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Doretta Kirksey, Knife-Wielding Black Widow Serial Killer – Ohio, 1975

Dec. 24, 1957 – Felix Rushin, 33, stabbed to death.
Apr. 1971 – Clarence Kirksey, 50, stabbed to death.
Jul. 9, 1975 – Wilbur Lashey, 46, stabbed to death.


FULL TEXT: Akron, Ohio – Doretta Kirksey, 42, of Akron, who stabbed her two husbands to death, was charged with murder today in the stabbing death of Wilbur Lashley, 46.

Police said Mrs. Kirksey was arguing with Lashley in her home over ownership of some whiskey. Officers alleged in charging her with Lashley’s death that she stabbed him in the chest and stomach with a five-inch paring knife she had been using while eating watermelon when the argument began Wednesday night.

He died at a local hospital a short time later.

[“Woman Arrested In 3rd Stabbing,” Circleville Herald (Oh.), Jul. 11, 1975, p. 6]


FULL TEXT: Doretta Kirksey stabbed her first husband to death during a Christmas Eve party in 1957.

In 1971, Mrs. Kirksey fatally stabbed her second husband in an argument during a poker game. Law officials said the man had tried to poke her because he was angry he was losing in the game.

Today Mrs. Kirksey stands accused of murder in the Wednesday night stabbing of another man.

Police said Mrs. Kirksey, 42, of 1297 Sixth St., SW stabbed Wilbur Lashley, 46, after, an argument over whisky at her home.

Lashley, 402 Fuller St., was pronounced dead at 10:30 p. m. at St. Thomas Hospital, about 40 minutes after he was stabbed in the chest and stomach with a five-inch paring knife.

Mr. Kirksey was charged early today and is being held in the Summit County Jail.

Records show that Mrs. Kirksey was charged with manslaughter in the 1957 Christmas Eve stabbing death of her first husband, Felix Rushin, 33, during an argument at a party.

She pleaded guilty to the charge and was placed on five years probation in Rushin’s death.

In April, 1971, Mrs. Kirksey stabbed to death her second husband, Clarence Kirksey, 50, is an argument during a poker game. But the prosecutor’s office said she had acted in self-defense and the death was ruled justifiable homicide.

Detectives gave this account of Wednesday night’s incident:

Mrs. Kirksey, Lashley and three other persons were in the driveway of Mrs. Kirksey’s house.

Mrs. Kirksey, who was eating watermelon with a paring knife, and Lashley began arguing when he accused her of drinking his whiskey.

Lashley then tried to get Mrs. Kirksey to go to his house with him. She became upset over his remarks.

They began arguing again and she stabbed him twice.

Detectives say they were told Lashley tried to defend himself with a chair.

Police were called, but before they arrived two other persons at the house had left to take Lashley to the hospital.

Police intercepted their car on Hart St. and Lashley was taken by ambulance to St. Thomas.

[“Woman Held for Murder,” Akron Beacon Journal (Oh.), Jul. 10, 1975, p. 1]



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