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Zhang Zongqin, Chinese Female Serial Killer - 2006

Chongqing, China – In April 2006, in Chongqing’s Fuling District, villagers noticed that, Yang Renyou, a man who died of what was considered a mysterious disease that had long plagued the area had marks on his neck indicating he had been strangled. Investigation showed that he had also been poisoned – by his wife, Zhang Zongqin, 36.

As police built their case against the husband-killer, evidence revealed that they had a serial killer case on their hands. Over a period of 14 years, 1992-2006, the woman had murdered 6 others, had injured an additional 27 and had even poisoned livestock. It was these mysterious animal deaths that led locals to think some disease was plaguing the locale.

According to the prosecutor, Zhang Zongqin’s motivation was usually revenge – getting even with others over trifling slights. In one instance she attempted to murder four of her in-laws (bothers- and sisters-in-law) who, following her arrest, she claimed were “not nice” to her and had “made her lose face.” One of them died from poisoning. She was upset that one of her second husband’s friends failed to invite her to dinner. She is accused of murdering him and also her husband’s parents in 2003. It is reported that they died only after a series of failed attempts.

Her first husband was named He. They had two daughters. The wife killed the 2-year-old in 1993 and a 1-year-old in 1993. The couple were divorced in 1995. Prosecutors say that in 1997, she poisoned a 12-year-old nephew with rat poison, but we was saved by medical attention.

The total count of Zhang Zongqin’s victims is thought to be 34: 7 successful murders plus 27 “injuries.”

[Robert St. Estephe; based on: “Woman charged with 7 murders in Chongqing,” Shanghai Daily Aug. 9, 2006]



1992 – Daughter with He (ex-husband), 2, died.
1993 – Daughter with He (ex-husband), 1, died.
1997 – nephew, 12, poisoned, survived.
Year? – two brothers-in-law and two sisters-in-law, 1 death
Year? – mother-in law (Yang), died.
Year? – father-in law (Yang), died.
Year? – friend of Yang, died.
2006 – Yang Renyou, second husband, died.

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