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Adelaide Lomax, Child Toturer, England, 1867

FULL TEXT: A short time since the Margate magistrates proceeded with the further hearing of the case in which Adelaide Lomax, of East Cliff Villa, was charged with revolting cruelty to her daughter Agnes, a girl of seven years of age. Witnesses were called, who deposed to seeing the child placed under a pump and pumped on in January, while in a state of nudity, fastened by cords in bed, suspended from hat pegs with a rope, &c.

Medical evidence was adduced by Mr. A. P. Owen, who said: I have examined the child, and have seen on its head a large old sore, and a variety of bruises on its back, elbows, a small scar on the chest, and three scars, apparently from burns, on the back of the left arm. There seemed to have some blood effused from the roots of the toe nails. There were likewise appearances of an indentation, as if some ligature had been placed round the right ankle. Its general constitution seemed to be very good, and its intellect was active enough. The child has been exposed to considerable violence of one sort or another.

The child was produced in court, and bore several scars on its right arm.

Mr. Towne addressed the bench for the defence, after which the jury was adjourned.

[“Beastly Cruelty of A Mother to her Young Child.” National Police Gazette (New York, N. Y.), Nov. 16, 1867, p. 5]

[This case is related in – “The Lomax Affair” in: Bryan Kesselman, 'Paddington' Pollaky, Private Detective: The Mysterious Life and Times of the Real Sherlock Holmes, 2015, The History Press, Stroud, Gloucestershire]


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