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Kathleen Riefer, 12-year-old Sadistic German Murderess - Saarbrucken, 1930

Note: Cases such as this one, in which a child is the perpetrator of but one actual murder, yet shows an inclination to commit further murders, are included in our inventory, not to inflate the numbers, but because cases involving young killers are exceptionally important in understanding the phenomenon of serial killing.

Kathleen Riefer, 12, murdered one child and injured (in apparent attempt to murder) four others.


FULL TEXT: Berlin, April 7. – There is an extraordinary parallel of the Dusseldorf outrages at Saarbrucken (Rhenish Prussia), but in this instance the perpetrator is a 12-year-old girl, Kathleen Riefer, who has confessed to the killing of a four-year-old infant, and to inflicting savage injuries on four others.

The body of the murdered child was found in March, carefully and skilfully hidden in a hollow near a disused cemetery. In the next few days a four-year-old girl was found distracted in waste ground with throttling marks on her neck. Then in quick succession three others were found similarly treated.

Riefer has maintained stubborn silence to the police questions, and has refused to give the motive. Her parents are excellent citizens.

[“Youthful Murderess. - Infant Strangled.” Kalgoorie Miner (W.A., Australia), Apr. 12, 1930, p. 5]



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