Monday, April 15, 2013

Florence A. J. Becker, Military Bride Fraudster – New York, 1918

FULL TEXT: Accused of having since February last cashed the monthly allotment checks for $30 each of W. R. Jones, a warrant machinist of the Navy Aviation Service, and of Otto Becker, a corporal of the 302nd Supply Train, a young woman was yesterday arraigned before United States Commissioner S. M. Hitchcock.

The complaint was made by Frederick Masher, a member of the Intelligence Police. He alleges that the woman, known as Florence A. J. Becker, wife of the army corporal, defrauded the Government by cashing allotment checks as the wife of Warrant Machinist Jones.

Pending a hearing the accused was paroled.

[“Woman Held In War Fraud. – Accused of Cashing Allotments From Soldier and Sailor. – Accused of Cashing Allotments From Soldier and Sailor.” The Sun (New York, N.Y.), Oct. 6, 1918]


For more cases of this type see: “War-Marriage Vampires”& “Allotment Annies"


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