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“War-Marriage Vampires” & “Allotment Annies”

They were called “War-Marriage Vampires,” “Fake War Brides,” "Allotment Wives" and “Allotment Annies” – women who bigamously married multiple young men so they could fraudulently profit from the monthly government allotment checks they would receive for each husband and, if they were lucky, would receive a payment when they died in battle.


General Articles◄

World War I –  “Fake War Brides”– USA (1918 article) (allotment racket)

World War I – “War-Marriage Vampires” – USA (1920 article) (allotment racket)

World War II – “Allotment Annies” – USA (allotment racket)

Korean War – “Allotment Annies” – USA (allotment racket)


Individual cases◄

World War I (1916) – Florence Langley – England – Married an Australian solder for his allotment and left him.

World War I (1918) – Mrs. Carrie Lanahan – USA – Bigamy allotment scam; the first case of its kind to be prosecuted.

World War I (1919) – Ida Louise Milton – USA – Stole allotment from husband and kidnapped their children.

World War I  (1921) – Mary Brown – USA – Married three servicemen for their allotments.

World War I (1921) – Helen Drexler Ferguson – USA (photo) – Married 16 servicemen by the age of 22.


World War II (1943) – Mrs. Loyal Shafflebarger – USA (photo) – 4 husbands, all servicemen.

World War II (1945) – Rosamae Roberts Chester – USA

World War II (1945) – Anne Aline Palmer – USA – Three husbands and two allotment checks.

World War II (1945) – Vilma Suberly – USA (photo) – 8 husbands.

World War II (1947) – Eunice Carra Donna – USA

World War II (1947) – Mary Carol Harrington – USA – Four husbands by the age of 26, one divorce and one annulment. In all cases, she was married to other husbands while receiving her checks.
Other Military cases◄

Civil War – Mrs. McCray – USA (Parental Kidnapping) – Wife kidnapped the children while husband was in service. He devoted his life to trying to find them.

World War I – Clothida Cravana – Italy (serial killer) – Attempted to murder husband while he was on the war front by mailing him poison.


A recent essay discussing this subject: “Allotment Annies and Other Wayward Wives:. Wartime Concerns About Female Disloyalty and the Problem of the Returned Veteran,” in The United States and the Second World War Fordham University Press September 2010, pp. 99-128]

A 1985 book describes the “Allotment Annie” racket: John Costello, Love, Sex and War: Changing Values, 1939-45, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd; 1985)


Review of "Allotment Wives," see: She Did it For Love:Allotment Wives (1945) by Guy Savage


World War I. US mobilization 4,355,000. After declaration of war the US target for volunteer enlistment for the first 6 weeks was set at 1 million. Yet only 73,000 men volunteered. On May 18, 1917 the Selective Service Act was passed, with a minimum age of 21. Ultimately 4,355,000 were mobilized. During the war United States forces suffered 323,018 casualties.


War Marriage Vampires – MGTOW,” a YouTube talk published on May 22, 2015 is a superb discussion of this subject, based in part on the materials found on this checklist.




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