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Karina Rybalkina, Siberian Black Widow Serial Killer - 2009

Following is a painfully garbled automatically translated text, which until the original Russian text can be located and properly translated will serve as a temporary record of the case.

“Karina Rybalkina” is a pseudonym for the woman who, at the age of 43, was convicted for her third husband-killing, the first occuring in 1992. All three murders were, according to her statements committed in a drunken state, with a kitchen knife as her weapon.

Russian: Карина Рыбалкина (Karina Rybalkina) Сибирь (Siberia)


[Последнюю жертву, «черная вдова» приревновала к собственной дочери, (“The Siberian killing three husbands, have sentenced to 12 years of a colony”) Комсомольская правда, Apr. 22, 2009]

Within the precincts of court Karina Rybalkina (the name and a surname are changed - the Comment red.) Already feels at home, unless hides the person from cameras. As if being afraid that after once again leaves on freedom, grooms will avoid it. And it is not sophisticated: the lady in the 45 years already has had time to kill three husbands! With all finished under the same scheme - a kitchen knife.   today in court   October area heard case about last victim " the black widow ".

Karina Vasilevna killed Nikolay Gubin`s roommate, - state accuser Lilija Pavlova tells.

All that was jealous of him of own daughter. Killed also as well as two previous spouses. Here once again also has got under a consequence.

In a word, that Karina Vasilevna still the femme fatale. All her life, judging by criminal case materials, passes in wedding efforts, short and rough matrimonial vanity and " to rest " behind a lattice. And all has begun in Easter feast in 1992 - m to year …

Has killed in the face of children

… On the occasion of a feast of Karina together with the first spouse drank. Have drunk much so the husband was cut down and has fallen asleep. Karine had no time for a dream, and she has decided to walk, and at the same time and to walk a dog. In the street has rowed to the neighbour, same poddatym on the occasion of Easter. Shouts of Kariny have forced the husband to jump out on street. Only " under distribution " have got both impudent the neighbour, and the wife. Having given out to all punches, the husband has again left to sleep. Karinu, the behaviour of the spouse has touched, it from a threshold has gone into the spouse the next scandal. It was fastened taburetno - the knife fight, in which blagovernyj beginning "the black widow " has fallen zamertvo in the face of small children. Karina on the court first in the life has told:

“I do not remember, how killed, can, he has come across a knife, after all drunk were.”

Then Karina have denounced for 4 years of a colony of a high security. But it and was not corrected, leaving on freedom - it has again seized for a knife …

"It is all she is Karina …"

Karina long has not grieved on ubiennomu to the husband and as soon as left on freedom, at once has found to itself the new significant other - Gennady (the name is changed for ethical reasons - the Bus Comment). However, and with it has lived soul in soul not long. On the night of Hellouin (you only estimate coincidence!) Karina killed the new spouse also a kitchen knife. That evening three friends, and Karinu stayed with them as if itself it is the devil`s work - it at the live second husband has started to make advances at once to all fair company. Gennady of the such has not suffered - the next scandal has begun.

Visitors zasobiralis, and Gennady has gone to see off them. And Karina has run on kitchen … behind a knife. When there has arrived the militia, the bleeding profusely man only and has croaked:

is all it...

On court Karina has not caused a stir originality and has told the same, as on the first:

- I do not remember, how killed. Drunk was.

to It a distance of 10 years. Children

- then still small Olju and Kostju have given to children`s home.
"has killed the husband, having been jealous of him of the daughter"

Recently Karina again left on freedom and has found to itself the husband in the name of Nikolay Gubin. Joint wine parties, scandals, quarrels - all it was ordinary life of a newly appeared cell of a society. Together with Karinoj and Nikolay a vein and the daughter from first marriage of Olja. From - for it also there was all this leapfrog. Militiamen only also had time to leave in the house in the street Knitted where lived this strange family. That, Karina will attack on a daughter Olju will be attacked by her brother Kostja with a knife and words

- do not pull down happiness of mother!

mum suspected Olju of relations with the beloved Nikolay and in any way could not will calm down. Akkurat before new 2009 the situation was absolutely heated. Karina and Nikolay have drunk, then " the black widow " again - taki took in hands a knife and killed from - for stupid jealousy of the spouse. Then has run up to the daughter - and pyrnula a knife and it. The girl has survived, and the next spouse " the black widow " - is not present.

… On court Karina the fault in murder of the third husband under the bill and did not recognise, Asserted that Nikolay was killed by Olga, and then was wounded in a chest that the suspicion has not fallen on it. However, at Office of Public Prosecutor other opinion.

is an obvious relapse, - state accuser Lilija Pavlova speaks. - -   Having been drunk, Karina Vasilevna has once again finished with the spouse.

Even judges admitted: it is terrible to think, how much still husbands zamuchaet and will be killed by this woman. psihologo - psychiatric examination has once again shown that Karina is made, yet will not drink... And the court has sentenced it to 12 years of a standard regime penal colony:

- the Sentence she has conceived more, than emotionally, for a long time we such did not see, - representatives of court have told. - the woman shouted that business is fabricated. Was indignant that her have denounced. Unless did not cry, to all - taki sentences to it to listen not in the first …

[“The Siberian killing three husbands, have sentenced to 12 years of a colony,” Rus News Journal, 2009?]



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