Saturday, April 4, 2015

Aitana Saglinbe’s Mass Shooting & Hatpin Standoff – New York, 1911

FULL TEXT: Aitana Saglinbe, 20, met Anthony Fiverone, an admirer, in a New York street recently, and upbraided him for not telling her that he was married. A crowd gathered as she berated him, and by mutterings of approval urged her to greater agitation. She whipped out from the folds of her dress a revolver and fired three times. Each bullet struck a different man, and all three will probably die. Fiverone was one of the wounded. When Aitana saw what she had done she dropped her weapon, fled to the roof of a tenement and there fought off two policemen with hatpins.

She was finally overpowered and locked up to await the outcome of her victims’ injuries. In her cell Aitana told detectives that Fiverone had begged her to elope with him. She said she refused to do so, but promised to marry him soon.

“I had been to his home a number of times,” she said. “I met there the woman who I learned later was his wife, but he always told me she was employed there as a servant. When I learned the truth, I determined to kill him, I didn’t mean to shoot the other men.”

{“A Woman's Revenge. Shoots Deceiver And Fatally Wounds Three Others.” The Arrow (Sydney, Austalia), Aug. 1911, p. 3]


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