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Paranka Maksymischin, Condemned Galician Serial Killer Angelmaker - 1890

EXCERPT: In individual cases angelmakers [fabrykantki aniołków] seized upon the more drastic methods, as in the case of Paranka Maksymischin, a forty-year-old peasant from a village near Janow Wielkopole, who, in May 1890, was brought to trial in Lviv. “According court findings she had for many years made a living an an angelmaker. Some mothers do not have enough money to properly compensate Paranka for her service, so, not wanting to wait until the left suckling completely starve, she shortened the process. In one case the child of a woman named Lei Munz was suffocated by having a rag stuffed with pine needles. The angelmaker then he threw little body into a nearby river.” The jury sentenced Paranka Maksymischin to death by hanging and immediately afterwards was executed.

[“Fabrykantki aniołków. Lwów 1905,” Notka 36,  Kącik koniczyny. Jan. 18, 2015]

EXCERPT: Descriptions of how angelmakers [fabrykantki aniołków] treated the children entrusted to them can be chilling. Martin Pollack, author of the book The Emperor of America: Great Escape from Galicia, cites some very drastic examples. A woman called Parance Maksymischin, forty-years-old, from the village Wielkopole was tput on trial in May 1890. She was accused of murdering children and was sentenced and executed. Here’s how it describes the case Pollack:  “According to the findings of the office for many years dealt with the fabrication of the angels, thus earning a living. Some mothers do not have enough money to adequately pay her for her service, and Paranka, not wanting to wait until the left suckling completely starve, shortened the process.” The child of a certain Lei Münz was suffocated by shoving a handful of nine needles wrapped in a rag down your throat wrapped in a rag. “Then she threw little body into a nearby river.”

[source: Martin Pollack, Emperor of America. Great escape from Galicia, Wołowiec 2012. cited and quoted in: Aleksandra Zaprutko-Janicka, “Galicyjskie fabrykantki aniołków. Nigdy nie osądzone seryjne morderczynie” (“Galician Angelmakers: The Never-prosecurted Serial Killers”), ciekawoski historyczne, 17 grudnia 2014]


Janowiec Wielkopolski is a town in Poland, with 4,357 inhabitants. It is in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship and in the Żnin County. The town is situated in the historic land of Pałuki and the Gniezno Lake Area on the river Wełna. [Wikipedia]


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  1. Not "Janowiec Wielkopolski" but "Wielkopole near Janowiec"
    and not "Parance Maksymischin" but "Paranka Maksymiszyn".