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“Old Mother” Djao, Chinese Serial Killer Bandit - 1924

Note: Although this source mentions only the final moments of this bandit’s career involving a large-scale massacre, it is presumed that her “bloodthirsty” banditry involved multiple earlier murders.


FULL TEXT: Shanghai, July 27 – “Old Mother” Djao, said to be the most notorious and blood-thirsty bandit the province of Shantung ever produced, has been executed at Irhowfu, in Shantung, according to reports received in Shanghai by mission organizations. These advices add that the dreaded feminine bandit underwent that most fearsome of Chinese death penalties, the ling-che, or, in English, the slicing process. [also known as “death by a thousand cuts”].

Forty-seven years old and an expert horsewoman, “Old Mother’’ Djao led a band of several hundred out-laws who terrorized a broad area. It is related of her that last summer she planned an attack against Ichowfu after calling to her aid two added groups of bandits. They had assembled at a place near the village of Balihsiang when a homeguard of villagers, known as the “Big Knife Society.” Apprised of their purpose, attacked them and suffered utter defeat.

~ Not a Person or Animal Spared. ~

The villagers were driven back into Balihsiang and the bandits followed them. Then the gates of the village were closed and every man was shot down. Sixty women and children then were lined up, and “Old Mother” Djao was asked what to do with them. Her orders to kill them all were carried out with the result that every man, woman and child who was within the walls after the gates had been closed was slain. Even the cattle and dogs of the village suffered the same fate.

Llng-che is simply vivisection done by experts. In such a manner that the victim survives In a conscious state through hours of a terrible ordeal.

[“’Old Mother’ Djao Punished by Being Cut to Pieces While Still Alive.” The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (New York, N.,Y.), Sep. 2, 1924, p. 7]



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