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Diane & Rachel Staudte, Missouri Mom & Daughter Serial Killer Team - 2013

According to criminal charges filed in June 21, 2013, Diane Staudte (51), of Springfield, Missouri confessed to poisoning three family members with anti-freeze. Yet Mrs. Staudte had good reasons for her homicidal house-cleaning campaign.

The serial poisoner told detectives that she chose to terminate the life of her husband Mark because she “hated him.” Her son Shawn deserved to die  because he was “worse than a pest.” Daughter Sarah, who survived the attempt on her life, barely, was deemed not fit to live because she “would not get a job and had student loans that had to be paid.”

At first, this killer mom attempted to cover up daughter Rachel’s role as an accessory. Yet ultimately Rachel (22), was revealed to have planned and executed the crimes in tandem with her malicious mother.

Antifreeze was the poison of choice.



Antifreeze seems to becoming a bit of a trend among homicide addicts of the fair gender.

Julia Lynn Turner, of Marietta, Georgia, used antifreeze to murder two partners. In 1995, she killed husband Maurice Glenn Turner, age 31. On January 22, 2001, she killed her boyfriend, Randy Thompson, age 32, father of a child conceived while married to her first victim.

Stacey Castor of Clay, New York, was convicted in 2009 of killing a husband and a brother, and attempting to murder a daughter using antifreeze, and idea she got from watching a TV news report on the Turner case. Her husband was sitting beside her watching as she gained her antifreeze inspiration.

She killed second husband David Castor, using antifreeze, in 2005. The murderess tried, unsuccessfully, to pin the guilt for the two successful murders on her third targeted victim, daughter Ashley Wallace, who had been very close to her deceased father. But Amy survived the antifreeze and the fake suicide note created by her mother became damning evidence against the poisoner.



Mark Staudte, 61, Diane’s husband, died April 2012
Shawn Staudte, 26, Diane’s son, died September 2012

Sarah Staudte, 24, Diane’s daughter, survived June 2013 poisoning


Diane Staudte is far from being the first female serial killer who enlist one of their adult children as accomplices in their repeat homicides. The following cases are examples of  murder-coaching moms: Guadalupe Martinez de Bejarano (1892, Mexico), Ivanova Tamarin (1909, Russia), Rose Veres (USA, 192), Mary Eleanor Smith (1938, USA), Leonarda Cianciulli (1941, Italy), Silvia Meraz  (2012, Mexico).

Among these murderous moms are two cannibals, one sadistic sex offender and two cannibals and a human-sacrifice cult leader on the list.


For similar cases, see Murder-Coaching Moms


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