Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lyudmila Spesivtseva, Cannibal Serial Killer Mom – Siberia, Russia 1996

Novokuznetsk, Siberia – Lyudmila Spesivtseva, an employee of a Soviet government school, was sentenced to life in prison (or 13 years according to some accounts) for luring teenage girls for the pleasure of her son, so that he could rape, torture and dismember them. Mom and son lived together. Lyudmila took the body parts of the girls she procured for her boy and in her kitchen whipped up some creative meals for the little household. Lyudmila was convicted for her part in four murders. The some was sentenced to death, but was found insane (and presumably is not to be executed).

Police discovered an apartment with walls covered with blood and in the kitchen bowls containing human body parts. In the bathtub they found a mutilated, headless body. One victim, Olga Galtseva, was still alive, though severely mutilated. Before she died in hospital 17 hours later, the girl gave her account of the tortures she to which was subjected to a prosecutor. Of the other three victims whose remains could be identified in the blood-drenched apartment of horrors, it was learned that the son had killed one girl and forced the other two girls to cut her into pieces in the bathtub. Another girl had been killed by the family pet, a Doberman. A diary was found that documented the murders of 19 girls. The pair were suspected in a total of at least 32 murders.

There is abundant information as well as many photos available for the son, Alexander "Sasha" Spesivtsev, 26 when arrested, but no photos of mom have been found by this reporter to date.

[Robert St. Estephe]


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