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Doris June Shensky, Military Bride Bigamy Frauster – Pennsylvania,1943

FULL TEXT: An attractive brunette admitted to Secret Service agents yesterday that she is married to two service men, one a soldier, the other a sailor – and has been drawing allotment checks from both of them.

The woman was booked by Federal authorities as Mrs. Doris June Shensky, 21, who was originally arrested for allegedly forging a check on the West Coast but who, with her admissions, faces still more trouble.


U. S. Commissioner Norman J. Griffin yesterday held her in $1500 bail for a further hearing next Tuesday on the forgery charge, but Federal agents indicated that her marital mix-up will, in all probability, produce additional charges.

Federal agents traced her across the country, believing that they were merely after a forger until Mrs. Shensky, who was arrested at the home of her mother, on Eastwick ave. near 87th st., signed a statement in which she disclosed her double marriage.

Her first husband, Arnold Sidney Shensky, is an Army private stationed at Woodbine, N. J.

The Shenskys, according to the woman’s admissions, were married in Wilmington, Del., and since last November she has received a monthly allotment of $50 from the Government.

Early this year, her statement continued, Mrs. Shensky met Seaman 1st class Russell E. Tracy, of Barre, Vt., while he was on a tour of duty in this city.


Tracy went to the West Coast, bombarded Mrs. Shensky with letters until finally she followed, her statement added. Finally, on April 24, last, they were married – apparently with Tracy in the dark about his wife’s previous marriage.

Federal agents said that while living in a rooming house in Los Angeles, Mrs. Shensky-Tracy “lifted” a check from the mail, forged the name of the owner and cashed it.

The check, for $170, had been sent by the Government to Mrs. Ida L. Coleman, wife of a Marine.

With the money, Federal agents said, Mrs. Shensky came back East and in the interim had received three allotment checks from Tracy.

Federal agents said that she freely admitted that she acquired husbands at faster than the legal pace and that she had been looking forward to a steady income of allotments until the law stepped in.

[“Army-Navy Bride Admits 2 Marriages,” The Philadelphia Inquirer (Pa.), Sep. 3, 1943, p. 1]



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