straight”

“Setting the Record Straight” on A Voice for Men

--- Now with full footnotes ---

“Most people assume that the men’s rights movement is a backlash of reaction to gender feminism of the 1960's. Not so. Not even close. Robert St. Estephe tells our story here, with clarity and conviction. A spectacular effort by a great writer.” (Paul Elam, editor of A Voice for Men)
13 topics are discussed in an attack on the "false narrative": the post-1960s fabricated history regarding the relations between the sexes preceding the 1960s:

Alimony, Men’s Rights Organizations, Female Men’s Rights Activists, Heart-Balm Racket, Badger Game & Other Rackets, Military Rackets, Chivalry Justice, Female Serial Killers, Domestic Violence Against Women, Ransom Child Kidnapping & Parental Kidnapping, Parental Alienation, The Disengaged Father, Misandric Fixation, Origins of the word “Misandry.”

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  1. This site is of major importance and Kudos to Robert for making it. However it REALLY needs a proper domain, and professional "Museum archive" type quality interface with full databasing, cross reference, timelines etc. I don't think the importance of the material on this site should be underestimated, I would like to see the Men's rights chaps and Robert take all the material on the site , categorise it, label it and make a truly professional stand alone site site to show to the world.