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Melinda Loveless (16), Mary Laurine Tackett (17), Toni Lawrence (15), Hope A. Rippey (15), Teen Sadistic Murderesses – Indiana, 1992

On January 11, 1992 in Madison, Indiana 12-year-old Shanda Rene Sharer (16?) of Jeffersonville, Indiana was molested, beaten and burned alive by four teenage girls: Melinda Loveless (16), Mary Laurine Tackett (17), Toni Lawrence (15), Hope A. Rippey (15). Investigators believed jealousy was the motive.

Wikipedia excerpt: The girls drove to a gas station near Madison Consolidated High School, pumped some gas into the car and bought a two-liter bottle of Pepsi. Tackett emptied the bottle and refilled it with gasoline. They drove north of Madison, past Jefferson Proving Ground to a place with which Rippey was familiar off US 421 on what was called Lemon Road. They placed Sharer, still alive, in a blanket and carried her into a field by the gravel country road. Tackett made Rippey pour the gasoline on her, and then they set her on fire. Loveless was not convinced Sharer was dead, so they returned a few minutes later to pour the rest of the gasoline on her.

The girls went to a McDonald's at 9:30 am for breakfast. The girls laughed about Sharer looking like one of the sausages they were eating. Lawrence, horrified, called a friend and told her about the murder. Tackett then dropped Lawrence and Rippey off at their homes and returned home with Loveless. They cleaned out the car, using a hose to wash the trunk. They then drove to Loveless' house around 3:00 pm. Loveless found out Heavrin was at River Falls Mall and had her paged, claiming an emergency, then told her that they had killed Sharer and arranged to pick Heavrin up later that day.

Loveless's friend, Crystal Wathen, came over, and they told her about what had happened. Then the three girls drove to pick up Heavrin and bring her back to Loveless's house, where they told Heavrin the story; while she did not believe it was true, she comforted the hysterical Loveless. Both Heavrin and Wathen were convinced when Tackett showed them the trunk with Sharer's bloody handprints and socks still there.



Murder: Jan. 11, 1992, Madison, In.
Victim: Shanda Renee Sharer (12) – born  June 6, 1979 Pineville, Ky.
Melinda Loveless (16) – born in New Albany, In., Oct. 28, 1975.
Mary Laurine "Laurie" Tackett (17) – born in Madison, In., Oct. 5, 1974.
Hope Anna Rippey (15) – born in Madison, In., Jun. 1976.
Toni Lawrence (15) – born in Madison, In., Feb. 1976


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