Tuesday, October 6, 2015

“La Degolladora,” Mysterious Mexican Female Serial Killer - 2015

They call her “La Degolladora” (the throat-slitter). She attacks strangers on the streets of Chimalhuacán, a suburb of Mexico City with a population of 850,000. Survivors describe her as in her early 20s and of thin build.

The mayor believes the ninja-like black-clad female serial killer who is terrorizing his town has been set up to scare the public into submitting to one of the area’s political powers. “Mayor Díaz is convinced that the serial killer is part of a strategy to cause panic because, he said, the second murder was committed in broad daylight at a market.”

Some townspeople speculate. One thinks that she is not really a woman, but a man disguised as a woman. Another has concocted a story of motive, asserting that the killer is avenging the death of a son.

“Between September 14 and 18,” La Degolladora” as El País reports, “ killed two women and has seriously wounded five more people. Witnesses say she approaches her victims from behind and holds them with her right arm, while slashing their neck with a knife in her left hand. The attacks have been taking place in the Mexico City suburb of Chimalhuacán. She holds her victims with her right arm while slashing their neck with a knife in her left hand.”

Let us hope we can soon add more details to this post – following the capture of the throat-slitter of Chimalhuacán.

It is worth remembering that the search for Mexico City serial killer Juana Barraza was extended, allowing more murders, because the woman described as the attacker was thought to be a man disguised as a woman.

[Robert St. Estephe; based on facts found in: Pablo de Llano, “Is a female serial killer behind mystery attacks in a Mexico City suburb?,” El País (Mexico), Oct. 5, 2015]



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