Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mrs. Janos Holhos, Hungarian “Experimental” Serial Killer - 1962

FULL TEXT: Budapest – Mrs. Janos Holhos; 27; of Pereces, North Hungary; has been executed for murdering four people as an experiment before he attended to dispose of her husband, a newspaper reported today.

Mrs. Holhos bought some poison but wasn’t sure if it was potent enough to kill her husband.

So she gave some to the five-year-old daughter of a neighbour. The child died.

Encouraged, but not wholly satisfied Mrs. Holhos fed it next to Mrs. Jozsef Furtos, against whom she bore a grudge.

The woman died, Mrs. Holhos then quickly eliminated another neighbour, Ferenc Janos; and her first husband, Istvan Rostal.

Before she could poison her husband, however, Mrs. Holhos was arrested.

[“Experiment In Murder,” syndicated (AP), The Daily Gleaner (Kingston, Jamaica), Jan. 27, 1962, p. 15]


Note: Image from Wikipedia Commons: Statue "Vilma spring" – Woman pouring water. Miskolc, Pereces, Hungary



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