Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Widow Noh: South Korean Black Widow Serial Killer - 2015

A woman named Noh, living in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi, South Korea is suspected of poisoning five persons over a period of several years, killing three of them. Her daughter and mother-in-law Kim survived but two husbands and mother-in-law Lee met their death. Although Noh’s daughter survived three separate poisoning incidents, the mother still received insurance profits (USD $6,300) from the child’s illnesses. She was arrested for questioning on March 4 [?], 2015 for questioning. Noh received “huge” sums from life insurance payouts after each death.

Noh is suspected of poisoning ex-husband Kim “by putting a beverage in the refrigerator that had been spiked with a poisonous herbicide Gramoxone, which was used so frequently for suicides that it was taken off the market in 2012.” At the time, Kim’s death was, unsurprisingly, ruled a suicide. The widow was holding three insurance policies on the life of her beloved spouse. From these policies Noh raked in $410,000.

Noh married Lee in March 2012. He and died soon after and his mother died in January 2013. Both deaths had been attributed to pneumonia.

Noh’s insurance “earnings” gave her a comfortable lifestyle. She bought gold bullion, an $18,000 bicycle and went on skiing trips.

Police report that are looking into other possible crimes and for possible accomplices.

[Robert St. Estephe; based on information from Kim Bong-Moon, “Woman held for killing husbands, mother-in-law,” Korea JoongAng Daily, Mar. 4, 2015]




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  1. I just happened to stumble onto this site not too long ago and I've got to say: kudos.

    I run a film blog but I've just started a series of reviews entitled "Women Without the Make-Up," in which I explore those films that dare to shine a light on all those murderous, psychotic women that mainstream history seems to love sweeping under the rug.

    This site has made for some excellent research in the writing of those reviews, so thank you for that.