Monday, June 20, 2016

“She beats me up too often.” (broke but happy) – 1930 USA

FULL TEXT: Atlantic City, N. J., Oct. 11 – Alimony is just another big racket, in the opinion of Justice William Smathers of the domestic relations court here who said today, in denying the application of Mrs. Alfred [sic] Bischoff, 32, for alimony from her estranged husband, Charles [sic] Bischoff, 56, a candy maker.

“There are too many women living a free and easy life off such money. Just because a woman is a man’s wife and leaves him is no reason for an alimony award.”

Mrs. Bischoff admitted she left her husband more than two years ago, but she said she was willing to return to him.

Bischoff, however, had different ideas.

“Nothing doing,” he said. “She beats me up too often. I am broke now but happy.”

[“Alimony Racket Is Assailed By Eastern Judge,” The Lincoln Sunday Star (Ne.), Oct. 12, 1930, p. 11]


So far, no lengthier version of this story, or version without misstated names, has surfaced.




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