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A 4-Year-Old Girl Commits Premeditated Murder; Tried to Enlist Her 6-Year-Old Brother as Accomplice - 1885

“Gender theory” cannot account for reality very well. The primal scene of childhood violence described below offers a glimpse into childhood violence and “gender” of the sort that the universities don’t include in their curriculua.

The quotes of the child in the following text use “misspellings” to indicate childish mispronunciations.


FULL TEXT: The New York Tribune of yesterday says An attempted child murder occurred in Port Jefferson, L. I., on Wednesday. The would-be murderess is a little toddler of four years, while her victim breathed its first a little over six months ago. The condition of the baby sister last night was such that its recovery could not be assured, and should it live it will be disfigured for life. On the west side of Port Jefferson Harbor stands a small frame dwelling house occupied by Madison Lewis (colored), his wife and three children, the oldest a boy of six years. Lewis is a laborer and leaves home early every morning to work on one of the farms in the neighborhood. His wife washes for the farmers. Early yesterday she left her infant sleeping in a cradle in the bedroom. Outside her four-year-old daughter Lizzie, and her son Henry were playing. After bidding them to take good care of the baby she hurried on to her work Lizzie suddenly jumped to her feet and lisped : “Lets till baby, will we?” [sic]

The little boy followed her into the house and into the room where the baby was quietly sleeping. Placing a chair in front of a shelf on which lay the knife that her father uses in dressing fish, Lizzie obtained it, and toddled over to the side of the cradle, saying to Henry: “Watch me.” Lizzie was laughing, while the boy, half frightened for fear she was in earnest, said, “Don’t hurt her, Lizzie, or she’ll cry.” Reaching the cradle they both stood by it watching the sleeping babe, when suddenly Lizzie’s arm was uplifted and fell, the knife penetrating the infant’s eye. The blood spouted and the baby screamed, while the boy, now thoroughly alarmed, rushed from the house screaming and crying. Lizzie did not mind the blood, but as the baby screamed and cried it seemed to add to her delight, and she kept on slashing and cutting until satisfied, when she threw the knife into the cradle and started for the yard.

Mrs. Lewis, who had been informed of the occurrence by her son, hurried home. Lizzie met her at the gate, and clasping her little hands together, on which were spots of blood, exclaimed: “Oh, mamma, dust see baby, all tut up,” [sic] and she laughed and toddled into the room behind her mother, who, when she gazed into the cradle and moved back the blood stained blanket, realized the truthfulness of Lizzie’s words. Without waiting to question her daughter, she clasped the little bleeding baby to her breast and hurried across the street to a neighbor’s house and leaving the little sufferer to be cared for hurried to the village for medical aid. The face was a mass of cuts and stabs from which the blood was flowing. Lizzie has always evinced a hatred for the baby, and frequently told her mother that it should be cut up.

[“Probable Murder By A Little Girl, - Deliberately Setting Out to Kill Her Infant Sister.” Reading Tribune (Pa.), May 22, 1885, p. 1]


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