Thursday, January 23, 2014

Please join our hate group!

Please join our hate group!

This is what we hate. If you hate these things too, then we love you,

  • “After birth abortion” (the right of a mother (exclusive right of the female sex) to legally order a child to be put to death for the first 2+ years of its life (because if the mother were to put the child up for adoption this could cause her "distress")
  • Alimony racketeering (“gold-digging”)
  • Authoritarian manipulation of children
  • Blacklisting (especially in university context, ejecting non-compliant intellectuals from the conversation)
  • Blackmail
  • Censorship (political correctness)
  • Child/parent malicious access denial (including malicious parental child abduction)
  • Chivalry Justice – female sentencing discount for crimes by women (even when committed against women)
  • Coerced child drugging based on specious “diagnoses”
  • Coercive anti-father and anti-family protocols and policies (overt and covert)
  • Concentration camps (under any name, no matter how euphemistic)
  • Cultural misandry
  • Due process violations (civil right violations)
  • Genocide (including murdering people “for their own good”)
  • Fake statistics and fake (deliberately skewed) social science studies
  • False allegations (such as the medieval “Blood Libel” against Jews)
  • Financial fraud
  • Homelessness and lack of concern over male poverty
  • Intellectual fraud
  • Interference with MGTOW (Men Going their Own Way) by “man up” harassers
  • Initiation of violence
  • Larceny
  • Malicious child/parent access denial
  • Parental alienation
  • Personality disorders (and Psychopathic, Borderline, Narcissistic, Histrionic)
  • Police state
  • Preferential and anti-merit race/sex profiling in hiring and education
  • Prison Industrial Complex
  • Real rape: of boys, girls, men women
  • Relational aggression (slander and gossip used to undermine colleagues)
  • Slavery (including using fatherhood and student loans to create debt slaves controlled by corporate contractors)
  • Secretive, abusive, corrupt child protection institutions
  • Spying on citizens by own government
  • State-corporate cooperation in media propaganda with false information
  • State interference with religious freedom
  • State-sponsored ideological indoctrination of children
  • Suicide – largely ignored due to high ratio of males broken by cultural misandry
  • Surveillance state
  • VAWA immigration racketeering (grand larceny, perjury, fraud, interstate racketeering by non-profit employees, kidnapping (false imprisonment and parental child abduction).

Many members of the International Men’s Human Rights Movement hate these things. That is why the Men’s Human Rights Movement is called a “”hate group” by authoritarians drunk with a greed for power and a lust for manipulation and coercive control of others.



  1. Well then...I guess I've been a member all along and never knew it!

    One question though: What is really being referenced in the first bullet point? Casey Anthony type killings?

  2. Oh so everything is male that is great, god, inventors, scientist, anyone important, Fuck that! Dumb dicks!