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Baby-Sitter Serial Killers

This collection includes only female serial killers who were baby-sitters. It does not include Baby Farmers (child care providers who were responsible for infants on a 24 hour basis), with the exception of nanny Gladys Parks.


1881 – Margaret Messenger – Cumberland, England – age 14 at time of apprehension. She drowned 2 children successively.

1889 – Marie Doiselet – Bar-sur-Aube, France – a 13-year-old baby sat for her neighbor but regarded the task as an annoyance. She smothered 6-month-old baby with a handkerchief, “by placing a handkerchief over the mouth and nose, and pressing heavily on the chest until suffocation ensued.” A month later she did the same to that child’s 2 ½ year-old sibling.

1906 – Ida Schnell – Munich, Germany – teenage child-care provider who had a special technique for murdering babies, “plunging a hairpin into the lower part of the back of their heads till they ceased to cry.”

1906 – Lillian B. Thornman – York, Pennsylvania – A 15-year old servant girl murdered a child who was “roasted from head to toe” by placing the youngster on the stove. After her arrest it was learned she had previously murdered three other children in the same manner, getting away with the crimes by having concocting stories of accidents.

1908 – Jeanne Weber – Paris, France – She was obsessed with strangling children of various ages, and murdered at least ten. Among her victims were three children of her own; the rest were mostly the children of relatives. She was caught in the act several times, but got away with murder with the help of the brilliant men who defended her in court until the day she was caught in such a flagrant act of violent strangling of a boy she had just murdered even the “experts” would not be able to employ their sophisticated theories to save her. After being declared insane and sent to prison, Jeanne strangled herself to death.

1929 – Gladys Parks – New Jersey – A father of six, found himself a widower, so he made arrangements with his wife’s cousin to care for two of the children temporarily. The nanny, however, had taken the kids to use as pawns in a get-rich-quick scheme, in which she would tell wealthy men - former lovers - that these children were the result of their affairs. When she no longer found the arrangement she brutally murdered the children and hid the bodies.

1956 – Virginia Jaspers – New Haven, Connecticut – A retired head pediatric nurse killed three babies by shaking them to death because “children sometimes get on her nerves.” She broke the leg of another child and cause a head injury to yet another.

1961 – “Indianapolis Babysitter” – Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

1961 – Mary Madigan – Dubuque, Iowa, USA

1967 – Bessie Reese – Arcadia, Florida – She was suspected of murdering her first husband and was convicted of murdering her second. She poisoned 7 children killed at once as she baby-sat for them, killing them all. Their father, later exonerated, served 21 years in prison for this crime.

1980 – Helen Patricia Moore – Claymore, NSW, Australia – smothered 3 children and 3 additional children survived her abuse, one of them being rendered blind and unable to walk.

1982 – Christine Laverne Falling – Calhoun & Taylor Counties, Florida – She murdered at least 5 children. According to her testimony, she had heard voices that ordered her to kill the babies by placing a blanket over their faces.

1984 – Lise Jane Turner – Christchurch, New Zealand – 2 own babies, one other baby; attempted to kill four other babies

1986 – Sandra K. Pankow – Appleton, Wisconsin – Accused of murdering three babies, she was convicted of murdering two.

1989 – Amy Lynn Scott – Phoenix, Arizona – She murdered three babies in 1989. The parents of the victims were all met by the baby-sitter murderess at the same church. She was not convicted until 2007.


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