Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Catherine Miller, Pennsylvania Serial Killer - 1904

FULL TEXT: Lebanon, Pa., June 2 – No sooner was Catherine Miller laid in her grave than the village of Fredericksburg, where she lived and died was startled to hear that the kindly old spinster had confessed on her deathbed to the commission of four murders.

Three times the old woman told her strange, almost incredible, story of crime committed in the name of mercy.

“I killed my mother, Mrs. Jacob Miller sr., my brother Jacob Miller and my sister Mrs. George Albert because they so sick that death was a blessing I gave them white powders.”

“I killed the baby born to my niece while she was visiting me because the child was a disgrace. I thrust a pin into its soft little head and it died in a minute.”

Miss Miller, who was eighty three years old made this confession separately to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zeigler with whom she made her home. She repeated it in the presence of a son of the Zeiglers. Then, declaring that her mind was at rest for the first time in years she fell asleep and died.

That was last Friday. Today, after the funeral the old woman’s story was made public. Miss Miller was an aunt of Mrs. Zeigler.

[“Confesses Murder of Relatives Declares She Poisoned Mother Brother and Sister to End Their Brain of a Baby.” Jun. 22, 1904, p. 5]


Three other deathbed confessions:
1869 – Mrs. White – Lafayette Township, Sussex County, NJ
1873 – Mrs. York – USA, Moeaqua, Il.
1883 – Emma Stillwell – USA, Waterford, Oh


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